Wednesday 11 June 2014

All the fun of the flares

You all know about me and trousers, right? 

I rarely wear them, and am in awe of women who can find jeans or trousers which fit and flatter. I look like shit in most pairs I try on, and find dresses are so much easier.

I can happily live without jeans, but I do get the occasional urge for pants. 

And since you asked me so nicely, I'll show you the pair I've made - ta da!

Now I might have a face like a slapped arse, but I can tell you I am delighted with these flares.

They were actually pretty straightforward to make. 

There is a zip at the back, which I got in without any difficulty. The waistband ended up being too big; herein lies my issues with trousers, I think. If they fit my hips and flatter my thighs, the waist is always too large. I overcame this problem by threading some elastic through the waistband to pull it in slightly. A couple of hooks and eyes, et voila, my first ever self-sewn pair of pants!

  I need to press the hems a little better; because the fabric is a synthetic knit, I couldn't use a hot iron. I should probably press them with another layer of cotton fabric on top, then I could turn up the heat to create a smoother finish. 

But I'm feeling the 1970s vibe; are you?

Funnily enough, I found some wide-legged palazzo pants in a charity shop last week, which I also really like.

Palazzos, denim jacket, sunglasses and bangles - charity shopped
Hobbs t-shirt - jumble sale
Sandals - retail (sale)

Now, no post of mine on the vexed question of trousers would be complete without the infamous Penis/Labia Pants, would it?

It's been a while since they made an appearance, and there are new friends around these days who haven't witnessed their insane glory.

(Photos from 2012)

They're Valentino, darlings, found in a charity shop for £2; and they are one of the funniest items of clothing I have ever seen, so I had to buy them.

They would be great Pulling Pants - no mixed messages here, the agenda is written all over the pudenda.

How naughty!

Flares - made by me from a 1973 pattern (gift from Vix) and 1970s polyester knit fabric (flea market)
1970s blouse - gift from Tania
1970s apple necklace - vintage market
1980s belt, sunglasses and bangles - charity shopped
Shoes - retail (sale, ancient)

I'd definitely make some more trousers using this pattern, it's easy enough, and a lighter fabric in a floral print would be great for summer.

And this version will do very nicely in the autumn with ankle boots and my 1970s brown leather/suede Sweeney-style jacket; it's too warm for that now, but I'm planning ahead.

Hmm... what shall I make next? Suggestions?

PS. This is a message for Beth Waltz, who leaves the loveliest, most thoughtful and intelligent comments on my blog and many others. Beth, where is your blog? If you don't have one, you should start one, because you are fabulous! Thank you for always taking the time to say something brilliant, I really appreciate it but had no way of letting you know, other than saying so here.



Melanie said...

Rock and roll, Curtise. But do you have the pantylines to make them really authentic?
This is an amazing sew job. Congratulations. I look forward to seeing more projects.
The Valentino pants crack me up every time I see them. They would still look awesome under a tunic, you think? Too good to hide away.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oh my word, Curtise. How fabulous to see those labia trews again. Even more fabulous, though, are your flares. I love em. xx

mondoagogo said...

Those are great! I really want some new palazzo pants -- I was just reminiscing earlier today about a great pair I had in the 90s, they had a double layer of almost sheer fabric, so they were really lightweight but didn't show anything. Great for hot weather -- no chub rub!

I know what you mean about trouser sizing, I've recently been taking in all my trousers because they're too big around the top, but they have to be or else they don't fit on my legs! I usually just hack a hand-sewn running stitch about an inch in up the middle back seam, or else an inch or two over the hips, it always looks fine actually. Except on some things. :)

Gracey the Giant said...

I can't believe you made those pants! They are wonderful.

And I'm jealous you found a pair of palazzo pants long enough; they are always too short for me!

freckleface said...

Yeah, baby! Excellent work. I love dresses best of all but sometimes trousers are good and you look mighty fine, i mean MIGHTY FINE in these flares. Honestly I can't believe you and sewing. It's a whirlwind romance which is going to end with an eternity ring. And as for your punani pants?! Simon better behave himself. You could pull in about two seconds flat in them! Only kidding, I know all is lovely on the home front. You look wonderful. Xxxxxx

Vix said...

Yay! Curtise made pants and they are frickin' fabulous! How gorgeous do you look in them? Your legs look about a million miles long.
Dresses feel good but trousers feel bad ass especially when they've got bastard massive flares.
You definitely need to make more or maybe those hotpants.
Love the chazza'd pair and of course the insanely rude pulling pants.
Beth Waltz rocks!
Love you! xxxxx

Unknown said...

Hello Curtiae!

Not commenting much these days!
Ah! pants, i have the same problem, i don't like pants very much and i have a problem with the fit and i too prefer dresses, a lot more eaisier to wear and find -
But i must say i love what you did, they are perfect, this is what i like to wear too -
I own pallazo pants too, i love them



ArgentGal said...

Curtise, your handiwork is spectacular! Now you've got me thinking about trying a pair...

That Valentino pair leaves me utterly dumbstruck. They're truly awesome and truly awful all at the same time.

mispapelicos said...

Absolutely fabulous, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I never seen better looking trousers.

mispapelicos said...

Absolutely fabulous, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I never seen better looking trousers.

Kezzie said...

I am ALL over those trousers Curtise!!!! Love them! (Where do you live? PLanning a trip to Sheffield to burgle you...) They are super! I've always loved big flared trousers as they are the best for my shape- (I have the same waist hip issues as you). Wish I still had the 70's flares I was given as a teenager still x

Unknown said...

Love them! I am so ready to make my own pair, if I can ever get my sewing machine fixed! :)

Unknown said...
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Vintage Coconut said...

You look Stunning in those pants Curtise. I would love to wear pants like that but I am afraid due to my shortness they would make me look stubby. UNLESS I wear them with some platforms. ;) Now that's a good idea.

kobieta niewidzialna said...

I like this style (70's) very much. Nice outfit. :)

Patti said...

Well done, fabulous creation, Curtise! It's fun to look at all the 70's trousers (that I wore and loved, all polyester, mind you). The trousers you thrifted are v. cool too. xox

bahnwärterin said...

thats how pants should be done!!!!
great work curtise and you look fabulous in them. very much charlie´s angels.....
and you made me want to try pants again - not only for climbing/skiing.
that valentino thing is cool!!!!!

Asparagus Pea said...

Christ on a bike! (As we like to shout in Wales) - have you found an appropriate social occasion for those bad boys. Or should i not ask? Obvs i'm not talking about the lovely tasteful numbers that you knocked up!

Señora Allnut said...

palazzo pants are definetily my cup of tea, they're swooshing and cool and you look adorable wearing them.
Love your new pants, they look fresh and flattering, and so pretty with that red shirt. And also love your floral pants + striped t-shirt combo, it's a fabulous combo!
Obviously, I was a huge fan of Charlie's Angels when a child, as many of my girlfriends, we even played the roles as a game, so naif!!
besos & juegos

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Oh, well done Curtise! I LOVE your trousers/pants/palazzos...they transcend the language barrier, LOL. You didn't tout your horn on this, so I shall....EXCELLENT pattern match...the rows carry horizontally perfectly! And yes! Use a quite damp piece of cotton, an old pillow case is great, to prss the hems! Love, love the red on you too!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

You look AMAZING in longs mate - great pair of pins you've got there lucky you!!
You are a genius sewer/sewist. I thought you were a beginner! They look brilliant. Love seeing the labia pants again. SO funny. x
Going to quickly hit publish before my computer goes offline like a a bastard. x

Anonymous said...

I was going to bring to mind the infamous vagina pants! Or labia bells...whatever we called them back then.
You really did a great job! This is the kind of thing I want to make eventually but I don't even remember how to put a zipper in. I made some super ugly pants in sewing class but I chucked them into the garbage after class.

What I would really like to do is make the same flared jumpsuit I made in the 70's in junior high sewing class. I bet I could even find the pattern on line!
You look totally awesome in this style!

Sheila said...

Agog that you sewed those! Wonderful job - they really look amazing. I love this wide leg 70s style - it's so much more flattering, and your waist looks teensy! LOL at those Valentino pants. Holy smokes.

Goody said...

Well done! And a zipper-that's serious sewing. Any fabric left so you can make a matching waistcoat? Maybe a headband? Anyway, I'm envious because they make you look like a skyscraper (in the best possible way).

I'm not envious of the obscene pants however. Amazed, but definitely not envious. Makes you wonder who bought them originally.

Val said...

Fantastic! How could I not like a post with palazzos and pudendas?

Your palazzo pants turned out great. Maybe this is just what you need for trousers - no worries about making the thighs fit, so one less thing to worry about.

Jean at said...

These pants are the perfect alternative to maxis!! Congrats on your sewing prowess. My computer was loading at a snail's pace, so seeing the first picture was like a reverse strip-tease, totally enticing. :-) I've got a pair of polyester/crimplene bellbottoms that I recently thrifted, which I must copy!! Thank you for the reminder.

You look gorgeous. XXOO

Krista said...

I feel the same way about Beth thank you for mentioning her. I too have wanted to let her know., such a sweet woman!

My god you are are fire with that seeing machine! The flares are so flattering , why you look like one of Charlie's Angels! Do make a flower pair will you. I wish I was in the graduated to a pattern club, I'm such a lazy ass when it comes to sewing but I did get a pattern Cristi promises to help me with. Wish me luck.
Love you

Olga Rani said...

As far as I know pants are not that easy thing to make. And here you are showing off perfectly fitted pair made by yourself. You look fabulous in this pants paired with the red blouse. And the Valentino pants? Quite a unique print, can understand why you couldn't resist to buy them.

Sue said...

Well done on the pants!! You look excellent in pants as you are so slim and tall. Are you feeling the love yet?? The pulling pants are hilarious, but that may not be what you are after! Agree about darling Beth, she needs a blog!!!

Melancholy and Menace said...

Such a lovely new make, the fabric is gorgeous. You've done a great job.

You look great in trousers too.

Oh my God! Those pants are hilarious, I bet you get loads of passing stares and comments when you wear those.

Have a perfect day Cutise xx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Love the pants ... I love the top on the same pattern too ... I think you should make that next :0)

Peaches McGinty said...

Your flares are excellent, truly flaming excellent! gorgeous!! you must be so chuffed with them, they really do look fabulous on you, palazzo's I adore too, like a kimono for legs, extra waft is always good - the labia/penis pants, oh my goodness *stands up and applauds* they are just brilliant, I would want the Bee-Gee's as my musical backdrop though, imagine the strutting! x x x

Anonymous said...

You look all so 70s glam, a la Lauren Hutton, in those pants - well done! I think wide-leg pants are eternally swish, so it's nice to see you embracing them. Xoxo

Forest City Fashionista said...

You are become a SEWING MACHINE! (see what I did there...) The flares are amazing, and very flattering, especially with the belt and fancy blouse. I discovered the joy of palazzo (or "swishy")pants in the last decade and am always looking for new ones. They are the best summer pants!

Always a treat to see the Valentino crotch celebration pants ;)

Bobbi said...

Great pants! They look amazing on you. I hope you do make more. They will be nice for winter, especially if the Polar Vortex reaches over there. The pair you found are cool. You should wear pants more often - you have the long legs for it!
Those crazy print ones...hilarious! Hard to believe that someone designed and sold them for loads of cash!

Anonymous said...

Well done ! I love the pants and woud like to see more sewing projects !! Sewing is so much fun ... most of the time ;-)

Virginia at A Sewing Life said...

Wow. Wow. Amazing pants, wonderful job, but the real star of the show is...your long legs!! Make more!

Suzanne said...

The Valentino pants where fireworks are coming out of your nether regions are insane! LOL

Your palazzo pants turned out great. I like the belted solution for the waist. I often find I do the same thing.


Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Stunning trews Curtise! Straight out of Charlies Angels! They are just perfect on you. Isn't it satisfying when it all goes right? xxxx

Mother of Reinvention said...

Your trousers are absolutely amazing. You certainly give Marlene a run with those gams. The palazzos are fabulous and as for the pundenda pants, I was ending myself when I read it (I was on the bus to work at the time). I have serious envy of your superb trouser fitting skills. They are not an easy thing to make and yours are sublime! xxxx

Shawna McComber said...

I am so impressed! These look amazing and you can brag that you made them! I have written a blog post about coveting palazzos though I haven't posted it yet I like how your flared pants have a smooth front; that's just what I need. And this really shows off your tiny waist! I used to have a tiny waist and then I had a child.
Fabulous! I can't say it enough!

Mrs Bertimus said...

Those flares are amazing! I once made a pair of trews and they split the first time I sat down! I have never dared make another pair.
You rock x

Mrs Bertimus said...

Those flares are amazing! I once made a pair of trews and they split the first time I sat down! I have never dared make another pair.
You rock x

Becky said...

These pants are all fantastic!!

Beth Waltz said...

I've no blog, not even a decent digital camera. However, your kind words and those of Krista have -- to quote Blossom Dearie --"touched me deeply, especially the cactus corsage..."

I've never learned to knit and I'm finding tags, and email, and icons equally entangling. But I'm motivated, dear Curtise. Please have patience while I read the instructions. Again.

Anonymous said...

OMG, at the sight of those Valentino trousers I nearly fell off the chair!! What a brilliant find, pure chazza gold! Your home made flares are absolutely divine, such a great pattern and beautifully styled (as usual!), and please tell us again why you hardly wear trousers, with those long fine pins of yours?!

Miss Magpie said...

Flare-tastic sweetie!

at my dressingtable said...

Curtise you look gorgeous in trousers !, I love the trousers you made they are fab !!!and the charity shop ones too.
you are so clever, I have that trouble with trousers if they fit my hips and bum the waist is so big, have a good weekend my dear xxx

Fiona said...

Labia, penis and're going to get some serious pervs stumbling across your blog now Curtise. I just had a look at my search keywords but disappointingly the only slightly saucy one was 'men's thong'! Anyway I digress, your hand made trews are amazing! Incredibly flattering on you my dear, not shit-like at all...and what neat darts. I am in awe and feeling even more stupid than I thought was possible. Sew, what's next ??? xxxxx

Unknown said...

Your flares are bloody brilliant! I'd love to wear pants but pants hate me and I have come to terms with that. But you have inspired me to try and make my own so that they fit my, ahem, "unusual proportions". And how can I have missed those crazy vagina pants! Thank God I have now seen them now. I am complete! XXX

Porcelina said...

You are SO CLEVER to have made those!! I have the same problem with the hip/thigh fitting and then the waist being too big, or vice versa. I have a couple of pairs of 20th Century Foxy's Swing Trousers, and they fit OK, but it's really hard finding things on the high street that fit.

You look fab! P x

Jayne H said...

Get you in your home sewn palazzo pants, they are fab and the bloggers who sew are impressed so they must be a good job. The flowery ones with the stripy top are lovely too. I must have a go at making an actual garment. xx

Trees said...

I couldn't agree more with your comments about Beth - she has left me some very sweet comments! Also thanks for reposting the penis pants, I had nearly forgotten about them (how COULD I?) they are a classic! Look at you now, making your own flares - rock on!! I have the exact same problem you do with RTW trousers - I had a discussion about it with some of my sewing pals and we soon realised none of us could fit RTW trousers - who are they actually made for?

Diane said...

Labia Kex? I thought I had missed a whole fashion trend out !! I love your home made ones and the Palazzo trousers. Great fabrics. xxx

Veshoevius said...

Well done on the trousers! They look great! I remember watching Charlies Angels as a girl and being fascinated by the clothes. I am really into palazzo pants in bright prints right now - so comfortable and just fun to wear really.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Deep bow here ...congratulations on creating your first pair of trews and what a success they are!!! The fabric is amazing. My Nana had an entire collection of flares in that thick, synthetic knit, in a myriad colours, some of them fluorescent. You did an amazing job and what a brilliant idea to pop in a bit of elastic to pull the waistband in a tad to define your waist. Most women I know have the same problem with pants, mine is that they're usually too long in the body. Isn't it uncanny how blogger friends pick out stuff that you want to wear or use to death? I'd love to see you make one of the tops in the pattern, I have a similar one to the shortest one in Vix's pattern already cut out and ready to sew. The Labia Pants!!! You can borrow my Miss Camel Toe tshirt to strengthen the lady garden theme if you like. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

PS. Oooh yes, Beth Waltz I love you too!!! xx

Melanie said...

Wow, you did so well! I would never attempt trousers. I have a pair of silver and black polyester flares but I never wore them and now can't even get them on! They are quite something. I look forward to seeing what you sew next xxx