Thursday 22 October 2015

More than meets the eye

There's a man who lives nearby who always says hello to me; we see each other around fairly often and have slipped into the habit of exchanging a greeting, even though we don't know one another at all.

Today, we met on my street and he announced, that's a different look for you - very Rock Chick. I like it!
We had a bit of a laugh about that; he says he can spot me at a distance because I'm usually wearing something bright, colourful and floral.

Since he's always casually dressed, scruffy even, I wouldn't have had him down as someone who would notice what I (or anyone else) was wearing. Which just goes to prove you shouldn't make assumptions.

1970s lurex jumper, denim jacket, leather skirt, ankle boots, tights and bangles - charity shopped
1950-60s tapestry bag - gift from Emma Kate
1970s necklace - vintage market
 I had an interesting conversation this week with one of the volunteers at my shop. 
Up Where We Belong was playing on the radio, and she said that's my old friend singing. Given our location, it wasn't overly intuitive of me to guess that she was referring to Joe Cocker rather than Jennifer Warnes. We chatted about how she met Joe in the 1960s through her future husband, also a musician, and how they all became friends. 

She recalled the release of Joe's first album With a Little Help from My Friends in 1969, and told me that she, her boyfriend and Joe stayed up all night playing it over and over again. And how that occasion was the first time Joe had heard the album played all the way through, start to finish - on my little record player! she laughed.

I like that story for all sorts of reasons. Decidedly Sheffield, down-to-earth and non-starry, it's an endearing snapshot of another time, and a brief, unexpected glimpse into someone's personal history. 
People. They can surprise you, no? Sometimes by being utter arseholes, it's true, but just as often by sharing stories and observations which make you look at them again and think there's more to you than meets the eye. 
Any claim to Rock Chick-ery I ever had is long gone, but perhaps the leather, denim and studs in this outfit are a little nod in that direction. 
A grown-up Rock Chick? I'd settle for that.  

Can't do the Big Hair anymore...

(Oops - I told you an inadvertent fib when I said I only have one jumper. I forgot about this sparkly Seventies one. 
How could I?)

It's interesting to speculate about what our clothes tell others about us. Of course they say something - we're all visible, and we make choices about how we present ourselves. But everyone has a story, and appearance only tells part of it. 

There's more to us than meets the eye.

PS. We're going away for a few days, but I'll look forward to catching up with you all when we get back.


Monday 19 October 2015

Blue's the hue

Guess what?

I got the job!

A shiny new hair colour and a new job, all in one week.

1970s German-made dress - vintage shop
Boots and belt - retail (sale)
Bangles - charity shopped

As pleased as I am to be offered the job, I must confess to feeling a little anxious. There are plenty of unknowns about this enterprise, and I am sacrificing the comfort and convenience of my current post. Still, nothing ventured...

Being part of the team setting up a new shop will be hard work with a raft of challenges, but it's an exciting prospect too.

I don't have a start date yet, but I'll let you know when I do. 

On Saturday, Nina and I went on a reconnaissance trip to Broomhill, the suburb of Sheffield where the new St Luke's vintage shop will be opening.

This is it; still empty and awaiting a refit. (Sorry about the lousy photo, it's all reflection of the bus pulling up and the shop opposite. Oh, and there we are too!)

 Broomhill is a smart area with plenty of leafy streets, and Victorian houses ranging from little terraces to huge villas.  

 It's where I lived during my first year in Sheffield as a student. The small shopping centre is busy and thriving; despite the inevitable presence of a Costa, Boots and Sainsbury's, there are still plenty of independent shops, cafes and restaurants to add diversity and interest.

Of course there are charity shops...

and a couple of decent pubs which are still going strong 33 years after I first discovered them.

I think it's a good location for a vintage shop; the area has a significant student population, but there are professionals and families too. There is money here (and two fee-paying schools), the houses aren't cheap, and it remains a popular area.

The prospect of Mum's new job made Nina jump for joy.

We wandered through the Botanical Gardens...

enjoying the last of the roses, the autumn colours, and the friendly bear.

Well, you can't blame the bears.

And look what I found in the PDSA charity shop;

this beautiful late 1950s/early 1960s lace cocktail dress.

No doubt it would have been an expensive dress in its day; I paid just £7.

(Interestingly, there was a Betty Jackson for Debenhams dress in a very similar style on the same rail, priced at £9. 
Go figure...)

So it was a successful afternoon out, and I am only having the occasional anxiety dream about the new job. Wish me luck!

I'll be joining Patti's Visible Monday as always.


Tuesday 13 October 2015

Those fallen leaves lie undisturbed now

Blue and brown.

Not the most dramatic of combinations, you might say, yet I've found myself wearing it a couple of times this week.

As with most colours, it depends how you wear them, I reckon. And you can't go far wrong with some Seventies style.

C&A Clockhouse suede patchwork jacket and boots - Ebay
1980s Windsmoor pleated skirt, 1970s leather bag, hat, jumper and top - charity shopped

I didn't possess a single jumper (sweater) till I bought this one for £1.49 in Barnardo's.  It reminds me of the sort of thing I wore in my mid-teens in the 1970s, especially with a midi skirt.

I should have put my turban on to complete the look.

1970s cape sleeve maxi dress - gift from Vix
Boots - as before

I do love a floaty Seventies sleeve.

Look, I'm all misty and autumnal. 

Thank you for all your good wishes and optimism regarding my interview. It went OK, I think, I said what I wanted to say (although it might not have been what the panel wanted to hear, of course). I haven't been told the outcome yet, but I'll let you know when I hear.
I'm late again for Patti's Visible Monday; fortunately she's a very understanding hostess!

Thursday 8 October 2015

Flying colours

After wearing an unusual (for me) amount of black, I did promise you some colour, didn't I?

And I like to keep my word.

I've had a busy week. 
I've been either working, shopping, cooking, doing laundry, or catching up with friends; throw a British Gas engineer visit, two parents' evenings and job interview into the mix, and blogging finds itself at the end of a long list of Stuff To Do.

This is what I wore to my interview. 

A job selling vintage should come with a requirement to wear it, don't you think?

1960s Admyra jacket and 1970s St Michael pussy-bow blouse - charity shopped
1970s Tricosa maxi skirt - antiques centre
1960s vinyl bag and ankle boots - Ebay
Bangle - gift from Fiona
I am waiting to hear the outcome of the interview; they will either think I have a passion for vintage and a wealth of great ideas, or that I am an annoyingly gobby know-all .  
We shall see.
1970s maxi dress - £5 sale rail, vintage fair
Jacket, clogs, necklace and bangles - charity shopped
I match the fuchsia, lavender, and the turning leaves of the Virginia creeper. 

My new-to-me 1970s apron has a distinctly autumnal look to it as well; by rights, it should belong to (pinni)Vix.
I might just sneak in to Patti's Visible Monday party (even though it's Thursday - oops.) 

Right; more cooking to be done now, and hopefully I'll be catching up with you all later. 
It's all go!

Thursday 1 October 2015

Black Velvet

Charity shopping. 

You just never know what you'll find, and it's the unpredictability that I love.

The RSPCA shop in town isn't that great; in fact, I've never found anything worth buying in there before. But it pays to persevere, because I discovered this vintage velvet jumpsuit nestling among the dejected Bon Marche and Primark cast-offs. 

Thirties glamour? I can do that.

I've been faffing about looking at images of vintage jumpsuits on the internet in an effort to date this one. My immediate thought was that it is pure 1980s; the slashed/off the shoulder neckline and blingy gold rib, buttons and buckle seem to speak of that decade.

However, the flared legs, stretch velvet fabric and definite referencing of the 1930s lead me to suspect it might be a late Seventies piece.

I love this 1970s photo of Farrah Fawcett wearing Halston. 

1970s Canadian-made Joseph Ribkoff velvet jumpsuit, 1960s turban, sandals, brooch and bangles - charity shopped
Necklace - gift from Vix

 I know, I know - it doesn't matter, but I enjoy being a dating pedant, can't help myself. 

What do you think? 1970s or 80s? Turn-on or write-off?

Bowie certainly loved the drama of a catsuit...

and Seventies Elvis is synonymous with a white jumpsuit.

And if it's good enough for the King, it's good enough for me.

Black velvet with that slow southern style...

I'll be taking my turban to Judith's Hat Attack.

Three posts featuring black clothes? Whatever's up with me? Expect colour in my next post!