Thursday 22 September 2011

Mermaids and leopards

I was intending to head to my favourite Thursday flea market today but ended up doing the rounds of a few charity shops instead.

Here's what I wore.

Look at Charley, our new kitten, showing you his bum... Don't know what I'm looking so smug about in this photo, perhaps it's the fact I am wearing my favourite skirt, and the jacket makes me feel as though I should be in an episode of the Sweeney. And I have just observed that I need to wear a black bra with that top... Oh well, you won't be looking at my boobs, will you? The kids call this my mermaid skirt, and the pattern does rather look like fish scales. The Ebay seller I bought it from was selling off old stock from a fancy dres shop; this isn't fancy dress, it's every day wear, right?

1970s brown suede/leather jacket (had it years), 1970s lurex scallop maxi skirt (Ebay), black/tan heeled brogues (Ebay), 1970s scarf, sunnies and black Jesiree top (charity shopped).

When I got home and took some photos, I had a rush of blood to the head, and wondered what the skirt would look like with my faux fur leopard print jacket. I have usually worn this wonderful skirt with plain tops/jackets, I felt she needed to be the star really, but what do you think? Too much?  

     1970s leopard print faux fur jacket (flea market). Damn red-eye removal not working, I look hungover.

Charley thinks the leopard is going to eat him, so he's high-tailing it out the door. That puss is a wuss. Actually, I had to take him to the vet this week (he's fine now). Thankfully I won't be making any Mrs Slocombesque references to my poorly pussy. Apart from that one, of course. Helga, I can hear you guffawing from here!

I brought a few goodies home.

Another 1970s pussy bow blouse (£3) - couldn't resist.

And yet another 1970s polyester blouse (£3). Look at the groovy collar! I love the colours and the print.

 1960s (I think) Ladies Pride turquoise skirt suit (£6). Not sure about this one, love the fabric and the skirt fits well, though may ditch the rather boxy jacket. Although it has wonderful metal filigree buttons and braid detail...

Hope you've had a good day!


Vix said...

Lurex is definitely day wear, what a waste to keep that glorious maxi for night time when hardly anyone would be sober enough to appreciate it.
It looks splendid worn with the Sweeney's extra jacket or with the amazing fake fur although poor little Charley looks petrified of it.
Loving the new finds, the pussybow is divine. I an see where you're coming from with the suit. My Grandma used to call Ladies Pride "a make for old ladies" but worn seperately both pieces would kick ass. Skinny jeans with that jacket and Bonnie Yyler with the skirt. xxx


Oh-em-gee, gimme that skirt!


mispapelicos said...

I cannot stop looking at that wonderful skirt.
Ant what to say about your charity shop finds???

Vintage Coconut said...

*Under the sea, Under the sea*
I LOVE your mermaid skirt, it is absolutely gorgeous. Your leopard faux fur is blinking gorgeous. I am looking for one myself... so far no such luck. Some diva must be snatching them all up.
You bought up some great stuff.

P.S. Little Charley is freaking fur cute!

Helga said...

Guffaws-yes! And I went straight back to look at your boobs again after you mentioned the bra....YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!
Freakin' LOVE that skirt!! I often find funky 70's in the fancy dress section.Weirdos. Lurex fish scales of joy,darl!! That coat is rather sublime,also!!
O,but EEEEEK! over your fabulous scores!!Those blouses!!Drool!That suit!Tres Slocombe!!! Divoon,darl,I'm so envious I'm bloody well going opshopping after work and I'll show you what for.
ha,Charley is probably full of bloody beans like Pee Pee.That tart has galloped over us 10 mins to the alrm 2 mornings in a row,dammit.And a visit from Mr Wallopy didn't put her off.Grrrr.You can talk about your pussy anytime.....I'm ALL ears!

Kitty said...

That lurex maxi would be one of my faves if I owned it, for sure, and no, it's not too much with the fuzzy jacket...too much is never enough! As for the blue suit, I think it depends how you wear it, huge shoes and big funky accessories would give it a fab twist.xx.

Debberoo said...

Well I was going to tell you in the firmest of tones that Mermaid and Leopard most certainly do not go together but upon further study of the photo I discover they flipping well do!

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