Thursday, 27 October 2011

I take up the £5 gauntlet, and win a giveaway!

Now I definitely can't rise to Vix's latest challenge, she and Pearl have done a brilliant job on their versions of the latest trends, and totally kicked Gok's arse - sorry Gok, but it's the truth!

But I've had a go at the £5 outfit, even if it does feature that crazy frock again!

Crazy frock is happy to be let out of the wardrobe again.

Yes, the 80s-tastic rara number back, by virtue of its bargain price of 99p!

So the entire outfit is;

Dress - 99p (Ebay)
Denim jacket - free (passed on by a friend following a wardrobe clearout)
Belt - £1 (charity shop)
Boots - 99p (Ebay)
Lurex tights - free (gift from Vix)
Necklace - free (won it in Jennie at Frocktasia's giveaway - yippee!! Thanks Jennie, love it!)
Bag - 99p (Ebay)
Brooch - 50p (charity shop)
Bangle - 60p (charity shop)
Ring - free (gift from Sarah)

TOTAL = £5.07

Ooh, 7p over budget.


So I had a little dance to celebrate my own cleverness, and took Vintage Coconut's  advice about making a gif (never heard of them before, I'm so hopeless!) Hope it doesn't make your eyes hurt...

The tambourine was in a percussion set I bought at a jumble sale for 20p. Does that have to go into the total spend too, since I'm using it as an accessory?

Can I be in your band, Helga?????
Well maybe just a groupie then!

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Vix said...

You rose to the challenge, girlfriend and totally nailed it! I love that dress on you and unlike some of Gok's monstrous creations that belt works brilliantly.
That Gif is ace! xxxxxxx

Helga said...

Baby,you can bang away in my band anytime!!!
Phwoar!You more than mastered that challenge! Fricking monstered it!
I really love that 80's tastic frock;I'm feeling quite warm about 80's tastic at the moment,probably due to Desperately Seeking Susan!!!
That gif is brillant! I can't seem to get them to transfer to my blog anymore,so I've given up!

lucy joy said...

Another nail in Gok's (career) coffin! Fan-bloody-tastic outfit, not a sniff of cheap and nasty about this look.
You've got it all, the style, the eye for a bargain, and the figure. Well done you!

Gifs freak me right out, but I'll make an exception because yours id fun.

Lucy x

Scarlett said...

I agree with everyone in that you nailed this one, you look awesome in the ra-ra number, total bargain! Scarlett x

Vintage Coconut said...

*Woohoo* Play that tambourine
Okay seriously that is a VERY AWSOME GIF!

Also Fabulous outfit for $5.07
That handbag is SO CUTE and the boots are fantastic.

Unknown said...

;-))) Im loving the moving tambourine clip that did make me smile. Loving the outfit to you look fabulous ;-) dee xx

Krista said...

You look fantastic and I dig the bright crazy colors and patterns and what girl doesn't adore ruffles! Shake what your mama gave you sugar, your funny and BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Unknown said...

Are you kidding me... I LOVE that frock! You look superfabulous in your five pound outfit - I love it all. No more gifs though please - they induce seizures!!! Though you sure got those tambourine moves down pat!

Sarah xxx

Mimi and Tilly said...

That gif is brill! I've never heard of them before but will have to set to and make one. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, it means a lot. Am off now for a soak in the tub and then going to give myself a manicure. This loving your body stuff can be really time consuming!! Em x