Monday 24 April 2017

A room without a roof

Happiness comes in many forms.

Meeting up with these beauties brings me real joy - look at them!

Vix did a post about Our Day Out here.

New frocks that cost a fiver...

unexpected tulips in my garden...

borrowing my neighbour's gorgeous ginger fella...

 and seeing Nina's art work (she painted the foxes) in her school mural:

these things are happiness on a plate.

Oh look - more Nina. 
With Uncle Gary.
Two of my favourite people.

Lemon drizzle cakes (made by me)...

huevos rancheros for brunch (not made by me)...

and a Fanny that plays records.

These are Good Things, clearly.

 So is a visit to Chatsworth House... 

 especially when there are hats to try on...

with my gorgeous niece. 

Always good to have a weekend away - how about Stratford upon Avon?

Beautiful sunshine, blue skies, and this man...

Yes, there are lots of reasons to clap along, if you know what happiness is to you.

Hope everyone is well, I'll be popping by soon. 



Sheila said...

Glad to see you are surrounding yourself with beautiful friends, happy family and gorgeous vistas, Curtise! You look lovely! I like your ginger neighbour cat. What a lovely boy.

Natalia Lialina said...

WOW!!!! Who wouldn't be happy with these kids...and this man? :) Sooo happy for you, my dear! You look absolutely gorgeous, as always! But there is even more - your eyes are joyful!

Thank you for the photos of your beautiful country, always such a treat, and now I want to try your lemon cake, and please tell Nina her foxes are brilliant - I'm a big fan of her art!

Lots of love and hugses!

Lisa said...

Lots of things to be happy about and you do look so happy!
Wonderful to see.
Love Nina's foxes, clever girl.
Lisa x

Porcelina said...

Lovely photos, lots to be thankful for. Nature and architecture always make me happy. I should add Chatsworth to my list!

Vix said...

Yay! What a fabulously happy post!
Hello Greg, you handsome ginger bloke.
Didn't we have a wonderful day out? It went far too quickly.
Dying to have a look at Chatsworth, it looks ace. That furry hat you're wearing is so mad it's good.
Is that bust Quentin Crisp or Maggie Thatcher? It's hard to tell!
Nina's fox is fantastic. It would make a fab screen print. You've got yourself a little artist there.
Pwhoar! What a good looking couple. You look so happy and so right together. He's a tall one, isn't he?
Love you! xxxx

Fiona said...

It's so good to read this post and you saved the best to last ! Phwoar indeed, you weren't wrong about 'new bloke'.
'Hatsworth' looks fun, is that your neighbour's cat on your head?
Nina's art is amazing...I'm predicting art college in a few years time.
So pleased that life is on the up love.

bahnwärterin said...

oh curtis! how wonderful to see you again!!!
so much lovely things in one post! enviable blooger meet-up, the talented sweet little sailor nina. all having fun with hats at a gorgeous estate and then - that dapper man at your side!!
huge hugs! xxxxx

Melanie said...

So lovely to see you back here again and you look so happy which is a very good thing indeed! Love the pictures with your new man and the gorgeous cat xxx

Polyester Princess said...

Great to see you around again, and with such a wonderfully happy post! I am really pleased for you! You and new man make a stylish couple indeed, and you look absolutely radiant. Love Nina's artwork, and the hats at Chatsworth. I can never resist trying on any hats when I've got the chance! Hugs xxx

Lynn Holland said...

How lovely I've feel like I've had a weekend away with all your lovely pics. Its great to see you looking so happy and well and gorgeous in that frock. You gals always look like you've had the best of times, and rightly so. Love to you all
Lynn xxx

Goody said...

Yes to happiness! All of it. Friends, family, and a gent in your life-it shows in your posture and beaming smile.

Nina is so talented-and what a beautiful mural for a community garden. If the garden is half as lovely as the artwork, it must be something to see. Your children are turning into teenagers-how on earth does that happen? You can see the confidence in them even beneath silly hats. This generation has it together so much better than we did-I find that reassuring.

Best of everything to you, Curtise.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

A fanny that plays records? I've heard it all now!

What lovely times you've been having. Your daughter is the spit of you. And your new fella looks lovely - you look great together.

I saw Vix's post about your day out and you obviously all had a fabulous time.


Becky said...

So many good things for sure :)

Sue said...

A fanny that plays records!!?? Bahahahahahaha!!! So glad you are happy, just continue along this fabulous pathway in your life. xxx

Señora Allnut said...

wouuu, lots of fabulousness in action!, and lots of interesting things!, a meeting to thrift (so lovely ladies!), a fab dress which fits you like a dream, some foxes painted by a young artista, and some great places to visit!!. But the best part is always the lovely people you enjoyed these things with!

Unknown said...

I would love to spend a day with you ladies! You always look like you are having a blast! Nina should be proud of her fox, well done! So glad you have so much happiness right now! :)

Miss Magpie said...

Thrilled to see you so happy. x

Unknown said...

Great to see you you are surrounding yourself with people, places and things that make you happy. Xx

thorne garnet said...

more beautiful English country, lucky you.

The mural is sweet. Lemon cakes and a musical Fanny? Yes, please.

Mim said...

Thank you for sharing your happy things. Nina's foxes are fantastic, and who wouldn't want a Fanny that plays records? I hope That Man appreciates it!

Suzanne said...

So happy to see you happy Curtise.

When we turn our faces towards the sun we don't notice the clouds as much.


The Vintage Knitter said...

Such a lovely, happy post with photos of friends and family and smiles all round.

The Fanny record player completely adds to the smile factor too! xx

Mother of Reinvention said...

Hello! So glad to see you back and with such a great post. You look positively beatific. Beautiful bloggers, the wonderfully-talented Nina's foxes, people you love, silly hats, ginger pusses, lovely architecture and a musical Fanny. What could be better? The man is a bit "Phoar", you look perfect together. I love your swirly maxi. Looking fab, Missus. Xx

Mrs Bertimus said...

A Fanny record player, how much do I want one of those beauties!
You look fabulous as ever, that frock for a fiver!
Sending lots of love my friend x

BadPenny said...

Gorgeous dress and fab mural. So glad to see you so happy xx

Kezzie said...

So much loveliness, dear Curtise! Who is the dapper man?! Lovely!
The mural is fab- clever Nina! I love foxes.
So nice you had a fab time with Vix and Liz and great bargain dress!
Mmm, lemon drizzle- Yeeeeeeeeeeees, please!!!
I love Chatsworth- I remember paddling in that sort of waterfall! I suspect I wasn't supposed to...x

Kezzie said...

Oh and GIng is very handsome!

Debberoo said...

So many good things, so much love. xxxx

Melanie said...

Oh yes, I'm clapping along to your post, Curtise! So much to clap for - lovely foxes, gorgeous family, handsome man, fancy HATS at landmarks, meetups, and maxi gowns for fivers. Oh, and good food. YUM! All the good things. Nina cracks me up. I'm happy that things this spring are really coming alive over there.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

This man? Greg? I'm grinning like the Cheshire cat as I type.

You are looking at ease Curtise and it's making me very happy! xoxo

PS I've been watching a tv series British Landscape Artist of the Year, or something like that. I'm sure they've been to Chatsworth House. And sorry for the missed comments/reading. Somehow, when I moved my own blog to a new host, I stopped getting notifications of your blog updates. Got that remedied with bloglovin' now!

Radostin said...

What a lovely post! So good to see that you have so much to smile about lately, what joy!

Julie said...

What a wonderful post :-) You are so right - happiness is there if you look for it indeed. Looks like a wonderful day out with friends there. I adore the ginger fellow who has popped in to say Hello!! Your scenery is just stunning & your photos are wonderful. Have a lovely week. Julie xx

Shawna McComber said...

I'm such a slow blog visitor these days so I am quite late to this party but it's a lovely post and so wonderful to see you looking so well and happy! xo

R's Rue said...

Beautiful tulip.

Anna's Island Style said...

Love this post! A fanny that plays music would normally be a shameful thing and yet here's one that's meant to - hurrah!

Have a super week xxx

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