Thursday 6 December 2012

Sweet little lies

So I told a few fibs...

The brute brute heart of a brute like you.
But Ray is not my Daddy.
(I do have a gap between my front teeth though.)

No naked photos.
Well, maybe one or two...
Really should dispose of those.

My grandmother really was called Fanny, but alas, I am not.

She wasn't psychic either, and neither am I. 
That will be because it's all a load of shite and no one is.

I didn't experience any cravings whilst pregnant.

And I did not appear on University Challenge, or any other TV programme for that matter.

I have never been wise, a man, nor had a beard, even a paper one.
Though never say never - who knows whether the future will bring with it wisdom, facial hair, or a sex change?

I did sing in the choir at school, but my days of not quite managing to squeak out a Top A are long gone.

Capers? I have no problem with them.

I did Latin O Level but have forgotten most of what I learned.
I didn't think it was fun. 
Funus, fune, funum.


I have never been to Macdonalds.
It's true. 
And I don't see any reason to start now!

And the winner is - Joni.
My spooky blog twin guessed right!
Normal service - you know, frocks and stuff - resumed tomorrow.


Miss Simmonds Says said...

You ARE Curtise Fanny!! Wonderful. Must admit I do love a McDonalds. Love xxxx

Flora Cruft said...

Heheh glad you've got a few naked pics stashed away there.... and that is most impressive that you've never been to Macdonalds, trust me you're not missing much there!

Thrift Bee said...

Oh how funny, I really couldn't make up my mind so i didn't leave a comment. Your that daft (in the nicest possible way) it could have been pretty much any one of them... but NEVER to the house of hydrogenated fat!!! gasp!!! Good for you. You are missing little.

Patti said...

Big congrats for no McDonalds!! My naked picture days involved Polaroids only (remember those?) so they'll never make their way to the interwebs, thank all that's holy : >

Max said...

brilliant quiz-and congrats on the maccy d's avoidment. i made it to 30 before i ever went there and thought that was impressive enough!
and gappy teeth, could i love you even more, both my hubby and my wee babe have lovely, lucky gappy teeth, ace! x

thorne garnet said...

love the bookcase,is it IKEA?

bonsaimum said...

I want one of those bookcases!!!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Love the naked bookcase. Are youtaking orders?

Vix said...

Damn! I made Jon a tee shirt that said "I'd rather eat out of bin than eat at McDonalds" as he once worked with a load of Maccy D guzzling freaks, they were very upset. I have been to one though (it was in the 1980s and the only place to hang out with the boys' school goths when it was raining).
It's not too late to change your name! xxx

Unknown said...

Oh BUGGER! I hoped you were Fanny! I haven't been to McDs since 1985. Wish I could say I've never been. Love you Desmond Fannypants! Sarah xxx

Unknown said...

ha ha ha ha your brilliant you had has all ;-) Loved the naked photo how on earth the managed to balance like that with out anything falling off is a mystery to me i might have to go back and look a closer.....right im off. hugs, dee xxx

Unknown said...

How on earth did that top mans willy not fall down....there are no strap marks hmmmmm.....dee xxx

Anonymous said...

You little minx, you. I'm giving myself half a point for guessing Fanny cos of your Granny! I admire the McDees thing. I have to admit that when I have a hangover (which hasn't happened for a long while), I do the walk of shame up to the McDees order clerk. :( There's something about crappy polluted food entering my already polluted and booze- filled bod that seems oddly right.

Melanie said...

Love the Ray picture, obviously.
I now have visions of a blogger university challenge team misbehaving a la Scumbag College, hehe!

Helga said...

Curtise Fanny!!! How frigging splendid!
I adore gap teeth, and I'm so excited you have one.I'll be mesmerised by it.Just be careful when I'm pissed,I may want to try and put my tongue in it!
Ugh,Maca's.SO glad you've never been! Hideousness.
No one studies Latin in this oart of the world!
What fun,you clever minx!
Loving you like leopard!XXXXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

Hanging head in shame......I've been to McD's. This week in fact. What can I say I'm American and they are EVERYWHERE!!! I love their Sugar free vanilla iced coffee in the morning!

Now to imp[oratant stuff: What did the nekkid bookshelf guys do with their dangly bits? Duct Tape??

Fiona said...

So glad you do not frequent McD's either Curtise, tis dreadful muck. But I did think you would have as you have kids and thought they all loved eating that shite, obviously the LB's are very discerning diners.
Those naked blokes are all the same aren't they? Their prick's have been airbrushed into oblivion or something!!

Dawn said...

I can't believe that you have never had mcd. french fries. What? They are so good and I am not ashamed to admit it but you are right, why start now. Great for you, Curtise, I am impressed. dawn suitcase vignettes xo I studied that bookshelf...for real.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Oh for another lifetime to be a singing, bearded Fanny of a love child, psychic collector of nude photos, speaking in tongues!

Forest City Fashionista said...

If only Ikea sold shelves like that!

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

Um, facial hair is the curse of the middle-aged woman. Chin hairs to be more specific. AARRRRRRGH!