Sunday 18 September 2011

In these shoes?

So these are nice enough tan studded leather wedges, aren't they? Or as the fabulous Desiree describes them - flatforms. Oxfam, £3.99. Bargain, I thought.
But they are the wedges/flatforms of the very Devil.

Off I go one Sunday morning to take the kids to their swimming lesson, and we are late.
I have only that morning had a conversation of the slightly heated variety with Other Half, who always insists on being extra early for everything and allows ridiculous amounts of time to get anywhere. I had roundly mocked him for this habit, so to find myself now late for swimming was... embarrassing.
So I told the kids we had to hurry, and set off down the road in my new not-too-high-easy-to-walk-in wedges.
Kids run off at high speed, I try to follow, while simultaneously switching my phone on and putting it back in my bag. And my right foot slides out of its wedge, my ankle turns over, and in slow motion but with all the grace of an elephant on ice, I fall.
I fall over, on our road, at 10.30 in the morning, without any alcohol having been taken. The kids haven't even noticed, so I have to pick myself and my bags up off the pavement, dust off my very bruised knees, and catch them up.

We made it on time to swimming. I still have a bruise on my knee. My too-posh-for-me phone now has a chip out of it. One wedge now has a scuff on the front. And I'm not wearing the bloody shoes ever again. They are cursed.

Hmmm, got a bit of a grumpy face.
Do you blame me, after the indignity I have suffered?
Wearing a 1970s angel sleeve maxi with a raspberry print (my favourite dress of the summer and possibly all time, not least because it cost £3), and ancient tan flat sandals I can actually walk in. Without falling over.

Have a listen to what the late great much missed Kirsty MacColl has to say on the matter.


Vix said...

Oh Curtise, that dress makes you look like a goddess, it fits you to perfection and you look so tall, willowy and elegant....unlike the picture you've conjured up of yourself slipping on your flatforms, what a calamity!
Bloody lovely things but downright deadly. Maybe if you'd had a cheeky nip of cooking sherry with your cornflakes you'd have stayed upright for longer. xxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

OMG, poor you! What a damn shame as those wedges look so comfy too. Love the sleeves and your dress. Oh and thank you for reminding me of this song. I agree, she is much missed....

Have a lovely week. xx

mispapelicos said...

Fabulous dress, I love, love the sleeves,
and adore your sandals.

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

What a stunning dress! Those sleeves are GORGEOUS! =)

Helga said...

O,the indignity! Poor baby,that's just not on.I do hope you've buried those cursed flatforms deep in hallowed ground!!!
That frock,however,is utterly DIVINE!!! Divoon swoon,even!! So gorgeous,and despite slight grouchy face,you are still totally a gorgeous goddess!!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving hearing about your apparel and footwear adventures! Even more I'm loving hearing about you being late for Whipper Snappers swimming class, I'm always late for everything. Hope your bruises are already on the mend, you poor sweetie!

Agree with everyone else, the dress is fab on you! I want to know who is taking the photos, is the camera on timer or have you bribed a munchkin into helping out?

Sooooooo happy that you are blogging! Miss you loads xxx

Nelly said...

I did the fall over in high shoes thing a few years back and couldnt work on it for days.Least mine was done in back yard tho lol
Love that dress on you,

Unknown said...

Oh darling, the INDIGINTY! At the very least you could have an audience and feigned a terrible sprained ankle or similar...

Of great solace should be YOU in THAT FROCK - What a VISION you are! It fits you like a dream and I just adore the sleeves and the print too.

Sarah xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

Awww jeaz! I know too well about the ankle rolling fall. In the late spring I was out garage saling having the time of my life at a giant yearly annual community sale. Meaning house after house of yard sales. A little over half way through I am walking downhill to another block and all of a sudden I am on the ground. My right knee took it the worst and to top it off I fell in front of a big group of other people shopping. Thank God my man and I turned back to head to the vehicle as my knees hurt and were bleeding and I was also embarrased out of my tree. As soon as the spectators were gone tears ran down my cheeks. The weird thing is I still have a darn slight mark on that damned knee.

I glad to hear you are okay! And yes get rid of the shoes if you think they were the problem. No need to harm our body for the sake of fashion. lol You look very good in that dress and I just love its small floral print.

Kitty said...

Hi Curtise, thanks for commenting on my blog. I love your style and sense of humour so am following you now :) P.S. I didn't know Kirsty Macoll had died, eek! So sad, I loved her in the 80s!

Kitty said...

YOur followers thingy isn't showing up now that I've commented and reloaded the page, grrr! Will try again later.xx.