Friday 30 September 2011

It's frocking hot!

I wasn't prepared for this little heatwave we are having.

I had my winter legs on - unshaven, since I didn't expect them to be on display for the next six months at least, and deathly white. I like to call it the Mr Tumnus look, but I fear it won't catch on.

Oh and covered in scratches, courtesy of our kitten Charley scrambling up my legs with those baby claws out...

Can't be too cross with him though. Look at him!

So this is all by way of explaining the frock-over-trousers affair I'm wearing.

 1960s floral print dress (vintage fair), white linen trousers (ancient), Art Company wedges (favourites), bangles, sunnies and flower (charity shopped), 1970s beaded bag (flea market), leg hair (unseen, grew it myself).

You will be relieved to know I have since rectified the situation, and slapped on a wee bit of fake tan to take the blueish edge off the pins. Just in case you were wondering.

Had a lovely morning chatting with pals, as I often do on a Friday, then a quick charity shop dash, where there was nothing really inspiring, but I did find;

                               I do like old padded coat hangers. 30p each.

          Bright pink opaques, £1. Ready for when the legs need covering again.

Cleavage enhancer, £2. Hahahaha! Not for me, that would be ridiculous. They will be a prize next time the girls and I do the pub quiz. The quiz is so difficult, we never win. By way of  consolation, we have a little lucky dip of prizes which we bring along ourselves, and whoever gets the most correct answers wins the lot! 

Hope all you lovelies have a hot'n'happy weekend!


Debberoo said...

Its so not fair I want to join you for Friday morning chats. Just think what an asset I'd be on the Pub Quiz team . . . . or maybe not.

Love the summery outfit, you look like you should be touring Florence or some other beautiful location - not that I've ever been to Florence, never been anywhere me, grumble, mumble, moan.

Unknown said...

Love the dress the colours are gorgeous on you and teamed with white linens its a great look. Have a great weekend and enjoy the rest of the sunshine, dee x

mispapelicos said...

We cannot have winter legs around here for 6 months, hehehehhe.
Lovely dress.

Vix said...

Look at Charley and check you out!!!
I want to bury my nose in Charley's fluffy belly, it looks so soft and kitten-like.
Your frock is stunning, I love it worn with those linen pants and the hair flower, so Hawaiian and perfect for today's sub-tropical temps.
You can never have enough padded coat hangers or opaques tights for that matter.
What a great idea for pub quiz consolation prizes. We usually win which pisses off the serious quizzers no end when a gaggle of shrieking drunken women whoop their asses. xxx

Helga said...

G thinks you should model those sicione cleave enhancers,the dirty boy!(It IS his birthday tomorrow!!)
Love this pretty,pretty frock!Ooo,so summery!You should see my legs,I was weaing white whalenets yesterday,and it looked like I had white sheers underneath...!! Naughty Charley,but he's soooo CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!I'm with Vix,I love to rub my face on their tummy fur,until they bite my ears off...

Nelly said...

That top is so cute!!and white legs? yep have those too very white even thought of geting a spray on tan done (said the same last summer too lol)

Vintage Coconut said...

Hmmm DON'T worry about your legs! Mine are as white and the neighbors sheets (My sheets are usually floral so I can't say mine!!) *heheh* I love that dress of yours it is super cute and looks great on your bod!

I could not be mad at Charley either...

Oh My!! Breast enhancers! I bought the cutest bra not paying attention to what kind it was just looked at the size. When I got home I put the bra on and my knockers were pushed up so high I almost choked. (I then looked at the tag and read. *SUPER ENHANCER go up two bra sizes!* Oh GOD!)

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I'm very much apart of the white legs club. That frock is lovely I love the pattern. I get a lot of my tights from op shops they have great styles.

Unknown said...

Ooh you look FAAABULOUS in that gorgeous print frock! And I love it over the pants and with that hair flower. You look BEAUTIFUL!

Lawd amighty - breast enhancers! Are they just bags of goo that you shove in your bra?? How hilarious!

Love, Sarah xxx

Ivy Black said...

Such lovely colours and I do like white linen. You look