Friday 7 December 2012

English Ladylike

A couple of you were kind enough to liken my recent purchase of an English Lady maxi dress to Missoni.

I thought the same, the woven zig-zags on the skirt of this 1970s dress are very reminiscent of Missoni's trademark patterns, like these lovely vintage pieces (found on Google images);

I did once find a 1980s Missoni dress in a charity shop, which I sold on Ebay. But since that kind of lightning is unlikely to strike twice, I am more than happy to wear my English Lady version.

At £8, I suspect it cost a great deal less than any genuine Missoni items I might admire on Ebay or online vintage retailers.

This English Lady needs her faux furs at the moment.
What's the weather like here in the UK?
Bastard freezing, as Vix the Walsall Weather Girl would say!

Luckily this dress is lined, quite heavy, and very warm.

1970s English Lady maxi dress - Chesterfield flea market
Boots - Ebay
Cardigan, hat, bangles, and Silver Fox faux fur coat - charity shops
Pendant - gift from Lie Detector Joni

Here's a close-up of the lovely Limoges pendant from Joni - adding a soupcon of French romance to the English Lady!

On my trip to Barnsley this week, I picked up yet another coat. 
Do I need any more coats? 
No, I don't. 
But it was a 1960s wool Eastex coat for £3 - what was I supposed to do?

I know the Pyrex whores out there will appreciate the snowflake dish (yes, Em, I'm talking to you!) and I can't resist a 1950s annual.

You may want to heed some of the advice therein, about growing up (old) gracefully.

You're welcome.

Thank you to all who played along with sorting out the truthful wheat from the shameful chaff. 
I think I may change my name to Fanny.

Enjoy your weekends, my darlings!



Miss Simmonds Says said...

I practice those straight backed curtsies every day! not really, I sit on the sofa eating. I love your dress, the colours are so rich and gorgeous, they go so well with the silver fox. Looking very glam Fanny! Also love the Eastex coat, for 3 quid you couldn't leave it. Same with the Pyrex - excellent for serving up Christmas (sorry Vix for mentioning that word!!) dinner bits in... and the annual is so lovely, even if it does tell me to cut out chocolates.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I'm always doing straight-backed curtsies me.

It is bastard freezing today and whereas you look like a goddess in zigzag print, I look a complete fool in my furry jerkin with a disgusting ancient fleece on top (so disgusting that Jim regularly threatens to throw it out along with my beloved parka which used to be my brother's).

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, I always like a bit of pyrex - good find missus - and you can never have enough coats I think. Have a fabulous w/end. xx

Anonymous said...

I love the English lady /fake Missoni maxi, I bought a real Missoni last year at the Charity Shop for 1 Euro (it was my lucky day) but it hasn't the iconic print even if it was a beautiful dress. I wrote 'it was' because I experimented on it a mental Edward Scissorhands moment and now is far more shorter than I needed it to be, gratuitous cellulite porn!
I appreciate the 50's Girls' Annual a lot, especially those scans, I need to practise all the advices and the illustrations are beautiful!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Melanie said...

There were silver foxes at the wildlife hospital I helped out at and they always eyed people with suspicion!
I do like that Eastex coat, it looks lovely and warm!

thorne garnet said...

Last night it was so warm here, I had the front door open. I know I live "down south", be it's December!Cut out chocolates? Never!When Missoni did a line for Target, they sold out in days. Pretty stuff

Vix said...

I love that frock, it's a beauty. The perfect injection of colour for a bastard freeing grey day like today (mind you, at least it's not bastard pissing it down, like last night! It looks gorgeous with the silver fox coat and that Eastex beauty was too fab to leave behind.
I love that Missoni dress you sold, I found a jumper at a jumble sale but I looked awful in it so it had to go.
We don't do any of those things, that's why we're ageing so disgracefully, long may it last!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Love the "Missoni" dress.
Bastard freezing in Liverpool too.
We are off ice skating tonight.
Fingers crossed I don't break anything.

Miss Magpie said...

a straight backed what? Loving the frock!

carrievintage said...

I like the Missoni-esque dress, the faux-fur, the pendant and the new coat *_*

Unknown said...

I love Fanny;)

Well nice skirt Curtise, you got to love a Missoni pattern - I found last year a vintage Missoni maxi skirt for $4 - Izzy has it, it is beyond beautiful -
Love your finds - Love coats as well, but i fill all the closets with my coat so i can't buy more coats at the moment unless i get rid of 1 or 2 -

The weather is not that bad for Montreal- we are lucky, but shit is forecast for this weekend, i mean, rain, snow, wet snow all in one day -

Have a great weekend

Ariane xxx

Lou said...

Ahh that is the most amazing Pyrex dish!! My mum has a floral one, this is even cuter. Fab dress, much better than overpriced Missoni x

Flora Cruft said...

There's such a thrill to buying a bargain beauty when you know the real Missoni would be ridiculously expensive and your outfit is just as beautiful! Clever find, well done!

Lynn Hasty said...

Oh, Curtise, I do love your hat!! And that coat you are wearing! About the other coat, the 60s vintage, of course you were to buy it! What else would anyone do?

Lynn Dylan

Helga said...

Of COURSE you needed that coat! A gal can NEVER have too many coats.Or hats,frocks,shoes, nauseum! It's TRUE. it's an awesome coat,anyway.And I'm swooning over that Pyrex piece.
Yes, this frock is rather Missoni! I knew it reminded me of something.Such awesome colours,and being lined and heavy,brillant cheer for the season!

Mrs. D said...

Hey Curtise!!
Thanks for stopping by! I went to Portugal last weekend to see the folks and when I got back Virgin Media had screwed up and my interwebz was only fixed yesterday!
I am currently recovering from 2 school night xmas parties - oh my! I'm getting too old for this!

This weekend I hope to catch up on the blogging and all that. Uff.

Now, about your post: the skirt is amazing. And as always great finds- the necklace Joni sent you is sooo sweet!

BTW; send me an email to with your address, I'm putting together a few packages for blogging friends and I have something in my closet that I think you will like!


Anonymous said...

I got confused...I thought I was visting Curtise's blog and then I saw the word "Lady-like" in the title and I was WTH???
Just kidding!! The "missoni" dress is even more fabulous on you-especially with the lil bloero tie thing!!
I totally would've brought that coat, too.
I have vintage pyrex-does that make me a whore??? LOLOLOL

Fiona said...

Indeedy your maxi is rather Missoni-esque, don't know why I didn't see it earlier. I wonder why the 'gels' annual specifies that the exercise should be taken outdoors! Can't beat Pyrex y'know!

Vicky Hayes said...

Well I obviously practise my straight back curtsey and walk our imaginary dog every day but I got the chocolate thing completely wrong... I thought the advice was 'eat MORE chocolate as you get older'! Oh well. Loving the Missoni look and your colour choice is perfect for these sub zero temperatures. You are a fiend Curtise - every time I pop in here, I spend loads of time trawling though previous posts! What entertaining lies you tell! Vicky x

Patti said...

Cut out chocolates??! And substitute what, I need to know? Love your Missoni-esque maxi dress, so pretty.

silvergirl said...

i adore this dress and the colors are just so yummy
i hope you have a great weekend, i am off to practice my straight backed curtsey!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

You & Vix really are my maxi Queens. The pattern of this one is gorgeous, I love the berry tones on you. Of course one needs another coat, just like I always need another frock! Some things are simply essential, like food & oxygen!

Fran said...

Lovely magenta colors and your silver fox jacket is ooo la la. It would be nice to have something that gorgeous in my closet, because that is where it would have to live. I am still wearing tank tops and sandals in Texas USA. Just a couple days of cold so I can take out my new jacket...please.

bonsaimum said...

It is damned hot here at the moment.I just love the colours in your maxi dress, and I particularly like the pendant. :)

CityScape Skybaby said...

Still catching up here Curtise, you've never been to McDonalds! Well like everyone else says, you really aren't missing anything, it's overcrowded with cardboard tasting food and crap coffee and tea. This Missoni style dress on the other hand, is gorgeous and sounds perfect for this time of year if it's lined. The pendant Joni sent you is beautiful too. I too have far too many coats, but when it's the bargainous price of £3.00 it would be crazy to leave it. That pyrex dish is lovely too, such a pretty colour and pattern. I used to buy loads of those old annuals when I lived in England but for some reason you never see them up here, I used to suck all the crazy advice they gave you in like a sponge. xx

Kitty said...

Cute dress and beautiful colours on you. youc an have a bit our of summer heat any day, I'm well over it already!


I love Missoni, I own a vintage skirt myself and will never part with it, love your dress :)

mispapelicos said...

You look in you better than Missoni dress.
Glorious always, my dear Curtise.

Dawn said...

Curtise this missoni knock off is gorgeous. I never tire of Chevron. You look shapely and slender just like the gals of the 60's. Have a great weekend. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

Anonymous said...

Love your Missoni style frock! And I wouldn't have been able to resist the snowflake pyrex.
I love the idea of practising a straight backed curtsey. I am not sure I would be able to get up again without some serious help.

The Style Crone said...

Who needs a Missoni when you can look like you do in this brilliantly colored number! Accessorized perfectly with the pendant from Joni. And one cannot have too many coats!

Unknown said...

You look gorgeous, i can't help buying vintage jackets and coats either but i seem to loan out my fake furs all the time to friends i have 3 :-) And you most def need them at the moment its bloody freezing. Im loving that blue and white snowflake pyrex i have a few dishes and bowls in that design. Hope you have had a great weekend, have a great week ahead, dee xxx

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

The English Lady is ever lovely with the Silver Fox and gorgeous pendant. That's a fantastic wool coat - I wholeheartedly agree, you really had no other choice! The final photo of you is incredibly gorgeous - you are so elegant and statuesque! xoxo

Miss Maple said...

I love the colour and the pattern of this maxi-dress.

Sophie in the Sticks said...

ooohy that is a fabulous dress, stunning! It's hard to turn down a coat if they're practically paying you too take it away ;) x

Unknown said...

GORGEOUS frock - perfect on you (or on me if you ever tire of it - HA!). Love the colours and the very Missoni-esque pattern. The coat is also splendid AND the new old coat is ALSO splendid - and you know I concur with our Helga - one can never have enough coats, chocolates or curtsies. Also, that looks far more like a SQUAT than a curtsy to me. I'm not a big pyrex fan, but I do really love that one - it's stellar! Love you more than exercise! Sarah xxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

I'm such a failure at being a "lady"! Love the colours in that maxi; the perfect thing to brighten up a cold grey day. I have a bit of a coat addiction too, and in fact acquired another one yesterday, a rich brown mouton jacket from the Goodwill thrift store. If I have to wear a coat all winter, I need to have a bunch to choose from.

Vintage Coconut said...

Cut out chocolate? OH!! So that's what I am doing wrong. Hmmm I am thinking this is a bad time of year to do that. Maybe I will start next year. ;)

I love your English lady dress. It looks great on you.

Unknown said...

Nice style! Love the Pyrex dish!

Diane said...

Gorgeous Frock. I did indeed buy things from the fair for myself (and hubby) Beer from Wentworth Brewery, Homemade Brownies and a 2nd Hand Arran Cardigan from a lovely lady that says she has a stall in the new bit upstairs in the Antiques centre at Elsecar Heritage centre. I shall take a trip and let you know what its like, and we could organise a meet up there if you are up for it - after the festivities. xxx

Rachel said...

Good work for doing ladylike in the cold. Helps that your dress is well-made and cold-protecting. My secret weapon in this bastard freezing weather is to wear merino wool leggings under my woolly tights - makes skirt-wearing warmer than trousers :-)

Krista said...

This dress is stunning it may keep you warm in the winter but these colors just scream hot! I love the zany bold style of Missoni and this this is just what a winter in England needs! Those illustrations have me laughing, what would they think of us now!? How could you pass up the other coat at $3 that's less than a latte;)

The pendant from you twin Joni is a real beauty!

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

I am not giving up chocolate. And possibly not taking exercise every day. Drat.

You find the COOLEST stuff, Curtise. I like your skirt better than Missoni actually, and I am an utter fool for a Pyrex dish, although depression glass was my poison back in th' day :P