Friday 28 December 2012

Dresses black and red

I've been mostly unplugged this Christmas, an acoustic version of myself.

 I've popped in to see what many of you have been up to, but not always commented.

I'll be round to your place(s) soon to catch up, OK?


Christmas Eve...

My old friends Sally and Claire with Littlest and me at Sal's Christmas Eve gathering (I changed my mind about the flamenco frock at the last minute!)
Littlest wore a Sassy Vamp headress borrowed from her Mama for the occasion.
Charlie has been in the Christmas tree all the bloody time.
We still leave a note and goodies for Hay Santa and the reindeer (though one carrot wouldn't go round them all).
The beef stew and dumplings was delicious.
Christmas Day...

Taking a break from the preparations.

1950s Clevaline wool dress - Second to None 
Red tights, black  patterned tights and bangles - charity shops
Scarf - Christmas gift from my friend Karen
Necklace - Christmas gift from my friend Tracey
Shoes and red ring - retail (sale)
Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and bagel for breakfast.
Sherry for the cook, and the Mr.
The girls found wrapping the pigs in their blankets quite hilarious.
Naughty behaviour in the run-up to Christmas was curbed by a stern Do that again, and you'll get an extra sprout. I may market this as an alternative to a star chart.

Day after Boxing Day...

A trip into town for a ride on the carousel, catering as it does for all classes.

We did this last year too (here), which makes it something of a day-after-Boxing-Day tradition - 
The sign and Madonna and child icon were in a coffee shop. I can do without religion, but the sentiments seem reasonable enough.
I hope living well includes the  G&T with peanuts I consumed when we got back from seeing The Hobbit.
And just to show that I do listen to your sage advice...

1970s flamenco-style maxi dress - Ebay
Faux fur cape - gift from the lovely Sara - thank you so much, Sara, I love it!
Shoes and bangles - charity shopped
Hairband - borrowed from Eldest
Photographic evidence of the spirit world, obviously.

Restless souls of the dead, or too much gin?

Hope your Christmas was merry and bright.
 I'll be round to see you soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Curtise! I don't believe I've seen those amazing tights before. They look great with your above the knee dress.
It's a busy time of year, I haven't had time to take any photos. Your holiday pic collection looks like you had a lot of fun with family, good food, and special bevies!

Anonymous said...

Love the wool dress; it's a beauty. Looks like you had a great time over Christmas.
The sprout threat would work with me too - I think sprouts are the worst vegetables I've ever tried.

Fiona said...

Fantastic snaps Curtise well done for taking so many, I haven't taken one since the mince pie post. Looks like you had a lovely time and I love the black crepe dress with those red tights and jewellery-sensational! And how luxurious is your furry cape from Sarah ? I'm sure the LB's haven't been naughty, they look so helpful tittering over the pigs in blankets and their note to Father Christmas is delightful.
ttfn x

Unknown said...

Love that black dress, and those red tights are so wonderful. I also love your beautiful red ring. You look so chic in your maxi dress and fur cape. Thank you for sharing your lovely holiday photos.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

You look like you have had a great time and glad to see the lamenco dress.

Anonymous said...

That cat peeping so mischievously out from your Christmas Tree is priceless! Ok, Curtise, that black dress is a stunner when it's on you as opposed to the hanger - love the red accents, saucy tights (I'm a huge fan of patterned tights) and red jewellery. And the Flamenco dress - what can I say! Quelle stunner especially with your new wrap. Looks like you've had a very happy holidays - the carousel looks so magical! There's one in Annecy right on the lake, and I always want to jump on with the wee kiddies! Xoxo

freckleface said...

I love the pics of your tray for Santa and the tale of the cat in the Christmas tree. My cat once pooed under our Christmas tree and when I mentioned it to the neighbour she didn't skip a beat, just said, well it's probably because he's so used to going under the trees in our garden. Mortified.
Your flamenco dress outfit is a triumph! You look so tall and slim and lovely. xxx

Thrift Bee said...

I knew the black dress would be good on you. Really smart look on you, fits like a dream.
Your Christmas looks great fun. You did seem to fit a lot of fun stuff in.

Melanie said...

Exquisite. The black dress is definitely a hit, especially with those tights. Sophisticated with a slap - my favourite! If I were an orb I'd be attracted to you in your red dress too.
Looks like you and yours had a swell holiday - much food, drink and laughter. Well done!
Hugs xo

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

That little black dress is divine on you. You can't always be in a flamenco kind of a mood...;)

Gracey the Giant said...

Fabulous photos. I love the carousel pictures especially. I'm a big fan of carousels and am lucky to live in a town with a pretty great one; I'll have to take some pictures to share.

I love both of these looks on you as well. The addition of the shawl to the first look is just perfection. And that flamenco-style maxi dress? Swoon.

Have a wonderful New Year, Curtise!


Pearl Westwood said...

Merry Xmas. The red outfit is amazing!

citizen rosebud said...

I am not sure which red/black outfit I love more- both are stunning. I can see why the gin ghosts were gathered tightly about you. Wishing you a glorious 2013!

Connie said...

How was The Hobbit???? As soon as I can sit for a while I'm planning in seeing it in 3D. My kids & I are hobbitses fans. Dad will stay home with football on tv. Curtise! You always look so put together. You are my inspiration..since I'm still in my PJs. Love the Madonna laugh often sign. Just never thought of JM&J as a jolly jokester kind of family...laughing & living it up. What do I know? I only go to church for the tag sales.

Mrs. D said...

Very elegant, both outfits! the shawl in the first one is very pretty. I am glad you liked the cape, it does go very well with the red dress! Yay!
I watched the Hobbit last night, I really liked it :)
Anyway, glad to see that you had a good time during Christmas!

Señora Allnut said...

lovely outfits, you rock red and black combo with your great style!
besos & best wishes

Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous said...

That scarf is lovely, it suits the black dress and red tights combo perfectly!

karensomethingorother said...

ooooo....yummy lickable ring, Curtise. Yes, that is what I focus on with all your lovely photos. Oh well, whatever. You look gorgeous and stylish as always. I hope you had a lovely Christmas. OH, and what's a holiday without a kitty in the Christmas tree???

Stacey said...

Love the black & red combos! The flamenco dress is gorgeous, and I love those red tights! I'm glad you had a great Christmas - I wish I could come & ride that carousel with you.

Kylie said...

Oh Curtise, you're beautiful, that carousel's beautiful, and your girls are beautiful too (I love that pigs in blankets photo!)

(we always have smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for Christmas breakfast too - but on thick Italian bread)

Patti said...

You can do no wrong with that fabulous vintage black dress, Curtise. Lovely pics, I am still smiling at the little ones making pigs in a blanket!

Anonymous said...

You look fabulous in both outfits!!
Your holiday looks like it was wonderful- your girls are adorable!!!!

Max said...

aww, it's so cool to see that carousel! claud rode that exact one when we were back home for xmas 2 years ago!
you look amazing in the red and black get up. and i bet the kids did amazing for presents from father christmas, such a generous household leaving him Drambuie (he just got beer round here!)
enjoy the rest of the festivities xxx

bonsaimum said...

Great photo's. As I am partial to black, I think your black dress with red tights and gorgeous scarf, are absolutely splendiferous,stupendous,magnificent.....absolutely gob-smacking fantastic!!!

CityScape Skybaby said...

Love these warm Christmassy pics Curtise, it looks like you had a fantastic time. Love Charlie poking his head out of the tree and littlest in her headband and those delicious looking dumplings! The red and black tights combo looks great, just the right balance of the two colours and it's good to see you modelling your black wool dress, it is lovely. I never totally decide what I'm going to wear before a night out either because I always end up not liking it on the night if I have it all planned out to the last detail. I just like to have a vague idea in my head what I might wear. Hope you have a great New Year's Eve! xx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh wow Curtise, you are an absolute vision in every outfit!! I'm dying to jump up and down on my bed with excitement, but I just fell down the driveway (more like rolled down, after the amount I've been eating!) and gashed me jolly knee. You are a spectacular goddess and I'm drooling over your delicious beef stew with dumplings and giggling at the kids, just coz they're giggling and I suspect they think the bacon rolls look like penises - I'll always be a juvenile;). Youngest is a picture in the headband isn't she? All of your frocks are so beautiful, I love the layered tights and Sarah's glorious cape with the maxi? They should have let you in for free for being so glamourous!! xxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...


From a place of love and honesty, the flamenco number looks pretty hideous on you - it makes your ears look funny and they are not your best feature at the best of times - so you could go ahead and send that frock to me and I'll get rid of it for you. Yes, I am THAT GOOD a friend.

Love the girls cracking up - and the carousel and YOU. When are you gonna leave your hubby and run away with me?

Love! Sarah xxx

Diane said...

I totally love your style - I am such a slob compared to you. Glad you had a lovely Christmas. The Carousel features over at mine too. xxx

Melanie said...

You looked fab, very striking! I love the carousel pictures, a friend just got herself one of the horses which she's hoping to do up.

Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas, it looked really fun. Cannot get over how alike you and your girls are, all gorgeous.

But, using sprouts as threats? What? We roasted them, they are good all crispy..

Love your red legs and blue nails on Christmas Day, but the flamenco dress really is a stunner.

Ivy Black said...

Glad you had a good time. The Second to None dress is s atunner with red legs. It is class on a stick.
This is said with love, but I agree with Sarah, send the flamenco frock to her that she can look just as rubbish in it as you do.

Chronicles of Dolliedaydream said...

Amazing outfits - especially those tights! I never seem to look hard enough for vintage and second hand - must do this for 2013! Hope you had a lovely Christmas x

Vix said...

Goodness me, I love both those frocks! You look fantastic in both of them! Sara's beautiful cape is the perfect addition. I still can't get over that 1950s one being in Second To None for over 20 years and no one buying it. There are some stupid people in Walsall!
The girls are so cute giggling over their pigs and the obligatory cat in a tree should be next year's Xmas card, I reckon.
Lovely to have you back, I've missed your blog! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Annie said...

Your Christmas Day outfit is just fabulous! Glad you had a great day.

Very best wishes for 2013, Curtise xx

silvergirl said...

I am just loving this LBD, especially that fabulous detail at the bottom of the hem
Looks like a really fun Christmas for you so far.

Krista said...

I too have been unplugged, it's needed at times for sure. You look so elegant in your black dress for Xmas! The red and lacy bits are really nice touches. The picture of the girls giggling is priceless, adore that. You can tell they are just being silly. What a yummy spread of food you prepared. The beef stew and dumplings could be a favorite meal thing I've never had. It sounds divine!

I do remember carousel pictures from last year because I loved them just as I do theses. Carousals are a colorful musical delight, I always enjoy them. What fun! You saved yourself wearing that red dress. Holy guacamole! Paired with that delicious faux fur cape you are a stand out beauty!
Why even the spirits hang out with you! Have a Happy New Year sweetie!!!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

How altogether lovely, Curtise! The droplets of red in your first outfit are like delicious candies! Love the fringed shawl too. I enjoy how the ruffles on the cape go with your flamenco dress, and I think the orbs are all of the above plus little gatherings of happiness around you.

I adore the carousel pictures and emerging tradition! Christmas over by you looks ever so fun. Happy New Year to you and yours, xoxo

Fran said...

Great Christmas post. I almost feel like I was there. Love carousels and the photos you posted are gorgeous.

Happy New Year!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I reckon the ghosts are clamouring for your gorgeous flamenco dress, it looks utterly fabulous. And the 50s Christmas dress is just wonderful, you look extremely glamorous, just as imagined. Charlie looks extremely naughty but at least he's killing baubles and not the neighbours' pets! Gorgeous nails and jewellery as ever. Big love xxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

3 words about you, whole sentence about me

I reckon the ghosts are clamouring for your gorgeous flamenco dress, it looks utterly fabulous. And the 50s Christmas dress is just wonderful, you look extremely glamorous, just as imagined. Charlie looks extremely naughty but at least he's killing baubles and not the neighbours' pets! Gorgeous nails and jewellery as ever. Big love xxxxx

Sewingadicta said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun, that's good, even if you did not have time to blog ... family first! Love your black wool dress, you look great!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Now that I see the black dress on you, I applaud your decision. It is fabulously flattering on you! It looks like you had a lovely Christmas and I do like your boxing day tradition of a carousel ride - I would take that over eating leftovers or shopping any day.

In the ruffly cape and the flamenco dress you look Party-perfect! Happy New Year!

Rose&Bird said...

Looking fabulous and what a lovely family Christmas! I have a green 60s Clevaline dress - I hadn't seen the label before and I thought it was perhaps a dressmaker, but I've now seen a few on the Internet, including your lovely number! Like the orbs - ghostly indeed! Did you ever watch Most Haunted'? They were always spotting orbs!

Unknown said...

Hi gorgeous!
I love this black dress on you and those red tights super awesome, you were very stylish!
Chouchou my cat spent the holidays under the tree as well
I just love the carousel, nice tradition!
That flamenco dress is a killer!

Ariane xxxxx

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh my gosh I adore both of your dresses.
The girls pig in a blanket picture even had ME SMILING. (I would love to know what was being said about the poor piggies. =p

I AM OVER THE MOON jealous of your faux fur cape. *ohhhh* it gives you such a MINXY touch.

joyatri said...

I can't believe you found those red tights at a charity shop. HOLD ON ONE MINUTE -- I see what you did there, you have red tights under the black patterned tights. My god, you are a genius!
I can see you accessorizing that gorgeous LBD so many different ways, the queen of accessorizing that you are.
I took photos today in my flat and saw that I've been visited by orbs as well.
Cutie pie kids and adorable naughty cat lurking in the tree.