Sunday 23 December 2012

I could have been someone - well, so could anyone

A feeling of calm has descended.
I am ready for Christmas.
School is finished for the holiday.
The Big Shop has been done.
Gifts are wrapped and cards posted/delivered.
The first party of the season has been attended on the Solstice, and a hangover avoided.
So festively far, so good!

I wore my wonderful new-to-me lurex maxi skirt and an obligatory faux fur for the Solstice party on Friday, braving the sparks from the brazier in all my synthetic-fibred finery. I managed to avoid going up like a Roman candle, but alas forgot to take any photos.

This is today's outfit. 
The paisley-tastic handmade 1960s dress is a gift from dearest Vix, and the boots are Arseholes
Aerosoles via Ebay.

I must be in an orange and black kind of mood, I wore this on Thursday.

It rained. Hard. All day. It was dark and grey, and orange was a welcome flash of brightness amid the gloom.

1960s shift dress - vintage fair last year
Cardigan, umbrella and bangle - charity shopped
Boots - Ebay
Brooch - gift from darling Sarah
Tights - retail
Rain - compliments of the season

So I am chilling out, enjoying the fact that it's all under control, the fridge is full, the booze is plentiful, and we have a party to go to on Christmas Eve.

What shall I wear?

I'm thinking either;
a) 1950s black wool dress I bought on my first ever visit to Walsall to meet Vix. It's very plain, but very chic, with a gorgeous velvet and sequin trim round the hem. I think I would wear some very bright tights and high heeled ankle boots with it.
b) 1970s red flamenco-inspired maxi dress, which I don't wear very often, despite the fact I love it.

You decide!

Ah yes, the traditional cat-in-the-Christmas-tree incident...
We have an eclectic collection of baubles, some vintage, all loved. The snowflake (top right) was part of my swap parcel from Alex last year, and the polar bear clutching his Christmas pudding has been our somewhat unconventional tree topper for over 10 years.

I might have fewer opportunities to blog over the next few days, but I will try and catch up with you. I may need your blogs, with all their wit and wisdom and humour and kindness and style, to keep me sane through the festivities!

Have a wonderful Christmas, however you do it.



Unknown said...

"The traditional cat-in-the-Christmas-tree incident", ha! I love it. You look very lovely in the red dress. Not sure what the black would look like on so I think I'll stick with the red. Have a wonderful holiday.

Anonymous said...

The flamenco dress is a must, utterly fabulous. The tree looks amazing especially with the unusual cat

Merry Christmas darling, hope you enjoy all that food in the fridge and flowing alcohol x

thorne garnet said...

It wouldn't be Christmas without a cat up/under the tree.

Red dress, yes, the red one.

Merry Christmas!

Vix said...

I know it's holiday time when Curtise rocks the orange! That paisley dress looks amazing on you, I don't know why every bugger who came to my stall sighed over it and said they couldn't wear it...stupid sods! Love the print on that second frock and man, is your hair looking fabulous? Yes!
Flamenco all the way, baby! It's insane and party like, the black dress is chic and beautiful but the red is talking to me!
Fab Xmas tree and peeping traditional cat.
I'll be around, at the moment all we have in the house is a 24 pack of Stella and a tin of chickpeas, I'll be blogging to keep me sane!

Melanie said...

Love the cat picture! I vote red too and I hope you and yours have a fabulous Christmas!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Have a fabulous Christmas. I would go with the flamenco dress - you look fantastic in red.

Flora Cruft said...

Love the cat in the tree! You should definitely wear the flamenco dress, it looks wonderful on you.

Have a very happy and well dressed Christmas!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Oh, I am no help whatsoever on your party outfit decision - I love them both! Maybe you'll have to just start the evening wearing one, and bring the other to change into. In case of spills, of course.

I love your mini-colour-trends, and both gorgeous orange / black ensembles. You tree collage is very, very dear! Hi kitty!

Enjoy your Christmas, dear Curtise!!! xoxo

Patti said...

No wrong choices on the holiday dress! I favor the black, with its severe elegance, and you can spark it up with your accessories. Love kitty-in-a tree : >

Ivy Black said...

You looking frickin' lush in that Vix do rock a pattern. Defo to the flamenco, a party outfit for sure.
I've had a few cat and tree incidents, she's lost interest now thank snerk.
You and yours have yerselves a wonderful Christmas.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

It's always lovely to hear/read from you. You look stunning in black and orange, I love it all. Those boots are rather amazing. I meant to say when I emailled you back earlier how your cat in the tree incident made me chuckle. Both dresses are wonderful - oh just go for the flamenco one, it's Christmas, you need to dress madly. I certainly am going to.
Have a wonderful Christmas if I don't speak to you before xxxxxxx

The Goodwill Fangirl said...


I love both your day outfits, especially the vintage pin on the cardigan, and both those lovely pairs of boots (arseholes? lol)

We have put our Christmas tree up in stages, waiting to see where the kitten games begin. Nothing breakable on it yet, and she's much more interested in boxes and wrapping.

I love your blog, your style, and you, Curtise. Please keep ME sane during the holidaze :P

Anonymous said...

I always love how you style that vest, or waistcoat you call it? Very flattering and so many ways to wear it.
What cute ornaments on your tree. Love the polar bear especially. That's a symbol my 14 year old son treasured as he grew up. One day when he started 9th grade he subconsciously decided he was done with his stuffed polar bear he'd slept with for 10 years and sleep walked it to the living room couch and left it there. Now it sits up high on a shelf in my bedroom with my sock monkey.
Have a Merry Merry English Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Love the paisley and the first outfit, and your new do is fab. It's tough to decide between the two as a dress on you will always outdo a dress on a hangar, but I do love the Flamenco one, and so very festive too! Happy holidays, Curtise, and glad the clam has descended! Xoxo

Connie said...

Arsehole boots. So funny. Merry merry Christmas to you Girlfriend! Connie*

freckleface said...

I vote for the flamenco dress, it's fab.

Thrift Bee said...

You scumbag, you faggot, you cheap lousy maggot....the red dress wins for me too. (but had you slipped into the black and posed your fabulous Curtise pose, then i bet it would have evened up the voting.)
Love the fact that you havn't got a boring old star or fairy on top of your tree.
Happy Christmas to you and your brood Curtise.

Melanie said...

Oh darling, you are a splendour! I have an image of you doing the twist on your porch and just when the camera snaps, you freeze frame to fake us out. Red red red is my answer for party attire. With lots of bastard jewellery.
Your cat in the tree photois wonderful!! If I had a tree I would think it fitting to put cheesecake on the top.

Louise Mc said...

I definitely think you should knock em dead in red! Have a wonderful Christmas my lovely. Xx

Fiona said...

Love the waistcoat with today's dress and Thursdays lace-up boots with orange tights. Puss peering through tree is delightful as are your decs. I say go for festive red on xmas eve and take your castanets.
Hope it's a very happy christmas for y'all, I'll be looking out for you!

carrievintage said...

black wool dress!!!!!

Vintage Coconut said...

I am pretty sure you will be wearing the red dress as I see like 90% of people are pointing in that direction. I will be wearing a red dress tomorrow too. You do need to show us that cute black wool dress sometime soon. Maybe you can wear it on Christmas day?! IF NOT MAYBE new years!! You look fab in black and orange. =D

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous in your black and orange!!

i say wear the flamenco dress!! There will be pletty of gals in little black dresses but only one hot chick in a flamenco dress!!!

You xmas ornaments are gorgeous--especially the so realistic furry cat one!!

lucy joy said...

Team Red here, definitely.
Well, you do sound super-organised and ready for a few days of excess.
I am looking forward to next year - hopefully plenty of meet-ups and brilliant second-hand finds.

I hope you and the family have a fantastic Christmas, it is certainly well-deserved.

Thank you for your friendship and support this year, it has meant so much,

Lucy x

Trees said...

Merry Christmas lovely!! I think orange is really your colour - you looked fabulous:)

karensomethingorother said... first I was all 'FLAMENCO! FLAMENCO!' but the outfit you described with the bright tights and ankle boots was too much to pass up, so I say go with that!

Good for you for serenely floating toward Christmas!

Merry Christmas Curtise, to you and your family.

bonsaimum said...

I love your orange ensemble-the bright tights really give it a va va vrooom. What cat can resist a good Christmas tree--it's in their genes! I think the red flamenco is the way to go, definitely. Have a rollicking good time. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

The red! So festive!

Have a good one! xxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

You look gorgeous in that paisley outfit....but hey, what's new!!! And I do love that orange frock on you. Those tights look fab. I think you have to go with the red frock. It's festive & you look incredible in it. Wishing you a Merry Christmas dear Curtise. Thanks for your friendship & for always being there with a lovely comment or two. Xx

Max said...

Merry christmas curtise! Max x

CityScape Skybaby said...

I love that paisley dress Curtise, always like a bit of paisley. I'm the most indecisive person ever but I think if you hardly ever wear the flamenco dress and love it, then Christmas is a good time to go for it, plus the red is festive. The black dress is lovely too though! As Coco said, maybe you could wear it on New Year's Eve so they both get an outing? Our Sasha never bothers with the Christmas tree any more, she's getting old now, but Jake makes up for her, there's baubles and half chewed candy canes lying everywhere and the tree is now lopsided with him pulling at it. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas Curtise, and enjoy your party! xx

Forest City Fashionista said...

Definitely the Flamenco Dress!! Have a warm and happy Christmas.

Stacey said...

Merry Christmas! You look gorgeous in all your outfits - I'm loving the orange & black combination!

mispapelicos said...

Have a wonderful Christmas, my ALWAYS gorgeous Curtise.

two squirrels said...

Oh Curtise you are just the most gorgeous lady!!!! Looking so very stylish!!!!
Happy happy Christmas to you and your lovely family.
We hope you have the most wonderful day filled with much happiness and love.
Thank you for all amazing comments while we were on tour, it made the journey so special knowing darlings like you were with us.
Love V&W

Helga said...

I suspect you KNEW I'd go for that!
Well, I bet the calm didn't last long.....hope you got Charlie out of the tree before he electrocuted himself!!!
I have been doing not much more than eating and sleeping, it's been heavenly!O, and getting fairly plastered on Chrissy Eve.HURRAH!
Much love, lucious cakes, can't wait to see what you decided to wear for the partay!

Unknown said...

I wonder what you wore?
Merry Christmas to you dear Curtise

Ariane xxxxx

Mrs. D said...

I how you are having a great time! I love the orange pattern, so retro!
I'm glad you liked the parcel :)
MuchLove xx

Dawn said...

Curtise, Merry Christmas, darling. I hope to God you wore that red dress. It looks beautiful on you and you look beautiful wearing it. The cat in the tree is the best...hence, why I have a stick tree this year that Timothy Winter messed with all eve and day until he knocked it over and was proud. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

Jean at said...

Now I can't wait to see what you actually wore! I know you looked fab, no matter what. XXOO

silvergirl said...

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas
You certainly look fabulous in these outfits
Love all the vintage tree ornaments

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

Hi! I'm Mandy! I found you through Vix and I love your blog. I am in love with the orange and black ensemble.

This year my cat Edie has a death wish out for my tree. Oh cats!

Anyway, nice to meet you. I blog about all sorts of nonsense at, should you like to pop over for a visit :)

Robert Barnsley said...

Happy Christmas Curtise, your tree looks as good as you do. Robert x

Unknown said...

From a place of love and honesty, if you don't wear the red flamenco dress, you are certi-frickin-fiable. You are SPECTACULAR in it!!

Love the paisley - and the orange one is gorgeous (any chance of a close up of the fabric, pretty pleeeeeeease?). Hope you had a marvellous xmas. We need a skype. Well, I need a skype, and I'm very bossy, so that means you need a skype too. I'll get my arse ready.

Love you more than cats in xmas trees! Sarah xxx

Krista said...

I do love orange and both of these frocks show off the color nicely. You always look so put together but still cozy. That is my favorite kind of look:). I do hope you enjoyed Christmas and that you rocked the hell outta that flamenco dress:)

That last few days have been busy. My chill time starts now:) ah yes this feels good.

Unknown said...

Wow you look gorgeous in the black and orange combintaion def your colours. I did chuckle at your cat in the tree photo ;-) I have always been lucky with my cat Timmy i think he knows whats best for him ;-) He has never climbed it. Love your decorations. Im thinking the 70's red dress you look gorgeous. Hope you had a wonderful christmas. Have a great new years eve to, hugs, dee xxx

Caitlin M. Peterson of the (ef)Face said...

Cuuute cat! Those two outfits of black-and-orange are lovely: I rarely wear that combination, but you make it look soooo good I'm tempted to try it! :) Also: tough choice on which party dress to pick...I can see why you're having trouble...but I would go with the basic black frock with some fun tights and a statement necklace. with lots of sparkle.


The Style Crone said...

I'm behind on my holiday greetings and hoping that you and your beautiful family had a fabulous celebration. The red flamenco-inspired dress caught my eye, but whatever you wore I'm sure was the perfect attire for the festivities. You never miss the mark!!!