Monday 16 December 2013

Pour myself a cup of ambition

I had lots of plans for today. 

Finish off my Christmas shopping, get cards and parcels to the Post Office, deliver some local cards, breathe a sigh of relief.

As it is, I am housebound with a poorly child, but I can at least do a blog post, and catch up on all your news from the weekend!

Hmm, probably should have worn a slip under that skirt to stop it hugging my legs like a clingy toddler, but never mind.

 I had a lovely time round at my friend Alison's on Friday evening, where the theme was sparkles. Did I remember to take any photos of the assembled ladies in their sparkly glory? I did not. Bad blogger.

I took just the one photo. Of my drink. 
Sparkling rose with extra (edible) glitter, of course.

I wore silver lurex head to toe but you'll just have to imagine it...

Blimey, I could have someone's eye out with that frontage. 
A few of you have been curious about what I wear to work, so I'll show you.

Here I am setting off for my shift on Saturday, snapped on the doorstep by Eldest.
Dull, isn't it? Looks better with the houndstooth poncho (a gift from Sarah) but a black dress and black cardigan? So not me. 
At least my Ravel loafers are getting some use; I bought them on Ebay ages ago and haven't worn them much, but I am finding being on my feet for hours quite a strain, and  comfortable shoes are invaluable. 

I'm working Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week, I'll be too knackered for Christmas! And I'm working on Boxing Day, the first day of the sale, so that will be crazy. Retail is hard!

1970s skirt, top, scarf, belt and bangles - charity shopped
1960s Tricoville knit coat - vintage fair
1980s boots - Second to None (never was £8 better spent)

All these photos seem really scuzzy and muddy to me; no idea why, maybe it's just the poor light conditions and my cheap-ish point and press camera.

So - some Christmas cards are written, but not all (I ran out); some presents are bought and wrapped, but not all (I am disorganised); and no decorations are up in the house, including the tree, languishing in its box in the cellar (I am unmotivated). I think I'll wait until anyone (the man or the kids) mentions it, and if they don't, it just might stay there.

Big balls to it!

I'll be joining Patti and the lovely ladies at Visible Monday, but not in my work clothes; I feel drab and dull in those, which renders them ineligible.

Hope you have had marvellous weekends, one and all.


Asparagus Pea said...

Yes - working weekends definitely sucks the big one! I'll be with you in spirit as I'm in though till sunday now. One day off then my parents arrive for Xmas. Good job Mr A-P is very domesticated and responds well to lists. At least I'm off though till New Year then. Have done the retail thing myself, so I hear you on that one too! Hang in there xxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Yes, retail is hard (says she whose only experience in retail was a Saturday job in BHS many, many moons ago...). I'm liking the poncho. I'm thinking of crocheting one with lots of granny squares, although not entirely convinced my crocheting skills are quite up to it. Ugh, Xmas. Sick of it already....xx

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

Work wear: I caught the tail end of an old movie starring Bette Davis last night. She was wearing a similarly cut, beautifully tailored black dress - with pearls. Are you allowed to wear any accessories with your black? I think pearls fix everything lol.

Ravishing post outfit: Oh, wow, all the reds and plummy purples are rocking my world.

The Girls: Not once in my life has anyone ever thought they were gonna lose an eye. Jealous! :D

The kiddo: Feel better!

Cup o' ambition: Could ya mail a thermos over the pond?

Much love,

Fiona said...

Pleased to hear you have been out 'sparkling' instead of getting on with Christmas, much more fun especially with such glamorous drinks. I knew you would zhuz-up (sp?) your work outfit somehow, you've made it stylish with the striking poncho and tapestry bag.
Your photo's look fine to me and so do you... as always. Comfy shoes are essential when on your feet for long periods I should know, I wear hideous lesbian looking things but my feet are glad. Top marks for working the busiest days of the year and think of all the money you'll earn. xxx

Vix said...

Oh no! Hope the ill child is up from their sick bed soon! What a weekend you have ahead, you need to be out and about supping sparkly cocktails and having everyone's eyes out with your magnificent frontage.
Your clingy skirt is a beauty with those boots and your work clothes put most people's best to shame.
I took my birthday cards down today and thought about doing something festive with the mantelpiece but got distracted by Bargain Hunt and forgot all about it.
I bought some cards today so it's a start!
Love you! xxxxxxxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

Oooh, you have my sympathy, and empathy, for having to work the weekend before Christmas AND Boxing Day. As a veteran of many retail jobs, I know what it's like, and I have memories of being exhausted, and completely sick of people by the end of it. Your work outfit is rather blah, but just think of it as a costume for role in the production that is Debenhams at Christmas.

I have done no decorating, aside from putting my Snoopy on his doghouse figure from Charlie Brown's Christmas on top of my TV (tube, not flatscreen so it can be used as display space).

Hope the poorly child is up on his/her feet again soon.

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear one of your little ones are poorly!! Hopefully Mum's TLC will have them back on their feet in no time!
Loving that paisley skirt, you look outstanding in it! And the B&W poncho is Spiffing (!), can't see why you can't wear it while working - only problem is, everyone would see it & want one haha. Sorry to hear you're working Boxing Day! :-(
On the bonus side, your magnificent figure will grace the store and inspire others to dress better ;-) x

Ivy Black said...

Bum. Ihope they feel better soon so you can be out and about with your magnificent frontage. Gotta say your work gear is rather lovely...damn sight better than mine. Safety boots for the love of god!
I'm working right up and over Chrimbo too and it does sort of take the shine off it but if I could come and fend of sale-goers with you that would be heaps more fun.
Loves yer sparkly bits.
I said BITS, love, BITS. Oh I don't know though.....x

thorne garnet said...

I'm a bad blooger too. We went to a Christmas party on Saturday and I left the camera at home. I had on a sparkly top and a flower headband, I was a hit! My trees live under our bed and I finished up today.

Enjoy next weekend! (it'll be fun)

Patti said...

Sorry one of your dear ones is sick - that's no fun at all for anyone. Hope she/he is back up and prancing very soon. You look lovely, natch, in that knitted coat and red boots. Please don't stress about cards, gifts and decor -- it all gets sorted out and being together (with a zesty cocktail) is the best part. Thanks for linking up! xox

Peaches McGinty said...

at home with a sick child (hope they get better soon) and you look divine, and with a fabulous frontage, it's a gorgeous outfit and I do like your coat! clingy skirts drive me up the wall, especially with the 1 step hitch up and I end up with a load of skirt under my crotch - glitter drinks! honestly! that is just awesome! sparkly no. 2's! (sorry, I know, I'm vile!) Good luck with all of this extra work, retail is a bugger, your fabulous poncho and hat are hot! I haven't got all my presents, wrapped nothing and haven't bought a card yet, all pretty normal here! I've got ages! x x x

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Don't know what happened to my comment just then.
Hope your little one is better soon.
Loving your hair and the purple hues.

Sarah Jane said...

"Big balls to it" ha ha, couldn't agree more. The sacrifices we sometimes have to make with our work wardrobes. I've been there. Hope your littlun is feeling better soon xxx

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

I've had a sick little girl home today aswell. Well, when I say 'home' I mean dragged round the supermarket, charity shops and Morrisons but fresh air is good for them right?
I haven't done a single card but managed a blog post. You have to prioritise.
The paisley skirt is beautiful and I'm loving the general purpleness of the whole outfit. xxxx

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

You are looking glorious in your purples!! I must say you in sedate all black is odd--the cape definitely gives it some Curtise flair!!

Becky said...

Retail can be a bitch!! I know, I've done it! Loving all your layers. Edible glitter sounds fucking awesome--need to get some!

Allison said...

I`ll trade ya some frontage for some of my buttage!...oh dear that work outfit needs some bling! start small and the boss wont notice. hope the poorly one is better....bloody kids!...mine asked for the xmas tree....bastards!. but its up now and it may be working...I do feel a tad Christmassy!...just a tad mind...cant over do it!!
I worked retail for an age once....the general public are a vile bunch! tip...keep booze in the car....just im not! Ha! xxxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Why is it that children are always sick at the most inopportune times ... whenever I have a really busy day planned you can guarantee someone will be puking.
Well I have no cards written or sent ... and no presents wrapped ... but I do have the tree up ... so I guess that makes us about even ;0)

Vintage Coconut said...

Hello Curtise!
Your tree is still in it's box?!
*hehehe* I went and got mine on Dec 1 and set it up. Although I only got halfway with my decorating. I think I will just add some finishing touches and be done with it. The more decorating I have to do the more I have to take down after. *lol*
p.s. I have never had edible glitter. This is something I must do.

freckleface said...

I'm imagining you head to toe in silver lurex. Looking gooooood! That sparkling rose with glitter looks gorgeous, what a sparkly lovely ladies drink! I sound like Al Murray as the pub landlord.

There's those fit boobs again.

I've been wondering what you wear to work, but I just hadn't got around to verbalising it. So thank you for anticipating my every sartorial need. I occasionally wear all black when I have no inspiration and no time, but it doesn't ever elevate me like colour does.

When do you finish at Debs? xxxxxx

Unknown said...

you simply look gorgeous! Those bazookers are worthy of a Madonna bra...woot woot! xxxx

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you think the photos are muddy - your boots are shining, your hair is glowing, and your boobs are exerting their rightful place in the universe. Nothing muddy or scuzzy about it!

Christmas does seem a little bit of a chore when it's the same thing every year, doesn't it? Maybe you should just do everything differently this year, except presents for the kids. That is non-negotiable. I hope the sick one feels better soon, and doesn't spread the lurgy to the others.

And to make work better, can you bring in a bottle of sherry to share with your co-workers in the back room? Just a suggestion...

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Don't you just love retail over christmas. The Captain works extra long hours & gets two days off at least. He manages an optical store, which is glorified retail really. I LOVE that jacket with that outfit. The stripey arms are fabulous. Xx

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Lovely, saturated hues in your outfit. Sigh, wearing black just seems wrong. Having said that, the poncho and handbag are beyond perfect, and you can feel like a million bucks to and from the store!

Hope the little is back to good health soon.

Thanks for your insightful comment on my post today Curtise! Much appreciated. xo

Connie said...

Oh poor baby. There's always some sort of snorkly bug infecting people this time of year. Bah! I think you look beautiful in your work outfit. It's your LBD! Those shoes are so cute and preppy. Keep Breathing!

Olga Rani said...

What wonderful colour combination of your outfit! All those shades of red-purple-blue look amazing together. Your working outfit is not that stunning but still, the poncho and the bag give some spirit to the "all in black" dullness.

CityScape Skybaby said...

Hope poorly child is better soon Curtise, for both your sakes. I've spent many a day in the house with sick children, watching plans going out the window, it always seems to happen when there's loads needing to be done doesn't it.
My daughter started temporary work at Tesco's today, despite falling downstairs in a nightclub and tearing a ligament in her ankle at the weekend, and I think it's going to be a shock to her system when the Christmas rush/sales rush starts in earnest, so I'll be thinking of you both and wishing for the customers to be gentle with you! Your uniform looks much more you with the poncho and bag, so at least you can go to and from work feeling more like yourself, your photos look great to me though, I don't see any muddiness. Still not even bought Christmas cards here, but the deccies are up! xx

Unknown said...

I hope the child is feeling better today!! You look amazing in your working clothes but it's not definitely your style, the lovely poncho makes the dull black combo looks great! But obviously I prefer your everyday clothes, your skirt is beautiful and I adore the coat! I'm glad to know you had a sparkling weekend and I wish that this busy week will end soon!
Love xxxxxxx

Dawn Elliott said...

I like every single thing about your featured outfit...the colors, the patterns, the boots, the coat, the scarf...WoW! You should wear that to work!!! Good luck getting through the season...keep that joy alive!

Anonymous said...

Ooh I want a glitter cocktail like that!

Hey, at least you don't feel pressured, as so many do around this time of year, to do everything, do it simultaneously, and do it perfectly. We've scaled back our Christmas thus year and it's taken a load off the stress bunny in the house (three guesses who that is). And we still have cards to write and send to the UK!

Sorry you have to work on the 26th. Retail can be tough, esp when you have to deal with half-crazed shoppers.

I love all your plummy tones. Pics look good to me! Xoxo

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet I completely understand the sore's murder if you have uncomfortable shoes.....I just love the poncho over your work gear.
I am the same as you when it comes to the whole Xmas thing.......about to start a 12 days at the the shop with only Xmas day off......and we have a 4 hour drive that day......I will be stuffed.
Hope the little poppet at home is feeling better soon.
Sending much love V

Diane said...

Working is rubbish. Don't wear yourself out luvvie. Love the sparkly cocktail xxxxxxxxxxxx

Rachel said...

You do make me giggle, Curtise. I haven't wrapped any presents or put the tree up yet either! That is a job for the weekend!
I love your houndstooth poncho, very cute. xxxx

silvergirl said...

oh I am so sad that you forgot to take pics of your weekend party outfit
It sounds divine

Unknown said...

Sorry one of your little 'uns is feeling urpy. Hope you stay well, and can enjoy the enforced houseboundness! Love the purply-red ensemble and especially the skirt ... so pretty. Can't see the issue with the photos on my screen ... vivid and pretty you! You don't look happy in this particular black, though. Could you wear a black moto and Docs as long as they were black? Working at Debenhams should be a fashion adventure for you. Drat.
Ours is a weekend business, so we're used to it. Sorry it's messing up your holiday, though.
I, for one, can't wait till Christmas is over. Bah humbug! I'll be in the mood the morning of the 24th, though. Always am!

Aya said...

The hues in your outfit, especially with the solids in your coat and your boots anchoring, are so utterly divine. I love the entire look.

You say your work look is boring, but I find it classy and gorgeous! Good luck working Boxing Day sales!

Krista said...

Ah hoping the sick kid is feeling better soon so mama can get naughty or maybe just away:). You work schedule sounds crazy like retail is this time of year. I think you work attire is uber goth:). Blimey someone could lose an eye with that frontage! I will say this forever! I am in the opposite boat as you, come Friday I will take off of work until Jan. 6th, let the countdown begin to my laziness.

I think your pictures look beautiful maybe you are just overworked:) love you!

Mrs. D said...

Love the outfits. Particularly the boots, what a lovely colour.
Good luck with the working weekend - I feel for you!
PS: I got the plates already, thank you so much. I ended up not emailing as I was away during the weekend and it's been mental lately...
I'll have to put together a box of goodies for you!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Oooh edible glitter in a drink! Inspired!
I love that skirt.
BUSY time of year, and I don't have an official job... don't know how you do it!

Unknown said...

Hi Curtise!

I have no X-Mas deco in my house, none of the gift are wrapped - Will get there too i guess -

Yes black is a little boring isn't? but with the poncho it looks 10x better! Store clerks around here have a little more slack when it comes to dressing even in high end shops -

Hope your kiddo feels better soon!


Pennyblossoms said...

Retail at Debenhams is hard!
No, I know it is everywhere, but Debs'd be open Christmas Day if they could!
I just did one of their surveys and the only word I ticked for them at Chrimbo was 'commercial'!
Z xx

Melanie said...

I don't envy you working in retail at this time of year, I try and avoid any shops over Christmas.
I'm all set for Christmas, but have yet to finish making my mother's gift :/

Anonymous said...

The poncho makes the retail look rather stunning. Shame we all have to dress up in black isn't it? Mind you, it's very simple to get ready every day - there has to be a plus point!
Poor you having to work Boxing Day. Retail is hard work; I never realised before this Christmas. I suppose I never thought about it. Well, I definitely know

Unknown said...

You look gorgeous in that poncho. So glad you wear it.

Love, Sarah xxx