Friday 23 September 2011

Not one but two

I had a great morning chin-wagging with friends over copious coffee this morning.
In order to do this in proper Friday style, I wore;

So I started off being sensible but got a bit giddy. Well it is Friday.

1970s German-made polka dot peasant dress (vintage shop); tights, belt, ring and bangle (charity shop), Jones lace-up boots (Ebay), red woven earrings (present from the lovely Sarah), ridiculous expression (all my own work).

I got a few looks on the walk to school as usual, I am getting used to that. There's nothing particularly eyebrow-raising about this dress, is there? Skirt-raising, maybe.

One of my charity-shopped bargains I bagged the other day was this red and black wool dress by Kay Bee of Leicester.

Not much hanger appeal, as I believe the phrase goes. But I love the label, and look, the dress still has a brooch in place, presumably just where the previous owner left it. For some reason that makes me rather sad.

Now it's a little big for me but I'm hoping that with the addition of a belt, I can work the whole Mad Men look. What do you think?

1960s Kay Bee of Leicester 100% virgin wool dress (£5), belt and sunnies (charity shop), 1960s Jane Shilton handbag (vintage fair). Can't get the bloody pattern on these tights to sit straight, oh well.

You must see the resemblance! Joan and I - it's like looking in a mirror. Yeah, I know - dream on!
Ahh, Joan, she's sooo gorgeous.

Sheffield has 3 vintage fairs happening tomorrow, what are the chances of that happening? I am determined to work my way through them all, but have a restricted budget, so I must NOT peak too early.

Wish me luck, and I hope you all have a fine weekend.


Helga said...

Oooo,look at you,waving your red tarty lacey legs about!!PHWOAR!
LOVE each frock,darling!You're SUCH a sexy bint!!These colours are fab on you!!!
I love how the wool frock still has the brooch attached!!OOO! Score! Yup,I do see the resemblance,my darling,starting with the fabulous BOOBS!(Did you guess the cleave shot last post was just for you?!)
Divine accessorising generally,both pairs of boots are to die for!!!
Muchos amor,darl!!

Nelly said...

Love both the dresses but that last one made me drool a bit especially when I saw the brooch

Vintage Coconut said...

You look freaking fabulous in both dresses!
That last one looks perfect with the belt, There is no way I could tell it was a little big.
Love the tights!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

They're both gorgeous dresses. I especially love the red and black wool dress it's stunning!

E :)

Unknown said...

aawww you look gorgeous. I have to say i adore your wool dress and understand your sadness about the brooch. But boy its gorgeous and looks fab with the addition of the belt. Good luck at the fairs. dee xx

Kitty said...

Gotcha! Finally I can follow your blog! Hope you found lots of good cheap things, I SO SO love the vintage fairs. Both the dresses look great, the first one reminds me a bit of the tv ads for Razzamattaz pantyhose in the 70s, where a girl walking down the street in a twirly dress made everyones head turn :)

Vix said...

You styling genius! I adore both frocks, the gypsy one is absolutely freaking gorgeous and the wool frock with the ankle boots is killer.
How were the vintage fairs? A choice of three? I can't wait to see what you got. xxxx

Debberoo said...

Your so stylish and you have a fabulous figure and your hair is gorgeous and you look the same as you did 20 year ago . . . . . . I think I hate you!

Nah not really, I should hate you but I don't I luuurve you! xxx