Friday, 25 October 2013

Doesn't take much to make me happy

There have been all sorts of little things which have made me smile this week.

Sunshine after the rain, for one.

And this beauty, called Samantha, picked up in a charity shop for a fiver.

The painting is signed Lambert - I'm looking to you for information, Tania!

1960s amber glassware, which matches my genie bottle rather nicely.

Yes, Wii games and dust and cat paw prints on the mantlepiece. 
See what I mean about amateur?

The local charity shop where I found both painting and vase had a lot of vintage glassware on display.

I'm guessing it was probably one person's collection.
Is it sad that it was all being flogged off for £1-3 a piece, or good that lots of people get a chance to enjoy it now, and the hospice charity benefits? A bit of both, I suppose.

Another customer and I oohed and ahhed over which pieces to choose, while the women at the till fretted over using up all their bubble wrap on our purchases. (Newspaper would have done the job equally well...)

This perfectly-fitting dress has made me happy, a gift from the divine Helga. Have you seen her flashing her pantaloons as a guest frockster over at Kylie's?

What else has tickled me?

Eldest joining the Dance Club at school, and telling me that they can't perform their routine to Jason Derulo's Talk Dirty at the Christmas concert because the lyrics include the word penis. There may be some other lyrical content which is a little adult for 11 year olds too...  
My mate Jo losing out to an elderly lady in the Battle of the Granny Chic at a vintage charity sale yesterday. They both wanted the same 1960s top; the octogenarian won. We laughed all morning about that. 
 After months of being blanked by the Chair of our PTA (she hates me!) which has made it impossible for me to remain in the group, there has been a regime change, and I can return. That feels better. Christmas Fair? Game on!

Last Saturday, when Littlest and I were on the bus coming home from town, a toothless man radiating beer fumes chatted to us. We answered politely, until he asked about my husband.     
I'm not married, I said. Foolishly. 
 Toothless Drunk Man's eyes lit up. I corrected my error, and said I have a partner.
  Toothless Drunk wanted to know why we weren't married, and we seemed set for an unwelcome discussion about marriage, and my availability. Luckily, he had to get off the bus before us.
When he had gone, Littlest gave me a piercing look, and said he liked you.
Well, he was a bit drunk, I replied.
She shrugged, then said he wanted you.
For once, I was speechless.

Someone has found my blog by using the search term meet n fuck. 
I hope it wasn't Toothless Drunk Man.

1970s Dagmar maxi dress - gift from Helga
Denim jacket and bangles - charity shopped
Apple pendant and brooch - flea markets
1980s boots - Second to None

Spending very little money to get interesting, quirky old stuff - that always makes me feel cheerful.

Clockwise top left to right;
1950s preserve pot
1950s giraffe cocktail stirrers
1930s Bakelite domed trinket box (stall holder suggested it was for powder and a puff)
1960-70s stainless steel and abalone shell bangle
Victorian dried flower brooch
Tiny glass salt shaker (I presume)

Prices - 50p-£3.

And that fabric with the funky print you can see in the background? A 1960s dress for a fiver. Yippee!

So, yes, I am pretty easy to please.

Dinner with the girls round at Karen's later, and next week is half term.
I'm pretty pleased about that too.

Have a splendid weekend, everyone!



freckleface said...

Easy to please. I like that in a woman. Bet Toothless Drunk Man does too. WINK! Youngest, eh?. 'He wanted you'. I'm not surprised you were speechless. I can't stop laughing.

Hurrah for a change of regime. The wheel of fortune, it goes up and it goes down. Now is your time. Your flowers still look wonderful, my garden is looking rain bashed but it is still trying hard. Like Toothless Drunk Man.

I'm on the side of it's good that lots of other people get to have pleasure from it and the hospice benefits. The alternative makes me too sad. But I'm roused from that sadness by Eldest's comments about the Christmas dance. Honestly, you have the best kids.

Now then, the family portrait. That's great aunt Samantha with the snub nose and the cute booty. She met a drunk toothless man on the bus. He wanted her and eventually persuaded her to sit for him. Let that be a lesson to you! xxxxxx

Kylie said...

I have always loved littlest.
Her comment on toothless drunk man makes me love her even more! What a great kid!

Ivy Black said...

Any you make me happy,love! So does that comment from your youngest. Brilliant.
I'm glad to learn that I'mnot the only one that attracts that sort of toothless attention! Love the portrait of Tan's great auntie Samantha. And the amber glass...lush.
Have a fabulous weekend.
Loves ya.

Angels have Red Hair said...

You should have told us he was a sober spunky dreamboat ... with all his own pearly whites ... we'd have believed you.

Kearnygirl said...

I have never posted before today but have been reading your blog for awhile and really enjoy it. No, I didn't find you by typing "meet and fuck" but that made me laugh out loud and I just had to post to tell you that. You made my morning! It started out kind of blah but now I have a smile on my face. Love all your posts and your children are so cute. Thanks for the pick me up today.

Patti said...

Toothless Drunk Man story has made my day, and it's only 8:30 : > You look irresistible, it's true, in your flowered frock. Love, love your new painting xoxo.

Vix said...

He wanted you, that's the story of my life and it always seems to involve beery,toothless old me, do you think our clothes bring back memories of their youth? Maybe if we dressed in Primark we'd be fending off spotty youths in tracksuits? Shall we try it?
That dress is gorgeous, just as well we're not out together this Friday, we'd look like twins!
No wonder you were queuing outside the chazza at the crack of dawn in the rain. that's one tremendous haul. The £5 frock looks very enticing and I reckon the painting is of our Tania, I'd recognise that shapely bum anywhere!
How dare an old 'un steal Jo's top and I had no idea there was a mention of Penis in Talk Dirty, too busy dancing.
LOve you! xxxxxx

Unknown said...

Such a great post ! Made me smile and a giggle... You look amazing and i hope somebody wants you this weekend ;)

Rose&Bird said...

Ah well, they say children speak the truth! Sometimes JB1's innocent little comments make me crease with laughter! Lovely dress, those blues suit you. Good hauls this week. Can't believe Jo missed out to the granny - sounds like she was out of the same stable as Vix's Black Country grannies! The print on your £5 dress looks wild, I wonder if it's the same as a jumpsuit I have?

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Wow!!! Such a bee-yoo-ty-full dress from Helga, it's amazing on you - and the bits of happiness keep on comin' to form a regular onslaught, how marvellous! I love the way your new apple pendant looks on. xoxoxoxoxo

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I'm LOLing at the drunken old toothless buffer and the search term "meet n fuck". Blimey that's almost as good as low hanging labia ( was it?). Xx

Krista said...

Looks like both your girls are pretty dang funny! He wanted you....I'm still laughing! So much to make a gal happy for sure, but the dress from Helga is just stunning on you, va va zoom! The colors and print win me every time but the fit, superb! Great news about being back on the PTA, I can't imagine what that other gals problem was with you so I'll just say it was her problem not yours!

Enjoy your weekend sweetie!

Unknown said...

Ahahah! little girls always know how to surprise us!! Your blog is an explosion of amusing readings! I particulary enjoy this post and the photos in your garden are beautiful, probabily nature is at its best in this season and the colours of your dress in the natural set recall the pre-rafaelites paintings!! I love the painting too, I'm always looking to find a similar one sooner or later!
Love xxxxxx

Sheila said...

So much good stuff - I laughed at "he wanted you." Gawd, out of the mouths of babes...However, you are quite sexy, so not surprising!

Love all that glassware - I collect a type of 60s amber glassware called "king's thumbprint" and "pineapple" - I have a few dozen pieces cobbled from thrift stores here and there.

Fab dress!

Fran said...

Great way to start the day, a funny story. Love your commentary about your adventure on the bus and Youngest's comment...Vix comment was the cherry on top!

Peaches McGinty said...

dust and cat prints is character in a home, like I think cobwebs add a gothic vibe - toothless beery man is like something I attract/avoid, hilarious though, Littlest comment made me laugh, they take you by surprise! your dress in gorgeous! you look gorgeous, outside selfies amongst the foliage are most becoming, glad you are back on the PTA, the Chair was clearly a knob! xx have a lovely weekend x xSamantha is a bit fab too x x

silvergirl said...

oh my gosh
i would be all over those colored brandy snifters!!
have a great weekend and I hope you see more things to make you smile

Anonymous said...

Hello! I found your blog via Style Crone, and I can't tell you how pleased I am to find a British Blogger who is around my age. Nothing against USA but we are a tiny island and we need more older women loud and proud! Oh, and I do love your dress.

I have just started Charity Shop blog, so it would be lovely if you had time to sneak a peek.

I have bookmarked you so I can keep up with your finds. :)

Have a great weekend!

Penny-Rose said...

Oooh I looove the dress - its gorgeous, look at the colours and the patterns. "Samantha" is a real honey and the bangle with abalone is stunning. Toothless drunk made me snigger but you have to admit he has a great eye for a great lady. Your daughter is very insightful :-)

Unknown said...

hope you didnt tell toothless drunk man you were easy to please! ooo that dress on you is gorg! x

Miss Magpie said...

God what is it about these old drunks? If I gave it too much thought I might be quite depressed that it's always them and not some swoony chap.

Love the frock. x

Olga Rani said...

Hi Curtise! Love your pretty finds, especially the glassware and the giraffe stirrers. The dress is very beautiful, amazing colour. And the story about Toothless Drunk Man made me laugh. Have a nice day!

Trees said...

I love the frock our Helga sent - looks great one you! I love all that glass wear, I kind of like the idea that lots of people get to enjoy it now. Also that drunken man and the littest comments - I can see why you were speechless!

mispapelicos said...

You look so beautiful amongst the flowers in every single attire. That tree of yours is such a perfect backdrop Curtise.
We had rain today, it lasted 2 hours and that was it.
Have a wonderful weekend.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Love the story of the conversation with the toothless man.
Great dress and hope your half term is as relaxed as mine was.

Max said...

I think you should rename Littlest, Funniest!
You look positively amazonian in that dress and i imagine your beating them all off with a stick, toothless and toothed alike. Op-shops are sad places sometimes aren't they. I especially hate to find old wedding and kids photos (how could their family not want them? Or maybe they have no family left to remember them). Terry though always reminds me that this helps interesting stuff come back into circulation (as her rubs his hands together in anticipation of nz's aging potter population to pot their last and pop there clogs!).
Happy weekend yourself x

Unknown said...

Kids these days have the most surprising comments these days - You should hear sometimes what Mr. D 8 year old has to say -
The toothless drunks, yes i see them everyday when i go to work - I work in a area where there are 2 organizations for the homeless, but they don't bother you and are very polite
They tell you have a good day when you come out of the subway -
You are looking splendid again wearing your signature maxi

Have a great weekend


Kitty said...

the maxi alone would have me grinning ear to ear love! Loving your genie bottle, but I'd have found it hard to leave those lovely brandy balloons on the shelf at those prices, wow. Not thinking the green-lidded bowl is for powder though...

Unknown said...

Gawd. Poor you, mashed on a bus by a toothless wino. But you made me smile in the telling. My week is better, too, knowing you had some smiles!
I'm generally neutral about children but I LOVE YOUR KIDS. ALL OF THEM!!!!
You look pretty in that very pretty blue and purple dress ... love your hair, too, in these photos.
Enjoy your dinner out ... I'm going to go serve one. Flaked, baked Salmon in our Alfredo Capellini. It really is yummy ... wish you were here. I'd feed you all.

Rachel said...

I had a giggle reading your post, you made me laugh. I love all your goodies; brilliant buys. I love your look, you look great :-)

Rachel said...

You and Vix could be twins in blue floral! Ugh to the Toothless Man, he can bog off. Glad the tartar has left the PTA building... ;-)

Hope you are having a lovely weekend xxXx

Fiona said...

Glad you have found stuff to make you happy this week Curtise. Did the old witch get ousted from the PTA then? Littlest's comment is hilarious, very astute though. Lovely snaps of your brilliant buys and the late blooms. Dust and cat prints eh, how very slovenly! tee hee. xxxx

joyatri said...

So many wonderful things in this post. It pleases us for you to recount your encounters with lecherous bus riders and your kids' quotes and all your charity shop finds. And you look ravishing in that dress!
I wonder about your point about reminding men of their youth when you were vintage. It's been a few years since I've attracted the attention of random men. The few times I have, I've been wearing complete vintage, and especially hats. Then I get smiles and comments from older gentlemen. So I think you're on to something.

bonsaimum said...

LOL. Love it,made my day.

Veshoevius said...

the story of toothless drunk man and your littlest's reaction had me guffawing! Love the maxi! xx

Unknown said...

You have to be able to take joy in the little things don't you. (And getting hit on by drunk men!)How slinky do you look in that dress? If I could somehow spell a wolf whistle I would. (See, now you have me hitting on you too!)XXX

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Haha! That made me chuckle. Hope your weekend has been a lovely one! xxxx

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

you look gorgeous!!!
And you got some awesome goodies--I love that vintage glassware.

Diane said...

He did want you! Bless. It is sad that people collection end up being sold off cheaply, but better than ending up in a skip (which I have witnessed!) xxxx

Señora Allnut said...

glad you've enjoyed all these little details, glass, dresses, flowers and compliments from Mr. Toothless Drunk Man (I think I've met him some times, and really wish he's not a franchise!!)
And your dress is a pretty good reason to smile, 'cause it fits you like a dream!

MamaZuzi said...

Loving that dress on you with the jean jacket. Wish I could think it would look good on me but I have my doubts.

I see you like Peetee's Place! She is in Portland where I am too. Fun and love that dog. Hope you'll check out my blog some time too at (altho I may be moving to wordpress). Ciao for now.

The Style Crone said...

Regular visits to your blog is what makes me happy! It's the details of life that have major impact.

Your gifted blue maxi is a beauty. And your gift for telling a great story is very much appreciated.

Melanie said...

Brilliant writing! You told this so well. That's my new favourite line - he wanted you. I'll keep my eye open for more tags of Toothless Drunk Man. I'm glad you can let loose in the PTA at last!! The Christmas Fair won't know what's hit them.
I would like to put my milk in that extremely tall brown vase-y thing. Trying to use it at breakfast would wake me up properly.
And last and best, look dreamy in that awesome blue gown hand chosen by Helga. Don't let TDM (toothless...) see you in it!

Helga said...

Bahahaha, o Mary, mother of GAWD that's hilarious about the drunk man...drunk old buggers are always attracted to me too! Nice to know we've still got it, despite not being willing to share it!!!
Ooo, you look scrummy in that frock, I'm so pleased!
LOVE that print,she's gorgeous! Hopefully our Tania can come up with the goods on that painter!
I have the same genie bottle, but I think mine is blue? Haven't seen them in awhile, must get them out of storage! (Out of G's Mama's box, oooER!)
It's not sad that the glassware is being sold off cheap, it's lovely. No greedy guts there, unless some arsehole buys the lot to flog off on ebay or something nasty like that. Some lovely pieces! And the vases rock!
I am most amused about the song with the word penis in it being unsuitable....I expect though, that "Sex on the Beach" was perfectly suitable, I seem to recall loads of kiddies bouncing around to that one when it was out........
Ah, a change in the old guard! Hurrah! Rancid bitch, hopefully she's off being a miserable cow elsewhwere. How dare she not like you, what's not to like?! Scared of the brave and different, if you ask me. Feck her, feck 'em ALL!

Vicky Hayes said...

I collapsed when I read this post! Have just shown it to my daughter and she screamed with laughter and said "Oh WHY didn't we meet Curtise?" We are your stalkers (although we do visit the dentist sometimes and when I radiate alcohol fumes they tend to be cider but I don't remember how I found your blog...!) Vicky x

CityScape Skybaby said...

I always say I won't leave comments everywhere when I'm catching up but had to say how great this post is Curtise. The comments from Littlest did make me laugh, old drunks always seem to zero in on me too, my daughter says it always happens to her as well and she reckons it's because most people would just freeze them out but we always smile at them, and that's their opening to start talking. As for the PTA woman, I can't imagine anyone hating you, what's wrong with the woman? Well I think Helga has the right advice when it comes to that, words of wisdom there. xx

Dawn Elliott said...

You crack me up!
There seemed to be a time when I was single, and all these contemporaries of toothless drunk man were hustling me! None to flattering, but still kinda funny!