Sunday 16 December 2012

Let's get busy

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend, all lovely stuff.

Bright brights to combat the winter gloom.

On Friday night, I went out to a cabaret evening to celebrate the birthdays of two friends, Sue and Chris.

Trace and Sue.
Sue, Joanne and me.
Chris and Trace.
I tried to take a few photos but most were horribly blurred, so you will just have to imagine the tap-dancing turkeys, drunk Santa in a shopping trolley, and the fire juggling.
This is Sister Ruth the flatulent nun on her mobility piano, and the rocking band who finished the evening. I was a bit jealous of all the jiving, lindy-hopping folk tearing up the dance floor. 


my sister and her partner arrived for the rest of the weekend.

We took in a jumble sale (which was crap), went into town to do a last bit of Christmas shopping, had coffee, enjoyed the lights, and went out for a delicious dinner at our favourite Chinese restaurant.

That's my sister with the girls, posing with a strange pirate figure. It's obviously a genetic thing, we can't help pulling faces.

Then back to ours for more beers and karaoke, hurray!
Seldom Seen Kid refused to participate. 
Most of the photos aren't fit to be seen, but the girls loved it, when they could wrest the microphones off the adults...

auntie and uncle were kind enough to take the kids out to the park, while Other Half slept off his hangover, and I cooked a big roast dinner and the best apple crumble ever. 
No really - it was.

We put the tree up this evening, scrabbled around doing last minute homework, waved goodbye to our lovely family, and I have been wrapping presents since the kids went to bed.

I'm knackered!
But it's been great.

1960s Tom Jones for California maxi dress - vintage fair
Cardigan and bangle - charity shops
Boots - Ebay
Brooch - gift from my-angel-is-a-centrefold Sarah 
If you haven't already seen it, check out the marvellous Melanie's post here featuring the December edition of her online magazine Vogoff.
You may recognise some of the contributors.
It's absolutely fabulous, darlings!

Hope you have had a successful weekend, whatever you've been up to!



Max said...

Sounds like a great weekend, frantic but fantastic like ours x

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Nothing like a great weekend tokeep you going. Red is a great colour on you.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Fabulous! You look gorgeous! I'd love a go at your karaoke and you'd like Rock Band, I get a perfect score for Heart Of Glass,but there's also The Cure and The Smiths to warble to. Vogoff is a triumph, I hope she does another issue. You look spectacular in it. Keep being fabulous, rather like that pirate who looks like the campest pirate ever! Roger the cabin boy, SeamanStaines etc

Megan said...

Wonderful dress to beat the winter doldrums. Bright colours, flowers, POW! you're happy!

Love you in Voggoff! Such fun!

Helga said...

How totally frigging splendid!
I'm gagging to hear more about Sister Ruth,the flatulent nun.I suspect we could be related.
I haven't been able to load Vogoff at work,I'm gonna be on it as soon as I get in the door today!Melanie is a frigging genius!
YAY for a fun filled weekend,we had a fairly frantic one, a bbq, a wedding and an engagement! Ah, so popular!
I wouldn't mind a little karaoke warbling with the kids,I like to think I'mn a dab hand at it.hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

karensomethingorother said...

Oh so much fun! Who wouldn't love karaoke and beer?!? I mean, singing and alcohol have been friends forever. You look lovely, as always Curtise, and I enjoyed the photies of all your fun.

Krista said...

What a fun weekend you've had despite no scores at the jumble. Love the picture of your sis with the kids, this family knows how to ham it up and be silly for a photo. Why is it that the funniest nuns always do things they shouldn't be, in San Fransico they roller blade through the Castro wearing little more ....well you guess:)

karensomethingorother said...

Curtise!!! I just saw the "December issue of Vogoff" and I am freaking out over how fun it was! What is this Vogoff?!? I'm wildly ignorant. You and Sarah and all the other fabulous ladies look soo sex-tacularly good! I need to be Vogoff-ed! Who came up with that? It's brilliant!

joyatri said...

To think one of the shining stars of Vogoff has such a wholesome family life. It's all just a cover, right?
Have we seen this brooch before? A closer look, please.

Connie said...

Your sister looks like Littlest all grown up! What a wild time and you still manage to look smashing!

bonsaimum said...

Looks like you all had loads of fun. :)

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

What fun. I love a spot of karaoke. Connie is right your sister and littlest are the spit of each other. Vlogoff is utterly brilliant. xx

Young at Heart said...

that's brightened up a dull morning!!

Ivy Black said...

Well, yer outfit has brightened up my day no end. I do love a manuc weekend...especially if it's someone elses!
Vlogoff is inspired!

Anonymous said...

You look great in your colourful maxi dress and this post is full of joy and happiness!!I like the pastel pirate and your daughters and sister are too funny in that photo, I think none could help but posing as Capitain "Hooker"!!
Vogoff is epical and you are one of the greatest contributors, my darling Miss Derriere, it really made my Sunday!!
Love xxxxxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

What a delightful weekend. I had such a laugh at Melanie's post. You ladies all look so fabularse! I love your outfit. You & Vix truly are our maxi Queens. Xx

Melanie said...

Looks like a fab few days and that nun is straight out of Monty Python!

Unknown said...

That cabaret evening looks like so much fun. I love your maxi dress.

lucy joy said...

What a cheerful post -I love it!

That photograph of you with Sue and Joanne is gorgeous - one to get printed.
Nothing better than a weekend where the adults AND children have a great time, and everyone eats well. Add to that looking stunning in a beautiful bright dress and cardi, and all I can say is how can you top that? Christmas looks set to be wonderful.

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

You look fab and I love the brights. Sounds like you had a super fun weekend; I haven't done karaoke since I was 20 but I'm sure it would be hysterical to do now. Could it be you were celebrating your oh so wonderful appearance in the recent edition of VOGOFF?? xoxo

Anonymous said...

Tap-dancing turkeys??? Flatulent piano-playing nuns???
LOLOL I need to party with YOU!!!

Looks like loads of fun (your girls are so cute!) and you looked fabulous in that maxi!

Off to read Vogoff!!

Vix said...

What an action packed weekend and you look so fabulous (love that Tom Jones number so much) despite the fun, boozing & frolics, too.
Your pals look a brilliant bunch and blurred night out photos are a sure sign of a great evening.
Thank goodness someone had a fun weekend, I was almost excited to go to Walsall town centre today and speak to another human being!

Fiona said...

Well hello Clementine Le Derriere, sounds like you've been very busy. As well as all your xmas prep you also bake, dust and ....... surely not when he's got a hangover, or perhaps that's the cure!
Sounds like a brilliant weekend, cabaret and karaoke!
Yay for the cheerful outfit.

Annie said...

That looks like a fun weekend. Friends and family, excellent.

Your maxi dress is gorgeous, these bright prints are just the ticket at this time of year xxx

Diane said...

Very Biba esque skirt - love it. Which is your fave Chinese? Always looking for a new recommendation. xx

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very busy weekend. Your maxi dress is lovely and love you as Clementine le Derriere.

Patti said...

Fun weekend, Ms Fanny! I did read Vogoff and saw a gorgeous dame who looked very familiar . . .

Love your maxi dress - and thanks for sharing all the joy with VisibleMonday.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Sounds lovely, I've not seen enough of my family this year at all, can't wait til Christmas.

Love the 3 for the price of 1 religious festivals lights. I took a picture this weekend of boy2 wearing his skullcap and gazing at the Menorah with Christmas tree in the background - just need an Islamic influence in the family as well now!

Loved Vogoff and all the familiar contributors x

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

I love how you layer your brilliant maxi dresses for cooler weather. Your weekend sounds like so much fun. I love how a bit of alcohol makes us better singers and dancers. Yep, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Vintage Coconut said...

I can surely tell you and your Sister are Sisters. Even if you hadn't told us.... there is no mistaking the resemblance.
I love the pic with her and the girls. That statue lady is AWESOME!

Kylie said...

I'm knackered too, not from fun stuff like you (boo!) but from carrying concrete slabs all weekend!
I've read your 'article" very funny and you look gorgeous (you naughty girl, is that what you wear when you're hoovering and dusting? Much nicer than my tracky-dacks!)
I posted a Chrissy pressie to the little ballerina yesterday, I hope it arrives in time...

p.s. no word on the Jedster til Thurs, will keep you posted Curtise. Thanks for your concern x

silvergirl said...

sounds like a super fun weekend
love "seldom seen kid"
i have one of those as well

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Oh Curtise, you are just sensational in your VOGOFF debut!!! Today I'm loving your bright dress and bright heart, the hints of outrageously hilarious happenings, and best family photos EVER. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I love the fabric in that skirt. Reminds me of Peter Max.
Hope you and your sweet family have a wonderful Christmas!

Unknown said...

oh my busy weekend! but fun obviously!
Love your piece on Vogoff you are so cool lady
That skirt rocks looking fab girl

Ariane xxxx

Unknown said...

oh my busy weekend! but fun obviously!
Love your piece on Vogoff you are so cool lady
That skirt rocks looking fab girl

Ariane xxxx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

OMG I thought your sister was you with hair! She loooks like you and your daughter (just like you)

Love that dress - brilliant.

Great to have a night out - I need one of those - only I don't think I'd last the distance! read: Fall asleep with head on table/in dinner.

Unknown said...

Karaoke!!! WHat are your best songs? Edge of Seventeen? Total Eclipse? Hit me with your best shot? Tell me everything!

LOVE that fab maxi - the print is quite magnificent. Your sister is so much like you - lucky biatch!

Those girls are so bloody gorgeous I can't stand it.

Book me in for karaoke when I move in, ok!

Love your beautiful bones and tender tendons! Sarah xxx