Tuesday 18 December 2012

Random abandon

I wish I was one of those women who could afford to go to the hairdressers every month.

I love my hairdresser, Kirsty, and I love sitting there drinking coffee and chatting and flicking through ridiculous magazines while someone who knows what they are doing sorts out my grey roots and out-of-shape frizz. 

The light is weird in these photos because the flash fired. 
2.30 in the afternoon and it's too dark for outside pics.

Roll on the winter solstice on Friday, and let's start the journey back towards the light!

So I treated myself to a haircut.

I had previously treated myself to the spoon ring from a stall at a craft and vintage fair.

Notice how fashion forward I am with my emerald nails - it's next year's colour, apparently.
Since I am also wearing a mustard cardigan and oxblood boots, I am almost unbearably on trend.

Like I give a shit!

And I promise never to use the term on trend again.

Leopard print dress, cardigan and bangle - charity shopped
1980s boots - Second to None, Walsall

I feel slightly all over the place this week.

 There are so many different events happening, concerts and parties at school, the PTA is organising discos for the kids, there is a big food shop to do, Christmas cards to deliver, and I still haven't wrapped the presents...

So forgive the random oddness of this post, it's all gone a bit stream of consciousness, and not in a lyrical Molly Bloom's soliloquy sort of way either. 

1960s lurex goldmine (should really be silver) in a charity shop this week.

Sadly, this girl is too small for the Mi Size - Fashions for the Bigger Girl dress, but the Dereta maxi skirt fits perfectly. 
£2 each.

Lovely Christmas gifts from Liz - a 1970s dress (great print), eye shadows, and a cool vintage cat for my collection. 
Ahh, thanks, Liz!

Blessed are the cheesemakers.
Especially those who make this one. It never fails to make me snigger.

And because I am in a random frame of mind, let me share with you a recent puzzling statistic in my blog's keyword search information.

Some poor misguided soul had googled Large hanging labia and found themselves directed to my blog.

Err... really? 
Do they show? 
Why didn't you tell me?

Moving on...

Actually, that's all I got.

Even the foliage is giving me trouble today, randomly attacking my hair.
Get off, that cost good money.

I think that search term deserves an almighty -Ta-Dah, don't you? 
I'll be over at Lakota's, lowering the tone.



Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Mwhahahaha! I never liked to say anything, especially with your penchant for maxi skirts...

I got 'Gorilla shaped fruit' today, which was less rude than usual but rather puzzling none the less.

You are utter FASHWAN darling!

Patti said...

Oh you WIN forever for strangest search terms, Curtise! The worst I've gotten is along the lines of "mature woman nude" (randy enough, seeing as I too wear longish skirts!)

Loving your new hair, it's so sassy!

Flora Cruft said...

Hahahaaaaa you just made snort with laughter! New haircut and outfit looking gorgeous, and no sign of large hanging labia peeking out I promise.
p.s. I adore the sensual world video, one of my all time kate bush faves.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

LMAO you kill me!!! How the heck do they get those searches?! They always puzzle me. Bizarre. Or did I miss a post LOL???

I wish I could find some fashions for the bigger girl label - classic!!

Yes that whirlwind feeling I am experiencing too - it's overwhelming. I'm keeping calm and whirling on.

Wrap up presents?! That's what I'll be doing at 11pm on the 24th!


Anonymous said...

Hilarious! I know just where those keywords originated too. With your flower pants! That's probably the post he ended up at. Horny bastard!

I love your haircut and the color both. I can only afford mine every other month and try to stretch it farther. I recently covered all my highlights and am strictly one color of red which is slightly cheaper, but still costly. Now my grey will look a little like a skunk stripe I'm afraid.
Now the hubs is home, laid off for a month or so which makes things tighter, I can't even afford the thrift stores now. Help!!

Unknown said...

oh lovely outfit, leopard print, the boots it's so perfect you look so lovely
I go to the hairdresser each month she is vert cheap and i like seing her she has all the neighborhood news
Your hair is so fabulous, looking more gorgeous everytime i see you!

Krista said...

Ah yes that Kate Bush one is a favorite of mine! I enjoy randomness, it's kinda how I operate best! Love the haircut and doesn't it feel good to treat yourself to it and come away loving it! Something tells me you so deserve it! You are looking extra foxy in your accidental on trend :) look. Those boots were the best thing you bought this year.

I'll have a lil Red Hot Dutch please, I am a total cheese whore. Google search. WTF? No seriously, WTFW?
We are a dirty bunch that must be it. Big hug for ya!

Anonymous said...

That is a great outfit - the boots, the jacket, the leopard dress - and bangle! You're not following the trends, you're setting them!

Connie said...

Oh that is so funny. hanging labia. yikes! Now i love me a cute bob. Hair that is. I'm talking about your cute bobbed HAIR..on your head.

two squirrels said...

Oh your hair looks so very pretty Miss Curtise and I am very much in love with your cardigan. "on trend" it's like the words, she is very "fashion forward"!!!!! What the shit, I prefer "fashion back" please and a little "round the bend" thank you!!!!!
Love V

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Okay, I laughed until I cried, you are that awesome. Before all that, I just thought wow, Curtise looks just stupendously beautiful in her lovely buttony mustard cardigan, wild-animal print and luscious wine-coloured boots, but then you started in with the treats and the on-trend business and I was just a mess by the time the cheese and the labia came 'round and totally undone by your boundary-setting amid the ivy. Can't wait to see you in the silver lurex! xoxo

thorne garnet said...

"Fashions for the bigger girl", love it.

Red Hot Dutch sounds kinda hinkie

Tamera Beardsley said...

My dear I have adored you from afar.... so enjoying your comments... and outlook on life! And then you throw in Kate Bush...I can not even count how many times I have languished over this album!

Lynn Hasty said...

Oh my!! Well. And onto your outfit, which is gorgeous, by the way, and I love your hair!!


bonsaimum said...

I just love that cardigan you are wearing-it's gorgeous. The hair, dress,cardigan and boots look splendid. I nearly fell off my chair with laughter reading about the cheese and labia.It made my day.

Melanie said...

Bwa-ha-ha!! Who ARE these people? Reminds me of that song, do your ears hang low, can you toss them to and fro... You get the picture - rather I hope you don't!!

Your drummer-boy sweater is stupendous, and your hair is ultra-chic, perfect colour and cut. Looking good!! It's best to lose your mind for the holidays and then find it again after.

Ivy Black said...

Ha! Well, I didn't like to tell you being as I'm so polite an' all.
Look at you , bang on trend, you cow. You look lovely, you make us laugh and then you give us Kate. Bloody lush.

Vix said...

There's some seriously weird feckers out there! I bet Joni's right, I blame those insane trousers, too.
Love the sharp haircut, the slinky leopard dress and the Second To None boots, you may be On trend" but you'll never look like a clone.
Love the labels and the finds, it makes me laugh that the chazzas save them up especially for Xmas, don't they know lurex is for life and not just for Xmas?
I've wrapped all five of my presents (in brown paper and string from Poundland) and might buy a box of mince pies on Xmas Eve, the rest of Xmas can go take a running jump..I'm not playing! Bah humbug! xxxxxxxxxxx

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Your hair looks lovely and I adore the colour of your cardigan!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

freckleface said...

Lovely outfit and 'do!

Well done for lowering the tone, I had a schoolgirl snigger over that. :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy this Joycean post!! From trend to Kate Bush, it's brilliant!
The new haircut is awesome, I usually hate hairdressers, but I haven't still found one that satisfies me, I hope this won't result on your google research, I'm always afraid of writing ambiguous words here!I love the leopard printed dress and the military orange cardigan, you look even more stunning than ever!!
Love xxxx

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Your hair looks lovely and I adore your leopard dress! Wrapping pressies? Isn't that what Christmas eve is for? x

Fiona said...

You'll get even more pervs now with the mention of labia and a Bush in one post! (How do you find that stuff out anyway ??)
You look sensational, looove the mustard cardi. I detest that phrase 'on trend' almost as much as 'moving forward' Utter crap.
Your Red Hot Dutch reminds me that I saw a passenger at work yesterday with boxes of Cock seasoning!! Gave us all a snigger. Thank you for gorgeous Kate. xxxxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Egads! Don't worry, Curtise, we'd never noticed! I love the leppy dress and I'm very partial to a bit of lurex. Wrapping prezzies - such a bore. Re Mallorica, we're staying in Pollensca (I think that's how you spell it) in the north west on the coast. I cannot wait. You have a good one. xx

Megan said...

So very hip and trendy! You are on the forefront of the fashion world. I read it in a magazine called Voggoff so it must be true! =)

Your hair looks wonderful. Very stylish.

Unknown said...

I love your hair. That is a very pretty outfit and I love spoon rings.

Anonymous said...

your hair looks fabulous!! And can you look anything less than amazing in LEOPARD??
The new maxi is gorgeous--can't wait to see how you style it.

Um... the search term??? Maybe what we THOUGHT was a glitter skirt was actually you...vajazzled??

lucy joy said...

I'm always far too busy looking at your awesome 'fashion-forward, on trend' clothes to worry about hanging labia. Sounds more like a fancy flower arrangement than a dodgy set of beef curtains.

You are looking radiant, your hair looks the best it has and I want to get my animal print clobber out now.Hope all the PTA stuff, wrapping etc doesn't wear you out. I have some wrapping to do, just the boy's stuff. You really feel 'finished' once it's out of the way.

Bring on the festivities. I wonder if 'Labia' will be playing Mary in Lakota's school nativity next year?

Lucy x

lucy joy said...
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citizen rosebud said...

On trend, ahaaaaaha! But you are- with the oxblood mingling with the mustard and emeralds. Sometimes I think Pantone makes it all up- like 4 times a year. I remember one spring predicting Pink, then Orange. Like did orange push pink out of the way? And guess what the orange trend did NOT happen. Emerald is always in when bright pink, red, cobalt and yellow are in- like the 1980s. So I predict that cobalt will also be huge.

I also predict that you won't give a fuck about that either.

Your hair looks amazing!

Vintage Coconut said...

*Meee-OWWW* Loving your leopard dress. And your freshly cut and colored hair. You look marvelous!
I never noticed the labia.... =p *heheh* That is WAY TOO FUNNY.

elodie g said...

You look fabulous!

Sophie in the Sticks said...

oooh matron! There are some perverts about, Googling the oddest of things. Love your outfit - those boots are gorgeous x

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Oh my gosh, what a search term!
You do look quite fabulous in your so on trend outfit. (You neglected to say the sweater has a military vibe and that is on trend too.)
Nevertheless, you do look great.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Love the leopard with the cardigan and boots - great shades together. Your hair is looking good too.

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

God, I hate it when no one tells me my labia is showing. It does make it difficult to tell who one's friends are.

Curtise, I think you are beyond such trivial things as trends. You're the Supreme Mistress of Original Style, even when you accidentally wear a few trendy items. I love the MUSTARD! cardi, the smokin' red boots, and emerald nails. I'm so glad you treated yourself to a haircut; it's a wonderful way to be kind to yourself.

Miss Magpie said...

It's Buxton! (from Dougal and the blue cat)love him.

Vicky Hayes said...

Loving the colour mix and of course your lowering of the tone. Love the emerald nails too and I know 'on trend' isn't the thing to be thinking about but I have to say I'm fascinated by it. I mean who decides these things and how? Was wondering what to choose for my Christmas supper cheese board this year - hello Red Hot Dutch! Have a fabulous Christmas lovely Curtise.

PS Love the new bob and never mind every month - I wish I was one of those women who can afford go to the hairdresser every week just to get their hair washed!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Hehe....hanging labia cracked me up. Thanks for that! I do love your on trend emerald nails. I just ordered some more Barry M nail polish now that I've been converted thanks to you UK ladies. And your hair looks fantastic. I got mine cut this week & in our humidity I'm looking a wee bit poodle like! Xx

Kezzie said...

You are so funny! Ooer, re the googlesearch! One of the most popular search terms for my blog is "Julia Stiles in the bath" - er what?!
"There are so many different events happening, concerts and parties at school, the PTA is organising discos for the kids, there is a big food shop to do, Christmas cards to deliver, and I still haven't wrapped the presents..."
Oh how I identify with you on this!!! Tomorrow, I've got a carols service rehearsal in the morning and then the real thing in the afternoon, carol services and rehearsals all weekend and not a fig wrapped!!
Lovely to 'meet' you Curtise!

mispapelicos said...

I go to the hairdresses once a week, but that is because I have a friend who works at home. She washes my hair and do all the drying and the styling I tell her to do for 5 pounds.
I think it is more than worth it.
The price goes up with roots, and moustache removing, hehheheh once every 9 weeks. so there, all my secrest are out.
You look glorious in that animal print dress.

Anonymous said...

On trend or not, you look lovely. Great outfit. Your hair looks very good. I enjoy going to the hairdressers - that's tommorrow for me. I love brand new colour, really bright.
I never stop being amazed at the things people search for but I laughed out loud when I read it.

silvergirl said...

oh this dress is just too fabulous
i would wear it all the time

Miss Simmonds Says said...

From a place of truth and love - nice shoes

Miss Simmonds Says said...

not really! I've got loads to say about this one
The dress is absolutely one of my favourite dresses on you, I love leopard print, I can't get enough of it and it looks spectacular on you.
I certainly wouldn't moan about local hairdressers if mine was as good as yours, you can see from these small photos just how good the cut is. You look ravishing!
*cough cough* bigger girl in need of a lurex dress over here!!
The cat's eyebrows are hilarious!! Love the nailvarnish and the jewellery, the green looks great with that stunning butternut squash coloured cardi.
tee hee, I want a bit of red hot Dutch please xxx

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

My darling, you are absolutely divine in this ensemble. I need to pull out all my leopard stuff after seeing you looking so fabulous. Your hair is glam, too,and I adore the color with the tones of the outfit.

As for searchwords? I'm scared to find out :-) I haven't been aware of any and surely ignorance is bliss in this case. Although I certainly had a raucous laugh with you.

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!!!!

joyatri said...

Thanks for showing us your labels (and I do mean 'labels'). In a former workplace, I used to visit someone's office. She had a shelf of binders behind her desk. One was labeled, "L.A.B.I.A." I have no idea what it stood for, but since this was in a museum, I don't think it was pics or anything.
'On trend'?? For a second I thought, whose blog is this?
Mustard, oxblood, and emerald green are lovely colors though and you look divine in them.

Christine said...

I like the cardigan- mustard is such a great color on all skin tones. LOL to your on trend comment.

Oh, I would also like to invite you to come visit my blog and enter my international giveaway! it's my first giveaway and is celebrating the 1 year of my blog as well as Christmas! It is super cute and has hello kitty, jewelry, art and inspirational gifts! :D I look forward to your visit! Here is the link: http://beyoutifulhope.blogspot.com/2012/12/international-giveaway-hello-kitty.html

Merry Christmas& happy birthday Jesus,

Diane said...

You look STUNNING - as ever, Your hair looks fab. My new years res's this year are to sort out my hair - and face! Have a fab one Curtise. xxxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

Sorry for the random comments everywhere while I try to catch up Curtise. My daughter has that same cardi so you are on trend! Sadly I can't nick it off her as she's two sizes smaller than me. I love leopard print and your hair is looking really good, I need some TLC from a professional in that area, I look like some wild woman who lives in the woods these days. And I love the Kate Bush video, I've been listening to her a lot lately, in fact I'm listening to women singers more in general for some reason. Anyway, maybe I've already wished you Merry Christmas but I'll say it again for good measure, Merry Christmas to you and all your family Curtise! xx

Forest City Fashionista said...

Ok, you win for the most bizarre search phrase...I snorted with that one. I'm afraid to look at mine. You look fabulously chic with the mustard cardi over the leopard, and the new hair cut. I have to get mine cut every 4 weeks at least which is the hazard of having very short hair.

Unknown said...

Labia! That is fabulous. Hang on, I was so distracted by the labia thing I almost forgot to YELL AT YOU for saying 'on trend'. However, since you have promised not to say it again AND to send me the leopard print dress, I will forgive you. My magnanimity is a frickin xmas miracle. But seriously, I am awesome.

And yes, you look GLORIARSE in that fab frock and boots. Marry me. Idiot. Thanks.

Love your hot bones! Sarah xxx

Unknown said...

Wow im loving your outfit today simply stunning great look and great patterns and colours. Ha ha ha what a search engine ;-)loving the silver dress to. dee xxx