Sunday 25 September 2011

Dirt and scrub

Sometimes life can feel a bit like it's dirt and scrub* all the way - it felt a little like that today, possibly due in part to the post red wine head I was experiencing.

It's not a glamorous life I lead. Jobs included;

  • De-nitting the kids. Again. Always a joy.
  • Clearing up the jar of honey my 7 year old dropped on the tiled kitchen floor. Mmmm, picking shards of glass out of runny honey - aren't you jealous?
  • Washing washing and more washing, accompanied by downpours of rain so I couldn't get it dry on the line.
  • Harassing/cajoling/nagging/supporting the kids about their homework. I didn't have homework at their age, for goodness sake, and look at me, I'm a genius.

    You get the picture, I was out of sorts.

    However, as the headache faded, the day looked up.

                  There are still some roses and fuchsia left in the garden.

          There's something very satisfying about a full line of washing - or is that just me?

      And I am now shipshape and bristol fashion, ready for the week ahead!

    Well helloooo sailor!
    I don't wear trousers much these days, and looking at these pictures, I can see why!
    Think I should pull my belly in a bit more... Especially since seeing Kitty's last post, have you SEEN her?! 
    Nothing's vintage except the scarf, but trousers, T-shirt, waistcoat, sunglasses and ring all charity shopped or car booted and dirt cheap.

    And just so that you can appreciate the difficult circumstances I am working under, here is Smallest Child meandering across my shot. It's all very high tech here, I take the photos on self-timer with the camera balanced on the ironing board, and children milling about under my feet and laughing at me. Kate Moss wouldn't put up with this, would she? I'm working with amateurs here.

    * Dirt and Scrub is Smallest Child's homage to The Wasteland. It goes;
                      "Dirt and scrub, dirt and scrub
                       There'll be no more fun at all."
    This is intoned in a slow and serious voice.  No laughing allowed. Poetry is a serious matter.
    The child is touched by either genius, or the odd stick, jury's out so far.

    Haven't had chance to photograph my scores from yesterday's triple vintage fair extravaganza, but I will, I had a great day.

    Hope you have all had the most marvellous of weekends. xxxxxx


    Vix said...

    Bloody hell, Curtise, vintage or not you rock trousers like no-one else. I'm so insanely jealous of your legs, they go on for miles!
    Thatpicture of you and the little 'un is so funny I just spat red wine on the keyboard.
    A full line of washing is a very satisfying sight but the full line of soppy wet washing currently languishing on my line since yesterday morning ain't so pretty.
    Love those blooms and I'm for the kid being a genius! xxx

    Helga said...

    Hahahaaaaaaafarking funny shit!!! Gotta laugh,or you'll cry,really!!!
    Jeez,honey,you work those trousers like no mother should!!HOT! Belly?!WTF you talking about,Willis??? Love the sailor-eqsue look,it's downright saucy!
    Um,a line full of washing does nothing for me,I'm afraid.I'm chronic for putting in a load,then forgetting about it,and as far as I'm concerned,washing on the line ruins my view!!! I'm loathe domestic chores,really I do!
    Ugh,the first and only timne I had nits was from a friends kids about 10 years ago-I was traumatised!Creepy stuff.Tea tree oil and vinegar did the trick.
    I just took a pic of a lovely camellia bloom yesterday arvo!Great minds think alike!!!

    Pull Your Socks Up! said...

    Mmmmmm yummy mummy for sure!!!!! You look absolutely delish - I love your outfit so much and the scarf gives at the "pow" factor!! Oh it's a relief to hear your trials as a mama - bloody nits, they're such a bastard to get rid of! I have a "thing" about looking at the washing on the line - I just love stepping back and admiring my cleverness - as a domestic slut, it's about the only housework I enjoy doing. Oh your fuchias and roses are glorious! Who needs homework to be a genius? xoxoxoxoxo

    Vintage Coconut said...

    Oh my! Sounds like your having a helluva day.
    Regarless of all the mayhem you look great! Upon seeing you no one would have the slightest clue you were just cleaning up honey and glass. *lol*

    I remember when I got nits for the first and only (Thank God) time. It was in grade 5 and I had hair down to my butt... lets just say it took my Mom a long time to get that crap out of my hair. *lol*

    Unfortunatly it was the same two kids from a certain family that kept spreading the vermin to everyone.

    Louise Mc said...

    I love the scarf.

    mispapelicos said...

    You are so funny and fabuloua.

    Debberoo said...

    That "moving child" camera shot is classic!

    Oooooh a washing line!!! I miss washing lines, nobody ever hangs their laundry out here, its too humid in the summer, it would just hang there and steam and too cold in the winter, it would freeze solid. Damn it!

    Also are those your New Jersey pants?

    Unknown said...

    I ADORE you in those pants - you look FABULOUS! And that pic is hilarious - almost as funny as Dirt and Scrub!

    Sarah xxx

    Kitty said...

    Oh wow thanks for the compliment! One thing I'll never have is beautiful long legs like yours-I'm a pathetic 5'1", so every pound looks like ten on me, LOL.I so know what you mean about battling the kids-in-the-way when trying to do pics...never-ending story, isn't it?!