Monday, 19 October 2015

Blue's the hue

Guess what?

I got the job!

A shiny new hair colour and a new job, all in one week.

1970s German-made dress - vintage shop
Boots and belt - retail (sale)
Bangles - charity shopped

As pleased as I am to be offered the job, I must confess to feeling a little anxious. There are plenty of unknowns about this enterprise, and I am sacrificing the comfort and convenience of my current post. Still, nothing ventured...

Being part of the team setting up a new shop will be hard work with a raft of challenges, but it's an exciting prospect too.

I don't have a start date yet, but I'll let you know when I do. 

On Saturday, Nina and I went on a reconnaissance trip to Broomhill, the suburb of Sheffield where the new St Luke's vintage shop will be opening.

This is it; still empty and awaiting a refit. (Sorry about the lousy photo, it's all reflection of the bus pulling up and the shop opposite. Oh, and there we are too!)

 Broomhill is a smart area with plenty of leafy streets, and Victorian houses ranging from little terraces to huge villas.  

 It's where I lived during my first year in Sheffield as a student. The small shopping centre is busy and thriving; despite the inevitable presence of a Costa, Boots and Sainsbury's, there are still plenty of independent shops, cafes and restaurants to add diversity and interest.

Of course there are charity shops...

and a couple of decent pubs which are still going strong 33 years after I first discovered them.

I think it's a good location for a vintage shop; the area has a significant student population, but there are professionals and families too. There is money here (and two fee-paying schools), the houses aren't cheap, and it remains a popular area.

The prospect of Mum's new job made Nina jump for joy.

We wandered through the Botanical Gardens...

enjoying the last of the roses, the autumn colours, and the friendly bear.

Well, you can't blame the bears.

And look what I found in the PDSA charity shop;

this beautiful late 1950s/early 1960s lace cocktail dress.

No doubt it would have been an expensive dress in its day; I paid just £7.

(Interestingly, there was a Betty Jackson for Debenhams dress in a very similar style on the same rail, priced at £9. 
Go figure...)

So it was a successful afternoon out, and I am only having the occasional anxiety dream about the new job. Wish me luck!

I'll be joining Patti's Visible Monday as always.



Señora Allnut said...

wouuuau, Congrats, dear lady!!, glad you get the job, all that anxiety is a normal reaction!!
And love your little report around the neighborhood, such a pretty interesting place!.
You look gorgeous in your blue dresses (both of them) and love that really elegant lace piece you purchased!
besos & suerte!

Vix said...

Yay! We all knew you could do it. Well done!!!
I love that the shop is where you first lived when you came to Sheffield. Did you used to walk down that street and what would young Curtise have thought of your new job?
Broomhill looks like a very swanky area. What are the other chazzas like? I bet you've already done a recce and sussed out the opposition.
I'm sure Nina's grown even taller!
Both frocks are fabulous. It always amazes me that so many charity shop managers can't spot the difference between a high street mass produced dress and a posh one. More fool them!
Love you! xxxx

at my dressingtable said...

Congratulations Curtise I am so pleased for you , love the dresses and the pictures are fab ! have a good week x

amie k said...

Conratulations on the new job Curtise! Love the new hair too. You look beautiful.

What a find that dress was! Such a beauty. And much nicer than any 'designer' version too!

Xo Amie

mondoagogo said...

'course you did, 'course you are. Good luck with it -- I'm sure you'll find your groove! :) Looks like a nice area to be working in.

Melancholy and Menace said...

Congratulations! ♥

Your new hair colour is gorgeous and I completely love both dresses in this post.

The image of Nina beneath the Autumn leaves is perfect xx

Fiona said...

Wahay! So very pleased for you, but of course that job had your name all over it. Anxiety dreams eh?...I know all about them but it's normal to be apprehensive about a new and exciting venture. With your intelligence, product knowledge and common sense approach the shop has every chance of becoming a rip roaring success, especially in that swish area.
Love the blue lacey number, what a bargain...and the barnet too!

Goody said...

Congratulations! It would be a challenge to find a more qualified person for the job. I'll wish you luck, but you don't need it-you have skills.

Looks like Nina tamed that bear. Great shoes she's wearing too.

What a beautiful cocktail dress. Quick, someone get Curtise a cocktail so we can toast her success.

Bobbi said...

Congrats on getting the job!
Your hair looks great and the blue lace dress really suits you.

Miss Magpie said...

Yay!!! Well done you it's very well deserved.
I was bricking it when I started this job but I'm living proof old dogs can learn new tricks, you'll ace it.
I cannot wait to see what you do with the shop x x

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats on the new job Curtise! Feeling a little anxious about it is to be expected...but once things are rolling, you'll be fine!

Broomhill is looking mighty fine on this autumn day!

Ivy Black said...

Hurrah! We knew you would! Get in. It's going to be brilliant a perfect job for you, love.
Broomhill looks nice and swish. Just the place to have a nifty new vintage chazza.
Love the blue frock and I bet it did cost a few bob back in the day. Looks terrific on.
Loves ya!

Patti said...

Big congratulations and well-deserved! I am so excited for your new venture. Love the blue lace frock. xox

Suzanne said...

Hooray! I knew you could do it! I'm delighted to hear you got it.

The blue dress is stunning.Especially the arms. The colour is gorgeous with your update hair colour.

I'm excited for you!


Kezzie said...

Oh I'm SO glad you got it! Yay, well done!!! You will make it a wonderful success!!!
LOVING your items- the mind boggles over the price difference for the dress!
P.S. TARDIS Tuesday beckons- that lovely new lacy dress is most definitely TARDIS blue!!!

freckleface said...

I knew it!!! They'd have been mad not to pick you. Gosh, I'm so pleased for you I could jump about like Nina! Broomhill looks fabulous, it's got a really nice look to it and from what you say is the perfect place for a vintage shop. I have a feeling you're going to do really well. Love the new hair and that blue lace dress is so beautiful on you. Really looking forward to hearing how everything develops. Xxxx

Unknown said...

Hey, that's brilliant news! Well blumin' done. I am volunteering in a vintage charity shop that's been going for about 3 years now and they do do really well. Once word spreads they will be thronging to you and Sheffield isn't a small city is it? Don't underprice your stuff though - everything will fly out the door in the first week that's what happened here! I am going to apply for a filler in type post with the charity now, I am quite excited. They are so lucky to have you and I am sure you will find the role right up your street.

Kylie said...

Congratulations (and good-luck) Curtise.
Your hair looks lovely.
Hi there Miss Nina x

Unknown said...

Congratulations! I knew you would get it! I love your new hair color by the way and the dresses. Good luck with the new job. :)

Beth Waltz said...

Congratulations on being beautiful in blues, on being so 21st C Phryne Fischer in that new coiffeur, and on being in work, the best kind of work -- the work you do best! Can no longer leap like your daughter (lucky lass, with her mum's legs!) but I raise a large white wine in celebration!

Connie said...

Congratulations. I'm jumping up and down with Nina! Your hair is gorgeous. I just love it. You look so chic with your shiny bob and all that bright cheerful positive blue. Major cocktail dress. I'm so happy for you. Tra la.

Trees said...

They would have been fools to NOT have given you that job - congrats! You will be wonderful as its something you have a real passion for. Also that blue cocktail frock you picked up is so lovely - you are such a fancy lady xo

bahnwärterin said...

oh yes - i wish you lots of luck!!! congratulations to the new job!! waaahoooo!!!
nina is so cute! and a great example - in media we usually see kids that are sad when mom works. mumpitz! kids are happy when mom is happy! i must know.
all the cool dresses! the german one has the potenzial for a real wardrobe workhorse, it looks fab with the chunky belt and high boots! and that lacey wonder!! marvelous - and it fits you like a glove!!! your new haircolor sings with the blue!!

Melanie said...

Bwa-ha-ha-ha!!! You did it! I'm so happy for you. You'll have that place in shape in no time and you'll have a team behind you giving all the support you need. You look spectacular in your frocks and your new hair, and I love the shots of you and Nina riding the good mood.

Mim said...

New job, new hair and that fab blue dress? All the good things are coming your way this week! And why not, it's great to see someone having good news and a good time. I hope the job goes well for you, because you've certainly got the knowledge and enthusiasm.

BadPenny said...

ooh wishing you lots of luck. How exciting. Congratulations xx

Lynn Holland said...

I'm jumping up and down here clapping hands. Well done, we will be sure to come and see you if we get over your way.
Can I have your stripy dress when you are fed up with it please, its gorgeous xxx

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the new job I am so pleased and excited for you :-) You are going to be amazing once everything kicks off with the re fit etc you will forget your nerves. I adore your 50s blue lace it's stunning and looks gorgeous on you. Lovely photo's beautiful British Autumn :-) And I agree not the bears fault. Have a lovely week, dee xxx

Mother of Reinvention said...

Congratulations!! i have been wondering how you got on all week and keeping my fingers crossed for you. That is beyond fantastic news andI I am sure that your shop will be fabulous. Broomhill looks like a very nice place and you should be very busy. They really couldn't have picked a better person :) That fancy blue frock matches your shop. It is fate. You look great in it, definitely a "dress for success". The new hair colour is gloriously vibrant. Happy dancing all round! Xxxx

Rachel said...

Long time no comment, but just to say Well Done You! Great stuff. They would have been mad not to have picked you. Perfect job?
Secret squirrel xx

Mrs Bertimus said...

Of course you got the job!
I'm so pleased for you and I can't wait to see all the treasures on your blog! X

Jazzy Jack said...

Selling vintage instead of dragging it out of the bin and convincing them of its merits!
I'm sure you'll be missed, but I'm sure this will be a better fit.
The area looks very glam.
Loving your floaty sleeves and blue and brown in this or one of the other posts I read to catch up! Xo Jazzy Jack

Ivana Split said...

That blue dress with red details is well paired with those boots too...and congrats on the new job! I like the blue frames/doors of the shop that you'll work in too...and I do like this photo as it is, with you two and the bus reflected in the glass.

Somebody looks happy about your new job too! I hope that the urban legend about the bears isn't entirely true, maybe they were moved for some less omninious reason....but if it was true, we still couldn't have blamed the bears.

That blue lace cocktail dress is magnificent. You look stunning in both outfits!!!!

Sarah Jane said...

Congratulations on getting the job! Broomhill looks like a great area for a vintage shop and what better hands could it be left in than yours. You'll be great xxx

Sue said...

Oh yeah!!! you got the job!! Congrads to you, but I knew you would get it, I had the faith!! God how I love Autumn leaves.

Ulla-Marie said...

Congratulations! SO exciting! And I say (sing) like Blondie in Atomic - "Oh, your hair is Beautiful ...)"

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations en wel gefeliciteerd! I think it will be so nice to do this.

The Vintage Knitter said...

Congratulations!!! That is great and sounds very exciting! Can't wait to read about the shop when its up and running. Loving the hair colour too, it really suits you xx

Lisa said...

Woo hoo! Huge congrats on your new job, such a big challenge but you'll have it all sorted and ready to go.
And with a fab new do too!
Lisa x

The Style Crone said...

Congratulations Curtise! A new job and new hair! The blue lace dress is very celebratory! I love the color on you. We're in for a treat as you begin a new era! Brava!

Angels have Red Hair said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I knew you'd get it … never had a single doubt :0)

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so pleased for you.
And wow, that cocktail dress! You are on a roll! xxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

Sorry to be so late with the congratulations! I'm sure there is some anxiety on your end,there always is with a new job, but I'm sure you will settle in quickly. You know your stuff! Looks like a nice neighbourhood too - lots of character, and some money, which is kind of the best of both worlds.

You're looking very chic in your fresh hair colour and lovely blues!