Saturday, 22 October 2011

The kids are alright

I took the Eldest and Youngest Children (the girls) on a trip to Matlock in Derbyshire yesterday. They have broken up for half term, so The Boy was off to the cinema with his dad to see some testosterone-fuelled tosh, while the distaff side of the family did some chazzing.

I like this 100% wool poncho.

We browsed in the fabulous Matlock Antiques and Collectables Centre, which had all sorts of treasures, including a vintage clothing section, where I fell in love with this 1960s mustard velvet maxi coat.

At £50, it was too much for my budget (though I know you could easily pay that for some shoddy thrown-together coat on the high street) but Eldest D. took a (blurry) photo for posterity.

                           Note Youngest D. getting in on the shot. Again.

I did buy this 1960s maxi skirt, as it was more affordable, and you know I love a maxi, especially good for keeping your legs warm now it's getting more chilly. Look at the gorgeous lining on that coat. And look at my face, it's like a slapped arse. I was having a good time, honest!

 There was plenty of vintage millinery to amuse the girls. Needless to say, none of the hats fitted on my huge head...

Then we ladies did lunch, and went to the park for a play.
Here's what I wore. No frock on a Friday, but more of a 1940s Country Lady look, I think.

Look how I insist my children are co-ordinated with my outfit. This isn't just thrown together, people.

I know I look like I'm half asleep or half pissed. (I was neither. On this occasion.) Eldest D. really must do better with the photos. This is why I don't do location shots, can't get the staff. None of the outfit is vintage, I'm afraid, but it's all secondhand or extremely old. A bit like me, haha. I am loving this belted cape at the moment; with the heeled brogues, I feel a bit like Miss Marple.

                                              At least one of us is happy!

And guess what? Other Half and I are child free for 24 hours. WOO HOO!

Now don't get me wrong. I love my kids, of course I do. But having their wondrous Auntie (my sister) step in and take them off with her for a sleepover in Tynemouth, is bloody brilliant. This is why I'm not a mummy blogger, I do relish the little time I have without the Little Buggers!

Have fun, LBs and Auntie, we'll be up in the North East with you tomorrow.

Now it's time for Mummy and Daddy to play - yippee!

Hope you all have a gorgeous weekend, whatever you're doing.


Kitty said...

I too relish child-free time, it's such a rarity isn't it?! I love your blue cape it SOOOO suits you. If it's any consolation I can tell you I usually take about 80 photos to get 3 decent ones for my takes ages!

Anonymous said...

Hello I'm new to your blog. That mustard coat is indescribably fabulous, and your girls are so cute. We have girls day once a month in our family. Look forward to reading more from you.

Krista said...

What a fun day! I am a bit envious that you have such lovely girls to go shopping with, my sister gave me two little nephews :) That long mustard coat was quite nice but your maxi skirt is pretty sweet!

Your family is so addable and your sister is a sweet Auntie I'm sure. Enjoy the 24 hours with your hubby!

bTW I love that cape you have on, it's just so cozy and cute!!! Love your bitch face!!!

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh a day of shopping! There isn't much I enjoy more than a day in the junk store. I always tell the Mr. he has it easy and to be glad I am not a girl who is obsessed by high end designer labels. *lol* I may just scream in delight over a 90 year old womans donated pj's. *hheheeh*

Oh that coat was a Beaut! But I would not have paid that price for it either. The Maxi you bought is lovely! And so is your cape.

Your girls look like they had fun. (Another reason I hope to have at least 1 girl *A shopping partner*) lol

*Woohoo for Auntie sleepovers*

Debberoo said...

Oh how I lust after your sister, no not in that way (not that there's anything wrong with that way) but for her babysitting, you owe her big time.

Kids are all so gorgeous and have grown again (what is it with kids and this constant growing) they look so excited with their little "roll-ies" all packed and ready for the off.

Hope you had a fun grown ups (relatively) day.

p.s Ummm this post makes you a Mummy Blogger or Mommy Blogger as they call 'em round these parts.

p.p.s Coat was awesome, glad you got a pic of it.

Kestrel said...

That's so funny what you say about Miss Marple - I was trying to take a photo of her outfit from an episode on ITV3 this evening because she was wearing such a fab belted cape! It was very much like yours in shape, but a different colour. Yours is very lovely too x

Nelly said...

Free time? woo hoo I have locked myself in sons room while he is away an left the hubby to deal with the grandes today I am soooo mean lol

Unknown said...

Do you know what i realish my child free time to and i make sure i make the best of it. We all need to have some me me me time and recharge our batteries so to speak ;-)) Loving the coat what a shame is was so expensive. You enjoy your free time and have fun ;-)) dee xx

Vix said...

I love the Matlock Antiques centre and the little coffee shop does some wonderful toasted sandwiches, too.
That velvet coat is gorgeous and I'm loving the Indian velvet and gold waistcoat, too.
Your kiddies are not only cute but excellent photographers.
Love your cape and that poncho, between us bloggers we've got a fine old collection.
Hope you had a wonderful time as a couple this weekend. xxx

Unknown said...

Ooh that velvet maxi coat is SPECTACULAR! You looked AMAZING in it! I also adore your fab belted cape - BEAUTIFUL colour on you and so glad you had a little child-free break. Hope you are refreshed and feeling fabulous!

Sarah xxx

Unknown said...

this is cute post! i love the mustard maxi coat, so amazing!

Ariane xxxxx