Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Wainwright Stuff

In her recent post, Scarlett of Scarlett Loves Elvis asked what hidden gem we had found while car booting/charity shopping which might be worth a bit more than we paid for it.

I don't know whether it's worth a lot, but I am very excited to have discovered this lovely piece hiding its light on the fancy dress rail of a charity shop.

It's a 1970s black wool maxi skirt by Janice Wainwright. I confess I hadn't heard of her when I spotted the skirt, but I knew the fabric was good quality, the hem is properly edged, and the label looked expensive. So I googled the name when I got home and found some information about the designer here, written by Liz at emmapeelpants, so thanks to her.

The skirt was made between 1970 and 1974, since that's when the Forty Seven Poland Street label existed.

How does it look, 40 years later?

Worn with 1970s silver lurex wraparound top (£5, vintage fair), bangle (from lovely Vix), trashy pearls (charity shop, £1), flash of black bra (free and gratis, you are welcome)

                                          Worn with ancient lurex vest, had it for years.

                                Worn with 1970s lurex cape top (£1.99, I think, Ebay)

This classic early 1970s skirt is obviously demanding to be worn with lurex, and who am I to argue?

Yes, clothes can talk!

Now it's telling me to do a little dance. So I am.

The skirt is in great condition, apart from a few little scuffs on the hem, but there is a down side.

It is soooo long that even at 5'8", I have to wear my killer heels which I struggle to walk in. Though I do love them.

And there's one more thing.

It's too small.

Can't do the damn button up!
Does it matter?
What should I do?
Try Ebaying it? Or wear it, and fashion some sort of loop to hook over the button? Or just leave it as it is, and hope it doesn't fall off at an inopportune moment?

Thanks, Janice. This skirt may not be one of your fancy embellished pieces, but any friend of Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell is Ok with me, and I'm loving your work.


Unknown said...

It's such a perfect, classic piece, just wear her and love her and bugger if the button doesn't close - who cares!? Not me!

I adore all of your looks - ESPECIALLY the beautiful cap sleeved top!

Sarah xxx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

It's a beauty! I'm constantly wearing things that aren't the right size. I just hide it! I have yet to meet a talking piece of clothing but yours has good taste with all that lurex ha ha.

Em x

mispapelicos said...

I love, love how that skirt loves your body, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Definitely wear it. I like it with both tops, and the boots are magnificent, too.

Vix said...

It looks brilliant, what a find! Velvet demands lurex. I can't tell you how much I love that cape or those divine ankle boots.
Keep it and pin it. Don't let anyone else get their grubby mitts near it. xxx

Nelly said...

Look sso good on you You mustnt sell it lol.I have way too many yummy thing sthat dont fit me but am kepping them for the kids (ha any excuse will do)

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Adore the skirt with all that lovely lurex. Yup, I'm with the others - you've got to keep it. You can buy those loopy button things (sorry, dunno what they're called). I had one for my trousers when I was pregnant.

Debberoo said...

Your so glam! I think we need a video of the little dance though.

I caught the first episode of this new series the other day and thought of you :)

lucy joy said...

Definitely a keeper. It's so flattering
and subtly dramatic. It fits you, it just doesn't do up - that's the way to look at it. You could only say it was too small if it wouldn't budge past your thighs!

Vintage Coconut said...

Absolutely keep it! It looks gorgeous on you. *wow wow wow*
And the tops are all so sparkle-pretty-ness *lol* Adore your boots also.

After seeing your post I want to go shopping. hhaah

Scarlett said...

Def a keeper, looks so fabulous on you! You could get one of those button and hook thingys but i would just go with hoping it doesnt fall down. You look amazing and love the shoes. Scarlett x p.s thanks for the link ;o)

Unknown said...

ooohh it just skims and accents your figure so well. I would just pin it at the back and wear it ;-)) Im loving the silver lurex top to you look gorgeous. dee xx

Helga said...

Yeah,keep it!!! You look so frigging sexy in it!!! I would never have guessed it didn't fit! Too bad!
I aodre it and I adore how you're wearing it,and especially how it clearly makes you feel fabulous despite not quite fitting!!! Gawd that lurex top is hot,and I always enjoy a bit of bra peekaboo!!YEAH!!!

Kitty said...

If you love it, keep it, just fix the button, make a loop with elasstic or something. Vix sent me a fab black velvet maxi and I'm keeping mine, it's a bit too small just like yours.xx.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Ooh it's really lovely, so versatile. When I was just pregnant (bear with me!) and clothes were not quite doing up, I'd just attach a hair elastic to the buttonhole and loop the other end around the button, would that work? I may also have been known to do that when I have just been pigging out a bit....

Please may I? said...

I would keep it as it's fab. I adore the boots too.

X x

Krista said...

How did I ever miss all these lovely outfit posts. I am in love with the sparkly silver wrap. You are a tall delicious glass of sophistication. Gorgeous sweetie!

A Fantastic Thing Happened....! said...

Coming soon, all Janice Wainwright's collections, video filmed back in to the day, on 'youtube' or a dedicated website!!