Monday 9 December 2013

Blue blue, electric blue

After a busy day at work on Saturday (it's going fine, thanks for asking), I had a more leisurely time of it yesterday.

I know, I know. 
That coat and that waistcoat again
I'm not apologising any more for their repeated appearances. They're my favourites; whaddayagonnado?

I need no encouragement at all to support small, independent and local traders. And when there is a vintage and craft market in my local area, which is calling itself the Sheffield Antiques Quarter these days, I am more than happy to browse and do some Christmas shopping. 

The market was fun, and I actually managed to tick several friends off my gift-buying list.
Even better, some of the stalls were in the Abbeydale Picture House. It's another iconic Sheffield building that I have only ever been in once before.

It's thoroughly dilapidated, but still atmospheric in its ruined grandeur.

 It would beat going to a multiplex any day, but the resources needed to renovate the building are huge. 

 There was a massive pile of dusty seats...

...and gorgeous architectural details.

Saturday night at the movies was rather more sumptuous, back in Picture House's heyday.

1980s Windsmoor skirt and 1970s blouse - Ebay
Waistcoat, beret and bangles - charity shopped
Ankle boots - community fair
Tights - no idea, I didn't even remember I had them
Rudolph necklace - Patti's giveaway
Faux fur coat - vintage fair

I loved this 1950s singles case...

...which was still full of an eclectic mix of 1950-60s records, including Frank Sinatra, Cliff Richard and the Rolling Stones. And Wink Martindale. Of course.

As I walked home, the sky was doing all sorts of dramatic things...

...which led to the most beautiful sunset.


I'm doing the killer shift tomorrow, finishing at 11.15pm.  I may well not be smiling by that stage.

There's socialising as well as work planned this week. The Ladies' Purse are in quizzing action to celebrate Sue's birthday on Wednesday, and my friend Alison has invited a bunch of us round on Friday, with the exhortation to wear something sparkly. I'm fairly sure I can manage that!

What have you got planned for the week? 



Fiona said...

Hi Curtise,
I've got my shift xmas do tomorrow, (just painted my nails with a gold glittery laquer) but not looking forward to it and only going under duress. Later in the week, there's another meal out, Stitch and Bitch and a haircut....well you did ask!
The Abbeydale Picture House is gorgeous, I do hope they keep the old advertising canvas backdrop. Love the vintage baubles and I'm off to google Wink Martindale now.
Looking fabularse as ever in your red beret and new coat. Don't work too hard tomorrow. xxxxx

Fiona said...


Unknown said...

What a beautiful old cinema house - I hope someone manages to raise the cash to have it restored. I do love that record case - it is adorable. Killer shift indeed. Comfy shoes and lots of chocolate is my advice for those long work shifts. I have a stupidly mad day at work ahead of me on Friday, so I am hearing your pain. I don't care how much you wear that coat, it is so stunning it could be worn with pj's and you would still look fab!XXX

Asparagus Pea said...

It's Christmas decorating time at work so I'll be cutting lots of greenery and running wreath making workshops. Haven't quite found my mojo to decorate at home yet. That weird little Santa ornament is very cute!

Vix said...

I love that picture house, I rather like the way its decaying in such splendour. I'd love to nick a few of those seats and would happily peel the wallpaper from behind that plaster frieze.
Gorgeous things on offer in the Antiques Quarter, why buy a box of prepackaged shit from Boots when you can have a flamenco tapestry and a cat's face?
Let's talk about you now, I don't care how often I see that coat or that waistcoat, they look different every time. Loving the newly done hair, too.
That's one killer shift...think of all the booze that's paying for though!
Love! zxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Patti said...

I remember the grand movie theatres of my youth - they were so opulent! Even though our town was very modest. You're looking marvelous yourself, dear C., I love the way you wear your beret, and will be copying you. No big plans for this week - work and play and all the usual thrift store raids. xox

Gracey the Giant said...

Oh, that sunset is AMAZING. And so is your coat. You should wear it all the time because it is awesome.

Diane said...

I wish I had known that the picture house was open. I love the antique shops around that area. Hoping to get to have a good look around after Christmas. I'm going to see the Lady Boys of Bankok on Devonshire Green this week. I thought it just had to be done!We have had some fabulous sunsets - I wonder why? xxxx

Peaches McGinty said...

I love the coat and waistcoat! awesome clothing! and they are perfect for listening to Wink Martindale, excellent stuff! the singles bag is fab! the picture house is awesome, there are loads of our old ones which are battered or have been turned into shops, it's a shame - and the killer shift! I'd be hiding in the knitwear! have fun socialising, and in sparkles! sounds bloody good to me! x x x

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I have lots of loose ends to tie up before I finish work next Wednesday.
Don't apologise about the coat - I love to see it.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Gorgeous sunset ... gorgeous outfit. Good luck with the killer shift at work. Hubby's off work and we are totally remodelling the front garden ... so that's keeping us very busy this week.

Unknown said...

Sympathies with the long shift!! I think I'd drop! I can just about manage 8hrs and even then I'm trying to squeeze in a sneaky snooze! Loving the beret! Well, loving the whole outfit and def. don't apologise for wearing stuff you love, thats the whole point of having high points in your wardrobe :-) Have a good week!

Sarah Jane said...

Did you buy any of those lovely vintage goodies? I'd have found the record bag and the retro flower pic hard to resist. Abbeydale Theatre looks amazing. How lucky you were to get a look inside. Hope you're still standing after your killer shift tomorrow. I remember doing 9 til 9 in a discount jewellery shop over one xmas. Not my finest hour xxx

Miss Maple said...

I love all the polka dot things in your outfit and there were some great things at this market. Wish you lots of energy for tomorrow's killer shift.

Fran said...

You have taken us on another one of your wonderful shopping trips with wonderful photographs. I have not been online in a long time so I missed your post about successfully getting the job you were interviewing for. I guess you got it. Great, congratulations, and happy holidays.

silvergirl said...

No words for that coat!!!
How fun is that bag, love the "happy teens" too funny
I need those mixed colored tea cups

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Your blog, your choice. But you KNOW how I feel about your gorgeous coat! Wow that's some marathon shift you'll be doing, I'll understand if you return with a sweaty post full of wobbly pics. The more I see of Sheffield, the more I want to go there. The Phoenix has very mixed feelings about it, but he realises now that the health service there was the second to none in terms of his haemophilia and he'll have to return for treatment asap. I digress ... the beautiful sky ending in a spectacular sunset made me feel rather dreamy. The record bag and tapestry! Your GORGEOUS beret! Do you have to wear a work uniform, or can you go to work all sparkly like? xoxoxo

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

**sweary** NOT sweaty!! Damn Blogger. x

Melanie said...

I would love to live in that old movie house as it is. I would age with it and emerge wearing feather boas and sparkles every day at sunset.
And I love your ensemble - the patterns of the skirt and tights together, the textures of the coat and waistcoat, and your beautiful beret. I shall never tire of seeing any of these things.
Good luck on the evening shift. Caffeine is your friend.

Jean at said...

Hi Sweetie!! You look downright romantic in that shot where the wind is gently blowing your skirt, just like an illustration. Love the outfit. As always, your pictures of buildings and locations are such a pleasure to my American eyes. The needlepoint picture is FABULOUS!!!! Hope you survive the late shift.

So much love to you and yours. XXXXXOOOOO

Helga said...

'that's the colour of my room, where I will live.." LOVE that song, one of my Bowie faves!!!
O, my, that picture house is dilapidated grandeur indeed! We have a beautiful old theatre which was destroyed in the earthquakes being restored most lovingly, and it's very exciting! the roof went on yesterday! The old theatres are the best, so beautiful. With some mod cons, they're perfect, but yes, the money required is tremendous. I imagine someone might get a fund going for that old place? One would hope, anyways.
O, jaysus, working until 11:15pm?! Ugh, the joys/perils of retail. It's a good thing there's a few festivities planned, that'll help get y'all through!!!
This is a divoon outfit, I don;t give a shit how may times you wear those pieces, they look fresh everytime!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Ah, leisure and favourites and fabulous old buildings, what could be better? Thanks you for treating us to all these scrumptious eye-spies of yours. I too have a string of brutally long days this week - I'll be thinking of you & we'll get through together! xoxo

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

P.S. adore those faves and such a pretty blouse!!!

Sheila said...

I'm trying to wear lots of glittery things, but right now, just staying warm (brrr...we are such wimps out here).

You make me want to go to craft and vintage fairs and shop for myself, but I must focus and get my shopping done for L.

Don't ever apologize for your gorgeous clothes - wear them whenever the f**k you want. :)

Unknown said...

I love these old buildings , such a shame when they wont will be restored .
You look goregeous as always !

Camelia Crinoline said...

I love the singles case. The picture house looks beautiful. It always makes me sad to see lovely old buildings that have fallen into disuse. Don't apologise for wearing the coat and vest. If I had that coat I'd wear it all the time too.

mondoagogo said...

All the best old picture houses seem to get converted into bingo halls and churches in London. I've still not forgiven them for turning the old art deco Plaza in Camden into a multi-screen Odeon and that was over a decade ago! It had the most glorious inches-deep plush dusky pink carpet going up a grand staircase, and a giant crystal chandelier overhead. All gone.

Good luck with the long shift, hope you find enough patience to deal with stressed crimbo shoppers!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I love that beret on you with the sweet bow. Gorgeous! I hope you survive the late shift. Xx

Krista said...

Wear the coat as much as you like I love it on you! This old picture house like so many places you share with us has so much character. I love the blue walls and red door, what a cool haunt too bad someone can't trick it out again. What a lovely place to get some gifts for others and maybe a few for you:).

I woke to a bit of snow so here I sit on the sofa looking at it. I love that you appreciate dark skies and killer sunsets, that one is a beauty!- like you!

The Style Crone said...

Your beautiful photos are always a pleasure, but the pics of you in your ravishing blue skirt and favorite coat and waistcoat are my absolute favorite in this series. The red hat with polka dot bow - knockout.

Hope you survive the killer shift and that you have much fun with your friends during the week.

Dawn Elliott said...

You always take us on such sweet adventures! What I would give to have a vintage market in my neighborhood! The vintage theater is phenomenal and I hope against hope that it will be restored, not torn down. These old masterpieces need to survive!!! Our town recently restored one to its 1903 grandeur and it's gorgeous...a real treat to go to for all types of activities. As for you...wear those favorites daily if you want! You always switch it up and look darling!

Vicky Hayes said...

This week, as well as work, I've got orthodontry lined up with one of my sons as well as planning for a practice Christmas day this weekend for family that can't be here on actual Christmas day. And I'm having friends round on Friday afternoon but we aren't going to be wearing anything sparkly unless the Christmas tree falls on top of us! Enjoy working and socialising and looking glam Curtise and thank you for showing us more of lovely Sheffield. Vicky x
PS Sheffield is the only uni of the ones we visited that my daughter hasn't got an offer from (yet)!

freckleface said...

I'm counting on you wearing it every day until at least March. That's what a fabulous coat is for! But you know it's the skirt which has caught my eye this time round. On me it would look SO frumpy. On you it's a thing of elegance. It's a skill, that.

I'll have that flamenco tapestry please, and a guided tour of that beautiful old theatre. What a building. I hate to think of all these lovely old places falling into disrepair, but of course they do. Not enough money.

I'm not much keen on that work schedule. Thank HEAVENS there are some boozy get togethers to look forward to, eh?! xxxxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

Glad to hear that work is going ok - I wouldn't do well with a late shift these days either.

Such a beautiful theatre - buildings like that made going to the movies so much more fun. We used to have a rather grand-looking one in our downtown, but it was torn down years ago.

Had a very busy, fun-filled weekend, so this week is consumed with trying to catch up on all the things I didn't do (laundry, blogging, cleaning the bathroom)

Señora Allnut said...

it's great to see once more your waistcoat and faux fur coat!, because you make them work with anything!, fabulous blue color combo and pretty beret!
and so amazing place for a market, love artisan and vintage fairs!
I think I'm too tired to do anything this week, I would love to take Mr.A. to the cinema and watch some stupid crazy comedy!

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Ooh, I have that record case in red! Somewhere...
The baubles are wonderful! Is that a Christmas cat? Purr-fick. (Sorry.)
Hope today wasn't so bad.

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

The picture house is just amazing!! Imagine watching A Fred and Ginger movie in it's glorious setting...sigh!!

You are looking fetching in your blue and I'd wear that fantastic coat everyday myself!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Curtise!
The Abbeydale Picture House looks gorgeous. Wouldn't it be fab if it was restored?
Love your electric blue & your hat is gorgeous - really suits you.
Glad the job is going well. Hope the graveyard shift wasn't too bad. I'm working a lot this week but my feet are beginning to get used to

mispapelicos said...

Even the sun is shining on you, dear Curtise.
This year no presents, no decoration, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Well we had a new baby and a new house by the Mediterranean ( if we suvirve the move)

mispapelicos said...

Join us tomorrow in Share-in-Style please, please!!!

Mrs. D said...

What a lovely post - so many things to look at!
I love the old theater, reminded me of this one I saw in Florida when I went there, that is now a huge antiques shop -
I also loved the market finds - what an eyeful! - I want to stick that lobster on a hat!

Flora Cruft said...

they're favourites for a very good reason: they suit you perfectly dear Curtise! I love that peasant blouse too. Glad work's going well, and gosh what a beautiful old picture house.

Aya said...

Well, I am new here, so your waistcoat is new to me! (I love vests!) I really like it, and it suits you so well! Excellent choice in wearing it all of the time. (:

(found my way here via Patti's Visible Monday a while back, I think.)

Melanie said...

"Blue blue, electric blue" my mum used to sing that to my little sister :) It was years before I knew where it came from.
I do love your coat, it looks so warm.
Abbeydale Picture House looks so beautiful, isn't it a shame when things fall into disrepair because of lack of funding.
The fifties bag is cute xxx

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

Don't ever apologize for sharing pictures of beautiful, much loved clothes. We're here for you, of course, your gorgeous self, your writing, your experiences - the fact that you rock a killer wardrobe is just a bonus. Although, I would ask that you try to include more cursing. It does brighten my day :P

Much love,

CityScape Skybaby said...

I love that 50's record case too Curtise, and the Spanish tapestry, and what a beautiful sky. What a gorgeous old cinema too, it's so sad seeing all the old picture halls being knocked down, i remember our local supermarket in the 70s was in an old cinema, even the supermarket itself, by today's standards, was absolutely tiny, and now it's all gone. I know they would cost a fortune to restore, but it's a shame it can't be done. And I totally agree with the comment above, nothing wrong with loving certain things and wearing them to death, and your blog is about so much more than just what you're wearing, lovely as that may be. xx

Unknown said...

Love all your finds and love when you show us all those goodies - Never seen so much in my life! We would never found some of those items here in good old Montreal!

The movie theater place is such a delight - We have or had those cinema houses of course around here, but they were upgraded or demolished, too bad for us-

Your outfits these are so wonderful, colorful !



Unknown said...

love that blue and white shirt xxx

Unknown said...

Love the coat and hat with bow! Everything is so bright and lush and green! I especially love the last pic - you look so dreamy and whimsical.


Sarah xxx