Friday, 20 June 2014

In the time of chimpanzees, I was a monkey


Time for another red frock, I reckon, to perk myself.

 It can't have escaped your attention that an unfortunate loss occurred last night.

No, I don't mean England vs. Uruguay, although that was disappointing enough.

My wonderful friend Vix wasn't chosen as Vintage Personality of the Year at the Vintage Awards, despite having more sass, originality and character in her little finger than a room full of wannabe repro-wearing fame whores.

Annoyed? Me? Whatever gives you that idea?

Ah well, you can't win 'em all.

However, I was surprised to discover that the public vote counted for nothing. 

Yet I am also delighted to note that Vix led that vote from start to finish; and all without TV appearances, a record deal, or endless tweets. That shows who the real winner is here, don't you think?

 You're our Vintage Star, Vix, and always will be!

 Charlie says balls to it.

1970s Shubette dress, cardigan, shoes, sunglasses, belt and bangles - charity shopped
1970s apple pendant - vintage market
1960s tapestry bag - gift from Gisela
Red wooden bangle - gift from Tania
1950s rose brooch - gift from Vanessa

My neighbour told me he needed sunglasses to look at me this morning. 

I happen to think pillar box red, pink and purple are the perfect combination. the rose
Blendeth its odour with the violet, -
Solution sweet...

If it's good enough for my beloved garden and Keats, it's good enough for me. 

The other day, a woman I know paid me a compliment about a dress I was wearing, then said; some of the stuff you wear is... [pulled an appalled face] but that one's actually nice.

What would you have said?

I chose to laugh, while privately thinking that everything she wears is [pulls an appalled face]. I'm also choosing to share that opinion with you, but not her. 

Aren't I polite?

Vix doesn't need an award to be successful and happy; and I don't need my clothing choices to be approved of by my neighbours or acquaintances.

We're good.

And because I know it will make her laugh and dance, here's a song for Vix!

(Keats and Beck in the same post - can't say I don't cover all the bases.)

Have a great weekend!




mondoagogo said...

Get crazy with the teasmade!

Award ceremonies seem to be designed for industry backslapping, so I've never been able to take them seriously.

That photo montage is gorgeous, I love a good fuschia and I like your red shoes.

Unknown said...

I'm first today? yay! Anyway, I love your style of course, but I know about those backhanded compliments. At a restaurant the waitress said she like my outfit, because it was so hippy! As in flower child! Whatever, I'll take a compliment anyway I can! :)

Connie said...

So funny that you would choose that Beck song. I sing it ALL THE TIME. Now that my kids are older and rarely at home I can sing and dance like I'm on Broadway. You, dear Curtise, are the inspiration of sonnets and poems and deep swoons. You always look heavenly. How dare that old cow dis your clothing. I ran into an old acquaintance the other day who said to me "Now THAT'S and interesting outfit." Mind you, she was wearing khaki shorts and an olive green t-shirt. As I always say, consider the source. We are all a bit let down by Vix's slight. Those dimwits. You certainly gave it your all for her, though. Now I'm breaking into the chorus of "That's What Friends Are For."

Sheila said...

Everyone's a critic - what a rude comment! I adore this outfit, particularly that scrumptious red dress! Boo on Vix not winning! How dare they not count public opinion! Similar to my own "Unlimited Woman" thing, I'm sure - if I'd been able to have the public vote, I would have won too.

Vix said...

Awww, darling! Thank goodness Jon fixed the PC in time. I'm overwhelmed with this and the lovely comments over on mine and Facebook.
I nearly called today's post "I'm a loser, baby" as love Beck's song too.
Loving the colour combo and how beautifully that Shubette dress fits you (Second To None June was the house model for them, I'm sure I've bored you with that fact before!)
Yes, we do what we want not for approval or acceptance as we already know who we are but idiots like that women do pee me off - always having to make a dig.
Have a bostin' weekend ,baby and give Charlie a belly rub from me!
Love you! xxxxxxx

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Perfect wordage Curtise. Sod 'em all. We all know you and Vix are the best. Happy Friday! xxxx

freckleface said...

I happen to agree with you about that colour combination. Had to laugh about that backhanded compliment 'that one's actually nice' and the appalled face. I'd like to see a photo of THAT! Jeepers creepers, this business with Vix has me all discombobulated. You certainly were the best campaign manager and she is certainly a winner. Vot can you do? Life's a beach and then you fry. You look marvellous in red and it's Friday. Two good things for the price of one. Xxxxxx

diaryofapennypincher said...

Love the colour combo, purple with anything is fine by me. Purple with red is stunning! Think I would have politely smiled at your neighbour after that comment about your outfit, they all look great to me!
Gutted for Vix, after all your hard work, there was a hidden agenda after all. Pah, we live and learn!

citybushisland said...

I am SO CROSS with the judges of the NVA, how very dare they pass over Vix!!

As a long term lurker can I just say, you always look fabulous, ignoring those without taste is the best way to go xx

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Curtise,

You look positively siren like in that absolutely fabulous red dress. Killer shoes to match too. Just the perfect pick me up outfit that one needs when wishes to poke the world in the eye.

And, the world definitely does need something of a shake up. It seems totally unfair that the public vote for the vintage award counts for nothing. After all, if it were not for the public then there would not be any celebrities in any field, would there? Vix is a winner by any accounting and you did sterling work as her cheerleader and advertising agent. Perhaps 2015 will be your year.....after the judges have been given a thorough talking to!

The fuchsia colours look so attractive together, you really must find somewhere wonderful to go to wearing today's outfit. It really is sensational. Guaranteed to turn every head in the room! Perfect!

Unknown said...

Great post! Of course Vix should have won, she did indeed win the public vote and that is indisputable! We at Blighty were lucky that in the 'best regional vintage shop - Midlands & the South' it was completely down to the public vote otherwise we might have been buggered! In the 'breakthrough business' we were 700+ ahead of our nearest rival but managed to lose too! You did an amazing job as Vix's campaign manager, well done you! Vix is definitely our winner! x

Sarah Jane said...

I agree, what a sham. What on earth is the point of having a vote if you are going to ignore the results?! Stupids mofo's!! Cartoon angry face;(

Anyhoo, violet and red, why not. Any colour combination is fine by me so long as it doesn't involve beige and mushroom, bleurgh! I actually love lilac and red together. I love how some people think it's fine to comment on other people's apperances. I like people who speak their minds but not when they so clearly have no class. Wish there were more mums like you at my daughter's school xxx

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Sigh, it is a letdown about Vix not winning. And rubbish that the public vote didn't count at all! She remains a winner for all of us!

Love your outfit, and consider the neighbour's words a compliment of the highest order!

Suzanne said...

You look like the walking logo of the Red Hat Society...sans le hat. LOL. I really must try red a bit more. You do it so very well.

That cracks me up about the woman pulling her face. I imagine she doesn't put anywhere near the effort into what she wears as you do and comes off looking ordinary at best. If there is one thing you will never be it is ordinary. And isn't that brilliant?

LOL loved the song at the end too!

Sadly I believe the awards were biased towards commercialism and consumerism. Something we know and are happy is the polar opposite of Vix.


Ivy Black said...

I say bollocks to it as well. She was frickin' robbed. Why didn't the public vote count exactly. Honestly, the commercial side of vintage makes me wanna vomit and swear...both at once.
Still, she is our winner and when we get together next, we'll have a bloody good drink to celebrate.
Love that red frock, you look divine. HAve a splendind weekend, pet.

bahnwärterin said...

this IS a perfect combination!!!!!!
i only roll my eyes when people in (pulled an appalled face) clothes comment on mine...... the same people says in an art gallery "my 5y.old grandchild can do this".........
and now off to my closet if i can copy your gorgeous outfit!!!!!!

Shawna McComber said...

Where to begin?

Red and purple is perfect. It is my favourite combination just as purple with anything is my favourite. Flowers are never wrong.

That woman? I imagined that I said to her, "Did your mother teach you to be that rude or did you figure it out all by yourself?"

You and Charlie are so right. Stupid contest rules, Awesome Vix. What the feck was the voting for if it didn't count? Publicity I guess.

Go forth and be fabulous.

Unknown said...

So our beloved Vix had been passed over despite the public reading and voting for her in droves. She and you have shown a lot of grace in the face of NVA's (and that idiot woman's) idiotic patronising behaviour. What makes people so arrogant? As readers we count for little obviously - but we know authentic fabulousness when we see/read it. Oh well, their loss. You both have more fabulosity in your little fingers than they ever will.

Anonymous said...

Beck is one of my favorites and this song will surely make Vix laugh. We all know that she is THE vintage rockstar! And in a tasteful marketing sense as well.

I love this color combination and your chose the perfect bloom to celebrate your ever-blooming style.

People say the stupidest things. I would have laughed like you and then felt hurt in my own privacy. But after processing the hurt thoughts I would have turned it around and said, "I don't give a fuck what others think." And you know what, I just recently was able to come to this freedom after 50 years old. And some of those times when people say stupid stuff has been the very thing to propel me. I'm thankful for those stupid comments sometimes.
I just love your haircolor right now. It's so rich!

Melancholy and Menace said...

That dress is gorgeous on you and I love the colour combination.

I wouldn't start worrying what people think of your clothes, but what a cheeky mare!

I can't believe Vix didn't win, but she's still not a loser xx

Mrs Bertimus said...

You are both winners!
And as for the is one of my all time favourites and, morbid as it sounds, one of my possible funeral exit songs (it's between 'Loser' and 'Rocky Racoon' I can't decide which). This has been an ongoing conversation between me and hubby for the past umpteen years. Romantic eh!
PS Can't believe I've just told you that, hope you don't think I'm horrid!

Mrs Bertimus said...

You are both winners!
And as for the is one of my all time favourites and, morbid as it sounds, one of my possible funeral exit songs (it's between 'Loser' and 'Rocky Racoon' I can't decide which). This has been an ongoing conversation between me and hubby for the past umpteen years. Romantic eh!
PS Can't believe I've just told you that, hope you don't think I'm horrid!

Natalia Lialina said...

You are BEAUTIFUL! Love it that you take inspiration from your garden, from poetry, from anywhere... That is a sign of a true artistic soul. Which you are!

You were a brilliant campaign manager, and who can be a more awesome candidate than Vix? No one I saw for sure. I think Beate is right - you girls are way too special for a commercial winning. And that's a good thing. You won and will win thousands more times - over our hearts, our imagination. That is more precious than contest winning (even though I would be pleased if Vix had won, but really - just annoying that she didn't, but doesn't change anything).

I rarely can find a clever response to insensitive people. Sometimes I do afterwards. :) Laugh is the best answer. Love your outfit and love YOU!


Peaches McGinty said...

what a load of bollocks! honestly! Vix won the vote, I must be naive here because I don't see why some corporate crap which is dressed up as vintage should over-ride the public choice, it's utter wank - and that is pretty much came out of that woman's mouth (ewwwww) of course you are right to take no notice of her, that's because you are fabulous and always magnificently dressed x x x

Patti said...

I'm with Charlie - balls to all that about Vix not winning (she's the winner in our hearts of course!). Wonderful red dress, and shoes, with a few dashes of purple and pink. You're gorgeous. xox

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Yeh boo hiss to that! The award was clearly for the most techie blogger, regardless of their vintage personality......
Very restrained of you.. Yes i tend to think of such comments as people secretly being jealous that they never managed to step outside their conservative box.. Makes them feel better to knock someone else down.. A form of bullying maybe? Or is that ott ? I generally consider it a compliment!!! X
love fuschias!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Curtise, catching up, sorry i don't comment as much
I love the red and purple combo
Funny people always have a stupid comment.
I don,t get many negative comments if so i don't really care, it will not affect me or change my ways

Your Sal looks so much younger than 50, Na! She's not 50!

Too bad about Vix, but i guess is who you know and who you Mingle with, they are a tight knit bunch at those events, but who cares and fuck them!
Vix is the best!

Lots of hugs


Anonymous said...

What a load of crap the awards are to ignore the people's vote. Says a lot about what really Regardless Vix is the people's us real people) Rockstar. Your dress and colour combination is beautiful, nature has so much inspiration for us. Regarding the comments made to you about your outfit I don't know what I would have said but I burning desire to punch them in the face might have surged up. I recently had someone close to me say they wished I'd wear some regular, real, normal clothes once and awhile.......what the? I'm still left speechless about that one.

Kelly Jackson said...

Well, every one here knows Vix was the winner - the people's choice, truly! And I think it's a bit disturbing that vintage is now expected to brand itself - that makes no sense to me, and couldn't be more removed from what Vix represents, the anti-brand Queen herself. So, there's no title, but, notwithstanding your amazing efforts and Vix's too, whoppdy-do. I bet she wouldn't want to be associated with that concept anyway (and, really, why do they call it vintage personality of the year when they're really looking for a fully integrated brand??). Rant over.

You look lovely, as always, and that colour combo is so very regal. I am astounded at the rude comments you seem to get on a regular basis from friends and acquaintances - quite ratty. Kudos to you for taking the high road. I, on the other hand, have just left land of the rude people and am pleasantly overwhelmed at the friendliness of the locals in the north-west. I could just hug 'em. Xoxo

Frocktasia said...

It is absolutely scandalous that Vix didn't win! I thought it was just a straight up public vote, no bollocks criteria and judges, the whole thing just stinks of mothballs.
As for your neighbour (who clearly suffers from some sort of colour hyper sensitivity syndrome) and the rude scrunchy face lady, just sod em! Your get-ups are always gorgeous so keep on rocking them with gusto.
Have a fabulous

Krista said...

Those dip shits for screwing our Vix! I bet they'll never hear the end of it and they shouldn't! You are such a sweetie for nominating her too.

I think when someone says your rather bright today- nailed it! The red dress has you looking more statuesque than usual and with the purple why you are just like a fuchsia hanging in the garden. Whenever I admire my own blooming garden I think of how lovely yours is!

Goody said...

There's a long standing tradition of taking the campaign staff out to get reaaaally drunk following an unsuccessful election there's the weekend.

People! Oh gosh, where do they get the nerve sometimes? Sure, everyone blurts stuff out innocently-that's understandable, but the calculated digs...for what? I can't understand how a veiled insult would be satisfying. Laughing is good, I mean what else can you do?

Melanie said...

I'm so much a big loser. Yeah, baby. Curtise, you are a huge, huger, hugest winner in that red! Your reaction to the woman's comment is perfect and I'm glad you chose to laugh. If I were feeling catty, and drunken, I might have said, "Oh, I think you're confusing me with someone who cares about your opinion."

As for Vix's defeat, I can't effing believe it. They have some nerve asking for public votes and then trashing them. That's show biz - rigged from the start. Vix is a winner. We all know that. And you are the best campaign manager alive.

Angie said...

She is the real winner and you did a great job. It's once more this fucking system (whatever that means)that shows its ugly face but hey! no battle goes lost and it was a great experience for Vix and you and us,too. Asfor the comment you got from your neighbour all I say is that sometimes we forget that our community on internet wears is way out of what most wear. Our esthetics are formed in totally different ways via blogosphere and most people don't relate. They don't have a point of reference and usually dismiss what's different quickly and easily. But we are here to appreciate so keep on dressing how you feel.

Angels have Red Hair said...

We all know that Vix is the REAL winner ... and so are you ... gorgeous outfit ... as ALWAYS :0)

CityScape Skybaby said...

Love Beck so any excuse to watch him is a good one, also thinking of the Leonard Cohen book here, 'Beautiful Losers', always liked that idea. Who wants to be a winner in the mainstream world anyway, far more interesting to not buy into all that and stand as individuals I think. Though saying that, I did vote for Vix and it's rubbish that the public vote didn't count for anything. Maybe Vix had a lucky escape from the whole thing. And how rude of that woman to say that to you Curtise, one of my bugbears is people who hand out their opinions when you don't want to be like them and didn't ask what they thought because you're not interested. I'm hopeless at coming up with a good answer though, I just try to let it go these days. If someone makes a good point, then fair enough, but a lot of people don't know the difference between honesty and rudeness! xx

Sue said...

Vix will always be FIRST for us!! To hell with some committee, we all know she is the real winner. You look gorgeous in all that colour, my favourites slapped together and so much like the Fuschia. As for the lady that needs to keep her thoughts in her head not falling out of her mouth, well she can go @*#$&%(#)!. As you were, my little rant is done. Have a fabulous weekend and be bright bold and colourful.

Veshoevius said...

Yeah just been over at Vix's and read the news. Bollocks to that. The Vintage "brand" thing really p-d me off.
I think you look awesome in your red and purple! What a rude cow that woman you know is! I don't think I would have managed to be that polite in that situation (I like Melanie of bag and a berets proposed reply above!).

Beth Waltz said...

Oh, that remark by the birdbrain-in-beige fried what little was left of my Christian forebearance! Short as I am, I would somehow have managed to look down my nose at her and sniffed. (I had a great-aunt who was really good at this.)

The skirt of that Shubette dress exemplifies perfect proportions in
length and cut. It's much prettier than certain frocks at the awards party!

Ah, well, one takes comfort in seeing that Vix and Jon had fun, as usual.

Jazzy Jack said...

So gorgeous! You belong amongst the flowers. People are so afraid of colour! We think you shine. Vix was robbed...plain and simple. You are a great friend to promote her. Love your cat rolling on the grass with the ball! XO

thorne garnet said...

she was robbed! Why have a public vote if it doesn't count? Seems very dishonest to me.

Mother of Reinvention said...

You look ravishing in red. I love your frock. Damn shame about Vix not winning. She has amazing style and is a true individual, not some 50's "I am so true vintage" clone with a Betty Page cut and a repro dress. Why even have a public vote if it does't count? Grrrrrrr. Xxxx

Rachel said...

Hmm, jumping out of obscurity to say hello! And that the word 'actually' is the key word in your acquaintance's non-compliment. My reply would not have been as graceful as yours. Something like 'I like to not wear the safe choice', smile.. And glide away. But I am horrid :-)
And Vix woz robbed.

Rachel said...

You look so great in red and you have such a fabulous figure Curtise. I always wear red if I'm feeling under the weather and it always gives me a confidence boost. xxxx

Fiona said...

What's not to love about purple, pink and red...regal colours indeed and the perfect pick-me-up I'd say. How gracious you are when faced with such rudeness, was it that cow from the school?
That vintage awards thing was so contrived and a bit fake by the sounds of it, our Vix doesn't subscribe to all that bollocks, so who's the winner? Hope you're having a lovely

Forest City Fashionista said...

Award, Shmaward - if they would have had a "People's Choice" Vix would have won hands down! You were a stellar campaign manager, and I think your sentence about Vix not needed an award, and you not needing other's approval of your wardrobe in order to be happy sums everything up perfectly. Obviously "that woman" has no idea how to pay someone a compliment.

I think red, pink and purple is a delightful colour combination and matching your garden is very "in" this year ;)

Unknown said...

Charlie is right -"Balls to it!" You are looking a vision in that red and purple combo - a mix that I adore!!!!)and I love to see that nature is playing copy cat. XXX

Olga Rani said...

I always like elegant humour of yours, Curtise! Brings a smile on my face whenever I read your posts. The colour combination of this outfit is one of my favourites and to hell with those who doesn't like it!

Caroline said...

I was going to say you look like human fuschia, then you put a photo of one in and spoilt it. By the way I like that look (no appalled face).

Vix not winning was outrageous. What's the point of a fucking public vote if it's overruled. Just trying to gain publicity and traffic by getting us to vote.

Whoever won must feel a bit sheepish. I'm not even going to find out who won because if it wasn't Vix I don't care.

at my dressingtable said...

Yes it's so unfair about Vix a worthy winner,
You look fabulous in this outfit the colours are divine !!!

Melanie said...

Oh this dress is gorgeous! And the shoes too are lovely.
That was a rather rude remark, double edged compliments are a joy aren't they!
How odd it was about the public vote, what was the point in the first place?

Señora Allnut said...

You're right, dear lady, Vix has got lots of talent and she deserved a prize and some champagne too!
and your dress is so pretty and you wear a so fabulous color combo, oh yeah, purple and red and pink is a magnificent combo! and you look gorgeous wearing it!

The Style Crone said...

I share your feelings about Vix and the Vintage Awards. She won in my eyes, and so did you. For all that you did to make sure that she won the public vote. Plus, you are stunning and vibrant in red and purple!

Becky said...

It was fucked about the popular vote not counting. Rather rude of that lady commenting on your dress... Back-handed compliment! You look great in the red. I am a huge advocate of red in general.