Sunday, 13 October 2013

Tapping on my roof and walls

It's been a thoroughly autumnal weekend - windy, wet, dark and chilly.

It had to happen.

What better than a bright frock to pierce the gloom?

This was from Friday.

I think it's the closest I'll ever come to neon.

New boots!

Ecco ankle boots, new-to-me via a charity shop, obviously. But actually, they look pretty new-to-anyone and unworn. 
£7; similar boots are currently retailing for around £120. 

Not exactly high fashion, but my feet are grateful nonetheless.

 1960s Davisella maxi dress - Ebay
Tie-front cardigan, ankle boots and bangles - charity shopped
Pendants - gift and flea market

The girls and I braved the all-day rain to go to a jumble sale on Saturday, but the pickings were slim.

1950s curtains
Selection of vintage children's books
Small kilner jar
Gladstone china plate

Lovely illustrations by Inga Borg from Parrak - The White Reindeer.

1950s cuteness from the Little Folks' Annual.

Look - there's Baby Helga and G, Fairy Krista, and Littlest and me, 50s style!

The 1958 Girl Annual advises morning stretching and cooking a nutritious lunch, and admires the equestrian talents of the young Prince Charles and Princess Anne. Who doesn't?

(I think that may be Fiona in the kitchen.)

Vix gets to wear a headscarf for an adventure in Spain - with me!

And Sarah seems to have run away to join the circus, along with sistercousinwife Helga, who is washing their smalls.

There they are in action.

This one was a big part of my childhood; I had the same 1972 edition of The Wombles (before they became TV stars). 

A quiet sort of weekend...

InWear dress, boots, bangles and beret - charity shopped
1950s back-buttoning blouse, worn as a jacket - community fair
KMK leggings - gift from Cristi
Brooch - gift from Sarah

Ha, just as I claim never to wear things upside down or back to front, here I am doing just that!

It'll be pants on my head next. I'm crazy, I tell ya.

In case anyone's wondering;

I didn't hear anything from Debenhams last week, so I rang them. 
The "Resourcing Centre" told me they did not have the information back from the store yet, and didn't know why it was taking so long.
The woman on the phone promised to chase it up.
I still haven't heard.

Hope you have had a rather more successful weekend than me.

Although I have taken on the ironing pile - and smoothed it into submission, hurray!



two squirrels said...

Hello lovely miss Curtise.......I am just sneaking a wee comment in just to say I have missed catching up.....thank you for the gorgeous comments on the shop......I can't believe how tired I am and the house looks like a student flat. Anyway.....that dress is amazing and I so in love with the books you found....thanks for the peek inside. I hope you have the most fabulous week ahead......oh oh I just love the little yellow cardigan...thank you again.Big V

Debberoo said...

I had that edition of the Wombles too!

Patti said...

I love the Wombles! And I think joining the circus would have been so rad, but I wasn't allowed to cross the street. Love your near-neon dress and congrats on the new boots - that brand is known to be super comfortable as well as cute. xox

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Are those sparkles on your hat? I love it! I'd say the skirt is neon, or at the very least uber vibrant. You wear it well, as you do all your maxi's. And the boots...super find, especially at this time of year! I have found a few good boot deals when looking out of season, but to score those now, heading into winter..well done! The thrifting goddesses are looking after you!

And continued good luck, good job karma! Hope things turn out as you hope.

Helga said...

Darling, do be careful about this ironing thing, it could become quite serious!
EEEEEEEEK! How splendid to see us all immortalised in that sweet little annual! Thank goodness they didn't catch me sniffing the smalls before I washed them....
You ARE positively neon!! Such fabularse colours in that divoon maxi...the boots look heavenly; som,etimes a gal does need a bit of comfort, but I don't like to shout that from the rooftops!
The second outfit is totally rocking my world...I had to look closely at your hat, and then I realised the knickers on your head was just a threat...hopefully not a hollow one! Love all the details! I have always wondered how the hell anyone does UP those bloody blouses that button up the back. Bizarre!

Jean at said...

All the illustrations are amazing. I love the reindeer ones especially, but the others are so evocative of their time. I'm glad you and the children are enjoying your time.

You look wonderful and I adore those leggings/tights. XXOO

Connie said...

Beautiful neon dress and those tights!!! Wowza! So so cute. I do those exact same exercises every morning and look where it got me. Those children's books are really wonderful. So nice to see your friends in the pictures. I can see it, too. Old Dooberhams! They don't deserve you!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like fun, colorful and creative outfits and some retro ephemera to brighten a gloomy weekend for sure. You look so cool!

Really liked your Stones tee with the kiltie skirt from your last post as well as your other outfits. You rocked it out of the park. I say you keep the shirt! ;)


Angels have Red Hair said...

I've come over all sentimental like ... remembering Those Wombles of Wimbledon Common.
Loving the leggings ... and hope you hear from Debenhams sooooon.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love the idea of wearing a blouse as a jacket. I was a big Wombles fan, Orinoco was my favourite.

Indigo Violet said...

Are reindeer a type of deer? If so, there's your OBD right there!
I love the books you found, I've found some lovely ones myself lately too.
And your psychedelic maxi is fab.

mispapelicos said...

Is that tree in your garden? It is such a perfect backdrop.
Looking fabulous as always.
I hope your adventure in Spain becomes true one day with me.

Unknown said...

Love your neon looks! Comfy shoes are moore and moore importante when one is ageing... atleast in i do think so .
My weekend has been all work and no play .

Unknown said...

What gorgeous book illustrations. Absolute treasures. I just love your second outfit, in particular your AMAZING tights and sweet little hat. Fabulous! Hope you hear about the job soon (of course it will be good news!)and don't hurt yourself wrestling that ironing pile into submission.XXX

Trees said...


Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

I love the second outfit, especially the hat. What fab boots you found! The wombles look nothing like their tv show!
I'm still crossing my fingers for you with the job. xxxx

Anonymous said...

The tights! OMG THE TIGHTS! How fab are they...

I want to read that reindeer book. I actually had a reindeer in my dream last night, poor thing was stuck in a village chemist shop to advertise Christmas. Ha, I'd forgotten that until just now.

Peaches McGinty said...

oooh Missus! with these dresses you are spoiling us! neon maxi oh yeah! perfect for these dank days, and the frilled fox look is fine as feck! - good score on the boots, you must have been chuffed - I love the illustrations and the babies Helga et al (1 year of Latin, 30 years ago, I'm positively fluent!)Stop ironing, it's catching! I have to do it now!!! x x

Vix said...

Psychedelia galore, just what a girl needs on a crap, wet, drizzly Monday morning! Love that dress to distraction and those KMK leggings are insanely fabulous! You've made my morning.
Those books are brilliant! I love classy Vicky and Curtis's road trip to Spain and Helga washing her knickers. I never had a Wombles book but I loved them. What fab finds!
It is a bit shitty about Debenhams, there's nothing worse than not knowing one way or another.
Roll on 1st November!
Love you! xxxxxxxxx

Kylie said...

I had to pop my sunnies on Curtise -that frock is so bright!

I loved The Wombles too.

What about Catweazle? Were you a fan? I LOVED Catweazle!

Ivy Black said...

Love it! Punches a hole right through drab. Like the boots too. I am very fond of a chunky boot at this time o'year. Makes me want to go for a tramp in a field...
Wouldn't say no to an adventure in Spain either.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Great score on the Ecco boots Curtise! I'm sure they will be super comfy. Loving the psychedelic maxi...such fab colours. And the tights from Krista are amazing! Xx

The Style Crone said...

Your ensembles are pure art! And the perfect antidote to windy, wet, dark and chilly! Your new boots were made for the colorful maxi. And your InWear beret is 'to live for.'

Debenhams is ridiculous not to have you working for them since you walked in the door.

Krista said...

Let me see about working my fairy magic and getting all of us on the same continent for some real fun:). Loving all these illustrations and your neon dress! The new to you boots are sure to get tons of wear and make your feet happy too!

My current job I've had 15 years, I had to bug my boss for three weeks until he hired me, he really didn't want too due to my lack of experience. Keep pestering them is my advice! I think you stand out because your fabulous make them see it too!


silvergirl said...

such fun illustrations
love dress #1 and the black shrug just makes those fabulous colors pop

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Love those illustrations!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Fiona said...

I agree with Krista re Debenhams, so glad you chased them. I also was once was offered a job after weeks of not hearing and like you rang them.
Yes we totally need cheerful colours to liven up a drab day, this outfit fits the bill alright. The boots are a brilliant find, know what you mean about grateful feet, unlike Vix I just can't do heels for any length of time these days. God knows how I wore those CFM's for all those years when I was a hostie.
You make me sound like a domestic goddess, Nigella I'm not. Although I am planning a vintage pinny post ....contain yourself woman!

joyatri said...

It's freaky how those children's books detail the lives of all your blogger friends. I had only heard of the Wombles and had not seen them. They're adorable!
I've had ecco shoes before and they were so comfy I wore them until they fell apart.
Love that turquoise bangle with the silver flowers. A blouse back to front? Who knows what you'll be up to next!

Unknown said...

love those outfits, you would brighten any gloom in those! Have you seen the snow forecast for November? time to buy snow boots!!!

daiseedeb said...

Just love your style. That maxi fabric is
to die for!!!! Maxfield Parrish-ish!!!
Loe the books too. Great finds!

Camelia Crinoline said...

Sometimes companies can take ages to get back to you about a job. HR departments seem to take pleasure in messing around. Don't lose heart just yet. Those leggings are fabulous and what a clever idea to wear a back button blouse as a jacket.

CityScape Skybaby said...

I used to buy those Girl annuals, among many others, from jumble sales and charity shops when I was young, though I totally defaced them which seems a bit of a travesty now, but it makes me feel very nostalgic for my collection to see one here Curtise. I love how all the bloggers are popping up there, I'm sure Desiree must be hiding somewhere in that circus story too. And you are looking especially magnificent, can't go wrong with new boots and they look great with those leggings. Hopefully Debenhams will give you a definite answer soon, it seems like they've been keeping you hanging on for ages, fingers still crossed here. xx

Max said...

love the wild dress, very pucci!

I used to have parrak the reindeer, i was obsessed with the traditional sami native dress when i was a teenager, still love it now.

modern kids books, not a patch on the old ones (much like clothes, grumble, grumble, back in my day etc! x

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

Those vintage books are AMAZING!!! Loved the illustraion of Helga doing the smalls!!

You look fabulous in both of your outfits--and those new boots are fantastic!!

Debenhams are crazy to not snatch you up!!

Unknown said...

Oooo, I love both those outfits! Probably because I love turquoisey shades and black, and those tights are to coolest!

Those book illustrations are beautiful, and so prescient to get all those bloggers in! If you could bear to rip them out of the books, they'd look lovely framed. I especially like Vicky's adventure in Spain and that hussy with no bra - anything could happen!

Unknown said...

It was a kind of a fallish weekend too around here, but overall pretty ok -

Neon could be your color you know;)
I like it a lot -
You know me! bright colors anytime! and everybody should be wearing them!

I adore your last outfit, the leggings are so crazy, i love how you combined it all

My footwear btw, is all comfortable as well , no high heels for me, i can't stand it anymore - My feet demand comfort!

Have a great week!

Ariane xo

Anonymous said...

Awww the Wombles I used to love watching the Wombles. What a walk down memory lane to pick that one up, you glorious near on neon maxi wearing mumma.

Rachel said...

Well you looked lovely and colourful over that very wet weekend. Particularly your lovely legs in those spiffy leggings! I spent lots of the weekend going out, getting wet, putting on dry stuff, going out, getting wet, putting on dry stuff. Rinse and repeat..

Blooming recruiters. Just phone already xxxx

Lea said...

oh i loved the wombles. im such a sucker for vintage illustrations..youve found some beauties.

Unknown said...

Love your geometric, near neon maxi with flourishes! And new boots ... not much is better than that. Your LBD is grand with tights and all the color up top!
So sorry Debenhams is being difficult. I wish much better for you. It may still be good news. I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed over here!
Book illustrations always make my day. You have excellent taste in book art ... so fun.

bonsaimum said...

Those leggings are to die for!! Know how you feel re the job. Still, we mature women are nothing if not persistent. :)

Flora Cruft said...

It's psychedelic prints a go go, what a brilliant stylish way to brighten up this dark rainy autumn!

Ulla-Marie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ulla-Marie said...

Indeed a bright and beautiful frock. AND - of course I live the pictures from Parrak - the white reindeer! Actually I once worked i a cabin that was owned by Lapps/samis (?) I baked waffels!

Forest City Fashionista said...

I would be tearing so many of those illustrations out of the books and frame them or stick them on my fridge ( I never did that as a child, only as an adult. I especially love the reindeer ones!

You daredevil - wearing a button-back blouse as a jacket! Next thing we know you'll be sashaying about in a man's shirt as a skirt and tights on your head ;)

Melanie said...

I'll join you for pants on your head. Tell me when.
If that's the closest you come to neon I'll still be content - what an awesome maxi. And your boots are perfect - they look great AND pamper your feet. I laughed going through your story. Yes, I see everyone in there! Ha ha!
What's an iron?

Anonymous said...

cool blog!!
greetings from germany♥

Unknown said...

HA!!!! Helga is washing my smalls!!! I bloody love it.

You look fabularse in that amazing maxi (THE COLOURS!) and I have a very similar 50s blouse-thing that I have never worn and I think you've just shown me how to wear it... backwards, as a jacket! I shall give it a try. The tights are INCREDIBLE and am envious that you look so exquisite in a beret - I look WEIRD in them.


Sarah xxx