Tuesday 27 September 2011

Triple pleasures and treasures

 So Saturday saw an unprecedented cornucopia of vintage loveliness here in Sheffield.

Three events, all on the same day, and I was there - without kids, hurrah!

First up was this one, where I bumped into several folk I know, including the lovely Elodie.

I know Elodie as she has gorgeous twin girls in the same year as Smallest Child. But I did NOT know she is an artist who produces amazing quirky illustrations with a wry humour. AND she is the epitome of French chic, in addition to her talent.

 All manner of retro loveliness. And a wall of misery pic there for Vix's collection.

Next was Judy's Affordable Vintage fair, which has events all over the country. I did most of my shopping at this one.

                            Wondrous vintage frockery as far as the eye can see.

How I adored these maxis, but I couldn't do the zip up on any of them. Damn those bosoms!

That's the joy of  vintage linens - they always fit! Tablecloths, pinnies, tea towels and crocheted blankets galore.

 Oh look, it's that kid with her puppy again, and a fiery Spanish senorita. This stall was brilliant. And look there, who is that titian-haired minx in the middle?

              Remind you of anyone? But of course, it's Her Royal Hotness, Helga!

 Sarah would love the poncho. This stall had gorgeous things.

The third and final fair, with this lovely young lady helpfully pointing the way.

 More more and yet more. I think even I was flagging by this point.

So what on earth did I buy?

                                  1960s homemade maxi dress, 1970s dolly dress, and 1960s button-through shift dress

                                                       1960s floral dress, 1970s lurex wrap blouse

Everything fits but not sure they are all keepers. I will style 'em up and you can let me know what you think.

And what did I wear for this vintage marathon?

1970s angel sleeve maxi (Ebay), blue beaded necklace (mum's), 1970s beaded peacock bag (flea market).

I do look tired, don't I? I was. The dress drew quite a few compliments, despite the tomato and basil soup I managed to drip on it at lunch. Grubby bugger. Didn't even notice till I got home. 

And I have next door's waste pipe coming out of my head (nice) due to Eldest Child's poor photography skills. She needs lessons from Desiree's Stylist.

Just for all you cleavage whores out there... And who among us isn't?

Or as Middle Boy likes to call it - Boob Crack. Charmed, I'm sure.

Don't tell the PTA. I'll be kicked off for indecency. Hahahahaha!


Vix said...

Phwoar, nice boob crack, love! They look brilliant (the fairs and the boobs). I'm toying with starting a Spanish wall next, I keep buying sexy senorita prints.
That doll is Helga's twin , what a beauty.
Love all your purchases and some of those glorious frocks you tempted us with. Can't wait to see your delicious bod rocking them all.
There's one of those Judy's fairs on in Brum at the weekend, may be a possibility...hmmmm. xxxxxxxxxxx

Helga said...

G says "nice rack"! Cheers for that lovely cleave shot,it woke me up better than my coffee,darling!!MMMMMMMMMMMM!
Freakin' LOVE the frock you wore,totally GORGEOUS!(as are YOU)
And all those lovely scores you came home with!!SQUEE! Don't the bloody boobs irritate when they simply won't fit into a pretty frock.Story of my life!It's the only thing I look for,if it gets around the boobs,then I don't even look at the rest,it'll be just FINE.
O,"boob crack" is so tastless.Right up there with "funbags",which I LOATHE.



Helga said...

O,and love the Helga doll!!It really IS! You might want to market that concept.You'd make a killing!!!

Debberoo said...

I love, love, love reading about your adventures and seeing all the photos however I do feel you cheated us slightly by not including a photo of the soup (in the bowl not on your dress).

Also until you actually start paying first daughter for her photography skills (and I know you didn't) then I'm afraid you can't be complaining about sprouting waste pipes. And yes I am trying to earn Top Auntie brownie points from said first daughter.

Krista said...

You totally got me at Boobcrack!!!!!! You are funny! I think this dress is beautiful on your gorgeous figure. Glad to find your blog among all these fabulous women! I admire your commitment to buy second hand for a year. You rock!!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Hahaha - boob crack! Boy2 is obsessed with my boobs, he'd appreciate that dress. It looks wonderful on you - and if it disguises tomato and basil soup, all the better! So glad you're up for the swap!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Hooray for boob crack!! You are so lucky to get yourself to not one but THREE fairs on your tod - what a bloody awesome haul you gorgeous gal - yes booboids can be quite a problem! Mine seem to have decided to grow again - at 43? wtf? Hell's bells you've picked out the most amazing, gorgeous gear and I cannot WAIT to see you styling them up - I LOVE what you wore for your photographer:)). Can we go to the next fairs together? I'm sure a 28-hour plane ride will be no problem for me;)) xoxoxo

Vintage Coconut said...

Gosh I wish we had a vintage craft market here! The stuff you bought is great. I love it all and can't wait to see you in them. I think my fave is the 1970 dolly dress then the 1960 button through shift dress.

Nelly said...

I want want want the senorita so bad,was she expensive?I dunno how people can sell all those lovely dresses but I must do it soon myself.
Doesnt helga look great in spots? lolLove what you wore and boob craxks are allowed amongst us gals lol.Little bit of envy from some tho

Ivy Black said...

What a wonderous collection of rummagings. I love the senorita and I used to collect those Helga dolls when I was young...I wish I still had them!
That's a gorgeous dress haul and I do like the dress yo have on...I wish I had enough boob for a crack like that!x

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

Just found you via Vix - I love all your clothes, what an amazing wardrobe you have!

Unknown said...

SO GORGEOUS! I love that maxi you are wearing and I ADORE the one you bought! You look absolutely, utterly FABULOUS and you totally picked me - I was already eyeing off that poncho! What a gorgeous day.

Sarah xxx

Leah said...

Wow, these are some great finds! I can see you're a great thifter! Lovely blog as well, now following..

ps - If you would like to discover more vintage love, check out my blog.. www.couturearabesque.com

Kitty said...

That last pic of you is SOOO cute, love it!! Your boobs are as good as mine I reckon, LOL! But we know what it really means-we will never be size 8, even if the lower half of us could be. Very jealous of your fuschias, we can't grow them here as its way too hot, the only place for them in Aust. is Melbourne or Tassie (land of the frozen). tell me, are the 'affordable fairs' much cheaper than the others??

Lisa said...

Nice finds! I L-O-V-E the senorita painting above the titian haired figurine. Looks like a good time was had by all!

mispapelicos said...

I love it all. Can you tell I am drooling, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh???