Monday 30 June 2014

Divine decadence

My friends Kathryn and Steph had a fancy dress party on Friday, their joint 40th and 50th birthday celebration.

The theme? Anything/anyone beginning with the letter M.

Ever helpful, friends and family were keen to offer their thoughts.
Owen suggested dressing up as a man or the Minotaur.
Other ideas included Mata Hari, Miss Marple, Mr T, Mrs Thatcher, and a malteser.

Thanks for that, everyone.

Margot from The Good Life would have been easy - half my wardrobe qualifies.
Madonna would have been a safe bet.

But at the last minute I discovered other people were using both these ladies as inspiration, which left me with no choice but my old standby...

Liza Minnelli.

 Curtise-with-an-e does Liza-with-a-z.

Yeah, yeah - I know I've done it before but needs must, and at least the costume was all in my wardrobe already. It helps to have a bowler hat and fishnets on standby!

If I look miserable, it's because I was in a right bloody rush to get ready and snap a couple of photos before I went out. And it was just as well I did since I don't have any pics of me at the do itself.

Well, just this group shot!

Heidi's Blonde Ambition-era Madonna was inspired, and a worthy fancy dress competition winner.

Clockwise, from top left;

Mona Lisa (Jane), a mermaid (Ruth), Magnum P.I. (Greg), Medusa (Jude), Marge Simpson (Tam), another Madonna (Alison) and Margot (Claire), and Miss Piggy (Sarah). 

 Marilyn Monroe and Freddie Mercury.
(Kath and Steph, the birthday couple.)

Medusa and Madonna, deep in conversation.

I loved the fact that everyone really went for it; Moses, Marcel Marceau, a second Medusa, and Mortitia were also in attendance. 

Then the dry ice and the glow sticks came out...

and after dancing in heels till 2am, Ms Minnelli needed her bed!

Saturday was quiet; I wonder why?

But Sunday saw me up and out again, this time in Derbyshire with my mum and eldest sister Belinda.

 A gorgeous well dressing in Rowsley, commemorating the First World War...

 and more flowers at the pretty little church.

The date on this beautiful building is 1652.


And then out for dinner en famille.

You know, I could do with an early night or two, and some downtime - I'm knackered!

But I'm never too tired to join the divine decadence that is Visible Monday over at Patti's. I'll be the one in fishnets and shorts! Oh, and since I'm wearing a bowler hat, I'll pop over to Judith's for Hat Attack too.


Friday 27 June 2014

Three have fun in Nottingham


They come, they go, and we're another year older, but we don't really feel any different afterwards, do we? 
I want to say a massive thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes, Facebook messages, texts, cards and gifts. I have been thoroughly spoiled, feel a bit overwhelmed, but very, very grateful and appreciative. You are a lovely lot!

On Wednesday, I headed off to Nottingham for the day with my two best buddies, Joanne and Sue.
We had no particular plans, we just wanted a relaxed and meandering sort of day, and that's exactly what we had.

Robin Hood and timber-framed buildings...

bronze statues...

Nottingham Castle...

and a fabulous view over the city.

The sun shone for our picnic...

and we had homemade rock buns, complete with birthday candle and of course, a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday to you/me!

There may have been G&Ts involved as well.


Then some art...

some vintage browsing...

a coffee stop...

and of course, a selfie in the mirror in the toilets. You're welcome.

1970s Hong Kong-made maxi dress - flea market
Bangles - charity shopped
Sandals - retail
Miracle pendant - car boot
Friends - made them myself 

Obligatory dodgy selfies in the pub; I do love my girls!

I'm out at a joint 40th/50th party tonight (fancy dress - you'll have to wait and see!) and my mum and sister are visiting on Sunday. So I've managed to extend my birthday treats over a week, and have had the loveliest of times.
I'm rather behind with your blogs having been unplugged for a while, but I'll be catching up as soon as I can. 

Have a great weekend!


Sunday 22 June 2014

A touch of blue glistening down her back

I'm not feeling remotely blue, but the dresses of choice have been just that this weekend. 

Left; 1970s Shubette maxi dress - vintage fair
Right; 1960s Sherman of London maxi dress - Ebay
Kimono jacket - charity shopped
Sandals - retail

Yesterday was busy, full of lots of lovely things.

Sheffield city centre skyline.
I was in town checking this out;

a sale in the costume department at the Crucible Theatre. 

If you fancied stroking Kenneth Branagh's coat or sniffing Joseph Fiennes' waistcoat, you could do so. Or even buy them, if you had the cash.

(Only Brits of a certain age will remember Sheffield's own Marti Caine.)
I enjoyed browsing. If they had been selling off any of the Victorian street girl costumes from the production of Oliver! I went to see, I would have snatched their hand off, but alas...

 I did find;

three dresses. Much cheaper (£4 each).

 She looks delighted, doesn't she?
Next stop; Heeley Festival.

Always a joy (if the weather plays nice); we meet friends, buy sweets from our friend Zander, peruse the produce...

lounge about in the sunshine...

admire the view...

meet the animals at Heeley City Farm...

delight in the fact that knitting can be a Force for Good...

...and enjoy the blue-skied vibe.
And finally; a meal out at Thyme Cafe to celebrate my birthday. A little early, but Claudia is away at a Scout camp next weekend, so it was now or never.

Waiting for the bus.

After a few more glasses of pink fizz, the photos degenerated...

but hey, if you can't pull faces with your kids on your almost-50th birthday night out, when can you?

And that, my friends, is that.

Oh, and thanks for sharing my righteous indignation at Vix being passed over for that award; and for expressing a little outrage on my behalf too. I probably make it sound as though people are rude to me and insult my clothes all the time; they really don't (and it's balanced up with compliments too) but I like to tell you when it happens because it makes me laugh!

Hope your weekends have been full and happy.