Tuesday 13 October 2015

Those fallen leaves lie undisturbed now

Blue and brown.

Not the most dramatic of combinations, you might say, yet I've found myself wearing it a couple of times this week.

As with most colours, it depends how you wear them, I reckon. And you can't go far wrong with some Seventies style.

C&A Clockhouse suede patchwork jacket and boots - Ebay
1980s Windsmoor pleated skirt, 1970s leather bag, hat, jumper and top - charity shopped

I didn't possess a single jumper (sweater) till I bought this one for £1.49 in Barnardo's.  It reminds me of the sort of thing I wore in my mid-teens in the 1970s, especially with a midi skirt.

I should have put my turban on to complete the look.

1970s cape sleeve maxi dress - gift from Vix
Boots - as before

I do love a floaty Seventies sleeve.

Look, I'm all misty and autumnal. 

Thank you for all your good wishes and optimism regarding my interview. It went OK, I think, I said what I wanted to say (although it might not have been what the panel wanted to hear, of course). I haven't been told the outcome yet, but I'll let you know when I hear.
I'm late again for Patti's Visible Monday; fortunately she's a very understanding hostess!


Porcelina said...

What an utterly gorgeous maxi! I'm a sucker for those kind of sleeves too. Can't wait to hear the interview outcome, everything crossed for you!! xx

Vix said...

You know how I love that patchwork jacket and the caped dress fits like a dream. Those boots are perfection.
I only own one jumper, too. Such a better word than sweater, isn't it?!
I'm keeping everything crossed for a positive outcome. Hope they let you know soon so we can crack open a bottle to celebrate during tomorrow night's TV textfest!
Love you! xxxx

thorne garnet said...

Sweater does sound wrong, sweatshirt, even worse. From now on, I'll be saying "jumper" and nobody around here will know what I'm talking about

Goody said...

In Nebraska a "jumper" is what you call a pinafore (or someone flinging themselves off a bridge). Whatever you call it, it looks lovely on you. You only own ONE?! How do you keep from freezing (asks the woman currently wearing not one, but two cardigans)?

I like brown and blue so long as it isn't in the very light tones of either. The pale blue/milk chocolate combination never did it for me. The dress is killer-probably the perfect example of how to do brown and blue.

The jacket was a real find-now find me one, OK?

Good luck with the job.

Patti said...

I love floaty sleeves too, and that's a lovely 70's style dress, Curtise. The changing scenery looks wonderful too. Fingers crossed for you, and xox


bahnwärterin said...

love the sweater/plissé combo!!! would wear it too every day in the autumn!
the cape dress would be overwhelming - but on you it is a stunner - perfect with your long lean lines!!! fab print! what a gorgeous gift from our vix!!!
i often think of how it will come out with your new job - all fingers, toes and paws are crossed!!!

Kezzie said...

No jumpers/!?!?!?!?!
The floaty skirt was wonderful! And those sleeves!!x

Beth Waltz said...

Thanks, Curtise, for reminding those of us who dwell in lands requiring at least one drawer be crammed with sweaters/jumpers, lest one freeze, that a truly intense blue warms een the coolest brown. And how lovely that those handsome toasty boots look good with both outfits!

Suzanne said...

You're looking lovely. I quite like blue and brown. It's funny how I've started to finally get back on board with 70's style again.

I do hope you get the job.


Sheila said...

I love your jumper/sweater! I find it really hard to thrift sweaters that don't make me look boob-tastic. That dress is awesome.

Connie said...

Except for your chic bobbed hair - seventies hair was a bit of a mess you must admit - you look like you stepped right out of Biba. Fab!

Melanie said...

What are you eating? Or drinking? Or reading? Whatever it is, it absolutely agrees with you. There are so many incredible photos of you in this post. And I love the '70s pics you have put together - oh yes, I remember these illustration styles vividly. True glamour.

Lisa said...

Polka dots are always a winner.
The dress is a perfect wear for it's autumnal shades.
Buy more jumpers is my advice and make them stripy.
Stripes are second to dots for fabulouslessness.
Lisa x

Unknown said...

I must admit to loving the odd jumper especially when I am camping in Bertie and sat outside during the evening :-) yours looks lovely and I love your dress you look gorgeous and I agree its very autumnal. dee xxx

Unknown said...

Looking lovely as always !
For me jumper is a very suitiable 70's och use of word , my mum always wore jumpers in the 70 's. Today we use another word that i cant translate . "Tröja" .

Sarah Jane said...

Hello dear, how are things? Sorry i havent been around for a while. Good to see you still in fine form. I was just about to ask how the job was going until you mentioned the interview! Off to catch up with your previous posts... :) xxx

Mim said...

That jumper is really nice, you've had a good find there. I couldn't do without my winter woollies - and we're due for a hard winter this year, everyone's saying.

I do love the first of those 1970s photos you posted, it's got a real '70s-does-30s' vibe. Very Bonnie and Clyde.

Ivy Black said...

Love that jumper and the maxi from Vix is perfection. You look bloody fantastic. I'm partial to blue and brown it's is a good Seventies combo I think.
I do love a jumper I have loads...probably a Welsh wishing they were Scandi thing...though the family was originally from that neck of the woods so there we are. Can't bear a polo neck mind. Makes me feel all smothered and I want to go tearing all my clothes off and scaring the horses!
Been thinking of you and your new job. They'd better let you know soon.
Loves ya!

Bobbi said...

Your suede jacket is too cool. I love your jumper - wish I could find some patterns to knit up a few in that great, slim 70s style.
I always think of you when I see those wonderful floaty sleeves.

Lynn Holland said...

I would love to wear that jumper and skirt, I'm going to have to have a trip to the chazzer shop. I really NEED to see if a pleated skirt will work on me.
Vix must have known how fabulous you would look in that dress. You are so adventurous in your outfits xxxx

Lynn Holland said...

I would love to wear that jumper and skirt, I'm going to have to have a trip to the chazzer shop. I really NEED to see if a pleated skirt will work on me.
Vix must have known how fabulous you would look in that dress. You are so adventurous in your outfits xxxx

Melanie said...

I do love a good sleeve, I have a stunning seventies maxi with gorgeously floaty sleeves xxx

Shelley said...

I've always thought blue and brown work well together as long as they are saturated shades. I love the floaty-sleeve maxi. Looking forward to hearing the outcome of the interview!

Unknown said...

That patchwork jacket is amazing! I really wanted one of those when I was young. If I could find one now I would die! I remember those striped sweaters, I had at least a couple. I would love to find a cute sweater vest too, maybe I'll try crocheting one. :)

Fiona said...

Blue and brown are a good mix, but unlike Beth I've always thought the brown warms the blue. Can't believe you only possess one jumper....I have tons, but then I am a cold mortal. Difficult to find decent ones in chazzas tho, they are usually aĺl bobbly acrylic Primarni, so you did especially well with your fab find.
Hope you hear about your interview soonest. Xx

Mrs Bertimus said...

Looking fabulous!
Love your jacket and the dress!
Still keeping my fingers crossed for you chuck x

freckleface said...

The tension is killing! Hope they tell you soon...Look at you in your patchwork jacket, looking all cool for cats and street as you like! I want to use words like sick and fly, man. My mum had that Windsmoor skirt. Fair to say she styled it a bit differently. The Vix present is a knock out winner on you, mind you, what isn't? Xxxx

Melancholy and Menace said...

I love the 70s cape sleeve maxi dress, and I'd never noticed before, but blue and brown go perfectly together. Like the Autumn sky and fallen leaves.

Enjoy your day xx

Ulla-Marie said...

Well, you are dramatic wearing Brown and blue - for sure!

Mother of Reinvention said...

I love brown and blue together, the blogosphere is alive with this combination the last couple of weeks. I think that everyone is being inspired by the crisp autumn landscapes and cold blue skies. You look fabulous in those colours and I am coveting your maxi and your a-maz-ing patchwork jacket in a big way. I really hope that your interview panel have their sensible heads on and choose you. You would be such a huge asset to them. Fingers are crossed here. Xx

Ivana Split said...

Both outfits are absolutely amazing! I can't decide which one I like both...the one with the midi skirt is absolutely fabulous. I love how you combined patterns and colours.

The maxi dress is a dream!!!!!!! I love seventies!!!!!!

Angels have Red Hair said...

You love a floaty seventies sleeve and they love you ... looking fantastic in that dress.

Unknown said...

It's late here at the restaurant, I'm finishing my next to last glass of red wine and Dan is finishing up in the kitchen. Though I'd try to catch up with my portable keyboard and Kindle Fire ... pretty spiffy, I think! You look so glam in one of my new favorite/ old favorite combos ... brown and blue. So many possible shade combos and brilliant for textures. You look so good in your 70's elegance. One of my favorite decades!
I've got to go back and see what interview it was that you're talking about. No matter ... I send my fiercest wishes that you get what you want out of it!
Big cyber hugs... (no longer contageous, I think!)

Trees said...

That maxi frock is lovely - everyone should love a big 70s sleeve!! Best of luck with that job xo

at my dressingtable said...

Curtise I think and have always thought the two colours go well together especially in Autumn ! Great outfits ! Yes I am always late and disorganized lady much to my dispair!!! Best wishes x

Señora Allnut said...

oh yes, these are fabulous sleeves and a beautiful dress, and love your patchwork style jacket (I remember wearing one of these!) and all those autumnal shades!
You can go wrong with some seventies style!