Friday 28 October 2011

Sunny with a chance of flowers

A bright autumn day demanded the first outing of this bright autumnal dress, bought at my last vintage fair outing in September.

Since I have conquered my Fear of Yellow, orange is a doddle.

Once again, I was with The Girls while The Boy was off doing Boy things with a pal.

Remind you of anyone?

And this is Eldest D's impression of - well, who do you think?

No bloody respect, these kids. I blame the parents.

Eldest D told the lovely lady who owns the cafe we go in regularly that I call the kids "LBs" (Little Buggers, just in case you didn't know!) She winked at me and said, "That must stand for Little Beauties" to which I heartily agreed, with a sigh of relief that she didn't rush off to report me to Childline...

Eldest D is getting better with the camera, but Youngest D will not keep out of shot.

Well, that's solved that problem. Don't mess with Mummy's blog photos, darling!

While in the garden, we had feline company. Spot Charley in the earlier photos.

I know everyone thinks their cats are beautiful, but Jessie is the Most Beautiful Cat in the World.

Willow is shy but very loving.

Minnie is possibly the most inappropriately named cat ever, since she is so fat, she looks like a furry sausage with a cat's head and paws stuck on the front.

1960s maxi dress (£13, vintage fair - I'm like Vix, I usually have a £10 limit but with discretion to exceed it occasionally if I fall in love. And I did.) Black shawl (£1.25, charity shop), 1980s sunnies (£4, vintage shop), bracelet (60p, charity shop), necklace (Jennie's giveaway, I've worn it every day since she sent it to me!)

I wish I could send flowers to all you lovely ladies to say thanks for being fabulous and for dropping by, so these are for YOU.

Have a great weekend. xxxxxxx

Thursday 27 October 2011

I take up the £5 gauntlet, and win a giveaway!

Now I definitely can't rise to Vix's latest challenge, she and Pearl have done a brilliant job on their versions of the latest trends, and totally kicked Gok's arse - sorry Gok, but it's the truth!

But I've had a go at the £5 outfit, even if it does feature that crazy frock again!

Crazy frock is happy to be let out of the wardrobe again.

Yes, the 80s-tastic rara number back, by virtue of its bargain price of 99p!

So the entire outfit is;

Dress - 99p (Ebay)
Denim jacket - free (passed on by a friend following a wardrobe clearout)
Belt - £1 (charity shop)
Boots - 99p (Ebay)
Lurex tights - free (gift from Vix)
Necklace - free (won it in Jennie at Frocktasia's giveaway - yippee!! Thanks Jennie, love it!)
Bag - 99p (Ebay)
Brooch - 50p (charity shop)
Bangle - 60p (charity shop)
Ring - free (gift from Sarah)

TOTAL = £5.07

Ooh, 7p over budget.


So I had a little dance to celebrate my own cleverness, and took Vintage Coconut's  advice about making a gif (never heard of them before, I'm so hopeless!) Hope it doesn't make your eyes hurt...

The tambourine was in a percussion set I bought at a jumble sale for 20p. Does that have to go into the total spend too, since I'm using it as an accessory?

Can I be in your band, Helga?????
Well maybe just a groupie then!

                                  graphic myspace at

Tuesday 25 October 2011

The summer sun is fading as the year grows old...

I had a good time out'n'about after the kids had departed on Saturday. A few jobs to do, then a few charity shops. All in the autumn sunshine, perfect.

Remember my maxi skirt from Matlock?
I couldn't wait to wear it, it's very me!

I love autumn colours.
You could be forgiven for thinking I live in that belt, but I do take it off sometimes.

The lurex sparkle doesn't show up too well, but believe me, it did in the sunshine! And I had sparkly tights underneath too, a gift from lovely Vix.

I wore it with my other Matlock purchase, the wool poncho. A lovely lady came up to me as I perused the goods in Oxfam and said how much she liked the outfit. It's so great when people say nice things, I'm going to make renewed efforts to go up to strangers and let them know if I like what they're wearing. It's such an easy thing to do, and who doesn't appreciate a compliment?

1960s French Tricosa maxi skirt (£10, vintage section of antique shop), wool poncho (£5, charity shop), Inwear long-sleeved top (£2.50, charity shop), ankle boots (£2, fair), 1970s Jaqcmar scarf (£1, charity shop), Charley (free), Virginia Creeper (here when we moved in).

Other Half and I had a few bevvies before heading to a local curry house we haven't tried before, which specialises in South Indian/Sri Lankan cooking. The food was spicy, fiery and delicious, and the welcome was equally warm. We would definitely go back again.

Then up early next morning to get the train to Newcastle, and the metro to Tynemouth, a lovely North East coastal town, to meet my sister and her partner and the kids, who had been having a ball without us!

Had time for a little mooch around the regular Sat/Sun flea market in the metro station, but I can't show you what I bought because it might be part of my blog swap package for lovely Alex!

We had a lovely time, lots of bracing sea air and a right good laugh.

Can't say fairer than that!

Saturday 22 October 2011

The kids are alright

I took the Eldest and Youngest Children (the girls) on a trip to Matlock in Derbyshire yesterday. They have broken up for half term, so The Boy was off to the cinema with his dad to see some testosterone-fuelled tosh, while the distaff side of the family did some chazzing.

I like this 100% wool poncho.

We browsed in the fabulous Matlock Antiques and Collectables Centre, which had all sorts of treasures, including a vintage clothing section, where I fell in love with this 1960s mustard velvet maxi coat.

At £50, it was too much for my budget (though I know you could easily pay that for some shoddy thrown-together coat on the high street) but Eldest D. took a (blurry) photo for posterity.

                           Note Youngest D. getting in on the shot. Again.

I did buy this 1960s maxi skirt, as it was more affordable, and you know I love a maxi, especially good for keeping your legs warm now it's getting more chilly. Look at the gorgeous lining on that coat. And look at my face, it's like a slapped arse. I was having a good time, honest!

 There was plenty of vintage millinery to amuse the girls. Needless to say, none of the hats fitted on my huge head...

Then we ladies did lunch, and went to the park for a play.
Here's what I wore. No frock on a Friday, but more of a 1940s Country Lady look, I think.

Look how I insist my children are co-ordinated with my outfit. This isn't just thrown together, people.

I know I look like I'm half asleep or half pissed. (I was neither. On this occasion.) Eldest D. really must do better with the photos. This is why I don't do location shots, can't get the staff. None of the outfit is vintage, I'm afraid, but it's all secondhand or extremely old. A bit like me, haha. I am loving this belted cape at the moment; with the heeled brogues, I feel a bit like Miss Marple.

                                              At least one of us is happy!

And guess what? Other Half and I are child free for 24 hours. WOO HOO!

Now don't get me wrong. I love my kids, of course I do. But having their wondrous Auntie (my sister) step in and take them off with her for a sleepover in Tynemouth, is bloody brilliant. This is why I'm not a mummy blogger, I do relish the little time I have without the Little Buggers!

Have fun, LBs and Auntie, we'll be up in the North East with you tomorrow.

Now it's time for Mummy and Daddy to play - yippee!

Hope you all have a gorgeous weekend, whatever you're doing.

Thursday 20 October 2011

After the Goldrush

A bright but chilly trip to Chesterfield flea market this morning demanded a bright yet warm outfit.

As I have been doing a lot of colour lately, I decided to try something different - black and gold.

I bought the dress from one of my favourite stalls on the market earlier this year, but thought it was a bit big for me. So I tried, but failed, to sell it on Ebay, and now I am keeping it; with the addition of a belt, it fits fine. It was too nippy to wear it as a sleeveless frock but put a black top underneath and hey presto - sleeves!

Black and gold isn't a combination I do much, I usually go for black and silver, but I like this!

And a girl needs a bit of leopard for company on a cold day.

                              Much side eye at school. Can't think why.

Youngest Child's teacher said I looked like a 70s rock chick dating Mick Jagger. She clearly hasn't seen Vix, who has the Rolling Stones groupie look nailed to perfection!

I think this is more a blend of Bet Lynch-meets-Mad Men, but I'm open to suggestions!

1960s black and gold wool dress and leopard print faux fur jacket (Chesterfield flea market), boots (Ebay), stripey bag with wooden handles (Ebay), belt (charity shop)

                   Assorted charity shopped and market stall bling, and the little cuff was from Vix.

I thought of using Gold Dust Woman as the title of this post, but I'm not really a cocaine-snorting rock chick kind of girl, despite what the teachers at school might imagine...

So I have headed for the calmer waters of a bit of country folk; just love those harmonies. 

And if I ever give up the hair dye, I want my grey hair to look as beautiful as Emmylou Harris'.


Tuesday 18 October 2011

I went to London, and all I took was one lousy photo...

I don't know what happened, I just got carried away with chatting and eating and drinking and looking and laughing - I completely forgot to take any photos, apart from this one which Patsy took of me in the Moroccan restaurant we went to on Saturday night.

We had a great time; went for sushi and windowshopped in Knightsbridge, visited the V and A museum (sadly the fashion/clothing section, my favourite bit, was closed for refurbishment but the jewellery displays were some consolation) and went to the aforementioned Moroccan restaurant.

Given my uselessness with the photos at the time, it's just as well I had already taken some pics of this dress.

I was planning a post about the Fear of Yellow, as discussed by the wonderful Sarah Misfit here, hence the photos. I bought this dress a while ago because I LOVED the print and the fact that it is a perfect fit, but had been a bit anxious about wearing it. Why? Fear of Yellow, I guess. But if you can't wear a yellow daisy/scallop print dress on a sunny day in London, then when can you?

 1960s California maxi dress (Freshman's vintage shop), jewellery and sunglasses (charity shopped, flea market or gifts)

On Sunday, after a leisurely breakfast, we hit Brick Lane, which was heaving but rather wonderful. So many vintage shops, mostly a bit expensive for me, but with some beautiful stock. And so many different types of food on offer, it was hard to choose. I saw the most beautiful 1950s dirndl dress in a pop-up vintage market, which fit me well and was just gorgeous, but at £75 it was way out of my league. I had a little tear in my eye at leaving it behind though.

We loved The Shop on Cheshire Street, an exquisitely presented vintage shop with a stunning array of clothing, accessories, and linens. Gisele Scanlon has some lovely photos of the shop here on her Goddess Guide website.

It was here that Patsy and I worked out a handy little arrangement. She bought me a dress and I bought her a handbag, which is our mutual Christmas present buying done and dusted, and consciences are relieved all round. Aren't we clever?

Here's a sneaky peek at mine. As you can see, I'm rather taken with this orange/mustard/brown/white colour theme at the moment.

I had a nautical moment too.

These were picked up from a street stall.

And this was what I wore (again the photos are from another occasion). This 1970s maxi dress was made by a dressmaker at Ocean Terminus in Kowloon, Hong Kong as part of a cruise collection. 

I bought it from a stall at Chesterfield flea market, the stall holder had bought some other pieces from the collection from the owner herself, but this was the only item she had left. I think I might have loved every piece, and the lady must have been exactly the same size as me because it fits perfectly.


The bright print generally draws some side-eye and/or comment. London was no exception, but the comments were all good.

                              At least I was easy for Patsy to spot in the crowd.

Even the lovely manager of the hotel we stayed in said he liked my colourful dresses - how sweet is that?

 1970s maxi dress (flea market), denim jacket (charity shop), Moda in Pelle flats (sale 3 years ago)

So I had a ball, I must say a big thank you to my lovely friend Patsy, who I am attempting to convert to the Vintage Way (the bag was just the start), and I can't wait to do it (or something similar) again.

Friday 14 October 2011

The Case for Lace

It seems to me that every year, a trend in autumn/winter is lace.

Which is fine with me, I think lace is lovely any year. Sorry, season, I am forgetting my fashion-speak...

So I have two lacy numbers to show how on-trend I am. Like I give a toss, ha!

                                            Pretty, no?

                 Couldn't help myself, I had to match the tights and the flower. 

                         I know, it's lame but I can't help it.

1950s Norman Young black lace cocktail dress (charity shop, £5.99), shoes (ancient), tights (gift), rings, bangle, pendant (charity shopped)

Then just when you think you've had enough, here comes another lacy number.

               Mmmm,  this one is in warm shades of caramel and chocolate.

Hmm, just pausing to consider my belly, which needs to be covered. Shall I have another baby? No thanks.

Oh good grief, here I go with the leg again. I think I am pondering the wisdom of pulling silly faces on the internet. Oooh, go on then, no one's looking...

1960s brown/nude lace homemade dress (charity shop, £3.99), tights (charity shop, £1), shoes (sale 10 years ago), pendant (car boot)

                            Here's the pins! How cute are the daisy tights?

Who's coming out for cocktails with me then? OK, I'll buy you a pint if you'd rather.

I am most excited to be off to London on Saturday with my dear friend Patsy, who is paying for my half of the hotel bill as my belated birthday present. Hoping to do a bit of culture, a lot of eating and drinking, maybe some vintage shopping, we shall see. Definitely lots of talking and laughing, that much is guaranteed!

Have a wonderful weekend, you lovelies!