Tuesday, 29 October 2013

'Til Somebody Loves You

The kids have their half term holiday this week, which means I do too!

Oh it has been good to have no particular schedule, and a lovely lie-in or several.

Mind you, today was designated the day of the Big Clear Up.

My mum and sister are visiting tomorrow.

I only ever get the urge to tidy up when visitors are due, it makes me see the mess with fresh and frankly appalled eyes...

Denim blazer - gift from Fiona
Top, hat, belt, bangles and necklace - charity shopped
1970s maxi skirt - flea market
Boots - Ebay
Tapestry tote bag - made it myself

There are always cats around when I take my photos. Charlie was chasing leaves and playing with his buddy from next door, Caspar. Jess (or The Queen, as she is known in this house) was less than impressed with the young upstart.

The dreadful storms which hit other parts of the country very hard didn't have much impact here, thank goodness.

Nail varnish - a gift from Emma Kate

I'll be taking my hat along to Judith's next Hat Attack  on November 1st.

And I'm meeting up with some delicious blogger friends on Friday too, I'm very excited!

But before that, there's a day of family shenanigans tomorrow,  the Ladies Purse will be storming to victory in the local pub quiz (yeah, right... Serial Losers, we should be called), and there is the small matter of Hallowe'en to consider...

Here's Eldest before she went out for a spooky walk in Derbyshire with the Scouts this evening.

Zombie School Girl - she raided my wig and beret collection, and perfected the dead-eyed look rather well, I thought.

And a propos of absolutely nothing - the kids have been playing this song constantly, and it's really rather good.
Just shows that sometimes TV talent shows turn up someone with some, err, talent.



Vix said...

Look at you, a vision in tapestry and denim! That blazer from Fiona's fab and I'm loving the nail polish.
Check out the kitty action, that's some serious territorial sniffing going on with Charlie and Jess.
Eldest's makeup is fantastic, she's bloody terrifying.
Good luck with the visit and the quizzing. Hope the Ladies Purse does storm to victory and show those professional quizzers a thing or two.
Did you catch any of James Arthur on the Live Lounge last week? Outstanding cover of the Arctic Monkeys. We knew that boy had talent!
Love you and see you very soon! xxxxxx

bashashhazbaz said...

great outfit!

Helga said...

Eldest looks brilliant!!!
Pookies! The little darlings! Ours have been in the cattery whilst we were away, and they are O so gorgeously happy to be home. I could watch them for hours!!!
Fabularse outfit, love the print on the skirt, and DENIM, dammit! I thought of you when I wore my denim coat/dress over the last few days, as I realised IT is my denim jacket! Just longer! Much better as a coat, for sure. Goes with everything!
I do hope you ladies knock 'em dead at the quizz. I do enjoy a quizz, although I'm only good for the most vapid questions!!!
Gawd, those storms were terrible! Just read a bit about it in the paper. Bloody natures gone homicidal on us!

Krista said...

amen to that sister, that song rocks! Thanks for getting me off my chair this afternoon and shaking my ass! Can you please tell Eldest I am most impressed with the original costume idea and her make-up looks well creepy! You on the other hand look funkified in the denim blazer and killer maxi! This color combo of blues and different textures is done right tasty! You beauty! The shots of the kitties frolicking about is sweet. I keep finding dead things in our backyard. One snake two mice and two dead birds and that is just in a week! EW!
Kick ass at your quiz night, I suck at that sort of thing but I could keep everyone's glasses full:)

Unknown said...

omg you look fabulous in that outfit! x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Oh my … eldest does the dead eyed zombie schoolgirl look spectacularly well … I think I might have nightmares tonight ;0)
I love holidays for the sleep ins too … the kids might be silly enough to get up early … but not me.

Kylie said...

So...WHERE are those wrinkles and bags etc that you keep telling me about eh?!
I DO NOT see a trace of them (or even one for that matter!)
Eldest looks awesome (wait til you see me tomorrow...hopefully...)

Sheila said...

Ooh, I love Eldest's make-up - brava!

Lovely kitties, and lovely you!

Patti said...

Eldest is scary-good! Great job on the makeup, and you're right, she has nailed the expression. Love all the cat interactions too, and your fab day-of-rest outfit. xo

Lynn Hasty said...

LOL -- your frankly appalled eyes. You always give me a giggle. Lovely you; you have a killer figure Ms. Curtise. Just for the record, teenagers (at least mine is a teen right now) don't even have to have an outfit to perfect the zombie rolled eyes. I speak from experience. Yikes!


Connie said...

Zombie school girl. I love it!! Meanwhile, you're looking quite dreamy.

Camelia Crinoline said...

I hope you get lots of lovely lie-ins. Eldest looks awesome in her zombie schoolgirl outfit. I love the hat and the maxi.

Olga Rani said...

What a beautiful dress! Actually it looks like a top and a skirt thanks to different types of print. You have a nice company of cats :) And your daughter's make up is very Halloween-ish, love your face expression as well.

Unknown said...

Eldest got a great look and so do mum!
I get the urge tomten tidy up for visitors to ....
We up here in the north of Sweden didnt feel the storm at all!
Have a great day!

Peaches McGinty said...

James Arthur is amazing, definitely talented and so charismatic, I am convinced the location is the same as 'equality street', classic David Brent stuff! you look flaming gorgeous in your fab outfit, the dress is particularly lovely and Eldest is a great zombie schoolgirl, also reminiscent of teenage 'be bothered' looks I get at home (they don't use 'can't')good luck at the quiz-love them despite being rubbish and take several breaks from cleaning duties (although I suspect that's where I go wrong, it's very hard to find motivation during an extensive rest!)love the kitty pics too x x

Fiona said...

Looking bloody good in that hat Curtise, is the flea market maxi new? Don't recall seeing it before...maybe I haven't been paying attention. The denim jacket looks much better on you, that 30p was well spent! Eldest looks brilliant, very scary indeed glad she won't be knocking on my door! Enjoy time with your mum and sister and the blogger girls...have a pint of cider for me.

Saucy Siciliana said...

You look really great, I love the beige hat. Eldest looks really spooky:) You have an original taste in dressing, looks really comfy and classy.

Kelly Jackson said...

Zombie School Girl: love! I wish they celebrated Halloween here but it's rather not done. I love your look here, Curtise - the skirt is to die for and you look quite jaunty in the hat. And I must say, your backyard is enviable! That song is kinda catchy. I listened to half of it before my browser shut down, grrr. Xoxo

Ulla-Marie said...

A great mix of patterns, and I do understand that the cats want to hang with a cool cat.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Oh gorgeous - love that skirt and your pattern mix! That is truly an outstanding dead-eye, I'm inspired to practice mine all day though I despair of achieving that level of expertise. xoxoxoxo!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I love the unexpected combination of that top & skirt. I agree with Kylie....where oh where are your lines beautiful Lady? Your face looks like a pre-pubescent babes! I hope you & the family enjoy the holidays. Xx

Vicky Hayes said...

A gorgeous outfit Curtise and beautifully autumnal! Whenever I notice the mess around here I suggest a party - isn't that what everyone does?! Love eldest's zombie look, the sunshine, the cats and the song too. Today is a happy day! Vicky x

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

Cute kitty photos!! YAY!!!! We have a Queen also (aka Misty)

You do look fetching in your maxi!! I love the pattern mix!!
Eldest costume is FABULOUS!!

Good luck storming to victory!! and have a marvelous time at your blogger meet-up (so jealous!!)

Unknown said...

First i love eldest costume and makeup! I have to figure out mine for tomorrow -
Ah cats! mine too run around the garden and have fun -
I think your outfit is so well styled, i love the mix of patterns, it doesn't match at all and it's perfect - The hat and jacket splendid addition!

I couldn't listent to the tune at work, yes i comment while i work!

Anyway i will listen when i get home


two squirrels said...

Oh the pussy-cat pics are fabulous. Tee hee.....they are fun to watch.
You look so very pretty miss Curtise in the close up pic of the hat.
Oh my gosh I had an hour to do the maddest clean up ever when Helga and G came....eeeeekkkk. The dust bunnies.
Love v

freckleface said...

Every time I look at that first photo I think Lady Explorer. Like an early feminist, going out and doing a spot of social anthropology. Most charming and delightful and oh! you do suit that hat.

I have a vision of your horrified face in my head when you suddenly see the house as it really is. Other people seem to lack that very desirable quality known as selective vision.

Eldest is fantastic as a zombie. Thank goodness it is only a part-time role.

Roll on Friday Miss Fresh Face! xxxxx

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Most excellent girl zombie!!!

Loving your blues and camel hat! Classic but put together so very you.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

You look very glam and serene for someone with a big tidy up planned.

Flora Cruft said...

Eldest looks amazing in her Halloween get up! Have a brilliant half term all of you. That's a beautiful paisley outfit on you, and it's always fun to see your gorgeous kitties!

CityScape Skybaby said...

Sorry I've been so useless at commenting lately Curtise. I was thinking the same as Lynn, that Eldest makes a great zombie but she is a teen now so that look comes naturally to them, don't know when they grow out of it though, still waiting for that. I laughed at your comment that you only tidy for visitors, me too, there's one set of relatives in particular who send me into a mad panic of realising it's all too late and I should have started tidying months before. Hope you have a great time with family and fellow bloggers Curtise, you look glowing in these photos. xx

silvergirl said...

outfit today

Penny-Rose said...

Very glad that the nasty storm bypassed your place. I just love the maxi skirt and you really suit the hat.

Dawn Elliott said...

I don't know where to start with my compliments on your outfit! I always admire the way you work patterns together, and I love the touch of brownish-burgundy boots peeking out! The accessories are all great - love the look of the belt and the cute hat...and the bag is glorious! Thanks for my daily dose of inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Good looking outfit! You look smashing as usual.

Your girl did a great job on her costume.

Happy Halloween!


Forest City Fashionista said...

Kitties, zombies and marvelous maxis - way to go to work them all into one post! Eldest makes a rather fine zombie - she certainly does have the "no brain activity" look to her ;)

I only clean up my place when someone is coming over to visit which is why I need to have someone over every once in a while!

Unknown said...

I ADORE the two prints together. Mix-Mistress Curtise! While I'm generally weary of denim jackets, gotta tell you that nothing else would do here, and you prove, once again, that they are classic.
Please tell Eldest she's thoroughly frightening, and looks really dead and gross. Do not tell her how adorbs I think she is ... I just smile every time I think of this photo!
Have a great Halloween. I'm sipping a glass of red wine and watching Rocky Horror yet one more time. (We're too far out for little monsters to venture.)

Anonymous said...

Eldest looks amazing in her halloween outfit!
Your skirt & blouse are fab. How lovely to have a relaxing time - you deserve it.xxx

The Style Crone said...

I'm fascinated by your pattern mixing and the denim jacket pulls everything together. The lovely garden background and the falling leaves add beautifully to your autumn look!

Your hat frames your face perfectly and I'm loving Eldest in her jaunty beret. Looks like creativity runs in the family.

Thank you for linking up with Hat Attack!

Rachel said...

very nice pattern mixing! And those red flowers (roses?) climbing up behind you on the wall are lovely.
Psst - halloween outfits scare me a little! Xx

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

I missed this post. Doh. The nail varnish looks great on you! Eldest looks scary in her Hallowe'en costume! xxxx