Tuesday 31 December 2013

Lovley, buttiful

Christmas has come and gone, and I have had a small unscheduled break from blogging; no significant reasons, just Christmas and work and a cold and feeling a bit too busy for my liking.

Christmas itself was fairly relaxed, all food and presents eagerly and gratefully enjoyed.

A day in bed with paracetamol and a good book helped with the cold.

Work is nearly done (just one more shift to go). Remind me again why anyone wants to go shopping on Boxing Day? Plenty do, apparently, but it mystifies the bejeezus out of me...

And 2013 is nearly over - where did it go?

Favourite pressie?

Well, it doesn't really do to have favourites, but I was very taken with this 1960s Brettles nightdress and peignoir set from my friend Tracey. She know me so well!

Tonight we are going round to see the new year in with our friends Claire and Ron, and whoever else pitches up. If I make it to midnight awake, it'll be the year's first miracle..

However, we are taking the karaoke machine, so that might keep me going. Any requests?  (Who said Shaddup your face?)

1970s C&A maxi dress and bracelets- charity shop
1960s faux fur cape /jacket - gift
1970s hat - flea market
Boots - community fair

Here's Eldest, wearing her 1960s vinyl Baker boy cap, looking as though she should be a character in A Taste of Honey or Up the Junction.

Little sisters always ruin the shot...

...but he ain't heavy.

We were off to see The Hobbit at the Imax, it was great.

 Did everyone have a good Christmas? I hope so, and I'll be catching up with all your festive/end of year action very soon.

Hmm, wonder what 2014 has in store?

I daresay I will be buttiful, continue to bellow, and be a godess. 

It's hard to tell with Littlest's atrocious spelling whether she meant goddess or godless. Either works.

Edit: linking to Judith's Hat Attack, the first of 2014!

See you next year!


Sunday 22 December 2013

Wonderful Life

I have somehow made it to 300 blog posts!

My lovely friend Shelley recently made it to 800, and noted that she still enjoys blogging and feels inspired to continue.

So do I, due in no small part to all of you, the friends who bother to read and comment and support and amuse and entertain and inform. I've spent a bit of time this year mourning the people who have disappeared from my blogging world, but I decided that to focus on those who are no longer around does a disservice to those who are. 

And I want to say a big thank you to all of you, you are brilliant!

Yes, I mean you, Patti, Lynne, Tania, Fiona and Shelley.

and Jan.

Thank you to Mel and Krista


and Em.

Such lovely friends - and of course there are many more, and I would have loved to create photos for all of you. But alas, the kids needed feeding and the Christmas presents needed wrapping and there was work to go to...

Without you, I'd feel like this;

But with you, it's a wonderful life.

An inappropriately summery video, I know, but the sentiment is fitting.


So Merry Christmas to all...


Thursday 19 December 2013

'Tis the season


'Tis the season for a faux fur and a beret, obviously.

 Yes, just like that.

For the holly and the ivy.

For a Star of Wonder, Star of Night.

For Obligatory Blogger Vintage Christmas Decorations (left in their box by my unimpressed kids, who decorated our tree with all the crap instead. I let it go - after all, they saved me a job.)

For last bits and pieces of shopping...

Great name for a shop.

I'd be happier with a bottle of Bombay Sapphire. Which I just happen to have bought myself...

'Tis the season for a Christmas jumper...

 I prefer mine decorated with vintage brooches.

Nothing says Christmas like leopard print, right?

And red gloves. A tiny homage to Santa.

Windsmoor faux fur coat - vintage fair
Leopard print dress, yellow cardigan and sequin beret - charity shopped
Jumper/dress - Ebay
Leopard print beret - pub quiz prize
Boots - community fair 
KMK leggings - gift from Cristi
Gloves - retail (sale)
Brooches - bought at flea markets or had forever

Thinking about my Christmas Day outfit now.

What do you reckon?

I know!

What will you be wearing?


Monday 16 December 2013

Pour myself a cup of ambition

I had lots of plans for today. 

Finish off my Christmas shopping, get cards and parcels to the Post Office, deliver some local cards, breathe a sigh of relief.

As it is, I am housebound with a poorly child, but I can at least do a blog post, and catch up on all your news from the weekend!

Hmm, probably should have worn a slip under that skirt to stop it hugging my legs like a clingy toddler, but never mind.

 I had a lovely time round at my friend Alison's on Friday evening, where the theme was sparkles. Did I remember to take any photos of the assembled ladies in their sparkly glory? I did not. Bad blogger.

I took just the one photo. Of my drink. 
Sparkling rose with extra (edible) glitter, of course.

I wore silver lurex head to toe but you'll just have to imagine it...

Blimey, I could have someone's eye out with that frontage. 
A few of you have been curious about what I wear to work, so I'll show you.

Here I am setting off for my shift on Saturday, snapped on the doorstep by Eldest.
Dull, isn't it? Looks better with the houndstooth poncho (a gift from Sarah) but a black dress and black cardigan? So not me. 
At least my Ravel loafers are getting some use; I bought them on Ebay ages ago and haven't worn them much, but I am finding being on my feet for hours quite a strain, and  comfortable shoes are invaluable. 

I'm working Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week, I'll be too knackered for Christmas! And I'm working on Boxing Day, the first day of the sale, so that will be crazy. Retail is hard!

1970s skirt, top, scarf, belt and bangles - charity shopped
1960s Tricoville knit coat - vintage fair
1980s boots - Second to None (never was £8 better spent)

All these photos seem really scuzzy and muddy to me; no idea why, maybe it's just the poor light conditions and my cheap-ish point and press camera.

So - some Christmas cards are written, but not all (I ran out); some presents are bought and wrapped, but not all (I am disorganised); and no decorations are up in the house, including the tree, languishing in its box in the cellar (I am unmotivated). I think I'll wait until anyone (the man or the kids) mentions it, and if they don't, it just might stay there.

Big balls to it!

I'll be joining Patti and the lovely ladies at Visible Monday, but not in my work clothes; I feel drab and dull in those, which renders them ineligible.

Hope you have had marvellous weekends, one and all.

Thursday 12 December 2013

Plasters for disasters

I was out at two delightful events last night; Littlest's Christmas play, and my mate Sue's birthday pub quiz.


At the former, we just managed to squeeze in on the back row (who knows what time the Competitive Parents must have arrived to grab all the front seats) so I only caught a fleeting glimpse of Littlest. She was most unimpressed to be given just one line to say, but she said it with great feeling.

I was sitting behind a would-be film director dad, who held his camera up high and blocked my view throughout. Honestly, it's tough out there in school showbiz land.

Ooh, I'm a cross patch today, no?

The Ladies' Purse did well at the quiz; despite a paltry-sounding score of 11 out of 20, we were joint leaders, but lost it on the tie breaker. That's one difficult quiz, it's a good job we only do it for a laugh.

We don't go away empty handed though, since we bring our own prizes for each other.

A leopard print beret? That'll do nicely, thank you.

1960-70s Tricosa maxi skirt - antiques centre
Top, poncho, 1960s vinyl/tapestry bag and bangles - charity shopped
1960-70s suede jerkin - gift from Lucy
Scarf - flea market
Boots - Ebay
Gloves - gift
Beret - gift from Tania
Necklace - gift from Gisela

 Oops, pesky teardrop on my necklace is arse about face, but never mind.

It's been a busy, bitty, up and down kind of a week, nice stuff, annoying stuff, weird stuff, stuff stuff stuff and nonsense. Life's like that sometimes, isn't it?

Blog search terms - they're always good for a laugh, aren't they?
This week's highlights are fit boobs and vintage pissing.

Look at these lovely ladies.
Old postcards from Chesterfield flea market.

These would look well on Em's Shelf of Shit.

This old drinks machine still had some sachets in it; vintage vegetable soup, anyone?
My treat.

You can buy anything and everything on that market.

December 12th, and not a Christmas card written or a present wrapped. I need to crack on!