Sunday 2 October 2011

Shake it!

This 1980s dress is a bit mad.

I bought it from Ebay for 99p. The photo was rubbish, really blurry, so I didn't really know what I was getting but figured I'd take a punt. When it arrived all crumpled and sad, I shrugged my shoulders at the small outlay that hadn't paid off, stuck it in the wash, and expected to try and sell it on.

But wait. I tried it on.

And now I rather like it.

Am I crazy?

                                               Love the cape sleeves.

Knee length is good for me, just hides the incipient varicose vein I'm developing.

                                              Wild and colourful pattern.

                 Major rara ruffles going on. They are a bugger to iron...

                                     I see you baby - shaking that ass!

He's sneaking in shot again, attracted by my fabulous dancing, no doubt.

Just humour me, I think the heat has affected my brain.

Which items of clothing are YOUR guilty pleasure?


Helga said...

O,yes,that was certainly worth taking a punt on!!! It's fabulously mad,darl!!! Mad in the best possible way!! Lovely ruffley bits,insane pattern-yep.Love it! Love the ass shaking too,I would be right there on my hands and knees behind Charley,trying to get a gander at that,your ASS!! Ugh,veins.Don't talk about 'em!
Those pins are pretty awesome,sweets.I'd like to see some more,please,Miss.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I love this on you. In fact, it's my favourite dress so far!

Vix said...

Dressed to frill, eh?! It's gorgeous on you and what a bargain. I love a 99p frock, it really doesn't matter if it's a bit iffy at that price and more often than not it's downright fabulous.
Those shoes are awesome! Charley knows a hot chick when he sees one. xxx

mispapelicos said...

I always hit my best bargains with blury pics.
That dress is the best I have seen you on so far. Fantastic, and 99 p, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Vintage Coconut said...

*Shake it Shake it Shake it*
I love this dress on you.
I think it was FULLY worth the .99 price.
The only thing missing is the maracas to shake while your shaking!

Awww Charley such a cutie. It sort of looks like his tails closed in the door. *LOL*

Debberoo said...

I love it and the belt too! I asked B what he thought and refused to offer an opinion but instead demanded to see "a boy dress" - do you have a "boy dress" by any chance?

Vintage Sweetheart said...

It is a very mad dress and I love it! The ruffles are awesome and you sure know how to shake it.

Nelly said...

Has to be a keeper coz it looks great on you I love the pattern. shake on sista!!

Kitty said...

Oh yes baby I'll see your shaking ass any day, thanks! Great dress, very fun, I reckon!

Krista said...

I love this frilly frock on you all the colors, twirl baby twirl! Look at your lil kitty, sorry kitties and puppies super cute distraction!

Unknown said...

Hi! thank you for following me, i am follower now, nice dress - i like the colors! cat is adorable!


Elise said...

Oooh I love this, excellent bargain! Its nice when occassionally ebay turns up something nice AND affordable! My guilty pleasure is jeans weirdly - I know everyone and their mother wears them but I just feel so un-made-up in them, have found if they fit perfect I can still look acceptable despite being lazy... ;)

Audrey Leighton said...

heat does that to me too. cute dress! and everything is a guilty pleasure- i own very few basics...


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

No you are certainly not insane, you just have a good eye for a stylish bit of a frock my dear! This one is a keeper for sure, PERFECT on you, and yes to shaking that ass. I see you baby! Lurve the sleeves and skirt and oooohhhhhhh the lady has pins to die for!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxxoxxoxo

Frocktasia said...

I LOVE IT! 80s dresses are fun & frilly, that is why I adore them so much...the more ostentatious the better in my book! The print & colourway is cracking, you really bagged yourself an awesome bargain there my dear.

Unknown said...

Are you frickin kidding me? That dress is FAAABULOUS! Honestly - there's nothing I don't love about it! The pattern, the colours, the sleeves, the ra ra ruffles, the length - and YOUR HOT ARSE! EVerything is DIVINE!

Loveitall! Sarah xxx