Friday 14 December 2012

Feminella on Friday

My fantastically-named new-to-me 1970s Feminella coat has had an outing, and was declared fabulous by all who saw her.

She's a keeper!

It was so cold yesterday, even I lost the will to browse around Chesterfield flea market, and resorted to a therapeutic cappuccino in Cafe Nero to get warm.
Wrinkly frock!
A pearl button popped off this cardigan last time I wore it, which I thankfully caught and put somewhere safe, ready to sew back on.

Do I remember where I put it?

I do not. 
Lady Fanny needs servants to keep track of lost buttons on her behalf.

The fur collar which darling Vix made me was just the thing to warm up my neck without overwhelming the smart lines of the coat.

Littlest got hold of the sunglasses, hence the smudgy lenses...
Can't be too mad with her though, she is an angel, after all. 
Kylie, who is a bit of an angel too, sent her these gorgeous owl Christmas decorations. That child does very well from my blogging, lucky little bugger.
We were mystified when Littlest informed us that Baby Jesus had older brothers or sisters. "He's the youngest of four children", she stated, in a most authoritative manner.
It transpired she was learning to sing Mary's Boy Child for her Christmas concert, and had misheard the words, thinking they were Mary's fourth child...


 Still, I can't really complain about Littlest receiving gifts - Max, fellow South Yorkshire girl now relocated to New Zealand, has sent me my very own hand-printed personalised tea towel and a handmade Christmas cracker.

Both will be utilised on Christmas day, thank you so much, Max!

Those who missed my post about the Terrible Incident of the Killer Cat and the Guinea Pig can catch up here.

Charlie is certainly no angel.


1970s Feminella wool coat, Inwear dress, sequined beret, sunglasses, brooch and bangles- charity shopped
Boots - Ebay
1960s bag - flea market
Cashmere cardigan - jumble sale
Tights and flower - retail
Fur collar - gift from Vix
Gloves - ancient, gift

Hope all my Northern hemisphere gals are keeping warm and dry-ish.
For those Down Under - enjoy the sunshine!

Have a great weekend!


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said...

Gaaah, the new coat is beautiful! I don't think I've seen you in this colour of pink before but it looks so nice! xo

Anonymous said...

That coat is truely beautiful and fits you like a dream. Well deserved of the comments you received as I would stop a stranger in the street if they were wering a coat like that.

Anonymous said...

I missed your last fabulous post, shame on me, but I couldn't miss this one in which the feminella coat is shown in all its (but I prefer to think it as a 'she')her glory!
The glamorous fur collar made by Vix looks perfect on it!!!
My littlest daughter wore the same angel costume last Christmas, how cute they are!!I hope she won't be banished from the stage as happened last year, she really couldn't stand still!
I like Max's personalised tea towel, it's a brilliant idea!
Love xxxxx

Dawn said...

Ok it looks really cold there. It's been cold here too but only in the last day or so. Not only do I love this coat but that color is gorgeous. Vix is such a great blogger friend to you, always sending a nice package. Have a great weekend and thank you for the well wishes with my mum/mom. Take kitty inside with you and give him some warm milk. dawn xoxo

Ulla-Marie said...

Beautiful coat!

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Coat is gorgeous!
liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

carrievintage said...

I'm in love with your coat <3

Sarah Jane said...

Such a pretty coat. I love the fitted, belted style. The colour is perfect to brighten up these drab winter days. You look like a regular Mary Poppins! xxx

Louise Mc said...

The coat is gorgeous, so sophisticated looking. I'm so glad you kept it. I love that littlest misheard the carol, it's a bit like that animation, Olive the other reindeer. Xx

Megan said...

That coat is amazing. Definitely a keeper!

Ivy Black said...

That coat is a beaut. You must keep it and wear it at every opportunity.
Loveliness from Vix too..the fur collar is lush.
I miss Priamry School nativity plays. I even cried at one once...mind you, the singing was shit.
Have a lovely weekend, Bodkin.

Ivy Black said...

That coat is a beaut. You must keep it and wear it at every opportunity.
Loveliness from Vix too..the fur collar is lush.
I miss Priamry School nativity plays. I even cried at one once...mind you, the singing was shit.
Have a lovely weekend, Bodkin.

Fiona said...

Feminella is very special, has the lollipop lady seen her yet ? Wondering what she makes of her. Love all your matching accessories and how lucky is Littlest with those lovely owl decs and you of course, with your own personalised tea towel. It WAS bastard baltic freezing yesterday so can imagine Vix's fab faux fur collar was very welcome.
Have a good 'un.

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

Curtise you look like a million bucks, with or without the stunning coat. Very fetching ruffle cascading over your cardi. What missing button?

Perhaps if you tell the servants you're docking their weekly 1/2 day off until that button is both retrieved and reattached, they'll stop watching the soaps while you're out and about, and not only find it, but get serious about the vacuuming.

Fran said...

So neat, a coat that looks like a dress. Your little girl makes an adorable angel. Have a Merry Christmas.

Flora Cruft said...

Yes that coat is definitely a keeper, the colour and the style are delightful! Pink really suits you.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Ooh lovely coat, isn't she pretty in pink? If you were me, your button would turn up in your dressing gown pocket, all sorts of bizarre stuff turns up in mine and it's usually where my mobile is when I can't find it.

Love your angel (I have one too) and always adore misheard lyrics. Boy2 has been singing 'Jingle bells jingle bells, jingle all the way. Old Macdonald had such fun on a lovely lovely sleigh'.

Laptop fixed - rah!

Unknown said...

Oh Lady Fanny Tampon Feminella, from a place of love and honesty, you look AWFUL in that hideous coat! Please send it to me STAT an I will, uh, dispose of it for you!

LOVE the beret and flower, the sunnies and the lovely boobage ruffles!

Come over and play will you - I MISS you!

Love, Sarah xxx

Patti said...

Oh Feminella is even more fabulous than I remembered - I hadn't noticed the details at the shoulders. So good. Your Littlest has me laughing, about Jesus' birth order : >

Krista said...

With this coat you could be nekkid underneath and no one would know, it sure would make a sexy flash outfit:) the little fur collar from Vix is just the right touch to add a bit of warmth and character.
The littlest comment about Jesus is the highlight. Shit kids say sometimes are the best! On a recent trip to the Grand Canyon my 3 year old nephew said this is no canon where are the wheel and guys! I will laugh about that to my grave!
Stay warm you little hottie!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh Fanny you look wonderful in the 'monthly' coat....Hehe I hope you catch my drift! It looks lovely on you, I love the colour & the shape. Had to giggle at 'Mary's 4th child'....I am terrible at lyrics too. I always thought Bon Jovi's 'You give love a bad name' actually said band-aid. I sang those words for years. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Xx

two squirrels said...

EEeeeeeekkkkk I just knew that coat was going to be fabulous on you. It is sooooo fabulous. Best coat ever.
The wee fur collar from gorgeous Vix is so great with it.
Such a wee cute angel!!!!!
I love the change of words, would that mean there would be three more Christmas days or would that be sarahmas, fredmas and petermas days.........tee hee. Yay more presents. Your wee poppet is a genius.
Love v

Angie said...

Your outfit is full of interesting details!The bag is so dolce &cabbana.

Trees said...

Holy crap! That coat is amazeballs - I want one too, even though its summer. That furry collar that Vix made is awesome too, such a craft superstar. I love that tea towel, such a great idea for a present for friends. I wish I had thought of that:)

Melanie said...

I can't help but laugh when I recall the association you made between Feminella and those lady products... You are a flossy dream (as in candy not dental). The collar and the hat are inspired choices to go with this coat. I would have loved to have coffee with you...

mispapelicos said...

Best and more flattering coat ever, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Love everything about it.
I see you are surounded by angels, so you luck nothing, lol.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Oh wow that ms. feminella does look AMAZING! Perfect for the freezing cold.. Suite you magnificently!

SO HOT right now. Can't imagine being cold!!

Connie said...

I really love the pink coat. It is very Betsy McCall. And your littlest's comments about jesus' birth order...what a crack up. I wish i'd written down all the funny things my kids have said. Thank you, my friend, for you sweet words of encouragement. I'm moving rather slowly right now but I'm certain that I will emerge better than ever. I will be allowed to start driving again some time next week so LOOK OUT!!
Enormous Hug! Connie*

Melanie said...

Definitely a keeper and the collar goes so well!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Such a Christmassy coat. I love the red on you.

Vix said...

That coat is glorious, such a fab burst of colour on one of the shittiest days of the Winter so far. Loving the crazy sunnies and snazzy brooch, too.
Wasn't it bastard freezing on Thursday? I was beginning to lose the will to shop, too!
Littlest looks so much like her gorgeous Mum in her angel pictures.
That's reminded me, I've a pile of buttons that need replacing, I should go and do that instead of pissing around reading blogs, shouldn't I?
Love ya! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Diane said...

Stunning!! You look very grand. The roads and pavements were a complete mare on Friday Morning. xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Feminella is STUNNING on you!!! The fur collar is just the perfect touch!!

Littlest is adorable as an angel!!

CityScape Skybaby said...

The new coat is lovely Curtise, it would be nice for Springtime to, it's making me feel all Judy Garland singing Easter Bonnet somehow, even though the weather is Baltic. Love the red and black outfit too, one of my favourite colour combos that is. Littlest is so cute and angelic looking, we weren't allowed to take photos or videos at our nativity this year. They had a man filming it all and are putting out a DVD for us to buy instead?! xx

Connie said...

Dear Ms. Clementine, You really are the BEST!!!!!!! Here you are covering up your gams with all sorts of librarian skirts when underneath you are a Rockette!!!! Totally loving it all. Big enormous Smile here from me. LOVE YOU,

silvergirl said...

i love a good pink coat
got one about 2 years ago
the red piping on yours is so fun
love the angel pics
i miss those days when the sons did stuff like that

bonsaimum said...

That coat is to die for!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

This is utterly utterly gorgeous, Feminella may sound like a vaginal douche or an ancient foundatoin garment but she looks fantastic. Such a lovely shape too. You look fabulous as ever. Littlest looks very pious in one of those photos and her mishearing Boney M made me crack up xxxx

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Oh, Feminella, Feminella with your swirly skirt and perky piping, whee! Just grand, Curtise - love your poppy and ruffle and argyle stripe, too. You are divine in hats, and the collar from Vix is perfect!

What a dolly of an angel, Littlest! xoxo