Friday 30 September 2011

It's frocking hot!

I wasn't prepared for this little heatwave we are having.

I had my winter legs on - unshaven, since I didn't expect them to be on display for the next six months at least, and deathly white. I like to call it the Mr Tumnus look, but I fear it won't catch on.

Oh and covered in scratches, courtesy of our kitten Charley scrambling up my legs with those baby claws out...

Can't be too cross with him though. Look at him!

So this is all by way of explaining the frock-over-trousers affair I'm wearing.

 1960s floral print dress (vintage fair), white linen trousers (ancient), Art Company wedges (favourites), bangles, sunnies and flower (charity shopped), 1970s beaded bag (flea market), leg hair (unseen, grew it myself).

You will be relieved to know I have since rectified the situation, and slapped on a wee bit of fake tan to take the blueish edge off the pins. Just in case you were wondering.

Had a lovely morning chatting with pals, as I often do on a Friday, then a quick charity shop dash, where there was nothing really inspiring, but I did find;

                               I do like old padded coat hangers. 30p each.

          Bright pink opaques, £1. Ready for when the legs need covering again.

Cleavage enhancer, £2. Hahahaha! Not for me, that would be ridiculous. They will be a prize next time the girls and I do the pub quiz. The quiz is so difficult, we never win. By way of  consolation, we have a little lucky dip of prizes which we bring along ourselves, and whoever gets the most correct answers wins the lot! 

Hope all you lovelies have a hot'n'happy weekend!

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Triple pleasures and treasures

 So Saturday saw an unprecedented cornucopia of vintage loveliness here in Sheffield.

Three events, all on the same day, and I was there - without kids, hurrah!

First up was this one, where I bumped into several folk I know, including the lovely Elodie.

I know Elodie as she has gorgeous twin girls in the same year as Smallest Child. But I did NOT know she is an artist who produces amazing quirky illustrations with a wry humour. AND she is the epitome of French chic, in addition to her talent.

 All manner of retro loveliness. And a wall of misery pic there for Vix's collection.

Next was Judy's Affordable Vintage fair, which has events all over the country. I did most of my shopping at this one.

                            Wondrous vintage frockery as far as the eye can see.

How I adored these maxis, but I couldn't do the zip up on any of them. Damn those bosoms!

That's the joy of  vintage linens - they always fit! Tablecloths, pinnies, tea towels and crocheted blankets galore.

 Oh look, it's that kid with her puppy again, and a fiery Spanish senorita. This stall was brilliant. And look there, who is that titian-haired minx in the middle?

              Remind you of anyone? But of course, it's Her Royal Hotness, Helga!

 Sarah would love the poncho. This stall had gorgeous things.

The third and final fair, with this lovely young lady helpfully pointing the way.

 More more and yet more. I think even I was flagging by this point.

So what on earth did I buy?

                                  1960s homemade maxi dress, 1970s dolly dress, and 1960s button-through shift dress

                                                       1960s floral dress, 1970s lurex wrap blouse

Everything fits but not sure they are all keepers. I will style 'em up and you can let me know what you think.

And what did I wear for this vintage marathon?

1970s angel sleeve maxi (Ebay), blue beaded necklace (mum's), 1970s beaded peacock bag (flea market).

I do look tired, don't I? I was. The dress drew quite a few compliments, despite the tomato and basil soup I managed to drip on it at lunch. Grubby bugger. Didn't even notice till I got home. 

And I have next door's waste pipe coming out of my head (nice) due to Eldest Child's poor photography skills. She needs lessons from Desiree's Stylist.

Just for all you cleavage whores out there... And who among us isn't?

Or as Middle Boy likes to call it - Boob Crack. Charmed, I'm sure.

Don't tell the PTA. I'll be kicked off for indecency. Hahahahaha!

Sunday 25 September 2011

Dirt and scrub

Sometimes life can feel a bit like it's dirt and scrub* all the way - it felt a little like that today, possibly due in part to the post red wine head I was experiencing.

It's not a glamorous life I lead. Jobs included;

  • De-nitting the kids. Again. Always a joy.
  • Clearing up the jar of honey my 7 year old dropped on the tiled kitchen floor. Mmmm, picking shards of glass out of runny honey - aren't you jealous?
  • Washing washing and more washing, accompanied by downpours of rain so I couldn't get it dry on the line.
  • Harassing/cajoling/nagging/supporting the kids about their homework. I didn't have homework at their age, for goodness sake, and look at me, I'm a genius.

    You get the picture, I was out of sorts.

    However, as the headache faded, the day looked up.

                  There are still some roses and fuchsia left in the garden.

          There's something very satisfying about a full line of washing - or is that just me?

      And I am now shipshape and bristol fashion, ready for the week ahead!

    Well helloooo sailor!
    I don't wear trousers much these days, and looking at these pictures, I can see why!
    Think I should pull my belly in a bit more... Especially since seeing Kitty's last post, have you SEEN her?! 
    Nothing's vintage except the scarf, but trousers, T-shirt, waistcoat, sunglasses and ring all charity shopped or car booted and dirt cheap.

    And just so that you can appreciate the difficult circumstances I am working under, here is Smallest Child meandering across my shot. It's all very high tech here, I take the photos on self-timer with the camera balanced on the ironing board, and children milling about under my feet and laughing at me. Kate Moss wouldn't put up with this, would she? I'm working with amateurs here.

    * Dirt and Scrub is Smallest Child's homage to The Wasteland. It goes;
                      "Dirt and scrub, dirt and scrub
                       There'll be no more fun at all."
    This is intoned in a slow and serious voice.  No laughing allowed. Poetry is a serious matter.
    The child is touched by either genius, or the odd stick, jury's out so far.

    Haven't had chance to photograph my scores from yesterday's triple vintage fair extravaganza, but I will, I had a great day.

    Hope you have all had the most marvellous of weekends. xxxxxx

    Friday 23 September 2011

    Not one but two

    I had a great morning chin-wagging with friends over copious coffee this morning.
    In order to do this in proper Friday style, I wore;

    So I started off being sensible but got a bit giddy. Well it is Friday.

    1970s German-made polka dot peasant dress (vintage shop); tights, belt, ring and bangle (charity shop), Jones lace-up boots (Ebay), red woven earrings (present from the lovely Sarah), ridiculous expression (all my own work).

    I got a few looks on the walk to school as usual, I am getting used to that. There's nothing particularly eyebrow-raising about this dress, is there? Skirt-raising, maybe.

    One of my charity-shopped bargains I bagged the other day was this red and black wool dress by Kay Bee of Leicester.

    Not much hanger appeal, as I believe the phrase goes. But I love the label, and look, the dress still has a brooch in place, presumably just where the previous owner left it. For some reason that makes me rather sad.

    Now it's a little big for me but I'm hoping that with the addition of a belt, I can work the whole Mad Men look. What do you think?

    1960s Kay Bee of Leicester 100% virgin wool dress (£5), belt and sunnies (charity shop), 1960s Jane Shilton handbag (vintage fair). Can't get the bloody pattern on these tights to sit straight, oh well.

    You must see the resemblance! Joan and I - it's like looking in a mirror. Yeah, I know - dream on!
    Ahh, Joan, she's sooo gorgeous.

    Sheffield has 3 vintage fairs happening tomorrow, what are the chances of that happening? I am determined to work my way through them all, but have a restricted budget, so I must NOT peak too early.

    Wish me luck, and I hope you all have a fine weekend.

    Thursday 22 September 2011

    Mermaids and leopards

    I was intending to head to my favourite Thursday flea market today but ended up doing the rounds of a few charity shops instead.

    Here's what I wore.

    Look at Charley, our new kitten, showing you his bum... Don't know what I'm looking so smug about in this photo, perhaps it's the fact I am wearing my favourite skirt, and the jacket makes me feel as though I should be in an episode of the Sweeney. And I have just observed that I need to wear a black bra with that top... Oh well, you won't be looking at my boobs, will you? The kids call this my mermaid skirt, and the pattern does rather look like fish scales. The Ebay seller I bought it from was selling off old stock from a fancy dres shop; this isn't fancy dress, it's every day wear, right?

    1970s brown suede/leather jacket (had it years), 1970s lurex scallop maxi skirt (Ebay), black/tan heeled brogues (Ebay), 1970s scarf, sunnies and black Jesiree top (charity shopped).

    When I got home and took some photos, I had a rush of blood to the head, and wondered what the skirt would look like with my faux fur leopard print jacket. I have usually worn this wonderful skirt with plain tops/jackets, I felt she needed to be the star really, but what do you think? Too much?  

         1970s leopard print faux fur jacket (flea market). Damn red-eye removal not working, I look hungover.

    Charley thinks the leopard is going to eat him, so he's high-tailing it out the door. That puss is a wuss. Actually, I had to take him to the vet this week (he's fine now). Thankfully I won't be making any Mrs Slocombesque references to my poorly pussy. Apart from that one, of course. Helga, I can hear you guffawing from here!

    I brought a few goodies home.

    Another 1970s pussy bow blouse (£3) - couldn't resist.

    And yet another 1970s polyester blouse (£3). Look at the groovy collar! I love the colours and the print.

     1960s (I think) Ladies Pride turquoise skirt suit (£6). Not sure about this one, love the fabric and the skirt fits well, though may ditch the rather boxy jacket. Although it has wonderful metal filigree buttons and braid detail...

    Hope you've had a good day!