Sunday, 9 October 2011

Oh happy day

Much oohing and ahhing and squeaking were heard on Friday afternoon in this house, on receipt of a fabulous parcel of goodies from the wonderfully generous Vix.

There was a big clue as to who the parcel was from right there on the front!

Check out the great stuff she sent Lakota. Vix's care packages are legendary indeed.

And check out the great stuff she sent me!

A book (love a thriller), brass jewellery which belonged to Vix's mum, tights, stick-on sparkle beads, cute drawstring pouch, and 2 brilliant little toys which were Vix's when she was little. Isn't she the BEST!
Ooh, and a cheeky Playboy card. Don't worry, I won't be recreating the pose.

The kids (including me) adore this little cat who catches the magnetic mouse! And behind, you can just see a 1960s tie-dye wraparound maxi skirt, which I will show in all its glory in another post.

AND - ta da!! A 1950s dress suit - Vix said she found the jacket at a jumble sale a while ago, then found the dress to match just recently. What are the chances? The jumble gods LOVE that woman.

It took sturdy foundation garments and will power, but I'm IN - hence the smug face.

Another cat muscling in on the camera action. The house is full of them!

I was out on Saturday night sporting the dress suit at Sheffield's gorgeous Lyceum Theatre.

The Lyceum was opened in 1897 as a traditional proscenium arch theatre, but closed in 1968. The building was then used as a bingo hall and rock concert venue, before falling into disrepair and closing altogether in the 1980s. Despite its listed status, there were apparently plans to demolish the building, but thankfully it was renovated and reopened in 1991.

It is so beautiful inside; unfortunately, I was told off for taking photos, so had to stop after these two. I should have asked why it wasn't allowed but just put my camera away, I'm so well-behaved. Do you think it was the influence of the ladylike 50s outfit?

A friend had bought me a ticket to see the Soweto Gospel Choir as a birthday present. It wouldn't be the sort of music I would usually go for, but it's good to keep an open mind, and I really enjoyed it. Gorgeous harmonies, great voices, lively, colourful, and full of soul. That's fine with me.

So this Sunday, in a totally non-religious way, I say "Oh happy day" and celebrate, friendship, gifts, beautiful things and places, music, and soul. Amen to that!!


Sacramento said...

That dress had your name on it. It fits you like a glove.

Vix said...

Those pesky furballs get everywhere, don't they? Blog-hoggers, they ought to write their own.
That suit fits you like a dream and brilliant choice of leg wear, too! Glad you liked your surprises.
The Lyceum looks gorgeous, I bet Wetherspoons would love to get their mitts on that building.
Amen to friendship and fabulous people! xxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Fabulous gifts from Vix (I'd expect nothing less!). Love the dress on you. Blimey, I lived in Sheffield in the 80s - no idea where the Lyceum was though.

Helga said...

omg WHAT A WONDERFUL 2 PIECE!!yOU LOOK AMAAAAZING!!! Whoops,got a bit shouty there! How freakin' crazy to find it in two seperate jumbles!!Our Vix is truly a legend!
That Lyceum building is gorgeous!Poos to no photos,I reckon it WAS the 50's meek and sweet influence!!!
MEOW! Love and fur

Unknown said...

OMG she is truly legendary for her care packages. AND OMG YOU LOOK FRICKIN AMAZING IN THAT GORGEOUS 50s SUIT! Sorry for YELLING but COME ON! How frickin gorgeous are you!? I love that little kitty toy and can't wait to seee you in the maxi! Yay for Vix! And yay for you!

On a side note, I am SICK of being told that I'm NOT ALLOWED to take pics and I am also going to start asking WHY? Public places are OUR places!

Love, Sarah xxx

Kitty said...

Gorgeouss gifts from a gorgeous gal! Doesn't she just always pick the best stuff for us?! That cat toy is so cute, straight to the pool room I say!

Vintage Coconut said...

*Ahhhh* What lovely Gems from Vix!
You look absolutely fabulous in that suit.
(I know what you mean about getting your pic taken in public) I am not comfortable with it either. I am usually looking like a deer in headlights whispering in a tight lipped mode "Hurry and snap the picture". lol

Nelly said...

Vix is a treasure with treaA sures and wolf whistle is in order in that outfit xx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Vix a lovely gal isn't she. That suit is amazing and that playboy card is pretty darn cool too.

Krista said...

Holy moly that suit was made for you! It's gorgeous! Vix sends the best treats huh! The Lyceum is over the top beautiful and Sheffield is where Joe Elliott from Def Leppard is from (yes I was a Leopardeete) Good for you for snapping a few!

Scarlett said...

Vix is so the fairy godmother of blog land, she is such a sweetheat and you received a fabulous parcel. I agree with everyone that you look amazing in the suit :o) Scarlett x

Unknown said...

aawww what a lovely parcel bless her heart. You look amazing in the twin piece and wow that Theatre looks amazing i adore old buildings there is so mucg wonderful detail in there glad you were able to get a couple of photo's. And happy belated birthday wishes, dee x

Unknown said...

Hi there, thanks for your comments, so sweet of you, love your dress and the thights oh la la very sexy! love it

Lucky you to get such nice stuff from Vix, she is such a peach this girl, love her to death!


Kylie said...

That is the most beautiful outfit. You wear it well. What a lovely pressie from Vix.
I think the interior of The Lyceum looks like a wedding cake.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Curtise, apologies! I followed ages ago - you know that - but somehow your blog dropped off my dashboard, so I see I've missed a ton of posts. I was only alerted to this post because I saw it on Vix's sidebar, I've not been ignoring you on purpose, I swear! I have reclicked follow and you are definitely there now, but something strange had happened.

Anyway, amazing parcel once again from Vix - how unbelievable to find the two halves of the same suit in different places!

That Playbot - ha, typo - pose is brilliant - I dare you!