Thursday 22 October 2015

More than meets the eye

There's a man who lives nearby who always says hello to me; we see each other around fairly often and have slipped into the habit of exchanging a greeting, even though we don't know one another at all.

Today, we met on my street and he announced, that's a different look for you - very Rock Chick. I like it!
We had a bit of a laugh about that; he says he can spot me at a distance because I'm usually wearing something bright, colourful and floral.

Since he's always casually dressed, scruffy even, I wouldn't have had him down as someone who would notice what I (or anyone else) was wearing. Which just goes to prove you shouldn't make assumptions.

1970s lurex jumper, denim jacket, leather skirt, ankle boots, tights and bangles - charity shopped
1950-60s tapestry bag - gift from Emma Kate
1970s necklace - vintage market
 I had an interesting conversation this week with one of the volunteers at my shop. 
Up Where We Belong was playing on the radio, and she said that's my old friend singing. Given our location, it wasn't overly intuitive of me to guess that she was referring to Joe Cocker rather than Jennifer Warnes. We chatted about how she met Joe in the 1960s through her future husband, also a musician, and how they all became friends. 

She recalled the release of Joe's first album With a Little Help from My Friends in 1969, and told me that she, her boyfriend and Joe stayed up all night playing it over and over again. And how that occasion was the first time Joe had heard the album played all the way through, start to finish - on my little record player! she laughed.

I like that story for all sorts of reasons. Decidedly Sheffield, down-to-earth and non-starry, it's an endearing snapshot of another time, and a brief, unexpected glimpse into someone's personal history. 
People. They can surprise you, no? Sometimes by being utter arseholes, it's true, but just as often by sharing stories and observations which make you look at them again and think there's more to you than meets the eye. 
Any claim to Rock Chick-ery I ever had is long gone, but perhaps the leather, denim and studs in this outfit are a little nod in that direction. 
A grown-up Rock Chick? I'd settle for that.  

Can't do the Big Hair anymore...

(Oops - I told you an inadvertent fib when I said I only have one jumper. I forgot about this sparkly Seventies one. 
How could I?)

It's interesting to speculate about what our clothes tell others about us. Of course they say something - we're all visible, and we make choices about how we present ourselves. But everyone has a story, and appearance only tells part of it. 

There's more to us than meets the eye.

PS. We're going away for a few days, but I'll look forward to catching up with you all when we get back.



Sheila said...

I love this Rocker Chic(k) look on you! You know I love the leather!

mondoagogo said...

Sometimes I meet people who are interestingly dressed, and they turn out to be the dullest people to talk to. And sometimes I meet people who dress in really boring clothes and they turn out to be the most fascinating people I've met in ages. I've learned it's unwise to always judge people by their appearance.

How could you forget that jumper, s'rather groovy!

thorne garnet said...

rock chick, yeah. It's interesting to hear people's stories. Sometimes the least "interesting" person has the best past.

Suzanne said...

I love this post because it is true that we pass judgments on people all the time without knowing their history.

Love the leather skirt! : ) Glad you finally got a photo of it.

Good thing you don't live closer, I'd be begging you for that handbag.


Unknown said...

What a wonderful post for many many reasons. As always you look fabulous. Xx

Goody said...

Years ago, I had a job working in a retail situation near a university.One day I finished chatting with the elderly gentleman that would come into the shop a few times a week, when someone wanted to know what on earth I had to talk to him about-turns out he was a Nobel laureate in economics. He looked so shabby (bordering on destitute) I'd have never known.

Wow-that was some gravity defying hair you had-I'm jealous.

Leather and lurex-it doesn't get any better.

Mim said...

Have an enjoyable time off!

Most people have something interesting about them. It's just it might not always occur to them that it *is* interesting. But they can always surprise you. I guess we're all so used to seeing what's in the mass market as the only acceptable option, only the bravest of us bring our enthusiasms out into the open.

Miss Magpie said...

I met all sorts of people when I was working at the library who you would never have thought had lead the lives they had, you are right appearances can be deceptive.

I love the leather skirt and yes it is a different look for you but in a good way :)

Ivana Split said...

Often people are not what they seem. It is so nice that man made such a detailed fashion comment. To be frank, I was often perplexed by how perceptive men are when it comes to fashion. They sometimes notice details better than we do. I remember that all of my ex boyfriends had something to say about what I'm wearing and often I was complimented on my fashion choices....and all of them were not the type of guys you would assume know something about fashion.

I love those tights btw! fabulous outfit...that skirt is amazing. You look great!

Melancholy and Menace said...

You look awesome!
I love the leather skirt and that bag is just perfect.
Have a wonderful adventure xx

Beth Waltz said...

Leather, lurex, great legs in spectacular tights...well, yes, of course, even a mere male can recognize the rock chick look when it's done properly.

I once worked with an elderly gentleman who lived in a tidy little frame house on a very ordinary Hoosier city street. If you had stood on the back step and peeked into his back parlor, you'd have seen masses of papers and books -- and two Emmy's and an Oscar used as paperweights on the desk. Also on the desk was a framed photo of two white-haired old ladies in summer frocks, displaying Depression glass treasures they'd just found in a junque shop: Mae West and her sister, his friends of many years. Other celebrities crept quietly into town to roost in his guest room. Sans make-up, limo and retinue, they were never recognized, even standing in the supermarket check-out next to tabloids displaying their faces.

Vix said...

Loving the rock chick look. Has that top got sleeves? I've got a tank top that is identical! Your 1980s hair was gorgeous but today's sleek red locks are way more fabulous.
Sometimes a compliment comes from the most unlikely of quarters. An elderly volunteer in a charity shop admired the dress I was wearing recently. I never thought I'd take an interest in fashion, he said, but working here and seeing so many badly made clothes donated, I can spot a beautifully made dress a mile off.
I'd be name dropping like a loon if I had any rock star stories.
Have a fantastic weekend, you lucky duck!
Love you! xxxx

Patti said...

I love the Joe Cocker story - you're right about the non-pompous and earthy celeb stories are the best. Adore your Rock Chick look, extremely cool and another side of your style that's fabulous. And you are so right about not assuming: when I was in sales the managers always reminded us that Sam Walton (founded WalMart) wore overalls and drove a beat-up truck. xox


Bobbi said...

You look great as a rock chick! I love your jewelry and may be having ring envy at the moment.
What a cool story about Joe cocker! I have musician stories (my ex is a rock drummer) but most of them aren't complimentary.
Hope you're having a nice time away!

Unknown said...

I think your ensemble is great! an those fashion tights are adorable

Fashion Tights Tips and Advice

Ivy Black said...

Loving the rock chic look. You do rock it.
Aren't people interesting? Sometimes folk can be tossers,but when they are pleasant and down to earth and have fascinating stories to tell, it's a bonus. My lecturer at drama college worked as a dresser on all sortS of Seventies films including the Musketeer series. She used to talk about Olvier Reed with love in her eyes! Not so Raquel Welch who was apparently 'tiny, with huge tits and a nasty mouth' and dressing her was a nighmare. I bet Joe is a gent.
Have a fab weekend.
Loves ya.

Mrs Bertimus said...

Love the new look!
I am so glad I'm a female, we can dress to express our moods in a much more varied way than men folk usually can.
I feel sorry that one day they can't dress in a more flamboyant way in everyday life.

Trees said...

You never really know what stories folks have to tell do you? How fascinating! I always walk to work and often see the same people day after day, but never speak to them, but somehow feel like I know them. You do look a little bit rock chick in this outfit and it does suit you:)

Lisa said...

What a great story, people are endlessly fascinating. Although some are definitely idiots!!
Great look, I do like coloured or patterned tights.
Have a great time away.
Lisa x

Lynn Holland said...

I was pleasantly surprised when the ladies in a shop I go in said "we look forward to you coming in you always looks so lovely and colourful. A delivery man to our house said the same and the neighbours say we like to see what you'll have on when you come out of your gate.
Imagine my surprise last weekend when we went to see Craig Charles Funk & Soul show and all the men loose like they had shopped at the Scruffy Bastard Shop (Philip's words not mine) and the women looked like they had shopped at the How Many Ways Can You Wear Black Shop. What happened to the days when people got dressed up to go out at weekend. We stood out like a sore thumb, not that it bothers me. We were gobsmacked. Good night though.
I love striking up conversations with people it's what makes life interesting.
Hope you've had a nice few days away
Lynn xxx

Mother of Reinvention said...

Well rock chicks do grow up and you are definitely making the look more chic than chick. I love your leather skirt and funky tights. I agree about not judging people by the way they look.How nice to be recognised for the fabulous dresser you are. Have a great break! Xx

Sue said...

How nice to be noticed and not criticised! And you are obviously still turning heads you Rock Chic. I love listening to Joe Cocker in the car when I am traveling. Enjoy your time away.

mispapelicos said...

How fantastic brightening people´s life as you walk by, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
I am not surprised at all.
Love your bag to bits

bahnwärterin said...

very cool rock chick!! i find the stockings make the outfit! its something wild about them!
it looks like we had the same hairdresser in the 80´s :-)
when i lived in my old quartier in berlin - pre gentrification - i had this "greeting people because we saw so often in the streets" a lot. loved it. but its long gone.... people who live there now do not even greet in the staircase.
the story about your co-worker and joe cocker is gorgeous!
have a nice trip!!! xxxxxxx

Melanie said...

Haha! You are so right! - about people and not knowing their stories, only guessing at them by what we see. We're so shallow, but what other clues do we have to go by, right? I love that this man talked to you and that you wrote about the exchange. Good reminder. You do look rocker chick in that outfit. Nice hard edge. I love the big-hair woman but I love even more the look of the woman you have become.

Connie said...

You are pure rock chick. Love the 80's hair. I have to say that I love the evolution from Bananrama to beuatiful Bob haired supermom and vintage psychic.

BadPenny said...

I love that the man commented on your clothes. I have inappropriate comments from two men in the village because they have mistaken my friendliness for flirting. I do not encourage it !
A customer in the shop last week was delighted with her black suede coat; she said " It's so Stevie Nicks !"

Lovely story about Joe Cocker. I love the little snippets that come out from the shop volunteers; one 86 year old lady told me she'd run a 40 room hotel after buying one for her son & daughter in law to run & they bailed !

Angels have Red Hair said...

I love the rock chick look on you … and I'm pretty keen on your BIG hair too :0)

freckleface said...

Rock chick with bells on! You are killing that look!. I think it's great that he commented. Great that he felt confident enough, and that he had something positive to say. Bet it enhanced both your days, the conversation that ensued. Dressing a bit more colourfully does seem to encourage people to speak, which I think is lovely. I suppose it's like having a dog or a baby, they're conversation starters too. I work on the basis that everyone has more to them than meets the eye. Sometimes it takes a long time to come out, others tell you their life story immediately. Fascinating. I am always intrigued. You've always had great hair. I'm ashamed to say I don't know a lot about Joe Cocker, but I do like that story you told. Fancy telling us porky pies about your knitwear!! :D Have a great time!! Xxxx

Señora Allnut said...

fabulous RockChick style, you give it a twist of rock-chic!, love your skirt and booties and your tapestry bag and love how everything look together!
Such an amazing story, it's always interesting to know something about people (even if you learn they're assholes!), and many people is simply awesome and lovely. And those anecdotes make the whole city rock once more!

Diane said...

My first thought was that this was a different look for you and I love it too! You can still pull the Rock Chick look!! Love your story of Joe Cocker. I love peoples stories xxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

Loved the theme of this post, and it resonated particularly with me as I have just returned from New York where I met so many wonderful people, and it was interesting to see what assumptions people had based on how I was dressed (mostly positive ones). I like the story about the guy noticing your outfit - I think when you dress differently than most people, a lot of people find you to be a bright spot in their day, but most of the time we don't get to find that out unless, like that gentleman, they stop and tell you.

Great Joe Cocker story!

Unknown said...

There certainly is more to us than meets the eye or clothes. We are so quick to judge people by the way they look when actually we haven't got a real clue about that person. We only see what they show us. Love the rock chick look :-) Hope you have had a lovely few days away, dee xx

Fiona said...

Quite right Curtise. There's a bloke at work who used to be a roadie with The Stones eons ago, he's always telling me tales of drunken debauchery back in the day as I'm the only one old enough to be interested! And one of the ladies from Stitch and Bitch was a film and TV make-up artist, I love it when she dishes the dirt.
You are such an insightful person....great post, Rock Chick!
Hope your time away was lovely. x

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

You're looking great in leather Curtise! I didn't recognise the bag as I'm so forgetfull. I just thought, ''Nice bag!''
Hipe you've had a nice break with the kids. xxxx

Ulla-Marie said...

I also like the man that says Hello (and the story about Joe Cocker). I agree - we shouldn't make assumptions. You miss a lot if you do.

Ivana Split said...

thanks for your comment dear.

Unknown said...
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Young at Heart said...

Fab.... am today myself wearing a black leather, second hand, A line leather skirt... you rock!!