Thursday, 20 October 2011

After the Goldrush

A bright but chilly trip to Chesterfield flea market this morning demanded a bright yet warm outfit.

As I have been doing a lot of colour lately, I decided to try something different - black and gold.

I bought the dress from one of my favourite stalls on the market earlier this year, but thought it was a bit big for me. So I tried, but failed, to sell it on Ebay, and now I am keeping it; with the addition of a belt, it fits fine. It was too nippy to wear it as a sleeveless frock but put a black top underneath and hey presto - sleeves!

Black and gold isn't a combination I do much, I usually go for black and silver, but I like this!

And a girl needs a bit of leopard for company on a cold day.

                              Much side eye at school. Can't think why.

Youngest Child's teacher said I looked like a 70s rock chick dating Mick Jagger. She clearly hasn't seen Vix, who has the Rolling Stones groupie look nailed to perfection!

I think this is more a blend of Bet Lynch-meets-Mad Men, but I'm open to suggestions!

1960s black and gold wool dress and leopard print faux fur jacket (Chesterfield flea market), boots (Ebay), stripey bag with wooden handles (Ebay), belt (charity shop)

                   Assorted charity shopped and market stall bling, and the little cuff was from Vix.

I thought of using Gold Dust Woman as the title of this post, but I'm not really a cocaine-snorting rock chick kind of girl, despite what the teachers at school might imagine...

So I have headed for the calmer waters of a bit of country folk; just love those harmonies. 

And if I ever give up the hair dye, I want my grey hair to look as beautiful as Emmylou Harris'.



Debberoo said...


I've been contemplating giving up the dye for a few years now, really wish I'd never started but on the other hand I was scared the officials would say "no baby for you" if they saw my true grey in all its glory.

Do you watch Rachel Zoe by the way?

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Very nice outfit indeed, not too scary for the school run at all. Mind you, I am immune to leopard print and don't consider it 'out there' in the slightest. I am still trying to find a suitable replacement for my late lamented leopard jacket, I have others, but they don't quite compare to the original. I really like what you've done with the dress.

Kitty said...

I'm going for 'grown-up Marianne Faithful with a bit less drugs'. Might have to borrow 'side-eye', btw, I love that phrase.xx.

Vix said...

That dress is fabulous, what is the matter with eBay buyers, eh?
Love the huge tan belt, the cute shopper and the added sleeve appeal and obviously the coat, it is so rock and roll and totally fabulous. Sure beats those "yummy mummies" I passed today in their Ugg boots and identikit beige cashmere.
People always say my Mum was the original Stones groupie, she wore leather skinny jeans, bleached hair and a giant fake fur coat until the very end. I learnt from a master!

Krista said...

I love this dress on you and what a great idea to put the shirt on underneath, I thought it was part of the dress. I never heard the term side eye until I started blogging and I love it, you must be doing something wrong if you don't get it eh? The faux fur is killer, your kids must love you, they have the "hot" mom!

Curtise said...

I feel I need to acknowledge that "side eye" is a trademark Sarah Misfitism.
I have appropriated it because it's so bloody good!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Really enjoyed listening to Dolly et al. Thanks for that! Another fab outfit, Curtise, and really loving the leopard. Must dig mine out - perfect for the school run methinks. xx

Helga said...

No wonder you got "side-eye",you're probably the most interesting and sexy looking thing those sad arse mamas have seen in a loooong time!! yeah,I think Kitty is right,you look rather Marianne Faithfull without the drugs!I adore this frock,it's a sweetie,and a win that it didn't sell,as you look fab in it!The coat is amaaaaazing!!!EEK! Love the stripey bag thrown in for good measure!Love you,actually!You're rather DIVINE! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Vintage Coconut said...

Big *OOOOO AHHHHH* for that faux fur coat. (GAWDDD I love it) I came across one last week and wanted it so badly.. but the Hubs made me try it on and I was sort of swimming in it. (BOOO)
Hopefully I find one that fits at some point in the near future. lol

Your whole outfit is great (Nice boots)too!

lucy joy said...

Quite a luxurious 'pampered mistress' look.I adore anything shiny, furry and WISH I had a waist.
Another winning combination, those glances were PURE ENVY!

Have a great Friday.

Lucy x

Nelly said...

Love it and love your posts you can style outfits very well

Unknown said...

FABULOUS! I love the frock - love how you've layered it with the belt and boots and I ADORE the jacket. You're a total rock chick diva!

Love, Side-Eye Sarah xxx

Vanessa Mercado said...

you rock!!! love your outfits!!! it looks nice on you and your gorgeous!!! i am happy that you were't afraid to try outfits such as these.. i admire you so much!!! usually people like you don't wear much like these but you are really outstanding.. i looove you!!! enjoyed your blog..following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too...kissess!!!!


two squirrels said...

The coat is spectular, you look great in it. v

mispapelicos said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I Want your belt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Have a grand weekend,

Frocktasia said...

Hello my dear,
congratulations you've won the boho necklace in my bohemian giveaway. Please e-mail me your address on and I will pop it in the post for you on Monday. Hope you are having a fab weekend!
Lot's of love,