Monday 24 April 2017

A room without a roof

Happiness comes in many forms.

Meeting up with these beauties brings me real joy - look at them!

Vix did a post about Our Day Out here.

New frocks that cost a fiver...

unexpected tulips in my garden...

borrowing my neighbour's gorgeous ginger fella...

 and seeing Nina's art work (she painted the foxes) in her school mural:

these things are happiness on a plate.

Oh look - more Nina. 
With Uncle Gary.
Two of my favourite people.

Lemon drizzle cakes (made by me)...

huevos rancheros for brunch (not made by me)...

and a Fanny that plays records.

These are Good Things, clearly.

 So is a visit to Chatsworth House... 

 especially when there are hats to try on...

with my gorgeous niece. 

Always good to have a weekend away - how about Stratford upon Avon?

Beautiful sunshine, blue skies, and this man...

Yes, there are lots of reasons to clap along, if you know what happiness is to you.

Hope everyone is well, I'll be popping by soon. 


Tuesday 7 March 2017

We move like the sea

There's nothing like a blast of sea air to blow away the cobwebs.

And a visit to Tynemouth means great company too.

My sister Sabena and her partner Gary; two of my very favourite people.

Jumping for joy on the beautiful Longsands beach. 
Some more successfully than others...

There is a market every weekend at Tynemouth metro station too, which Sabena and I browsed around...

while Gary took the kids to the match at St James' Park.

I am woefully out of practice at blogging, and feeling sadly adrift from my lovely community of bloggers whose support and company I value. Real Life has its distractions at present, but I'll have a good go at catching up with you all - I miss you. 

1970s hand made maxi dress - Mooch vintage shop
Boots - community fair

And it's hard to find a good spot in my new garden to take a decent photo!