Thursday 12 December 2013

Plasters for disasters

I was out at two delightful events last night; Littlest's Christmas play, and my mate Sue's birthday pub quiz.


At the former, we just managed to squeeze in on the back row (who knows what time the Competitive Parents must have arrived to grab all the front seats) so I only caught a fleeting glimpse of Littlest. She was most unimpressed to be given just one line to say, but she said it with great feeling.

I was sitting behind a would-be film director dad, who held his camera up high and blocked my view throughout. Honestly, it's tough out there in school showbiz land.

Ooh, I'm a cross patch today, no?

The Ladies' Purse did well at the quiz; despite a paltry-sounding score of 11 out of 20, we were joint leaders, but lost it on the tie breaker. That's one difficult quiz, it's a good job we only do it for a laugh.

We don't go away empty handed though, since we bring our own prizes for each other.

A leopard print beret? That'll do nicely, thank you.

1960-70s Tricosa maxi skirt - antiques centre
Top, poncho, 1960s vinyl/tapestry bag and bangles - charity shopped
1960-70s suede jerkin - gift from Lucy
Scarf - flea market
Boots - Ebay
Gloves - gift
Beret - gift from Tania
Necklace - gift from Gisela

 Oops, pesky teardrop on my necklace is arse about face, but never mind.

It's been a busy, bitty, up and down kind of a week, nice stuff, annoying stuff, weird stuff, stuff stuff stuff and nonsense. Life's like that sometimes, isn't it?

Blog search terms - they're always good for a laugh, aren't they?
This week's highlights are fit boobs and vintage pissing.

Look at these lovely ladies.
Old postcards from Chesterfield flea market.

These would look well on Em's Shelf of Shit.

This old drinks machine still had some sachets in it; vintage vegetable soup, anyone?
My treat.

You can buy anything and everything on that market.

December 12th, and not a Christmas card written or a present wrapped. I need to crack on!



Melanie said...

Oh yes, you certainly need to get on crack and do some more boob exercises. What's your secret? Yoga boob? Aerobic boob? I need help over here! Love those search terms.
That third lovely lady reminds me mightily of the incredible Miss Simmonds.
I'm glad you did a forensic of your outfit, all the little bits are lovely. And of course they look great on you. Also, well done to the Ladies' Purse.
When Littlest is a Schtar those casting directors will rue the day. You need a video camera that squirts water.

Ivy Black said...

Yup...I'd put up another Shelf of Shit to accommodate that lovely lot.
I do love the outfit, gorgeously wintry.
Nice one, Bargain Basement Speilberg. I hate that. I'm so glad my last Nativity play was over ten years ago. Actually only a few people filmed the proceedings back then I suppose it's the thing now...god, I sound like my granny.
I'll be around for a drop of French Onion later and we can wrap presents together...I haven't started yet either.

Rose&Bird said...

A glittering career awaits Littlest, I'm sure! JB1 has his pre-school nativity next week, I'll definitely need the waterproof mascara! Lovely outfits, I have a similar necklace. I really need to visit Chesterfield market! Good luck with Christmas preparations x

Becky said...

I love markets!! You look fantastic in the maxi skirt and shawl. I swear the STUFF never stops!

silvergirl said...

Love your comments about the Christmas play!!
Parents can be ruthless.
Loving the green necklace and green gloves

Fiona said...

Gorgeous poncho, is it new? I love to see what treasures Chesterfield Flea Market has to offer, this week doesn't disappoint. How fantastic is that skull, he's got a fair pair of knashers on him eh? The vintage postcards are delightful too. I keep checking my key search words but as yet no luck...can't understand it. The word gusset featured in one of my post titles but still no pervs have been lured by it! I'm sure Littlest delivered her one line with confidence lets hope she gets a bigger part next year. xxxxx

Diane said...

I need to book a Thursday off work and visit Chezvegas! xxxx

Patti said...

Vintage pissing??? My mind is spinning over this one. Hooray for your pub trivia team and for freely given gifts - love that beret. We play trivia at a local, too, and when we win, we (the team) get a bottle of wine. So there's that. You look fab as per always, gorgeous hair! xo

Mimi and Tilly said...

You look great, Curtise. I know it's been a while but I'm back for a visit. Loving your header and all your outfits. Big hugs. Glad to be back. Em. X

Peaches McGinty said...

write cards and wrap presents, feck, I'm in the process of the present buying and have bought no cards, I've still got time! ha!
your poncho and tweed is a gorgeous combo, I looked at all your bits intently ooh-eer! the necklace and bracelets are stunning - one line is still fab, one year I'm sure Missy had something like a cardboard tabard on, I don't know why, she stood there as confused as me! right,fit boobs and vintage pissing it is!I'm off to google x x x

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Poncho, plaid, palette, purse, wow Curtise! Gorgeous detail collage too. Love your posts about the goings on, and the things that catch your eyes and ears. Plasters for disasters - yes!!! I've collected so many marvellous search terms I've no idea how to choose!

Pennyblossoms said...

That sounds like that TV ad for the phone?camera?whatevs? I'm amazed that anyone is still permitted to film their loved ones for posterity...I thought the PC brigade had stamped on that?
I haven't even bought presents let alone wrap them!!
Beauts beret!
Z xx

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

Have I mentioned my terror of old dolls? No? Well, I'm mentioning it now. And now I've added really old soup.

The theater! A passing test! (American interpretation here lol). A new hat! A good week.

No cards done here. Don't think it's going to happen...again. No prezzies wrapped either. I hate wrapping stuff. Because I am terrible at it. I usually make DH do it (and he is GREAT at it) altho' he can seriously trigger my OCD by waiting until 3 a.m. Christmas morning. Not joking.

Sheila said...

Ooh, I love that vest so much. I know I say that every time you wear it, but you look divine in it.

Your quiz sounds like a fun time!

Angels have Red Hair said...

I just got home from a marathon shopping session ... still not finished ... and motivation level is now hovering between low and non existent.
Hope you're feeling more like it.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

You are a vision in that poncho. Can't I come & spend the winter with you? This summer is kicking my arse big time! Xx

Indigo Violet said...

Lovely necklace!
My favourite search terms:
greatest grandmother of our lifetime (heck, I'm not that old!)
mads mikkelson we heart it
obsessive compulsive fabric
retro vinyl rainwear
revamping Barbie furniture

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

LOve your outfit today. Looks so cosy.
I laughed when you talked about the competitive parents. There was a mum called Brenda who must have waited for hours at every school even as she always had a place in the front row.
We used to call it "doing a Brenda".
I used to go in last and stand up at the back. At 5ft 1in - I saw more that way than sitting behind someone.

Unknown said...

Love love love that look on you !
Want that skull ......

mondoagogo said...

You've got your cheeky "I know a secret" face on in at least two of those photos :D

That market always looks so fun. I wish the one around the corner from me was like that, but it's just really drab.

Vicky Hayes said...

Hmm - I feel you on the school play front Curtise and yes, life IS like that most of the time. Love your maxi skirt today! I struggle to feel ok in a maxi but I think I could manage one like that. And the gloves - swoon! Congratulations on the pub quiz near-win. It sounds like fun and I like that exchange gifts too. I need to crack on too otherwise our practice Christmas day won't be happening! Vicky x

Olga Rani said...

Oh, what a beautiful poncho! And it looks really great with the maxi skirt. I love visiting markets, you never know what wonderful things you can find there. Those postcards are so lovely.

Miss Magpie said...

Loving the poncho!

Ah the joys of the school play! Nephew Number One was in Stagecoach for a while......dear lord the combination of stage parents and the 'failed actor so now I volunteer at stage school' types running the place. I remember all the kids singing and dancing their hearts out while the Nephew stood bewildered in the middle looking like he had just been beamed in from another planet! Mind I have never been directed to the toilet with such emphasis and drama before or since.

Happy present wrapping and card writing. x

Krista said...

I do love you in poncho! I think this outfit is so cute and I bet warm, for the win. All your accessories always look so good up close turned up tear drop or not:). That little turd of a Dad that is what the aisle is for,how rude. I'm all smiles to hear that littlest enjoyed her one line, I've no doubt she owned it!

The market looks like another I'd enjoy, I feel behind this year too but I also feel more present in the moment and I needed that. I told myself next week I'll get to that:).

Anonymous said...

Great new beret. Berets suit you - they always look odd on me. Maybe my head's the wrong shapefor them?
I love to go round markets. The first thing I check on holiday is which day is market day. Yours look particularly

Vix said...

Bloody hell, I'm a bit late to the party! I should have searched Fit Boobs rather than The Secondhand Years!
Love that poncho and the hat you won. I hate people with cameras and phones blocking my view at gigs, inconsiderate bastards.
The market looks like it was as crazy as ever. The vintage soup dispenser is crazy but I bet someone's been after one for years and it was their buy of a lifetime.
Xmas? What's that? Is it soon? Feeling smug, I bought a present back in August and can't for the life of me find it. Just as well I only have 5 to buy!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

thorne garnet said...

weird dolls laying on old knives? Sound like art to me.

Love the necklace and outfit. I've got boxes of Christmas crap all over the place, guess I should get cracking on making the house festive.

Dawn Elliott said...

I need to crack on, as well! (I think I'm in denial this year.)
I sure would love to go to that all-inclusive market with you, but I'll bet you can't find cool clothing, like that in the photos! You have an eye for some of the best thrifted pieces around and your style is wonderfully flamboyant! Gotta love that leopard beanie!!!

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Vintage pissing? Is this some new sub culture I'm missing out on? Always the last to know about these things. And why don't I have a shelf of shit? I need to get with the program. Clearly. xxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

I think we should all stock up on "Plasters for Disasters" - one never knows what's going to happen! I miss the days when people went to a concert/play/event to actually watch what was going on in front of them instead of filming it (and most likely never watching it).

You look tres chic in your maxi/poncho/beret combo. I can't believe you have no snow over there - we have lots, would you like some?

Kylie said...

Littlest is a superstar in my eyes. Give her a kiss for me.

Connie said...

I am pretty certain that Littlest is going to be a big star one day and all paps will be pushing to the front to get her photo. I know these kind of things. A vintage sweater told me. I do not have my Xmas on at all this year. Must...get...going...aargh.

CityScape Skybaby said...

I thought the same as Melanie, that the lady in the third postcard looked very like Miss Simmonds, and like you, I haven't wrapped a present or written a Christmas card yet. I do like Christmas concerts though, we're not allowed to take photos or video any of ours, which would put paid to that annoying man, but there always seems to be someone bobbing about in the way at these things doesn't there? I was probably one of the annoying ones this year because Jake wouldn't settle, me and a woman sitting next to me had to grab him by his ankles and haul him out from under the seats in front of us at one point, he was about to crawl under all the seats to get to his brother who was in the concert. That market looks amazing, always makes me sad to see a real skull, to think once it was someone's head is quite a humbling thought isn't it? Don't know if humbling is the right word, it's too early in the morning for me! And I'm rambling so I'll go now Curtise, lets hope we get those Christmas cards done before it's too late! xx

Unknown said...

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..." lol, I can hear Dean Martin as I type (no seriously, he's suddenly popped up on my iPod lol).
You'll crack your christmas in style I'm sure, some people specialise in leaving it to the last minute and then ala-ka-zam! Everything appears in wonderful condition! Those vintage postcards are fab, so stylish. Well done on the quiz, you're obviously a Master Mind! and digging the poncho & skirt, all vintage, fantastic & warm, you've certainly nailed the Stylish, Sophisticated & Cosy look! :-)

Helga said...

Plasters for disasters are right up my alley. I do love to be organised.
I'd like a shot of vodka on the side of my vegetable soup, if you wouldn't mind.
Now, Madam, you are looking most elegant and lady like today! What the FUCK?! Bahahahaaaaaa, I adore looking lady like and then shocking the shite out of people when I open my trashy mouth. I love LOVE that skirt, and you've reminded me that I have a suitcase of shawls somewhere that haven't seen the light of day in years!! Tucked away after a hippy phase, I declare they must come out for next Winter!! It's just a matter of which suitcase.
Anyway. I enjoy quiz nights. I'm usually good for some entertainment and literature answers, but hopeless at sport.No point in taking it seriously, but I do like a laugh at those who do!!! The beret is a might fine prize!!!
Don't bother with Christmas. I dare you!!!

Ulla-Marie said...

Great details, especially the poncho! The Winter fits you just fine!

Aya said...

I love your cross patch voice. I relate!

You wear suede waistcoats so well! I'll have to give 'em a second look when I come across them from now on, thanks to you.

Unknown said...

I love the idea of birthday pub quiz! Here the closest we could get is, if it ever happens is Cafe birthday quiz- Locals are not in our culutre but cafes yes, but it will never happen - Hope i make sense here?

Love the poncho and the plaid maxi - You do master that maxi retro look so well!

I'm amazed at the drinkpack machine! It looks like the ancestor of the drinkpack coffee machines so popular here -

Keep warm and safe



Flora Cruft said...

Sounds like you've been busy having a good time! Looking great in that cosy bohemian poncho with the plaid, reminds me of Ali McGraw very cool.

Miss Maple said...

Great outfit post. Love the white poncho, hat and bag. So wintery and springy at te same time.

Rachel said...

I would have been tempted to make loud boo-hooing type noises throughout the play, just by the microphone, to ruin the film.. But I'm horrid like that!!

I bet Littlest gave it her all, though.

Love the animal print beret, it goes beautifully with your hair xxx

Trees said...

Oh you do look so lovely wrapped up warm! I love that you ladies bring presents for each other to quiz. Most of the quiz teams I've been on have consisted of mostly guys - they take things too seriously and never bring presents along! ;)

bonsaimum said...

Great poncho. :)

freckleface said...

Haha! As soon as I saw that skirt I thought, that diamond pattern beret I gave Curtise would go with that! Took me a while to recognise it. Funny!

Competitive parents. zzzzzzzz that's all I have to say. Littlest is fabulous. I love the idea of her saying her one line with great feeling.

Fit boobs and vintage pissing? Where do they get them from? Not surprised you showed up with fit boobs though ;) Vintage soup? So kind. What a shame, I have just eaten. Chesterfield market should be one of the modern wonders of the world. xxxxxxx

Unknown said...

gosh i absolutely love these outfits on you! That crochet is so similar to my shiny t i have lined up for tomorrow! xxxx

Rachel said...

Fit boobs and vintage pissing! Absolutely hilarious! My blog searches are so boring compared to yours.
Loving your poncho, looks great on you xxxx

Unknown said...

Lovely maxis and poncho and the GORGEOUS necklace!


Sarah xxx