Saturday 1 December 2012

If you're thinking 'bout being my faux fur, it don't matter if you're black or white

Or any colour really, I have grey, leopard print, and a strange indeterminate beast of a faux fur which makes me look like a 1970s pimp.
And if we're truthful, who among us wouldn't want to look like that?

Yet at Chesterfield flea market on Thursday, I found myself trying on a lovely vintage St. Michael honey-coloured fur, thinking I don't have one this colour... 
Sadly it was way too big.
There will be others, I'm sure!

This one is called Doreen Shuttleworth, after its original owner, whose name is written on the label inside. Bless your great taste, Doreen, and the good care you took of your immaculate coat.

And this one is the Silver Fox.
I did have some good fortune at the flea market though, despite the faux fur disappointment.
Finally, a Dollyrockers maxi dress! Of course it is tiny and doesn't fit me, neither does the other fabulous 1970s dress (also too small), and the immaculate 1960s Welsh tapestry coat is too big.

To Ebay with them.

Thankfully, I did stumble across Baby Bear's porridge eventually...

... this 1970s English Lady maxi dress is just right!

And a printers tray, which doesn't have to fit. I have been keeping an eye out for one of these for ages, and at last it found me! 
It needs smartening up and then it will be a lovely display unit for small random items of loveliness.

Dress, cardigan, hat, bangles - charity shopped
Boots - retail (sale)
Black and red were in order for Thursday and Friday, as well as the faux fur love.

1970s maxi dress - Ebay
1980s boots - Second to None
Sequin beret - charity shop

It's been bloody freezing here the last few days, but bright and frosty and pretty. 
Boots, hats and fur - these are my weapons of choice.
Out tonight with the Ladies Purse - no quiz, just a boozy evening of much chat and laughter, I expect.
Hope you've got a great evening planned too!



Connie said...

You did very well! Some lovely finds. You have introduced me to labels which I now find are sometimes better than the garment! My faux fur story. Many many years ago I blew the wad on a faux fur coat that I thought would help me get into Studio 54 in New York. It worked! It got me past the velvet rope and into the night club! So exciting! But it must have been the heat and humidity of all the drugged out celebrities because my poor little fur proceeded to molt and fall apart. Big wads of fur falling to the dance floor. I actually just left it there and staggered home coatless. My one and only night at Studio 54. Jilted by a coat!

Melanie said...

I now have John Shuttleworth songs in my head .. "Pigeons in flight......."

one denim bird said...

Yeah for faux fur. I'd like to see the 1970's pimped coat or have you already showcased that previously?? The silver fox is a winner! Also admiring the colours and details on the princess line dress. And, Yippie for the printers tray, what are your plans for her Curtise? Cant wait to see you in the chevron print maxi too! oh please send us some english weather it is so bleedin hot here we are melting!!!

one denim bird said...

By the way, laughed out load at Connies Studio 54 story!!!

Max said...

You are a small item of random loveliness! Love the black faux fur and associated outfit-you carry off cute just as well as all your other incarnations-and the chevron dress is quite a find, very missoni-esq x

Rose&Bird said...

Ooh, fab! For once I am delighted it's cold enough for faux fur! The dollyrockers dress is cute, shame it's too small. I'm just a tiny bit smaller than you and I've been lucky enough to find 2 dollies in my size and budget. I'm sure there will be at least one out there for you! The chevron dress is so cute and I love the floral red and black number - how slim does it make you look?!

Ivy Black said...

Lush. I love a nice bit of faux fur.
Top outfits too, 'specially the maxis. Have much fun with the Ladies Purse tonight. I'm in with the fire and the Crabbies.

lucy joy said...

Great title - how do you think them up?
The ONLY good thing about winter is the fux furs coming out of hiding, and you know we'll all be searching for that St Michael's number in your size - bet Vix will find one.

I don't think it matters bout the ill-fitting finds, because that chevron number is beautiful - you to a T.

Well, I hope that as I type you're having a good laugh and unwinding. 'Homemakers' are last on the list of people who deserve a break.

You look SO slender in that clever maxi with the patterned top and long skirt - it gives a very sleek line.

I'm raising my vodka and tonic to you. I thought I had gin in the cupboard, but vodka isn't such a bad replacement. And remember - no knob jokes - you're ladies!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

Lucy x

Louise Mc said...

I love the maxi dress you're wearing in those last photographs, beautiful. I'm so envious of all those faux fur jackets, I find it so difficult to find ones that are as flattering as these you have. I love that Welsh tweed coat too.

I tried to find that book you recommended on my blog on kindle store, but couldn't. I'll have to try and track down a copy in the second hand shop, or maybe on Amazon. xx

Trees said...

I'm pretty sure you have the best collection of maxi dresses in the whole universe!!

Penny-Rose said...

Oh I love fur! The red and black colour combo is very striking and I really like the zig zag patterned maxi dress and am looking forward to seeing you wearing it. Hope you have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

Love the fur and your maxi dress.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

You have been busy.
I love the maxi dress.Have fun with your friends.

Marjorie said...

Lovely to see a Welsh tapestry jacket. I haven't seen one in years. Thank you.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I'll bet you knocked the Ladies' Purse chicks off their barstools if you waltzed in wearing one of your glorious maxi frocks and furry jackets!! EGAD you are such a mighty fine filly Curtise, you put the 'P' in 'Pecker' my lovely! I do hope there's an absolute eBay frenzy over your amazing new finds, you certainly deserve a bundle for your efforts:) and thank goodness you didn't go empty-handed ... you new maxi is utterly glorious! Yep, black, white ANY colour is mighty fine! xoxoxo

Vintage Coconut said...

"Oh Doreen Shuttleworth how I have missed your adorning our lovely Curtise." Now it's Winter and cold and here you are, AGAIN AT LAST!!! *Tear* *sniff*

My heavens you look fabulous in those maxi's. Grrr at the two maxi's you found being too small they are so lovely. And so is the green coat. I wish clothing could just *SWHHoop* change to our perfect size with a click of a special remote. *hahaah*

Helga said...

Oooo,your lovely maxi was worth the minor disappointments of no-fits! It's frigging funky!
I adore faux furs,but haven't nearly enough.It's that damned elusive faux leopard I really,REALLY need!I must admit to feeling slightly funny about loving that 70's pimp look, after all,what they're doing is horrendous,but FECK, did they look slick! YEAH! My fave pimp outfit is in a Pam Grier film, can't remember which one off the top of my head, but he's wearing a matching jumpsuit and cape,and he has incredible nutbag camel toe.Truly brillant.
Anyways,you look truly scrumptious in your mini AND your maxi.I love your style,darling.You frigging ROCK and I want to grope you.Hahahaha, silver fox.That's what we call G's eldest brother!

Patti said...

Doreen is awesomely beautiful! Great vintage finds too - it's amazing how tiny people were just 30 years ago : >

bonsaimum said...

I definitely like your black and patterned maxi dress. You have acquired some lovely clothes,the silver fox fur coat is especially delicious.:)

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I'm rather partial to the dark fur coat....especially named Doreen which was my Nana's name, with whom I share a great resemblance! I'm rather envious of you all rugged up, while it's stinking hot here. I do think it's harder to look stylish with a sweaty brow! I adore that second maxi with the white ric rac. What a shame it doesn't fit. And I'm drooling over the printers tray....that's still on my vintage wish list, but I'm not going to pay $100 for one! The very last photo of you is the frock & YOU too! Xx

Melanie said...

Talking about your babies it don't matter at all. I want to see your pimp walk, Sugar C. But you need a big 'ole furry top hat and Elvis sunglasses and some hood ornaments around your neck to really complete the look. But this baby bear you've got, is SMASHING. Hope you danced on the bar and slammed a few home for me. Was out with my chum today in a much-needed break, getting into trouble, global sympatico, Curtise. xo

Anonymous said...

A fantastic collection of photos, every one of them!
I've always loved those fur coats, you have quite the stash. I once had a burgundy one but sold it at a garage sale, dummy me. The dresses you found are perfect for you plus those great hats top everything off just so. Can we trade places for a while? I want to wear all your clothes!!

Unknown said...

Love all the furs - and the gorgeous bargains (GGGRRRR Dollyrockers are always in teeny weeny sizes). You are beautiful in both fab frocks - I especially LOOOOOOOVE the maxi. Love it love love love loveit. Hope you had a spectacular evening with the ladies - I am chartreuse with envy. Have a pear cider for me. LOVE! Sarah xxx

carrievintage said...

love your fur collection *__*

Fiona said...

What splendid finds Curtise, don't think we'll see any dresses designed by Sambo nowadays eh? Glad you found one lovely frock that fits you and hope we get to see you in it soon. Love your fashion show in the back garden and trust you had a good night out with the girls and no hangover today. Enjoy Squeeze tonight, you lucky thing. xx

thorne garnet said...

Love the maxi with the flame zig zags. I've also been looking for a printers tray. I've got lots of little random items of loveliness

Annie said...

You will find the right Dollyrockers dress one day! But in any case, the English Lady dress is gorgeous. And how I love your black and red maxi.

Faux fur is just what's required to get us through this weather, and hunting for a honey-coloured one is all part of the fun.

Enjoy Squeeze tonight. They will be great! xxx

Krista said...

Oh Curtise a gal after my own faux fur loving heart. These are both gorgeous! I really want a faux fur Mongolian coat! Nothing will keep you warmer than a lil fake fur.

You did find some cool stuff, the dollyrockers print is fab but I really think your chevron maxi is beautiful too, so at least you found that.

Can't wait too see what you do to the printers tray! I have never seen one of those.
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Your Doreen Shuttleworth coat is beautiful - I'm glad it's got a name. You found some lovely things; it's a shame about the Dollyrockers dress but your new maxi is lovely.

Miss Maple said...

Great dresses you found!

Lou said...

I want a faux fur coat!! My Nanny used to have one but it's too small... So my hunt continues! I adore your boots, perfect for this chilly weather! x

Anonymous said...

Great furs and finds, I'm sorry for the wrong sized green maxi because it should look amazing on you!The red and black maxi is stunning, I like the high waist and the blouse top and the sparkling beret is just lovely on a cold day!
Enjoy your Sunday!

Vix said...

Result!! Dollyrockers, maxis galore, fake fur and Welsh Tapestry..are you sure it was Chesterfield market & not a secret door into my bedroom? Give it back, now!!
You look fabulous in all your furs and that new dress is gorgeous.
Hope the boozy night went well and that Squeeze play Up The Junction!
Love! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Flora Cruft said...

Yep I ALWAYS want to look like a 1970s pimp! Rocking some gorgeous furs there! Plus that ebayed maxi dress with the black skirt is to die for :)

Diane said...

You look so fabulous. You find some great treasures. x

Miss Simmonds Says said...

You are such a super star!! I must wear my 80s white fur coat out, I bought it in that weird vintage charity shop in Walsall.... Taking inspiration from how damn good you look in a fur coat. Doreen Shuttleworth is the most amazing name. I need to be writing a novel and make her the main character. Love your cheeky look with the short dress, boots and hat, you look fantastic. The black maxi is totally you too, bright sleek, elegant, fun, loud. ha! Only joking
I want to see you model the other one!

Jean at said...

You just look better and better, that's all I can say, and you looked great before!! I love the black/white/splash of red. Your faux furs are so pretty and must chase away the chills quite nicely. XXOO

Unknown said...

That Dollyrockers maxi dress is extraordinary! Perfect!
What a find !
Your faux fur is pretty cool
I have faux fur as well the best when it gets cold here
Looking lovely
Hope you had a great time with your ladies
I don't get to do that very much now

Ariane xxxx

The Style Crone said...

Faux fur, boots, hats, gloves, maxis, the black and white dress and the divine colors. So much to love in this post. I concur with your weapons of choice to deal with weather or any other situation in life!

Kitty said...

Ladies purse sounds good to me in hot or cold weather, we had 38 degrees today!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome fur coats!!! I've been on the hunt for one (real or fake)but all I've found in my size look like they've had the mange.

Love your black and red outfits!!

The new maxi with the missoni-like bottom is YOU!!! Can't wait to see it on you!!

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

I love both dresses but the maxi is Vogoff, I mean Vogue, worthy :)

I have tried and tried and tried to find a faux fur fur, but they are a bit swallow-y on me. This weekend I cracked up several peeps in the thrift store when I put on a fabo black faux fur coat, looked in the mirror, and then yelped, "GRRRRRRRRRRRR, I look just like a grizzly bear cub!" Which is what every glamour puss wants to look like, right?

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Dammit, how have I missed all of this utter fabulousness?! Indeterminate beast is where it's at, though there has never been one as gloriously gorgeous as you! I love Doreen's collar, and congrats on the "just right" dress. Lovely under-fur outfits!

Bridget said...
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Joel Salmon said...

I’m such a fan of flea markets! You can always find beautiful things there, like those fur coats. And most of them are one of a kind. What’s your favorite among your fur coats? In my opinion, either of the two looks good. ;] -->Joel Salmon