Thursday, 10 October 2013

It's only rock'n'roll (but I like it)

Most of the time, the people I encounter day to day don't react much to what I wear. Not any more.

The lollipop lady makes the occasional comment, but I am at peace with my role as that funny mum in the playground who wears odd clothes.

I don't think I'm particularly unconventional. 

I like dresses, skirts, cardigans, boots. 
I wear pretty, colourful things. I take account of my shape, my lifestyle. 
I don't wear my clothes upside down or back to front, I don't refashion trousers into a shrug, or shoes as a hat. If only I were that creative!

I'm quite ordinary really.

So it was amusing to find myself on the receiving end of raised eyebrows, head-to-toe looks, and significant side-eye when I rolled up to school in this outfit yesterday.

What's the problem?

I have to say the kids I was working with in school loved it. 

They oohed at the sequins on the t-shirt, ahhed at the sparkly lurex fishnets, and clustered around me, the little girls stroking my tutu-esque skirt. It is a common occurrence for little fingers to reach out inquisitively to touch my rings and bracelets.

I wonder sometimes if they see me as an overgrown version of one of them, rather than aligning me with the teaching staff.

Well, I suppose I am dressed in a kid's t-shirt...

Rolling Stones t-shirt - hand-me-down, intended for Eldest (and she wants it back)
Tulle skirt - flea market
Cardigan, bangles and necklace - charity shopped
Tapestry bag - vintage shop
Boots and sunglasses - retail (old)
Vintage lurex fishnets - gift from green goddess Vix

Today; a welcome but very cold return to Chesterfield flea market. We've not been for a whole month!

Oh look, it's that bag again. I am practically married to it. But who can blame me?

And the denim jacket again. And the boots. No one can accuse me of not making good use of my existing wardrobe.

I don't get bored with my Favourite Things.

Top, belt, bangles and 1960-70s stainless steel pendant - charity shopped
1970s Brettles lurex maxi skirt - Ebay
Jacket, boots and bag - as before

Using what you have...

Of course I enjoy keeping a look out for some new-to-me piece of deliciousness (like my tapestry bag or a hand-me-down t-shirt) but I can remix, or wear the same combination (this maxi skirt, top and jacket have been seen together before, here) - it's all good.

I don't feel bored with my wardrobe, any more than I get tired of seeing my friends, rummaging at my local flea market and charity shops, eating in my favourite restaurants, or listening to the music I love.

And I'm pleased to find that my sartorial choices still have the power to amuse and surprise.

Oh, not you lot - you're used to all manner of wonderful self-expression through clothing - I mean the rather more conservative frequenters of the school playground...

Whatever next?

I might wear those boots as earmuffs and sunglasses as a bra.

You never know your luck.



Fiona said...

Those kids are discerning. I don't doubt that they are rather intrigued with you, you never disappoint with your wardrobe choices and the little ones can see that you dress with a sense of fun too. Wouldn't you be ever so slightly disappointed if you didn't experience side eye at the playground?? Looking fabulous as always, love the maxi.

Fiona said...


Unknown said...

sunglasses as a bra....and get pictures!!! you look amazing! Oh your figure!! i got told i looked gorgeous today on the playground....but it was quickly followed with a, 'what does your husband think...does he mind you looking like you do' by the same person! so not quite sure how to take it.....i chose compliment! all i had on was 2 skirts layered and about 7 necklaces!! (and other clothes...but that was the only quirky thing!) i didn't even have the tutu and sequinned top and magnificent frontal assets that you are showing off! as ever utterly divine my gorgeous! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Woohoo you you're rocking it like a rockstar. So excited to see you nabbed the tee from your child's clutches lol. You look fabulous and I think id like to stroke your skirt too.

I think I'm going to be that mum too, that others peg me as the weird mum in those clothes. Ohhh well let them talk. Cohen is only in kindy now and I get the odd raised eyebrow and one mum who will often give me heartfelt compliment on what I'm wearing and enquire about it. That mum mind you reads my blog and follow on FB so she's down with my crazy.

Rachel said...

Oh psh! People are boring! I got a full headsweep up and down from a lady at the theatre last week in my new stripey dress (the hundreds of other people there were nice though). Don't worry, though, I went to a girls school so I can do a haughty look back! But still, really?

Was it your outfit or... Perhaps your fabulous cleavage in that tshirt!!! Hee hee xxx

P.s did you buy anything at the market?

Vix said...

Are you sure they weren't all jealous of your rather fabulous bazookas? That Stones tee shows them off to perfection, in fact your whole bod looks incredible in both outfits and I'll never tire of drooling over that tapestry bag, those boots, that maxi, denim jacket or anything you care to remix.
So jealous that you went to Chesterfield flea, I'd never get tired of that place and "Push It Looking forward to your "How To Style My Sunglasses" post, 'cos I'm short of sartorial inspiration.
Love you! xxxxxxxx

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

I agree, it was the tightness of the teeshirt they couldn't avert their eyes from! Very cool outfit.
The maxi skirt and the boots look great together.

Helga said...

Feck ME, I've only been singing that ALL MORNING! I must have been picking up your hot vibe....that T is the only band T I could consider wearing, only my bazookas look like melons in T's!!! Yours look GLORIARSE!!! The tulle skirt is a magnificent foil to that T, too. No wonder peeps were admring you, you look quite delicious! We don;t call you "The Bod" for nothing!
The second outfit is schwingaling, and I am not surprised you can't seem to let go of that AMAZING bag!!! I am truly, truly ENVIOUS as all HELL of it!
I'm just in the mood for a flea market....but I shall be getting a front door lock sorted and then drinking gargantuan amounts of gin this arvo instead!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love the t-shirt and skirt. I bet you are the talk of the school. In a good way!

Veshoevius said...

oohhh! I LOVE your skirt! I'd be like the kids, stroking it and cooing. How boring are some people? It's not like you ever wear anything Maison Margiela wierd, you just look like someone who makes am effort to look great and who knows how to have fun with clothes. I think they're probably just jealous!

Krista said...

I totally get why this outfit is extra fun for you it is a bit different than you normally wear and I must say it more than suits you! I adore the sequined Stones tee and that skirt why I wanna touch it! I find myself thinking extra hard about what to wear if I know I'm going to see kids, they seem to really enjoy fun outfits, way more than most grown ups.

The caption in the last photo should say, "Cute and totally know it!"


freckleface said...

Little girls are so cute when they love an outfit and want to get close. That picture of little fingers reaching out to touch you is so sweet. Not surprised they loved that outfit. Little girls know what's what.

The side eye was definitely for your boobalicious upper body in that outfit. Ding dong. But I do love the tulle skirt too.

It's good to like what you have. I sometimes wonder about famous people. They buy a fantastic frock, but only get to wear it once or the magazines mock them for being cheap. I'd hate that. Your attitude is much better. Get anything nice at Chesterfield? xxxxx

Patti said...

oh sunglasses as a bra -- would actually work for me : > I adore the Rolling Stones tee, can you negotiate with Eldest? I don't get bored of my favorite things either - had a stromboli tonight (again) at my favorite pizzeria, with a glass of burgundy (again!). Along with my husband of umpteen years. Nothing wrong with relying on favorites. You look marvelous! xoxo

Peaches McGinty said...

tulle, rocking 't' shirt fishnets and boots, maxi's, tapestry bags! your my kind of woman! I would LOVE you to be on my school run, I'd be silly happy!! - I think it's great that kids love dressed up grown ups - I think they appreciate the extra sparkly effort in the sea of uniformity.
I looked like Nanny McPhee today, the 'before' one, I think I actually frightened a couple of kiddies x x

daiseedeb said...

LUV the rockin' t shirt and skirt and boots and fishnets and....
You rock!
If I see you come into MY school I would want to be your friend immediately.
; )

Kylie said...

There is nothing, I repeat NOTHING ordinary about you Curtise!

thorne garnet said...

you look ok to me. You should see what passes for "normal" around here.

Connie said...

You know most people are very very afraid to look different. One of the moms at my daughter's school actually told me that I could borrow some of her clothes because I think she felt sorry for me because I don't dress like everybody else. Too bad for them. You are always fabulous and 100% Curtise. The little girls get it. They do. And so do we. I was driving in my car, and this man came on the radio. He was telling me more and more about some useless information supposed to fire my imagination. I can't get no satisfaction. I really can't.

Unknown said...

I'm still amused and surprised ... maybe more "enchanted" is the word for it. Like the kids are. "Charmed" is a good word. Yes, "charmed and enchanted." You're all that and chips. Especially to the little girls. They'll remember your gloriousness for their whole lives.
The Rolling Stones shirt worries me though ... only because I fear they won't get the Stones connection and think you're a Miley Cyrus fan. Does that translate across the pond?
Addition love is sent to the maxi ... very stylish and perfect print mixing. Looking yummy, Mummy!

Melanie said...

I'm still laughing about the sunglasses! One would think the adults at the school had never seen a gorgeous, free-spirited, intellect before when they ogled you, with a touch of fear in their eyes perhaps? Or they're leery that your real motive is to get reprimanded in private by the gorgeous principal. Laugh. I love how you paired the T with the tulle. I love wearing my favourite things over and over again, too.

Unknown said...

I think that you and your wardrobe a so great! Love the t shirt and skirt. People are just jelous - grown ups and kids! The kids because they love your look and grown ups because they wanna look like you but are scared!

mispapelicos said...

You look soooooooooooo fabulous, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
have a fun weekend, dear Curtise.

Ulla-Marie said...

kids do appreciate obvious beautiful things as much as kids do. I believe it's because they don't have any censorship that prevents them.

Unknown said...

I love the t-shirt, the tulle skirt and your tapestry bag is my favourite, I think I could wear it everyday! I don't know what's wrong with other moms, but even if I should use more conservative clothes, I would be different anyway, so I gave up!
Chesterfield flea market sounds like heaven, I wish I could visit it someday!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Love xxxxxx

Vicky Hayes said...

Children are wonderfully non-judgmental until they're taught to be otherwise and also love colour and texture until that's suppressed too (bitter moi?!) I can imagine Mick's rude tongue might have startled the unwary - particularly boobiliciously placed! Personally I love the gorgeous shapes and colours of your maxi ensemble. Vicky x

PS My desk is right next to the cat flap and on cold, windy days I've been known to wear trousers as a cape and socks with the toes cut off as arm warmers!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I'd say the side-eye glances were all simply in awe of your glorious booboids. I wouldn't mind a squeeze myself (don't you dare tell my mum I said that!) I love the whole combo with the twirly skirt & the boots. You are one super funky mumma! Although I like to show my newest frocks on the blog, I wear all of my favourites over & over. But I seem to fall head over heels in love with something new all the time. Xx

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

you are probably the most fabulous mum at school bar none!! I ADORER the RS tshirt with the tulle skirt!! The second outfit is vintage Curtise--and you ROCK IT!!

I constantly get "raised eyebrows, head-to-toe looks, and significant side-eye" on my sartorial choices at work. I dress rather boring compared to you, Vix, Helga or Desiree!! Heads would EXPLODE if I showed up arrayed like y'all!!

Unknown said...

I like your tutu and Rolling Stones outfit, fish net with the Tutu, i love it!
Maxi skirts and boots, O my! i love it- I have maxis skirts for fall i should wear them -
I shop a lot in the charity shops, the Sally Ann is 5 mins away from work and they have sales all the time - I can't help it;)

Have great weekend

Why don't you link up on my blog and show us that sexy tutu meets the Rolling Stones look!


Forest City Fashionista said...

You are anything but ordinary! In fact, you look spectacularly saucy in your Rolling Stones Ballerina outfit. I love it, and of course the kids would too - sparkly, red, tulle, fishnets - all the good stuff! The rack looks fabulous decorated with sparkly lips and a tongue (nothing risque there....). I think you should keep that t-shirt!

Have a lovely weekend - it is our Thanksgiving here, so three days off work - Hurrah!

Kelly Jackson said...

I'm with Vix: the grown-ups all envy your fabulous ta-tas and figure - you rock totally in that outfit, Curtise! Of course your outfit would be fascinating for kids, with all the different textures and colours. I remember being equally fascinated by my first grade teacher's nylons, lol. And you can't ever go wrong with boots, a denim jacket a fab vintage person in my opin. Have a great weekend! Xoxo

bonsaimum said...

How fantastic to have all the kids gathered around, excited by what you wear. What a woman!!!!

The Style Crone said...

I can see why you are the children's favorite at school. Who wouldn't be inspired by your artistry and self expression. I am every time I visit your blog. Perhaps you have inspired a young mind to experiment with their own creativity! What could be more important than that?

joyatri said...

It's so sad that young children have their creative sensibilities squelched as they are bombarded by media and their elders to conform. So it's wonderful that you're a role model for them.
Love that print of your new lurex maxi. I'll be taking a lesson from you as I try to decide which favorite pieces to take to serve me for 2 months in London. It's hard!

Unknown said...

You're inspiring! I just love the T shirt, and that glistening tongue spread all over your bosom is a great way to get other tongues wagging! So what. Enjoy it until Eldest takes it back.

I sometimes hold back on wearing favorite things because I don't want them to wear out. But that's life - ripeness, age, decay. Might as well get the most out of the first two stages, and then savor the memories during the decay.

Angels have Red Hair said...

i'm still laughing at the shoes as a hat.
I think you look fabulous ... and the other women in the playground are obviously just green with envy.

Dawn Elliott said... it's the tee that made me laugh! As a retired elementary teacher, I know that would have - at the very least - raised some eyebrows at my school! More power to you!

Diane said...

You always look so fab and really stunning. I love the way you dress. And I can see why the kids love it . PS I once turned my favourite item of clothing ever (jade green harem trousers) into a skirt. xxxx

Trees said...

Love that Rolling Stones tee - sparkles rock!! I don't think of myself as a particularly "crazy" dresser either, but it turns out in the sea of black suits I kind of stick out.

Unknown said...

I love this! I would stare at you in that fab tshirt and skirt - your rack looks spectacular! And the tutu looks spectacularly twirly-worthy.

Love the maxi outfit - that's such a perfect silhouette on you - and I'm like you, I wear things over and over and never get bored. I love my favourite things!

And I would pay GOOD MONEY to see you were sunglasses as a bra.


Sarah xxx