Friday, 28 October 2011

Sunny with a chance of flowers

A bright autumn day demanded the first outing of this bright autumnal dress, bought at my last vintage fair outing in September.

Since I have conquered my Fear of Yellow, orange is a doddle.

Once again, I was with The Girls while The Boy was off doing Boy things with a pal.

Remind you of anyone?

And this is Eldest D's impression of - well, who do you think?

No bloody respect, these kids. I blame the parents.

Eldest D told the lovely lady who owns the cafe we go in regularly that I call the kids "LBs" (Little Buggers, just in case you didn't know!) She winked at me and said, "That must stand for Little Beauties" to which I heartily agreed, with a sigh of relief that she didn't rush off to report me to Childline...

Eldest D is getting better with the camera, but Youngest D will not keep out of shot.

Well, that's solved that problem. Don't mess with Mummy's blog photos, darling!

While in the garden, we had feline company. Spot Charley in the earlier photos.

I know everyone thinks their cats are beautiful, but Jessie is the Most Beautiful Cat in the World.

Willow is shy but very loving.

Minnie is possibly the most inappropriately named cat ever, since she is so fat, she looks like a furry sausage with a cat's head and paws stuck on the front.

1960s maxi dress (£13, vintage fair - I'm like Vix, I usually have a £10 limit but with discretion to exceed it occasionally if I fall in love. And I did.) Black shawl (£1.25, charity shop), 1980s sunnies (£4, vintage shop), bracelet (60p, charity shop), necklace (Jennie's giveaway, I've worn it every day since she sent it to me!)

I wish I could send flowers to all you lovely ladies to say thanks for being fabulous and for dropping by, so these are for YOU.

Have a great weekend. xxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous dress! It really reminds me of Vix! Your girls are adorable, my youngest was always the camera hog too lol. Love the kitties! Grey tabbies have always been my fav.

Vintage Coconut said...

OOO OOO ooo ooo Orange dresses are fantastic! You look flippin flower power pretty in that dress.

*Bahah* Your smothering your sweet little spawn. If you keep it up she will be frightened of shawls! *hheh*

All your kitties are cute. I have not had one in over a decade.. but if I ever get another I will be looking for a grey short hair with big green eyes. (Cat... not a man I already have one of those.) lol

Helga said...

FOXY LADY!!! Love,LOVE that frock,and you look so wonderfully snuggly and autumnal with the addition of the shawl!!! Not to mention a bit come hither up against that tree....oooer!
Born posers,those cats/kids.Can't think where they get it from!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Well frock me with an orange cocktail shaker you look completely and utterly spectacular!!! Honestly hon, you are one well of a woman and I'm so happy to see you wearing this gorgeous number on a sunny autumn day - you make your girls proud to have such a sparkly, beautiful mama. (Oh god, are those tears welling up?) Kudos to the cafe lady - what a quick comeback!! I can't get enough of you today! And yes I'm sure if you pulled on the multiple hanging threads there would be less dress to dress in - hehe!! Undies, undies, undies - comin' up! Thanks for the Sheffield hug love:)) xoxoxoxo

lucy joy said...

A post full of little beauties - the cafe lady was right.
Orange is one of my favourite colours, so I love this dress. Such pretty girls, very expressive faces. Adorable cats (though they make me sneeze uncontrollably, they're my favourite pet.
Have a lovely weekend with the LB's.

Lucy x

Miss Claire said...

Oh-la-la, love the frock! Nice colours for autumn! Hehe, LB's ;) Xoxox

Frocktasia said...

Yay, you are ROCKING that necklace & YOWZA that frock is divine! Love the colours & the print...x

Unknown said...

Ooh that maxi is KILLER - I LOVE IT - the colour, the pattern! You look seriously splendid and I am SO pleased you have overcome your yellowphobia, amor! I love a crocheted shawl too and your pussies are all lovely!

Sarah xxx

Vix said...

Ooooooh! I'd have gone over my £10 budget for that beauty! It's fabulous and of course, worn and accessorised to perfection. Your girls are such little posers, I can see them having their own blog soon.
Those kitties are adorable. I'd be leaving a trail of treats into the house to tempt them in. xxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Haha, yes I have LBs too! In fact when eldest was about 2 he bellowed at us to 'come upstairs little buggers!' (I must stress we don't call them that to their faces, and he was a very well behaved child, dunno where he heard it). Brilliant impression of...erm, a stylish woman your girl is doing!

That's a great dress, I'm not scared of orange, I find it far easier than yellow.

Jessie is rather gorg, I wish I had a cat again.

Krista said...

Sunshiney shine you look awesome is this bright maxi, prettiest flower in the garden, next to those beautiful girls and mischievous kitties! I love the shawl with it too and you do a perfect bitch face, dammit!

Those girls are just so cute!!!! same with their Mum!!!!