Friday 16 September 2011

The dress that got away

I had some Ebay parcels to post, so I popped into one of my regular charity shops which often has a little vintage rail with items of varying quality and price - but at least they are interesting.

I found the following gems;

C&A 1960s-70s white funky floral print maxi dress with ruching and fabric covered buttons (£6). Can't help myself, I love a fabric covered button. 

 St Michael 1970s turquoise floral pussy bow blouse with sheer sleeves (£2). More fabric covered buttons....

         Stripey wicker bag with faux bamboo handle (£2)
Nothing very special but nice enough.

1980s Hampstead Bazaar red velvet batwing crop jacket (£3). Not sure it's me but I love the velvet, the label, and of course the fabric covered buttons. I know, I've got a thing for fbc.

and a St. Michael black full slip (£1) and red, white and blue heart motif scarf (£1) - still not ironed so not pictured.

So far so good so happy.

But nestled on the dresses rail among the Papaya and Atmosphere, like a diamond in the rough, a black chiffon and velvet strappy maxi dress caught my eye. Especially when I clocked the black'n'gold label. BIBA. Oh yes. Price? £25. Oh no.

It was too small for me, and not in perfect condition, so after a bit of stroking and swishing and sighing, I reluctantly left it on the rail, made my purchases and went home.

On checking out Biba dresses on Ebay, I realised my rookie error. Bugger! There are Biba dresses with Buy it Now prices of over £600! Not that they necessarily go for that, of course. I am trying to comfort myself...
Yes, I went back to the shop.
And yes the dress had gone.
Again, bugger.

So the moral of the story? BUY THE BLOODY DRESS AS SOON AS YOU SEE IT.

And the other moral of the story? It's only a frock. And I got lots of other goodies which make me smile.

Who needs Biba when you've got C&A? I'm a classy bird, me!

To all you delicious ladies who have come to see what I'm up to - thank you, please come back again!

And special thanks to my lovely friends Vix, Sarah and Helga - who have given me so much support and encouragement. Wouldn't be here without you....


Vix said...

That C&A frock is bloody gorgeous on you what with that and the M&S pussybow you did brilliantly!
There's been a Biba frock in one of my chazzas for months, it's £25 but totally minging, a combo of burgundy and velour probably from that ill-fated Freeman's catalogue range in the 1980s. If it was a fiver I'd take a punt on eBay but I couldn't bear to be saddled with it. I reckon you were right to trust your instincts.
Well done on a glorious second post!
Have the best weekend. You rock! xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Another post so soon excellent! I like the Pussy (snigger) Bow blouse best, but you could probably have guessed that. I'm also rather partial to the occasional fabric covered button.

So do you sell stuff on ebay, I keep meaning to take the plunge and list some stuff instead of buying for once but never have. Its one of the advantages of being a professional slacker, never actually do anything productive, just think about it a lot.

If you narrow your Biba dress search to just "completed listings" you can torture yourself even further or you might find that the $600 listings were just wishful thinking on the part of the listers.

Love your hair by the way!
p.s Second post in as many days, does this mean FB is next?

Unknown said...

Oh I LOOOOVE that maxi and it's PERFECT on you! Beautiful colours and I also love a covered button.

Come to fb - you're missing some of the fun - we'd love to see you!

Sarah xxx

mispapelicos said...

I am so glad you said hello in my blog. I dore all your finds, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh so jealous.
I am following you now.

mispapelicos said...

And added you to my blogroll, yeahhhhhhhh United for the love of vintage at a reasonable prize.

Helga said...

O,sweetie,I gasped when you said Biba!!! So did G!(we often read together!) But,well,wrong size,wrong price etc-you did the right thing!!
LOVE that maxi,sooo pretty!! And the pussy bow!!OH! Makes me swoon,I adore them,and this one is divine!!!
I am so hungover I can barely see straight!!

Nelly said...

Teeny bit lol love that dress on you and oh no the Biba but it happens to us all and we all know better next time.I have a rack full of vintage that doesnt fit but I love thinking of the granddaughters who I hope will use it and love it later.

Vintage Coconut said...

OoO I love that maxi dress you bought and it looks great on you.
Very nice finds!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

What a darn shame about the BIBA dress but Nelly's right, it happens to us all (doesn't stop some of us thinking about the ones that got away for months afterwards though, I know). Love the C&A dress and the bag. Glad I found you, I'll be back!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Hellooo! You did it! Hurrah, and welcome.

Shame about the Biba, but it obviously wasn't to be. That maxi looks fab on you though

Lakota x

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

I love that awesome bohemian maxi dress and the velvet top! =)