Wednesday 30 January 2013

Call her green, and the winters cannot fade her

All the snow has been rained away, it's been mild enough to ditch the thermal vest, but I have clung onto my hats, scarves and coats because it's been so bloody windy.

That 30 seconds I spent brushing my hair this morning was time I'll never get back...

The expression is saying to the clouds don't you dare rain on me!

The rain had the good manners to hold off until I had finished my photos, but the wind made all my non-hat-wearing pics hilarious!

And it blew the tripod over.
No camera damage, but a little swearing slipped out...
Hard to credit, I know.

1960s cotton maxi skirt and Clockhouse patchwork suede jacket - Ebay
Cardigan and hat - charity shopped
Scarf - flea market
1980s boot - Second to None (they have more than repaid their £8 price tag)
Green leather gloves - old, gift

This skirt is in my mind's Undecided pile at the moment.
I like it, but haven't worn it enough to warrant keeping it, I think.

It may end up back on Ebay from whence it came.

And I may MAKE a maxi skirt!

I say may, because I am a thoroughly idle bugger who can procrastinate for England, and although I spent all last year saying I was going to start sewing, I made NOTHING. Not one thing.

I have no excuses left. 
I have fabric.
I have a pattern.
I have my Elna.
I have threads, zips, pins, pinking shears, buttons, etc, all stored in 2 lovely vintage sewing boxes.

And now I have a Vogue book of sewing tips to get me out of trouble, courtesy of lovely Norma at rosyragpatch.

Thank you, Norma! I know where to come for help!
(This is a woman who is making a bra! How brilliant is that?)

Here's a quick blast of yesterday's outfit.

1960s Davisella maxi - Ebay
Cardigan and bangles - charity shopped
Boots - retail, sale, old
Turquoise pendant - gift

Yes, the sun was actually shining.

Spring will come, and I'll be ready.

Nothing says Spring like yellow, green and flowers!

Hope you are having a delightful week so far.


Monday 28 January 2013

Making good use

Do you ever feel The Universe is trying to tell you something?

No, I don't really think that actually happens.

 But it is interesting to observe that as I have settled down to the task of downsizing my wardrobe by selling, donating or otherwise moving on my excess, not-worn-enough clothes, I have apparently become incapable of finding any secondhand/vintage treasures which make my heart sing sufficiently to buy them.

No bad thing, I suppose.

So I am making good use of what I already have, while I wait for the Secondhand Gods to provide.

And no, I don't believe in them either.

1970s grey faux fur jacket, 1970s dress and boots - Ebay
Cardigan, hat, and that peek of pink lace petticoat- charity shopped
Scarf - flea market
Knitted flower on hat - school fair
Purple leather gloves - gift from my bestie Joanne

Everything here is well-established in my wardrobe and well-used.

Here too.

I am working the polyester frock and boots look at the moment!

1970s dress, tie cardigan and bangles - charity shopped
Boots - Ebay
Necklace (just about visible) - found in the street
Brooch - gift from Aunty of the Year Sarah 

I went to a vintage fair and a jumble sale on Saturday, and found nothing for myself.

Stuff for the kids, a couple of dresses to sell, but that was all.

Oh well.

I will be patient, the tide will eventually turn, and in the meantime...

Well, I'm not likely to run out of things to wear, am I?

The green shoots of recovery aren't too far away, and this brave little grape hyacinth has made an impressive stand against the snow... did the Ladies Purse on Friday night, out for Tracey's birthday.

Yes, drink may have been taken at this point, can you tell?

I'm over at Patti's being Visible, come and see!


Thursday 24 January 2013

It's wonderful, everywhere so white

I must be having a monochrome moment - all black in my last post, all white today.

Well the dress is silver actually.

I bought this 1960s wool/lurex dress and matching tie-front cardigan at a vintage fair a year ago.


I wear the dress reasonably often, but usually paired with a bright colour.
I figured the all-silver ensemble is a little too much...

...but I'm kinda liking it now though, must be the influence of the snow.
And I think it helps that my hair is brighter too.

The gorgeous soft cobwebby scarf is yet another wonderful gift from darling Kylie, which she sent along with a birthday present for Littlest;

The Hound of Love.

Thank you, Kylie!

1960s Jersey Masters of London maxi dress - vintage fair
Silk pussy-bow blouse, Silver Fox faux fur coat, bangles and belt - charity shopped
Arsehole Aerosole boots (doing a great job in the snow) - Ebay
Scarf - gift from Kylie

 I gradually divested myself of clothing in the garden.
 I hope you appreciate the sacrifices I make for this blog!

Silver Lady!
Without the coat, I feel all Victorian/Edwardian school ma'am or lady's maid.

Please sir, I'm sure I didn't mean to seduce the young Master of the house... 
Pray do not throw me out in the snow, for what will become of me? 
I shall be forced to ply my trade with that hussy Miss Simmonds on the Ladies Mile...

Just look at the amazing Clare
Now this is my idea of historical re-enactment!

Ooh, I'm not taking my coat off again, not for love nor money!


Monday 21 January 2013

For what it's worth

After more snow overnight, we trudged valiantly up to school this morning.

"Last one up the hill's Captain Oates!"

By the time I got back home, packaged up some Ebay sales, and had a coffee, I wanted to take advantage of the picturesque conditions for a photo session.

Yep, channelling Stevie Nicks again.

It's obligatory in this skirt, I'm afraid.

1980s Stirling Cooper sheer pleated skirt and boots - Ebay
1980s peplum jacket and silk blouse - vintage shops
Headpiece - gift
Assorted bangles - charity shops and markets
Red flower - retail  Black flower - gift from darling Sarah
Necklace - bought in Zakynthos many years ago 

No - I confess I did not do the school run in this outfit.

Sheer skirts and burlesque headpieces would garner an excess of side-eye in the playground...

Serviceable home front tweed again.

Come on - it's cold!

And I do love this 1970s wool coat, it has more than repaid its £10 price tag.

Jess and Charlie enjoy playing in the snow.

Charlie hides under the foliage and jumps out to chase any unsuspecting passerby, myself included.

More snow is forecast. 

I just knew this skirt and jacket were made for each other.

I might wear them for my night out on Friday (a friend's birthday).

And the miniature hat - bugger the side-eye!

I'm linking up with hostess-with-the-mostest Patti, since I'm feeling particularly visible this Monday.

And at the risk of appearing to be some Stevie Nicks obsessive, I'm posting this video because her outfit in it reminds me of mine, and because she looks so much like my new blog crush, the very talented and stylish Tamera - take a look at her blog profile pic and see for yourself!

And look!
 I've reached 200 followers!

Thanks to everyone who pops in, to those who comment and those who just pass through.
I appreciate you dropping by! 


Friday 18 January 2013

She looketh well to the ways of her wardrobe

Moving swiftly on from my WW2 Rationing Chic attire, I thought I needed to pull something a little more exciting out of the wardrobe today.

Don't want to bore you lovely ladies, you might not come back - and I would really miss you!

I have had this 1960s maxi for ages but rarely wear it.
It fits well, has a fabulously funky geometric print, I love the colours, and you know I can't resist a maxi - so what's the problem?

I'll tell you.

That high neck is the problem.

It poufs out at the front, which irritates me, and I hate high necks - I do not possess anything with a turtle/roll neck. I don't like the feel of them against my skin. 
I know, I'm just a little freaky like that.

I wondered if I could cope better with the neckline if I shortened the dress into a mini - perhaps there is just too much of a good thing with that mad print?
But then I undid the back zip a little way, and turned the neck in to see how that would look, and I
am much happier!

Now I just need to alter it...

Any advice/assistance gratefully accepted. Since the zip goes right up to the high neck, I think I would have to take it out and replace it with a slightly shorter one, or just move the whole thing down.


There was a little snow on the ground from yesterday, but we have had lots more today, after I took these pics.

1960s D L Barron Crimplene maxi dress - flea market
Cardigan, bangles and faux fur coat - charity shopped
Boots - Ebay
I must say a big thank you to my lovely blog friend Kylie, who is always so kind and thoughtful and sends delightful gifts.

She sent me this hilarious tea towel, safe in the knowledge that I always looketh exceedingly well to the ways of my household.

And the Ladybird book covers contain an assortment of cards made from Ladybird illustrations.

Thank you, Kylie - you are a treasure!

It's been a slim week on the charity shopping front, but I did pick up a funny little object today for £3.

It's a carved wooden sliding book shelf with hinged ends.
Not particularly rare or amazing, but I like wood, and I like books.
The books on it are some of those I bought for the kids this week - the first two Twilight novels for Eldest; Charlie Higson,  Anthony Horowitz and Harry Potter for Seldom Seen; and Paddington Bear stories for Littlest.
All between 10p-£1.
I am so relieved the kids like to read, I am more than happy to scour the charity shops to feed their enthusiasm.

Have a fabulous weekend, my dears - try and keep warm or cool, depending on the conditions!


Thursday 17 January 2013

Cutting the mustard

My, but it's been perishing today.

I got dressed this morning with warmth in mind, since I was heading out with a friend to Chesterfield flea market after we had deposited the little 'uns at school.

Black and mustard! 

These mustard jacquard print leggings were a recent Ebay purchase. At just 99p, they didn't exactly break the bank, but they are more like footless tights than leggings.

Has anyone heard of the brand SuperTrash? I hadn't, so I didn't bid on them because of the label, I just liked the colour.

When I checked out their website, I was astonished at the prices. Their leggings are retailing at £25-40! Is it me, or is that ridiculous?

InWear dress, cardigan, brooch, carved bangle - charity shopped
Metal bangle - gift from dearest Lucy
Boots - retail (sale)
Leggings - Ebay

While I have been telling myself not to buy anything this month, I know in my heart that if I happened upon some marvellous piece of vintage loveliness, I would indulge...

There's no point lying, I know I would.

So maybe it's just as well that the Secondhand Gods have deserted me just for now; I haven't seen anything I wanted in the charity shops, or at the market today.

This month's purchases have been books and clothes for the kids, and that's all.

The outfit's OK.
Don't love it, don't hate it.

But when I saw the photos as I actually spent the day, ie. with my coat on, I laughed my woolly socks off!

I look like I've been parachuted into 2013 from the 1940s, where I had been stoically queuing up with my ration book for powdered egg, an ounce of butter, and a pig's trotter to feed the family for a week.

You see it?
The beret, the tweedy coat, the serviceable boots, and the grim expression...

Or maybe there's a hint of Land Army.
Note the mustard shirt and socks!

My mum was a Land Girl, and used her old, much darned woollen socks as Christmas stockings for my sisters and I when we were kids. 

Paul Costelloe wool/cashmere coat - flea market
Scarf - Christmas swap gift from lovely Sophie
Hat - charity shop
Leather gloves - gift 


It's not a look I really strive for...

I blame the cold weather!

The clip is from Horrible Histories.

Their songs are genius!