Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Take a memo

The rain continues, so I took the unusual step for me these days of wearing trousers today.

I look like I'm off to work as a receptionist in some budget hotel, don't I?

Hmmm, think I'll quit that job and do something more exciting...


That's it, I'm leaving, I'm too good for this.

Ahh, if only I could be remotely employable again!

I did think my 1970s secretary look would be appropriate for tonight's school fundraising group's AGM, but Other Half scored a ticket to see David Crosby and Graham Nash, so I'm home with the kids.

I have volunteered to be in charge of publicity. I thought of being Secretary, but OH thinks I talk too much to take decent minutes. He has a point. But I DO look the part!

1970s M&S pussy bow blouse (charity shop), grey trousers (old work trousers, probably 10 years old), Clarks boots (fair), green M&S mac (Ebay), 1960s beaded bag (flea market), complete lack of employability (all my own doing)

Atta girl indeed!


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

You very much look the part of someone efficient - and you're also so slim, great trousers. I WAS at PTA this evening, but I muttered about having to be somewhere so I could get home at 9 (didn't say why, but I actually had a date with the Vampire Diaries on telly!)

ps. I've been trying to figure out if anyone else was missing from my dashboard and discovered same thing had happened with Krista at Peetee's Palace. V odd.

Vix said...

You do look extremely classy, my dear! You rock the trousers like co-one else can & the blouse, coat and specs are just sublime.
I think you, Helga, Sacramento and I all have the same bag, how freaky is that?
Get him indoors going off to see Crosby and Nash and leaving you alone and fabulous. If you weren't all the way ooop North I'd have to come and play. xxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

You do look the part (in the best possible way, of course). Very elegant.

Vintage Coconut said...

"Hello can I please leave a message for Mister Candlewicker!"
What's that?? Your not a Secretary?

WHOOPS! heheh

You look good, DAMN GOOD.
And may I also say I am in feverish love with your green coat. *sigh* It is GORGEOUS

Debberoo said...


Tell him indoors that Debs says you would have been a Brillo Secretary - best note taking in the whole of the Latin 6th form - and I should know I had to copy them off you enough times!

However, you will also be fabulosa at Publicity - am I seeing a PTA blog in your future??

Miss you loads and WILL email soon I promise!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Helga said...

You look bloody swank!And yes,perfect for the part!! The Dolly hair would be a fine addition to this ensemble,I feel.....!!!
Goodness,Vix is right!I think we have the same(but different)bag!! Fantasmo.We wrere made for each other.A quartet of fabulousness!
Hmmm,I think I'd rather be home than go to Crosby and Nash or whatever they are..........!!!!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

You look very swanky for a fake secretary! I never wear trousers because that's what I wear for work and I hate them on me. I do love that blouse.

Kitty said...

Aah, well if you were my secretary and I were a man I'd be sorely tempted to throw you over the desk and have my way with you. 'Nuff said. Re; your comment on mine, I don't know what I'm wearing on parade day yet, I'll be out the back dressing the girls during the parade itself but on show after that...will have to have a dig around and see what I find.xx.

lucy joy said...

You have the perfect figure for trousers, small waist and long legs.
I reckon you'll be doing 'overtime' soon, Miss Pussy-Bow.

mispapelicos said...

Last time it rained here was April. You must be having our rain, LOL.
Gorgeous outfit.

Krista said...

You look like a sexy secretary, HANDS ON THE DESK! I do like this blouse on you too but the tailored jacket and lovely handbag totally rock it!

Sugar with Spikes said...

Simple yet elegant! Love that coat! I like you blog I'm so following it :-)


Unknown said...

My goodness - you do look terribly efficient! Not at all receptiony! I would take you very seriously and probably be a little scared of you and a little in awe of you as well. That blouse is FABULOUS.

Sarah xxx