Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I went to London, and all I took was one lousy photo...

I don't know what happened, I just got carried away with chatting and eating and drinking and looking and laughing - I completely forgot to take any photos, apart from this one which Patsy took of me in the Moroccan restaurant we went to on Saturday night.

We had a great time; went for sushi and windowshopped in Knightsbridge, visited the V and A museum (sadly the fashion/clothing section, my favourite bit, was closed for refurbishment but the jewellery displays were some consolation) and went to the aforementioned Moroccan restaurant.

Given my uselessness with the photos at the time, it's just as well I had already taken some pics of this dress.

I was planning a post about the Fear of Yellow, as discussed by the wonderful Sarah Misfit here, hence the photos. I bought this dress a while ago because I LOVED the print and the fact that it is a perfect fit, but had been a bit anxious about wearing it. Why? Fear of Yellow, I guess. But if you can't wear a yellow daisy/scallop print dress on a sunny day in London, then when can you?

 1960s California maxi dress (Freshman's vintage shop), jewellery and sunglasses (charity shopped, flea market or gifts)

On Sunday, after a leisurely breakfast, we hit Brick Lane, which was heaving but rather wonderful. So many vintage shops, mostly a bit expensive for me, but with some beautiful stock. And so many different types of food on offer, it was hard to choose. I saw the most beautiful 1950s dirndl dress in a pop-up vintage market, which fit me well and was just gorgeous, but at £75 it was way out of my league. I had a little tear in my eye at leaving it behind though.

We loved The Shop on Cheshire Street, an exquisitely presented vintage shop with a stunning array of clothing, accessories, and linens. Gisele Scanlon has some lovely photos of the shop here on her Goddess Guide website.

It was here that Patsy and I worked out a handy little arrangement. She bought me a dress and I bought her a handbag, which is our mutual Christmas present buying done and dusted, and consciences are relieved all round. Aren't we clever?

Here's a sneaky peek at mine. As you can see, I'm rather taken with this orange/mustard/brown/white colour theme at the moment.

I had a nautical moment too.

These were picked up from a street stall.

And this was what I wore (again the photos are from another occasion). This 1970s maxi dress was made by a dressmaker at Ocean Terminus in Kowloon, Hong Kong as part of a cruise collection. 

I bought it from a stall at Chesterfield flea market, the stall holder had bought some other pieces from the collection from the owner herself, but this was the only item she had left. I think I might have loved every piece, and the lady must have been exactly the same size as me because it fits perfectly.


The bright print generally draws some side-eye and/or comment. London was no exception, but the comments were all good.

                              At least I was easy for Patsy to spot in the crowd.

Even the lovely manager of the hotel we stayed in said he liked my colourful dresses - how sweet is that?

 1970s maxi dress (flea market), denim jacket (charity shop), Moda in Pelle flats (sale 3 years ago)

So I had a ball, I must say a big thank you to my lovely friend Patsy, who I am attempting to convert to the Vintage Way (the bag was just the start), and I can't wait to do it (or something similar) again.


lucy joy said...

These dresses are absolutely stunning! It does help having the perfect figure to show them of, your proportions are perfect.
Sounds like you had a great trip,I'm like you, love looking at the vintage shops, but cant (and won't) pay their prices.
You clearly brightened a lot of peoples' day with your gorgeous ensembles - was your friend green with envy?

Krista said...

It's ok you didn't take pictures you were too busy wooping it up and that is what is most important! I love both of these maxi's on you especially the orange and blue one! I would have to stop you on the street and tell you how you make the world a better brighter place. I also love that bracelet you picked up, beautiful!!!!!

mispapelicos said...

I adore the sleaves in the yellow dress so much. I adore both.
I am soooooooooooo glad that you had such a good time in London that forgot to take pics.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I know that shop on Cheshire street - it's packed to the gunnels with gorgeous stuff isn't it? But you're right, very pricey. Gorgeous dresses both of them. Yellow, brown and orange is one of my favourite colour combos. xx

Vix said...

I love that pensive photo of you at the top, you look so beautiful.
I'm always forgetting to take pictures, fun gets in the way.
Those dresses are divine, I'd definitely come over and admire you if I saw you out and about, you looks so elegant in everything.
My friends are all converted to the vintage way, poor sods have no choice with me being all evangelical about it. xxxxxxxx

Helga said...

SQUEEEEEEEE!!! Those 2 maxis are to DIE for awesomecake!Holy shit,you look gorgeous,they fit beautifully!I bet any looks oyu get are cos you look so damned GOOD!
It's easy to forget to take pix,but I'm much better at it these days!Once you're a blogger,you find more and more that a camera is glued to your hands!
Gagging for a look at the nautical number!Yummo!
Not many of my friends are converts to the vintage way,just Nix,really!How strange is that? My blog friends are my only friends with sense!!!

Patti said...

Your vintage maxi dresses are fantastic! I wore some similar the first time they came around in the 70's and I like them again. Sounds like a smashing trip : >

Unknown said...

Are you frickin kidding me... YOU LOOK AMAAAZING! I ADORE that first maxi and the colours are perfect on you and the SLEEVES!! The second one is also marvellous, fits you like a dream and the print is SPECTACULAR! So glad you had a wonderful weekend in London - wish I could come too!

Love, Sarah xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

Well Hello Fabulous!
You look freaking fantstic in both of these frocks (My Gosh) they are rather lovely aren't they I can't even decide which I LIKE BEST.
It sounds like you had yourself a grand trip. I may be going on a out of town day trip at the end of the month. I am excited cause I love thrifting in different towns!

Debberoo said...

sigh, what a lovely weekend :)

Nelly said...

I love want both those dresses and yes you too can wear yellow.Yay! I love that cuff you got as well xx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I'm glad you wore the yellow because it looks freaking awesome on you! No wonder you got side glance in the red frock it's so colourful and stunning.

Glee said...

Aw, you must have been carried away by London´s beauty then. I´m sure photos are the first thing that would be in my mind when I visit a place.

I love all these dresses, especially the yellow one. :)

Unknown said...

I love both dresses but the red, blue maxi is my favorite, looks so good on you! I would like to go back to London one day, i went a long, long time ago - You Brits are such lovely people! And i as can remember London was a lovely city to see, one my favorite cities on the old continent!

Ariane xxxxx

Scarlett said...

All your dresses are a treat for the eyes, im also a huge fan of nautical print so that little snippet of fabric looks exciting! I also have a fear of yellow ;o) Scarlett x

Kestrel said...

Wow - your red and blue maxi dress is beautiful, what a fab print.