Monday, 10 December 2012

Coats of many colours

I cracked on with some Christmas shopping at the weekend, as there were two craft and vintage fairs to go to, and presents to buy!

Naturally I found a little something for myself in the process...

I'm looking rather ladylike again.

If you knew me, you'd realise this is not much of a reflection of my personality. I might like frocks, but I wouldn't consider myself ladylike in the slightest!

I struggled with the light conditions taking these photos, and since I have neither the money to invest in a better camera, nor the wit or the time to read the instructions for the one I've got, this is the best I could manage.

The lovely colours on this Liberty print skirt have been bleached out, but you get the idea.

That's a bit better.

Do you see an Edwardian lady (called Fanny, obviously) waiting to indulge in an unseemly assignation with an unsuitable beau?
Just me then...

Oh Fanny...
You hussy.

Velvet jacket, 1970s Liberty print gypsy skirt, knit top, petticoat, tights and bangles - charity shopped
1980s boots - Second to None
1970s felt hat and 1960s tapestry/vinyl bag - flea markets
1960s scarf - friend's stall at school fair (it was her late mum's)
Belt - gift from PTA Queen Lucy

You know I said in my last post that I didn't need any more coats?
I really don't.

But I spotted this one...

...and fell a little in love.

The brand name might sound like a range of tampons, but I don't care - look at the 1970s red-checked original-belted gorgeousness! And the vinyl belt has little hinges!

I think I may have to sell the 1960s Eastex coat I bought last week... just to appease my conscience, and the Thrifting Gods.

I wore it to the vintage fairs. It's nice enough.

But I like Feminella more.

What would you do?

Am I the only person who finds it hard to chose between her vintage finery?

Linking up with Patti at Visible Monday, where there is a great array of finery on display!



Anonymous said...

I love feminella coat and I swear that if only they could exist, I would buy tampons too with such a wonderful name. In Naples 'Feminiello',that sounds alike, is the local word for a man who use to dress as a woman! The maxi skirt is stunning and I love the pink tights that match the scarf!This outfit is flawless, it makes me want to wear more bright colours during this gray season,here has been dark all day long!
Love xxxxx

Vix said...

I love the Feminella coat and love Edie's description of Feminiello too. It's a beauty, you'd be mad to have missed it, tampon name or not. Show it on!
You are such a lady in that gorgeous Liberty skirt and amazing scarf showing yer legs to all and sundry. That bag is the find of the century.
Buggering cameras and their bastard massive instruction manuals.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Yay Fanny! You do ladylike very well!

That is a great coat. Hinges?! Gold!

Yes I like your way of thinking with the flicking one off to make way for another - and keeping the op shop karma balance!!!

Much luck with the christmas shopping. It's great when it doesn't become a stress or chore. xx

Helga said...

I would totally keep them both, despite being racked with guilty pleasure!It's not about the amount of clothes one has, it's the LACK OF SPACE! Get your head around that and you'll be just fine!!!
Funny, I often think I look terribly ladylike until I open my mouth.I have the most dreadful potty mouth; it's the Tourettes.!
Pretty,PRETTY skirt,darling! Wonderful colour combination.



Rose&Bird said...

That coat is fantastic, I love the red check! Like Helga says, it's more about lack of space! I'd apply Vix's rule on the Eastex coat - I'm getting the feeling you like it, but don't LOVE it, so maybe it needs a new home? As i have yet to meet you, i couldn't comment on your ladylike-ness, but perhaps 'Fanny' could be your alter-ego?

Miss Maple said...

Love the violet velvet jacket with the gypsy skirt and the tapestry bag.
That's my style often. Also the leather gloves and boots. The only difference is that I would wear a beret. Have a fine day!

Gracey the Giant said...

I'd keep both coats. But, I'm not the one to ask; I love vintage coats and will continue to buy them. These are just both so fabulous, how can you choose!

Anonymous said...

I would go with the Feminella coat. the Eastex is lovely but the Feminella is gorgeous.
I love your Liberty skirt - how I wish I had found that.....

Fiona said...

OOh yes, it does sound like a form of sanitary protection but it IS lush and I love the hinged belt. As for your 'ladylikeness' I think you rock frocks and skirts and being ladylike is so passe n'est pas ? (Wish I had some bloody accents on this keyboard) Love the gorgeous Liberty print skirt. As for the Eastex coat, if you have room keep it.

Vintage Coconut said...

I can NEVER CHOOSE between my vintage stuff. And that is why I just like you have a collection of coats. I can't help it... they are orphans... they have been abandoned and they need a new Mommy! *LOL*

you look fantastic.

Louise Mc said...

Feminella, lmao. That aside, it's a beautiful coat, but having a vintage Eastex coat myself I know the great quality. I think, given the amount of days in this country when a coat is required, you should keep both... Fanny! X

Rachel said...

Both coats! It is too cold at the moment, you may end up wearing two at once anyhow.

Lots of coats are necessary I say xx

thorne garnet said...

I'm with Helga, keep them both. The red one has armhole piping, for goodness sakes.

Patti said...

Oh, Fanny, you rock a Liberty print so well! And for the coats, they are both fave, but the Feminella is really special. Thanks for sharing your dilemma with Visible Monday, and pls. let us know!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

you know I'm horrendously greedy and I'd keep both coats. Feminella (hilarious name) is a stunner, you need her in your life, but the Eastex one does also have a darling collar and cost - £3.50 was it? Bargian. You look lovely, Fanny looks like a little bit of a hussey but with a heart of gold. Or Sheffield steel perhaps. Or should that be Bucks steel? No steel round here though. The liberty print skirt is wonderful, anything Liberty is a winner. The belt with the green top looks great and the hat is gorgeous. Both hats, you do suit a hat.Love a bit of saucy leg flashing!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Feminella all the way.
Love the Liberty print skirt.

Vicky Hayes said...

But I love the Eastex coat too - I do like a bit of brown and it's such a fab check... but then again the Feminella (squawk!) is divine so you really did have to have that. I would actually make you an offer for the Eastex but then I don't wear coats except sometimes, when it's very cold, a great big gingery faux fur one that I bought hundreds of years ago. Hope the unseemly assignation was a laugh Miss Fanny! Vicky x

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Unseemly unsuitable heathen hussies unite! Hooray for Fanny!!!

I love the purple blazer, your green gloves and floral bag (which I developed a mad crush on previously) all together with that wonderful fullness of printed skirt and red boots - nicely done!

Aww, lookit the little hinges on Feminella's belt, would you! But Eastex has such a marvy pattern enervating and thus enlivening its wooly gravitas. I vote for both too! Though I too have hmm, "several" options, I unfailingly end up sick to death of my winter outerlayers. xoxo

Flora Cruft said...

what a beautiful gypsy skirt, and those are some sexy pink booted legs! The Eastex coat is fabulous.

Unknown said...


However, describing an item of clothing as 'nice enough' does not fit in with Vix's First Law: If it doesn't make you feel fabulous get rid of it! I think you look FABULARSE in it - but how do you feel in it? I love the feminella for the colour the shape and the label and you must keep it because I say so.

You look GLORIARSE - the skirt is beautifully whimsical and the boots and jacket are perfect. I love all the colours. And i love you more than men that use to dress as women!

Sarah xxx

two squirrels said...

Hello Curtise!!!!!!
You are looking as gorgeous as ever in that truly scrumptious liberty skirt, I just love the pattern, its like a beautiful eiderdown fabric.
Eeeeekkk the coat is amazing and being the true monster who owns far to many coats, I say keep them both, tee hee.
So looking froward to seeing the outfit you put together with Miss Feminella.
love and squirrel hugs V

Fran said...

You look absolutely fab in the skirt and green sweater outfit especially with the boots. The brown plaid coat is really cute but I would love to see what you do with the Feminella coat. As usual, you find the best vintage stuff.

Max said...

the red coat is an absolute beauty, but keep the other for a little while until the guilt dies down and then see if you need both. love the liberty print skirt (and pink and purple are heavenly together) x

joyatri said...

Definitely keep the Feminella coat. And give the Eastex coat to me. Just kidding. Sometimes I keep clothes for while and see if they earn their keep.
Sometimes, just maybe, having too much choice is a bad thing? (See I'm not convinced either).
Can't wait to see you in the Feminella number. In the Eastex coat, you look like a schoolgirl on her way to do some modeling for an artist who then takes you as his underage lover (i.e, it reminds me of the girl in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie).

Vintage Bird Girl said...

That's such a pretty skirt....I love the print & it looks gorgeous with green & that fab belt. I think keep both coats. They are both so different. You certainly get use of them with your harsh winters so I wouldn't feel bad about it. But if it's a matter of space then perhaps you have to be brutal. Love you Fanny! Xx

The Style Crone said...

Keep them both, of course. It's cold outside and they look beautiful on you. I think the Thrifting Gods would approve. Shopping for others is more fun when you find something for yourself.

A Fanny appearance is always appreciated! What a gorgeous petticoat.

bonsaimum said...

You look fabulous as always. I think I like the 70's red checked coat. It's different and I particularly like the collar on it.

Anonymous said...

A brand of tampons?? LOL You cracked me up with that one. But I do also love the coat! Maybe it's made from recycled tampons? haha Now you may never want to wear it after that awful comment. ;)

That gold hat on you is one of my favorites, plus anything floppy and big brimmed of course.

I hope you and your sweet little family have a happy holiday!

CityScape Skybaby said...

I must admit I would keep both coats, which is why my house looks like a rubbish tip. I agree with what others have said, keep both for a while and see if you get wear out of them or not, then decide. Love all the colours in your first outfit, and your swishy skirt, wish I did look more ladylike! xx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I'm with you and Vix on cameras and their bastard instructions. I've never got to grips with ours. Anyway, I say keep both. I'm sure I said you can't have enough coats in my last comment didn't I? We need to see Feminella on. xx

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Both because the red one is just too gorgeous to leave!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Lynn Hasty said...

Oh, Curtise! I love that red coat! You may have to shoo away your conscience and keep both!!!! Yes. I love the photo of you that looks antique-y! Love the outfit -- the granny skirt!! xoxo Lynn

Anonymous said...

I would totallybe a coat whore and keep BOTH!!
Feminella--ROFL--AND it's the appropriate color-scheme for feminine hygiene products!!

I love your outfit!! The skirt is EXACTLY the style I've been looking for to make maxi skirts for summer!!

silvergirl said...

oh fanny, do be careful on your assignation!
i fear that fab skirt won't stay on your body long.
cornelia aka brett

carrievintage said...

amazing skirt!

Ivy Black said...

Wotcha Fanny! I love that Liberty skirt on you...gorgeous print. Hell, keep 'em both. It's cold out there, several coats make sense. They are both lush, much like yerself.

Annie said...

Ah, Fanny. As George Melly said, "you don't hear the name much nowadays, but Fanny used to be on everybody's lips".

The red coat is beyond fabulous, but as others have said, the weather is so crap here, you would be quite justified in keeping the Eastex too. I'd wait a bit before deciding.

I love the wonderful Liberty skirt. What a fabulous print! xxx

Unknown said...

Fanny's singing my favorite color(s) song. Bet your huz enjoys life when you let Fanny out to play!

Unknown said...

I like how you styled the skirt, love your color choices
I also the coat, very pretty
Yep did some x-mas shopping as well, it's not finished and nothing is wrapped!
I have a big cold, didn't post yet this week and i have to do pics for Melanie's Vogoff

Take care

Ariane xxxx

Diane said...

Fanny, do you set the camera to photograph yourself or do you employ a minion? xxxx

Krista said...

I think feminilla sounds like a STD only transmitted through lesbians;) and I mean that in the hottest girl on girl way:)))). You do look very proper like but I've been around you and I know better! I love your new coat and I say keep both, at least through winter.

Camelia Crinoline said...

You do look very ladylike. There is nothing more entertaining than dressing like a lady and then shocking people with unladylike behaviour. That red coat coat is fabulous. I think you should keep both coats though. You can never have too many.

Melanie said...

You're parting with the Eastex coat? That's such a shame as it's gorgeous. It really suits you.

mispapelicos said...

Love it all, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

I'd become a bloody hoarder or build a new room onto my house just for my clothes. Heh. Of course, I totally wouldn't. I'd keep what you completely love, and find loving new forever homes for those items someone else might love better.

Those super steamy hot red boots totally say assignation to me, girl.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I would keep both, at least till next year, but I'm a complete coat slut. I do like the Eastex coat on you, and the label of the Feminella would be enough to keep the other one in my closet. As Helga pointed out, it's not about having too many coats, it's about not having enough space!