Monday 2 December 2013

On the wing and open wide

I wish you could have seen me yesterday, whipping up angel costumes at a furious pace! My sewing machine has never rattled along quite so quickly, there's nothing like a deadline to stop me from farting about...

Anyway, I made them, all 10 of the little darlings, complete with vintage lace trim round the hems and sleeves. Naturally I delivered them to school this morning without remembering to take any photos, so you'll just have to take my word for it, and make do with this vision of 70s chic instead.

This is another of my £2.50 Baklash buys, a 1970s dream from C&A. Does any colour combination speak of the early 1970s quite so well as brown, orange and yellow?

Because it's the first of the month (or it was when I took the photos), it's time for another Hat Attack over at Judith's. I'm going; why not join us?

Still learning to love that profile... Getting there, I'm getting there.

The dress is that annoying not-quite-maxi-enough length on me, but I was pleased to discover a big turn-up so I'll let the hem down, when I remember...

As it is, I rather liked wearing the dress as a long waistcoat/tunic kinda thing over trousers...

...a bit like this, only more towelling, less woolly rug. 

1970s C&A maxi dress - Baklash vintage shop, Nottingham
Top, belt, trousers, bangles and hat - charity shopped
Boots - community fair
Necklace - gift

I'm no great believer in karma, but after I had sweated over my sewing yesterday, look what arrived in the post today.

I won Patti's giveaway, a beautiful silver branch necklace by Blue Nile.

It's gorgeous, thank you, Patti - now we're necklace twins! Whenever I wear it, I will think of you.

And speaking of the ever-hospitable and oh-so-stylish Patti, she is having her usual get-together for Visible Monday, so I'm taking my bold 70s print over there. It's well nigh impossible to be invisible wearing this dress!

Hope your weekends were fabulous, like your good selves!




Debberoo said...

I love it worn as a tunic/wrap!

Go you with your sewing machine magic. Can not believe you forgot to take a photo of the angel costumes!! You better make sure someone takes one of them at the performance for us.

Vix said...

Swoon! I love the Baklash dress worn as a tunic over flares. That shaggy thing is making me want to bust out my machine and make one the same.
That hat is stunning and you look gorgeous in that profile shot, you utter supermodel!
10 angel costumes? You are amazing. You need to push the audience out of the way and take photos of the school play.
Well done on winning Patti's giveaway, that necklace is lovely!
Don't work too hard, bab!
love you! xxxxxxx

Connie said...

Look at you, scurrying around like a beautiful 70's Christmas elf. Dress over pants is my uniform since I'm usually ass up on the floor looking for something in the back of a cupboard or chasing the dog or flat on the rug from fatigue and cocktails. How is Dooberham's? What do you wear to work? Do they just love you to pieces there? Of course they do!!!!!

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

I've got 10 angel costumes to make this week myself!!

OMG that dress is so much 70's fabulousness!! It's PERFECt as a long waistcoat--

Ah Roxy Music!!

Fiona said...

Love the way you've styled this C&A number Curtise, the print reminds me of my parents' 70's kitchen wallpaper. Love the floppy hat, (wish I could find one small enough for my pin head) and the splendid necklace. I wonder if you are feeling restricted by Debenhams-days dressing? Kudos to you for running up 10 angel costumes but we must see a snap. Get yourself down to that nativity and elbow all the mums and dads out of the way so you can bag a front row seat and get that pic.

Patti said...

hooray for finishing up the angels! Love your 70's fabulous-ness in this tunic. I actually like the length quite well. So glad you like the necklace! xoxo

Krista said...

I want an angel costume! This outfit is so original! I love it! You look totally hippie chic yes I said it!!! I bet you are crazy busy this time of year and with the new job too! Congrats on winning the contact and that pretty necklace, how cool you and Patti each have one!

Unknown said...

I love that you wore that not so quite maxi with pants! I will have to steal that idea from you!

Perfect styling Curtise and your profil is perfect! i have hard time with my profile these days, but at almost at 54 i guess it can be perfect, i have to live with my chicken skin!

Have a great week


Rachel said...

Well done on winning the necklace, it's very pretty :-)

Unknown said...

Great look my dear .. remember that my mum used to wear long tunics over pants like that back in the 70's .
What luck to win such a pretty necklace !

Helga said...

I LOVE orange, brown and yellow! It IS so 70's, but it's such a great colour combination anyways! Love the pattern on this frock, too. You are rocking it with the trousers! I'm always excited to discover a huge hem, that wierd inbetween length is so awkward, unless you have ENORMOUS platforms!
Huzzah for a great job on the angel costumes, but how DARE you not take pix?! Tsk tsk, madame!
You fecking ROCK, darling! That's a pretty necklace you've won!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I am glad the good Karma came your way.
I miss the school nativity plays.

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Very cool outfit! The hat makes it. Well done on the costumes. I'm meant to be tackling one myself tonight for digit day(what the?)but here I am, procrastinating on the computer instead... xxxx

Peaches McGinty said...

I hope they sing 'little donkey'! well done on your amazing production of 10 angel costumes, actually I'm sure we can put that in a new Christmas Carol! Baklash clearly is the place to shop, you look gorgeous in this ensemble (it's so fab, I feel it is the correct term!) you have a great profile btw and well done on your gorgeous prize, it's divine!

Unknown said...

So glad the angels got their costumes (and yes I CAN picture you hunched over the sewing machine like a sewing ninja. I can also hear cursing...)Love the dress as tunic! And yes, it is true, brown and yellow screams
70's. Fab hat (and profile!)XXX

Ivy Black said...

Fab! I'm glad the angels are costumed. I love the speaks to me of classic Seventies Columbo episodes when the murderesses had killer wardrobes. You won't have to do any one in to look gorgeous though. Yup, brown and yellow is the 1970's.
I remember buying this single from Woolies and playing it until the neighbours were sick of it.

Angels have Red Hair said...

That colour combination screams seventies ... and it's another colour that looks spectacular on you.
Glad you made it through the sewing ... feels good ... once it's done;0)

citizen rosebud said...

You rock the maxi/pant thing and manage to reference the past yet look pretty fresh doing so. Speaking of fresh- I saw your profile pic- thought instantly: great side view- and then read you are getting used to your profile- well from here it looks fantastic- very strong and interesting in a Ingmar Berman Wild Strawberries sort of way.

That hat on you is fab-u-lous. Of course it's a standout for Hat Attack.

freckleface said...

I WOULD have loved to see you whizzing up all those angel costumes. I knew you'd do it but it sounds like you did it with such panache! Vintage lace indeed. Deadlines are good! They are the only reason I ever get anything done.

That C&A dress is just fantastic. The print is gorgeous and anything towelling gets bonus points. I really love it styled this way with trousers, you look so amazingly stylish. Genius. I know I was there at the time, but I actually can't believe how many FANTASTIC garments we managed to bag on that day.

Have a great week! xxxxxxx

thorne garnet said...

Ha, I'm done sewing until January. Your orange, brown and yellow dress looks great. I'm not fond of that combo for furniture.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Oh Curtise, YOU are the angel! Fabulous dress worn belted over wide pants (!) - Yes!!! And you are so gorgeous in black and white profile. I just about fall over with the perfection of your necklace and bangles too.

Thanks too for the excellent vintage bathmat-chic inspiration photo. :) Love to you, xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Big kuddos to you for getting all that sewing done! Brava!

That certainly IS a "visible" dress! And the fabulous colors and pattern shout 70s for sure! The whole outfit looks fantastic on you! How could you not feel great wearing it?

Thanks for the blast from the past of Roxy Music!


Indigo Violet said...

The print, the colours and the collar on your dress are stunning. Not to mention the amber (?) necklace. Your profile is perfect, everything is in proportion, strong yet soft.

Ulla-Marie said...

You match the autumn so great (and how could Jerry Hall leave Bryan Ferry for Mick Jagger?!)

Olga Rani said...

You look sooo 70s! Love the way you decided to wear the dress over the pants, I think it looks more interesting like this. Congratulations of winning the necklace, it is so pretty.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

How groovy is that print??? Love it on you. And you wear that hat so well. That necklace is super sweet. I know it will look fab on you with your other silver/steel jewellery. Xx

Unknown said...

£2.50 bloodyhell that is amazing and you look fabulous the colours look gorgeous on you. Good to hear the angel tunics went well and that's over for you now :-) What a beautiful necklace to it will go with anything. Have a lovely week, dee xx

Mrs. D said...

Love the colour combo and you are right - when I see it I think of the 70's.
Lovely present you got - so pretty!!!

mispapelicos said...

You are always beyond fantastic. You can come an visit in the sun as soon as we have the house.

The Style Crone said...

I'm loving the colors of you 70's maxi and the silhouette of the dress as tunic over trousers. I may try this in the future with you as my inspiration.

Your profile is sophisticated and chic! Especially with your floppy brimmed hat. It frames your face beautifully. Thank you so much for sharing with Hat Attack!

joyatri said...

You're an angel-making wonder! Nothing like a tight deadline to get those creative juices flowing.
I've always liked that 70s look of long tunic over trousers (I have doll case with that look on it).
I love your profile, especially in that hat.
Yes, let's think about Jan. for a meetup before I head back.
I was listening to Roxy Music LP the day I left for the airport to come here, so it's still fresh in my memory. Thanks for the video.

Tamera Beardsley said...

I adore your outfit my dear! I am now on a search for long tunics over pants ... I love the dramatic proportion! You my dear, are always an inspiration!

Many thanks for your kind and encouraging words on my post ...they truly helped my heart!


two squirrels said...

10 angels........bless you.....that must bring you something amazing. Oh oh the's gorgeous. What a fantastic print on the long tunic.
You are looking very stylish Miss Curtise........the 70's vibe is strong with you......oh sorry I am so tired and now using 'Star Wars' as a comment guide.
Ok ok may the force be with v

Forest City Fashionista said...

All hail the queen of angel costumes!

I really like that dress worn as a long vest - very 70's indeed! I have a similar "profile phobia" as you. I've learned to like my face a lot more than I used to over the past few years, but still working on the profile (growing up with an overbite will do that to you...).

Bryan Ferry is so yummy ;)

Unknown said...

You know ... I kind of love the length with your wide pants. Consider leaving it for the nonce and wear with boots when pants are otherwise occupied? Love the colors and pattern ... yes, says 70's and in the best way!
Love deadlines. LOVE them! So useful.
Hat and necklace are divoon with it too.
Pictures, please, when the Angels hit the boards. Best in context, I'm sure!
You look so pretty this week ... work must suit you!

Unknown said...

Giddy aunt! That hat is fabulous! Love it! And couldn't agree more, the 70's really are browns & oranges! Gorgeous profile too - you have lovely cheekbones, I look like I have no cheekbones what so ever lol. Gorgeous hat, gorgeous profile, bloody gorgeous dress - is there anything you can't accomplish? ;-) Well done on sorting out the angel dresses, I'm sure the little angels will definitely appreciate the vintage touches too!

Dawn Elliott said...

Kuddos to you for wearing a dress over pants! I do it all the time and think it's an adorable look!
I also like how you added grey with the shirt and the boots - very cool!
Plus, hail to the seamstress!

Vicky Hayes said...

Blimey you really are superwoman Curtise! I remember the days of frantically spinning plates as Christmas drew closer and my only desire now is to minimise the plates! Love the 70s tunic and think it's great that length with flares and you have a great profile which looks amazing in that hat! Lucky you to win that gorgeous necklace too. Vicky x

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

Curtise, you have addressed that dread milestone I have yet to share on the blog: my own profile pic. Your profile is beautiful, great jawline, even features, strong and attractive.

Also, you have your priorities straight. Pics of the stunning vintage print, with angel costumes delivered posthaste. Maybe a picture of an angel wearing one, tho'? :D

Unknown said...

omg i am look friggin gorgeous! your profile is awesome xxx

Trees said...

Oh I am so behind on comments! Just wanted to say YOU are an angel lovely for making all those costumes. Love the print on that dress/waistcoat thingee....

Unknown said...

LOVE the colours and LOVE the silhouette on you and LOVE it as a tunic over pants!

That gorgeous delicate necklace is so pretty on you.

Love yer GUTS and antlers,

Sarah xxx