Sunday 30 December 2012

A year in outfits

A good enough year.

Possibly not a vintage one.
Unless you count the wardrobe - that has certainly been vintage!

So here are snapshots of a 2012's outfits.

There have been shorter lengths..


And of course maxis...

There's been dressing up...

There were some trousers (very occasionally)...

And now and again a leap of faith, encouraged by friends...

Yeah yeah yeah. 

I know there has been more to 2012 than clothes.

But how to sum up a year, with all its highs and lows, friends and family, laughs and despair, fears and frivolity, gifts and joys, change and stasis?

Let the photos do the talking.

And over a full year of blogging, there are a lot of photos!

Happy 2013 to you all - keep blogging, taking the odd risk, and making friends.

I intend to do just that.


Friday 28 December 2012

Dresses black and red

I've been mostly unplugged this Christmas, an acoustic version of myself.

 I've popped in to see what many of you have been up to, but not always commented.

I'll be round to your place(s) soon to catch up, OK?


Christmas Eve...

My old friends Sally and Claire with Littlest and me at Sal's Christmas Eve gathering (I changed my mind about the flamenco frock at the last minute!)
Littlest wore a Sassy Vamp headress borrowed from her Mama for the occasion.
Charlie has been in the Christmas tree all the bloody time.
We still leave a note and goodies for Hay Santa and the reindeer (though one carrot wouldn't go round them all).
The beef stew and dumplings was delicious.
Christmas Day...

Taking a break from the preparations.

1950s Clevaline wool dress - Second to None 
Red tights, black  patterned tights and bangles - charity shops
Scarf - Christmas gift from my friend Karen
Necklace - Christmas gift from my friend Tracey
Shoes and red ring - retail (sale)
Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and bagel for breakfast.
Sherry for the cook, and the Mr.
The girls found wrapping the pigs in their blankets quite hilarious.
Naughty behaviour in the run-up to Christmas was curbed by a stern Do that again, and you'll get an extra sprout. I may market this as an alternative to a star chart.

Day after Boxing Day...

A trip into town for a ride on the carousel, catering as it does for all classes.

We did this last year too (here), which makes it something of a day-after-Boxing-Day tradition - 
The sign and Madonna and child icon were in a coffee shop. I can do without religion, but the sentiments seem reasonable enough.
I hope living well includes the  G&T with peanuts I consumed when we got back from seeing The Hobbit.
And just to show that I do listen to your sage advice...

1970s flamenco-style maxi dress - Ebay
Faux fur cape - gift from the lovely Sara - thank you so much, Sara, I love it!
Shoes and bangles - charity shopped
Hairband - borrowed from Eldest
Photographic evidence of the spirit world, obviously.

Restless souls of the dead, or too much gin?

Hope your Christmas was merry and bright.
 I'll be round to see you soon!

Sunday 23 December 2012

I could have been someone - well, so could anyone

A feeling of calm has descended.
I am ready for Christmas.
School is finished for the holiday.
The Big Shop has been done.
Gifts are wrapped and cards posted/delivered.
The first party of the season has been attended on the Solstice, and a hangover avoided.
So festively far, so good!

I wore my wonderful new-to-me lurex maxi skirt and an obligatory faux fur for the Solstice party on Friday, braving the sparks from the brazier in all my synthetic-fibred finery. I managed to avoid going up like a Roman candle, but alas forgot to take any photos.

This is today's outfit. 
The paisley-tastic handmade 1960s dress is a gift from dearest Vix, and the boots are Arseholes
Aerosoles via Ebay.

I must be in an orange and black kind of mood, I wore this on Thursday.

It rained. Hard. All day. It was dark and grey, and orange was a welcome flash of brightness amid the gloom.

1960s shift dress - vintage fair last year
Cardigan, umbrella and bangle - charity shopped
Boots - Ebay
Brooch - gift from darling Sarah
Tights - retail
Rain - compliments of the season

So I am chilling out, enjoying the fact that it's all under control, the fridge is full, the booze is plentiful, and we have a party to go to on Christmas Eve.

What shall I wear?

I'm thinking either;
a) 1950s black wool dress I bought on my first ever visit to Walsall to meet Vix. It's very plain, but very chic, with a gorgeous velvet and sequin trim round the hem. I think I would wear some very bright tights and high heeled ankle boots with it.
b) 1970s red flamenco-inspired maxi dress, which I don't wear very often, despite the fact I love it.

You decide!

Ah yes, the traditional cat-in-the-Christmas-tree incident...
We have an eclectic collection of baubles, some vintage, all loved. The snowflake (top right) was part of my swap parcel from Alex last year, and the polar bear clutching his Christmas pudding has been our somewhat unconventional tree topper for over 10 years.

I might have fewer opportunities to blog over the next few days, but I will try and catch up with you. I may need your blogs, with all their wit and wisdom and humour and kindness and style, to keep me sane through the festivities!

Have a wonderful Christmas, however you do it.


Tuesday 18 December 2012

Random abandon

I wish I was one of those women who could afford to go to the hairdressers every month.

I love my hairdresser, Kirsty, and I love sitting there drinking coffee and chatting and flicking through ridiculous magazines while someone who knows what they are doing sorts out my grey roots and out-of-shape frizz. 

The light is weird in these photos because the flash fired. 
2.30 in the afternoon and it's too dark for outside pics.

Roll on the winter solstice on Friday, and let's start the journey back towards the light!

So I treated myself to a haircut.

I had previously treated myself to the spoon ring from a stall at a craft and vintage fair.

Notice how fashion forward I am with my emerald nails - it's next year's colour, apparently.
Since I am also wearing a mustard cardigan and oxblood boots, I am almost unbearably on trend.

Like I give a shit!

And I promise never to use the term on trend again.

Leopard print dress, cardigan and bangle - charity shopped
1980s boots - Second to None, Walsall

I feel slightly all over the place this week.

 There are so many different events happening, concerts and parties at school, the PTA is organising discos for the kids, there is a big food shop to do, Christmas cards to deliver, and I still haven't wrapped the presents...

So forgive the random oddness of this post, it's all gone a bit stream of consciousness, and not in a lyrical Molly Bloom's soliloquy sort of way either. 

1960s lurex goldmine (should really be silver) in a charity shop this week.

Sadly, this girl is too small for the Mi Size - Fashions for the Bigger Girl dress, but the Dereta maxi skirt fits perfectly. 
£2 each.

Lovely Christmas gifts from Liz - a 1970s dress (great print), eye shadows, and a cool vintage cat for my collection. 
Ahh, thanks, Liz!

Blessed are the cheesemakers.
Especially those who make this one. It never fails to make me snigger.

And because I am in a random frame of mind, let me share with you a recent puzzling statistic in my blog's keyword search information.

Some poor misguided soul had googled Large hanging labia and found themselves directed to my blog.

Err... really? 
Do they show? 
Why didn't you tell me?

Moving on...

Actually, that's all I got.

Even the foliage is giving me trouble today, randomly attacking my hair.
Get off, that cost good money.

I think that search term deserves an almighty -Ta-Dah, don't you? 
I'll be over at Lakota's, lowering the tone.


Sunday 16 December 2012

Let's get busy

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend, all lovely stuff.

Bright brights to combat the winter gloom.

On Friday night, I went out to a cabaret evening to celebrate the birthdays of two friends, Sue and Chris.

Trace and Sue.
Sue, Joanne and me.
Chris and Trace.
I tried to take a few photos but most were horribly blurred, so you will just have to imagine the tap-dancing turkeys, drunk Santa in a shopping trolley, and the fire juggling.
This is Sister Ruth the flatulent nun on her mobility piano, and the rocking band who finished the evening. I was a bit jealous of all the jiving, lindy-hopping folk tearing up the dance floor. 


my sister and her partner arrived for the rest of the weekend.

We took in a jumble sale (which was crap), went into town to do a last bit of Christmas shopping, had coffee, enjoyed the lights, and went out for a delicious dinner at our favourite Chinese restaurant.

That's my sister with the girls, posing with a strange pirate figure. It's obviously a genetic thing, we can't help pulling faces.

Then back to ours for more beers and karaoke, hurray!
Seldom Seen Kid refused to participate. 
Most of the photos aren't fit to be seen, but the girls loved it, when they could wrest the microphones off the adults...

auntie and uncle were kind enough to take the kids out to the park, while Other Half slept off his hangover, and I cooked a big roast dinner and the best apple crumble ever. 
No really - it was.

We put the tree up this evening, scrabbled around doing last minute homework, waved goodbye to our lovely family, and I have been wrapping presents since the kids went to bed.

I'm knackered!
But it's been great.

1960s Tom Jones for California maxi dress - vintage fair
Cardigan and bangle - charity shops
Boots - Ebay
Brooch - gift from my-angel-is-a-centrefold Sarah 
If you haven't already seen it, check out the marvellous Melanie's post here featuring the December edition of her online magazine Vogoff.
You may recognise some of the contributors.
It's absolutely fabulous, darlings!

Hope you have had a successful weekend, whatever you've been up to!


Friday 14 December 2012

Feminella on Friday

My fantastically-named new-to-me 1970s Feminella coat has had an outing, and was declared fabulous by all who saw her.

She's a keeper!

It was so cold yesterday, even I lost the will to browse around Chesterfield flea market, and resorted to a therapeutic cappuccino in Cafe Nero to get warm.
Wrinkly frock!
A pearl button popped off this cardigan last time I wore it, which I thankfully caught and put somewhere safe, ready to sew back on.

Do I remember where I put it?

I do not. 
Lady Fanny needs servants to keep track of lost buttons on her behalf.

The fur collar which darling Vix made me was just the thing to warm up my neck without overwhelming the smart lines of the coat.

Littlest got hold of the sunglasses, hence the smudgy lenses...
Can't be too mad with her though, she is an angel, after all. 
Kylie, who is a bit of an angel too, sent her these gorgeous owl Christmas decorations. That child does very well from my blogging, lucky little bugger.
We were mystified when Littlest informed us that Baby Jesus had older brothers or sisters. "He's the youngest of four children", she stated, in a most authoritative manner.
It transpired she was learning to sing Mary's Boy Child for her Christmas concert, and had misheard the words, thinking they were Mary's fourth child...


 Still, I can't really complain about Littlest receiving gifts - Max, fellow South Yorkshire girl now relocated to New Zealand, has sent me my very own hand-printed personalised tea towel and a handmade Christmas cracker.

Both will be utilised on Christmas day, thank you so much, Max!

Those who missed my post about the Terrible Incident of the Killer Cat and the Guinea Pig can catch up here.

Charlie is certainly no angel.


1970s Feminella wool coat, Inwear dress, sequined beret, sunglasses, brooch and bangles- charity shopped
Boots - Ebay
1960s bag - flea market
Cashmere cardigan - jumble sale
Tights and flower - retail
Fur collar - gift from Vix
Gloves - ancient, gift

Hope all my Northern hemisphere gals are keeping warm and dry-ish.
For those Down Under - enjoy the sunshine!

Have a great weekend!