Sunday, 20 October 2013


Thank you for your touching and heartfelt responses to my last post.

I get a bit nervous about posting serious stuff, but sometimes I feel the need, and I appreciate you listening/reading.

This weekend hasn't been remotely serious!

It's been food, foraging, frivolity and frockage all the way.
Although you wouldn't know it from these faces...


We were waiting at the bus stop to go out for tapas on Friday night.

To be fair, I told them not to smile. I was taking album cover shots. You know, for when they form a group and make a fortune, and keep their poor old mother in the manner to which she is unaccustomed.

(Eldest is dancing in the background, in case you are wondering what on earth she's doing.)

A mum's best accessory is her boy...

...unless it's one of her girls.
Monkey Boy.

The lighting in the tapas restaurant was so dim, all the pics were fuzzy.
Here's Eldest looking miffed that she was given a children's menu...
She was somewhat mollified by the sharing platter of desserts.
Littlest and I pottered into town.
The Peace Gardens.

The Winter Gardens, Town Hall, and a funky car park!
Littlest is pattern mixing with the best of them. 
Clothing - all hand-me-downs
El Naturalista ankle boots - samples, bought from a market stall for £15 (their kids' boots retail for over £90)
We browsed the vintage flea market. 

The groovy 1970s children's anoraks really took me back, and I wonder how an American Girl Scout uniform made its way to Sheffield?

There was plenty to catch the eye, but I only bought this...

...just to keep the doctor away, you understand, it was a purely medicinal purchase.

We stopped off for refreshments.

Millionaire's Shortbread? But where's the millionaire?

1970s angel sleeve dress - Ebay
Denim jacket and bangles - charity shopped
Necklace and hair flower - retail (sale)
1980s boots - Second to None, Walsall
1950s tapestry bag - vintage shop, Birmingham

Linking up with NYC-bound Patti and the assembled lovelies for Visible Monday.

Hope your weekend has been a good one!



Vix said...

A feast of visual delight! That dress is a dream and always good to see those boots again!
That would make for a fantastic album cover, they'd give The Osmonds a run for their money especially with Sheffield's answer to Bez freaky dancing in the background.
Is that a Barbie case? You should have bought it and we could have both had booze stash bags to keep us going on our next trip!
Kid's portions? How rude!
The comments on Friday's post were as touching and intelligent as your blog post. It made for a wonderful read!
Love ya! xxxxxx

Fiona said...

I do love to see your wonderful snaps, always a feast for the eyes. This frock is splendiferous and teamed with the boots only adds to it's magnificence. (You know I love red) Love the frosted glass apple necklace, so many gorgeous things to choose kind of place.
Can quite see how eldest was affronted by the kids menu, how very dare they!

Diane said...

I've made a mental note of the next flea market date - it sounds good. You all look well fab - I had a lovely wander round town today

Miss Maple said...

Love your cheerful spring-like outfit with red boots and a dress full of flowers. Made me feel happy too!

Miss Magpie said...

I would never had made it past the box of brooches, I'd still be standing there now transfixed!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

I love these posts as much as the *serious* ones Curtise!

Love the apple pendant!

mondoagogo said...

I misread that sign as "Sheffield's chattiest leader" haha

That squirrel nutcracker is rather sweet, and so is littlest, matching your red so nicely.

Helga said...

Your kids really are a strikingly good looking bunch! Just like their Mama! I love Littlest's pattern mixing, she's clearly learnt from the best!
What a lovely, lovely weekend. Tapas rock my world, Id love to have chowed down with you all, only I would leave the kids to their desserts and have another round of drinks...or another plate...
I adore your frock, and feck you can wear a denim jacket beautifully! I need one, dammit! I only have a black corduroy one...o, and a red corduroy one. I need to wear them more...that's a note to self...and that BLOODY bag!!! ARGH!
Hmmm, flea market goodies-the tooled leather bag is fantastci, it's a bit like a saddle and I love it! O, and all the pretty trinkets...the apple pendant is super pretty, and I quite understand that you needed it, for medicinal purposes, naturally!!!

Rachel said...

Oh what a nice weekend :-)

I am hoping to go to a flea market next weekend, I hope I see such goodies as you did! The apple may well have come home with me too, great choice.

Tell your eldest I still get age-inappropriacy! Like presenting at a student conference, queuing to upload my slides and being told by the organiser that 'the students sit over there!' . Sheesh, better to look young at least...

Your garden (and you in it, in your flowery dress) are gorgeous xxx

Peaches McGinty said...

this is life, serious discussions then a whole load of fun, up and down! and I love your posts x
tapas, yum and churros which I must try immediately, your lot are just gorgeous! I want to have a life I'm unaccustomed to as well!!hehe!! loving your poses in your gorgeous gorgeous frock and fab boots, you have raised the bar with your foliage modelling!! x x

Unknown said...

ooo you look glorious! love the hand shot of you and your daughter xxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

What a great weekend.
I wish how I wish that I had local vintage flea markets to visit. I'm not sure exactly what that Barbie and Ken item is ... but I'm pretty sure I want it!!
Love your outfit ... specially the sleeves.
And I'm chuffed that I managed to see Seldom Seen.

joyatri said...

I thought those pics of your kids were publicity shots for a kitchen-sink drama set in a bleak Northern town, but they'll make goo album covers as well.
I'm a fan of angel sleeves and those are some uber-angels sleeves. Gorgeous!
I hope things work out and we get to meet up in November.

thorne garnet said...

Tapas, I haven't had tapas in about 20 years! Yum!

And you have a downtown to go too. The downtown here is about 3 blocks by 3 blocks. Pitiful!

Connie said...

I'm certain that Monkey Boy and the Babes will become quite popular and set you up in a big fancy house. I'll be over for champagne and mani-pedis as soon as my rock & roll child makes his millions and flies me over to
Sheffield on his private jet. The Girl Scout label cracks me up. She probably just took a wrong turn on a scouting hike.

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

I always enjoy your out and about photo's!! your kids are just adorable (get it from their mum, eh?)

Love the dress--nice and bright and very much you!

Patti said...

Ooh, the apple pendant is so groovy! And you always find the best-looking snacks I've ever seen. Great dress too, thanks for sharing with VisMon xoxo

The Style Crone said...

A very beautiful ensemble to share with the highly visible! I'm admiring your boots from afar.

The adventures that you share with your children are precious. Happy to hear that your weekend was frivolous and that foraging and food were included.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Divine frock....I love this look on you with the boots & jacket. And your hair is looking gorgeous. Xx

Indigo Violet said...

The red dress with ginormous flowers is lovely. I've never had tapas, but I'm pretty sure I'd love them.

Unknown said...

Divine family! The kids are so cute! I've been looking all weekend fore some old broches but i can se now that they all are in your home town!
M' shortbread - love it! Often makes it for christmas.

Trees said...

You really do take your kids on the coolest adventures - I wish someone would have taken me for tapas when I was a kid!! I just googled millionares shortbread - we call it caramel slice over here, but I'm pretty sure "slice" is a Kiwi/Aussie term? Maybe I'm wrong. Look at ALL those brooches!! You are right, you really DID need that necklace, however else will you keep the doctor away. You can't take any risks!

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

It looks like a very chilled out weekend! Yours looks a lot drier than ours was!
I love dresses with boots. You look great. Have a splendid week! xxxx

Vicky Hayes said...

THIS was what I wanted when we were there! Oh well, we'll just have to go back. Love the bright ensemble today - the boots are perfect with the frock and the denim jacket is exactly what I would've worn it with. My children have all been affronted at the sight of a kids menu too! Vicky x

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

It looks like a lovely family weekend. I love those boots.

sylvia @ 40PlusStyle said...

A great combination of colors and textures. Love the boots and denim jacket with your flower dress!

freckleface said...

Food, foraging, fun and frockage. Perfect recipe for a weekend, that. I love the picture of eldest dancing and monkey boy up the wall. And look at youngest with her cake, bless her. Tapas. Yum. I feel like Homer Simpson when faced with food. He makes a certain noise and drools. Imagine me now with that noise and face if you will.

Love the angel sleeved dress especially with the hair flower, which is just the right thing to wear for eating Spanish. Ole! xxxxxx

Unknown said...

Nice that you had a fun weekend
We need those right?
Thank you for showing your town, i love it when you do that -
Love what show us from the flea market- I especially like the purse and the Barbie case- I rarely see one around here -

Your kids are really cute, i know i said it before!


bohemian vanity said...

Aww what cutie pies! They're too cute really, love the monkey pic and that "hands" pic makes me melt right away!
Looks like some fab days. Your outfit dear Curtise is so pretty, i'd say flower power meets autumn! xx Tani

Ivy Black said...

Lovely to see you all out n' about. A fine looking tribe you are too. I love the shot of Monkey Boy. Gorgeous print and I love the frockage teamed with your denim jacket. Fab.
I could just do that platter of desserts in right now.

Kelly Jackson said...

What good looking kidlets you have, Curtise. Fun photos; thanks for sharing. Xo

Kelly Jackson said...

What good looking kidlets you have, Curtise. Fun photos; thanks for sharing. Xo

Kelly Jackson said...

Oops, got impatient and hit button twice. :) Now I get to say how smashing those boots are.

Krista said...

Curtise I love your collages of photos they are always so rich in color and detail! Tapas those kids are lucky and cool that they eat that! Momma has helped open tummies:) I think this dress might just be a new favorite, it sure is bright and bold and really lovely on you!

Love the kids rocking their best album mug shot and you are right Littlest is pattern mixing and owning it! Your apple necklace is sweet and you showed great restraint!

Kylie said...

You've got a gorgeous little trio there Curtise. I reckon littlest will be starting her own blog soon - she's a natural in front of the camera (just like her Mum)
You look beautiful in your flowery angel sleeves - but then you look beautiful in everything you wear x

Ulla-Marie said...

Beautiful and warm family, just like the colours you are wearing!

bonsaimum said...

Jewellery for medicinal purposes---I love it! Got to try that one on Hubby.

Unknown said...

You always do so much with your children its a joy to see. You all look so cute and fabulous love your dress and boots. Those winter gardens look lovely and those water features. Enjoy your week, dee xx

Unknown said...

Love the serious album cover shots! I have grand plans for my kids to earn enough so that I may live in the lap of luxury (as I deserve!)too. Now if they could only get a move on and start in on their first million... Love your radiant ensemble and I really like your new apple pendant. Can't wait to see it in future posts.XXX

Unknown said...

Oh bugger arse, I am so far behind...

You look so perfect in angel sleeve frocks, either maxi or shorter and I just love your boots and bangles.

LOVE the album cover pics and holy guacamole, the tray of brooches makes me weep with joy. The tooled leather handbag with the saddle lid is amazing too.

I've missed you like mad! Love yer guts,

Sarah xxx

Rachel said...

I love all your pictures and you look lovely. I love visiting the gallery and peace gardens. Sheffield has lots more to offer than Chesterfield (where we are).

Señora Allnut said...

hurrah for delightful tapas and churros!, and your little companions are looking particularly angelical!
Love your red boots and floral dress, that's a pretty combo to sport with a red flower on your head: gorgeous!!!!

Unknown said...

For someone who eschews fashion, you are sure looking stylish! Lovely combo ... so happy and flattering. Great dress, and I'm happy to say I have boots almost like yours! Your kiddles are sweet looking as always, even with somber expressions. May you get your wish about them keeping you in the style to which you'd like to be accustomed!
Didn't work for me. Keep at them while they're young. Tell 'um it's a law.
Back to water heater repair efforts ...

Mrs. D said...

Hahaha, love the photos. I think that they take after you, not smiling for those photos :D
Lovely colourful things to look at yay!

bluehuewonderland said...

Great combo here! Love your vintage boots with the floral print. The bag adds a luscious texture.

blue hue wonderland

Melanie said...

I would like to be your child and then you could take me on these great outings like you do with your real kids. Love everything about this post. I'm thinking Clementine's books sales would take care of her in her dotage, or the discovery of her long lost movies, the SPECIAL ones. I love this outfit, every single thing.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I always enjoy seeing photos of your out-and-abouts with the offspring. It gives me a sense of what your neighbourhood/town is like.

I love the colour and shape of the this dress, and it looks wonderful with the denim jacket and those fab boots.