Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Maxi love, and a tartan confession...

There has been unexpected sunshine over the last few days, it's been lovely.

I've been wearing maxis with a short sleeved top of some description and a denim jacket, which seems to cover all eventualities.

I love my vintage suede jerkins but have been on the look out for a shorter waistcoat. This suede one is modern but fits well, and was only £1.99.
 The label calls it navy - does it look navy to you? It looks more of a charcoal-y grey/scuffed black to me. Scuffed black isn't a very elegant description, but you know what I mean.

I considered wearing the waistcoat and ruffle-front blouse with this 1970s wool/cashmere tartan maxi skirt, but I was rather afraid of looking like Moira Anderson, circa 1972...

Beautiful fabric, gorgeous little leather straps and buckles at the side, it still has its original kilt pin too, and is in lovely condition; but I will just have to confess that I have dissident views. I am not a fully paid-up member of the Vintage Blogger Plaid-Loving Party.
Don't hate me.
It's not as though I'm admitting I don't like deer. Or owls. Or Pyrex.

Anyway, the skirt is away to Ebay soon, to catch this autumn/winter's Tartan Wave.

(Email me for details if you're interested; it's a UK size 12-14.)
And come on, make me feel better - is there anything fellow bloggers adore which you just don't get? You can be truthful; it'll be our little secret, and I won't tell a soul.

1970s Mackerness cotton maxi dress - Ebay
Denim jacket, shoes, cropped cardigan, bangles and 1960s vinyl/tapestry bag - charity shopped
Beads - gift from Brodie 

I wore this at the weekend, for a quiet couple of days of pottering, chazzing, telly-watching (it's Strictly and X Factor season) and Big Roast Dinner cooking (and eating, of course).
I found a few bits and pieces - a set of 4 bowls, and a bit of vintage Poole pottery for £1.

Tights; I never buy tights from anywhere other than charity shops, there are always loads of them!

And my favourite find;

Adorable illustrations.

And look what Brodie sent me!

A beautiful emerald green crochet waistcoat, beads, and a lovely purse.

Thanks, love!

Blouse - jumble sale
Tapestry flats - Ebay
Waistcoat, bangles and jacket - charity shopped
1970s Debroyal maxi skirt - vintage fair
1960s tapestry/vinyl shopper - gift from Voice of Reason Vix

Charlie was playing in the tree again, and I wandered into a spider's web, which I was trying to get out of my hair.
It's a good thing I'm not arachnophobic, there are loads of the buggers around at this time of year. They spin their webs so industriously, only to have clumsy old me barging through them and wrecking all their hard work.

It's been a good year for the roses.

Not heard anything from Debenhams yet, which is giving me a sinking feeling...

Oh well.
In the meantime, thank you for your memories of 1979, your thoughts on daring to be unique, and for supporting Kylie's fundraising efforts. I always love hearing what you have to say.
See you soon!



Fiona said...

Know what you mean about tartan, I like some of it (although won't be bidding for your maxi kilt I'm sfraid) but I do wonder if I will look like Miss Jean Brodie in my jumbled tartan maxi. Loving the new suede waistcoat, to me it looks airforce blue and the green crocheted waistcoat is delightful. You did well with the tights, I always look out for them but rarely find anything than american tan...yuk.
I'm willing Debenhams to show some sense before your next post.
PS Fantabulous rose piccy, should be on one of those old padded greetings cards.

Fiona said...


Tamera's Craft Palace said...

Definitely more of a smudged black than navy!!
Love both of your outfits--you do rock a maxi in an elegant way!!

The tartan skirt is gorgeous--but it really isn't you (you're more of a floral/geometric gal)

Ah Barbar--how sweet--and never goes out of style!!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Fiona the waistcoat looks blue to me. Clearly I think opinions on this will be varied. I love the maxi skirt with too and waistcoat. Personally second to an awesome maxi dress I over a fabulous maxi skirt mixed with funny, comical or pop culture printed tees.

On to the tartan I don't mind it, wouldn't say I'm crazy for it though. Mind you I do have faux tartan print yellow maxi skirt that has featured on the blog a few times. I'd still wear that it it was real tartan.

I don't think I have any confessions of things other bloggers love and I don't, but it is the wee hours of the morning so I'll give some more thought and follow your comments to see what others say.

I hope something wonderful and glorious presents itself to you for work that is suitably you and allows you to shine bright. Keeping you in my thoughts. X

Vix said...

Loving that blue skirt and the gravy waistcoat (see what I did there?), that cropped jacket is gorgeous, matches your lippy a treat. Brodie's parcel is very interesting, can't wait to see that crochet loveliness on your hot bod! Babar the Elephant - best kid's book ever!

A kilt made in England? How strange!

I'm an awkward bugger at the best of times, I'm not keen on tartan, Pyrex, vintage china cups and saucers, Audrey sodding Hepburn, "crinolines" (they're petticoats FFS)and I hate the word "twirling" with a passion!

I can't believe Debenhams haven't got in touch. You're obviously too fabulous for them!

Love ya! xxxx

Melanie said...

Bwa-ha-ha, gravy waistcoat? No matter the colour, it looks great. And your last outfit with all those patterns thrown together is one of my favourite combos.
Tartans - I have a love/hate relationship with them. Above all they can't be prickly. I seldom find tights in my thrift shop or if I do it's clear why someone would have tossed them.
Gorgeous gifts from Brodie!
As for Debenham's, it ain't over till it's over.

Fran said...

Love the tartan skirt but I just donated one that I hardly ever wore. I would love it (if I were it's size) and lived where boots and sweater were every day wear. That's a gorgeous red rose. Found one pair of tights at a thrift shop one time only. Got em!

Unknown said...

i love tartan! But yoou my darling look friggin fabulous in that smoky grey waistcoat! I dont get owls...why? i do collect deer though and am a bit miffed the rest of blogdom seems to have caught on as well....i am certain i was first as i had a collection back in the 70's! don't do tights either, my legs, arse and belly grow hands the minute they feel nylin and start tugging them down...i loose the will to live after about 10 minutes! uggghhh just cant do it! would prefer to wear long boots! x

Helga said...

I see navy! Although scuffed black is a very pleasant term.I love the shape and length, and love waistcoats in general, it's just finding decent ones that seems to be tricksy!
That plaid maxi is scrumptious! I adore plaid/tartan, but not every version....while this isn't my ideal plaid colour combo,it is a lovely number! As if anybody would hate you for not loving plaid anyways!!! You're right, it's not like disliking deer, owls or Pyrex...two of which i have NO interest in. (Deer and owls. As ornaments or adornments)And I LOATHE dolls. And teddy bloody bears. I don't care who knows it!
I do like that Mackerness (WTF?)maxi, however. And that sweet cardi!!! O, and YOU.
Yeah, I sometimes do well with tights at the oppies. I'm wearing some red ribbed ones I got for 50 cents today, in fact!
Darling purse from Brodie!

Krista said...

Dammit blogger just deleted my brilliant comment maybe I was too honest! I love this maxi skirt with those big ass colorful flowers and the vest is for sure navy. You look like you have no shits to give in the first photo :)

I never look at books when thrifting I am afraid I have no room for anymore in my house:( Can you call Debenhams and see what's up? You can and should! Get aggressive with them let them know you want it dammit!

I actually find it interesting even when a blogger and I do not have things in common. I think what I have a hard time with are the .....maybe I'll just keep this one to myself, my Mom taught me that if you can't say anything nice shut it!


Peaches McGinty said...

I do like tartan! lovely stuff, I can't think of anything I dislike other than these words, and I can't believe I'm writing them 'wax lyrical' and 'padding about' wtf! I don't understand it, but they make me quiver.
The waistcoat is blue/grey ( I think!), it is very lovely with the foxy blouse and floral maxi, great gifts you have and excellent finds, I have never looked for tights in the chazza's, but I have to get some big ass tights and they are a bugger to find. Fingers crossed with Debenhams xxxx

Unknown said...

I know i did a piece on Tartan, i love it but not my ultimate choice, i sold btw my tartan skirt on Etsy -
Your waiscoat is bleu nuit or in english, midnight blue- It looks nice whatever the color!

As far as other bloggers, i respect everyone taste,cause I'm an odd, odd one and i love that everybody is not the same - and plus i love the over the top bloggers

If Debenhams doesn't call it means that job is not for you and i'm certain the will be other ones
So don't worry!


Patti said...

I adore Babar - the book looks wonderful. So do you in your maxi and new suede vest. Pls don't worry about Debenhams -- if not them, some other lucky, lucky business will land you. Something other bloggers may love that doesn't move me -- a handbag. I own three purses, and use one : > Too lazy to change them out! xoxo

Gracey the Giant said...

I'm usually pretty ambivalent about plaid (or tartan) but this year I LOVE it. I'm not rushing around buying a ton but I've thrifted a few pieces that I'm excited to wear.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Wonderful waistcoat, fab colour and great fit.

Sarah Jane said...

I'd say it was petrol blue. I love the collared blouse you're wearing underneath it. I'm a fan of all these outfit combinations. I have long searched for the perfect denim jacket but I have yet to find it. Also, don't you just love the word jerkin :) x

Unknown said...

The waist coat is great on you whatever the colour!
My brother had that Babar book when he was a kid . Tartan is not for me either ... some things looks so great on other people but are totally wrong on oneself .

freckleface said...

I would have so enjoyed seeing you in the kilt with the ruffles and the waistcoat. Especially if there was a lively rendition of the Gay Gordons involved. That would take me back. To about 1972 actually. With a Scottish mother, I am in favour of kilts. Especially if they are mini and red. I've had three in my life so far, and they were all good.

Babar is fabulous, that rose photo is beautiful, love It's been a good year for the roses, and I love the outtakes with the spider's web in the hair. I still believe in you and Debenhams. I mean why wouldn't they want such a super stylish person front of house? It don't make no sense. xxxxxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Ok ... to me the waistcoat is navy ... with a tinge of grey.
Secondly, I do like tartan ... but having said that I've never owned any ... unless a school uniform counts.
Thirdly, there's nothing other bloggers do or like that I dislike. There's probably plenty of things I wouldn't wear or collect myself. But I still love seeing them on others. Each to their own I always say .

Connie said...

That is such a pretty maxi. Wavy gravy waistcoat. OK, Curtise. You GOT me. Puppet on a String? You couldn't possibly mean the sappy Elvis song so I checked out youtube and found this very adorable rather Curtise-esque singer named Sandie Shaw. Is that the one? I can just see a mini Curtise singing into her jump rope. Hey Old Dooberhams had better get their act together!!! Lazy bums.

Max said...

Yeah i'd say petrol blue too. I like tartan on blankets and rugs but not clothing though saying that i have an op-shopped hugo boss skirt in a navy and red plaid in the 'i hope it fits me again one day cause i cant bear to throw it away' pile. I have such a good feeling about debenhams and you, i still feel sure you will get it. I cant get into quilts, or pyrex. But then i could never see the charm in embroidery either but it's starting to grow on me now...

Becky said...

I only really like tartan on naughty little mini skirts--which I wouldn't wear anymore--or my 90s tight punk/ska pants--that I CAN"T wear anymore because I'm too fat...

joyatri said...

A girl can't have too many waistcoats as far as I'm concerned. Lucky you to find the blue one and be gifted the green crocheted one!
I love the illustration of Babar dancing with the other animals. I've been picking up lots of children's books at the thrift store lately, just because I love the illustrations.
Those are some nicely textured tights. I'm such a klutz, I can't stand the thought of paying retail prices for something I'm going to ruin in a couple wearings.
So sorry to hear that you haven't heard from Debenhams.

Dawn Elliott said...

I'm really loving that little red and white floral cardi...my favorite look of all! You alsways show us a whole bunch of looks, which is cool. I can't seem to get more than one going at a time!
Hmmm, I don't "get" animal prints, but I must say, every once in awhile someone carries it off (in teensy amounts)so beautifully!

Sheila said...

I'm seeing navy on the waistcoat as well - but it is a scuffed up navy! I love that fitted look with the ruffles (must try that with my suede waistcoat).

I just don't get leggings. I don't like them, rarely if ever (although I wore those crazy gold ones on the weekend for the party) wear them. Not my thing. Wear tights, for goodness' sake!

Looking wonderful as always! Debenham's is stupid not to hire you. I am outraged.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

I adore the Mackerness dress! Like, really, really love it. Of course, on me, I'd have to hem it, essentially cutting off the gorgeous print at the bottom. Ah well! You wear it beautifully, and that's good enough for me.

Grandad always had the teapot on the back burner....STRONG tea it was...and I must be a Bucks girl. When I have a regular cuppa, I never sweeten, just a little milk! Squeee!!

bonsaimum said...

Wish my op-shops had decent tights. Damn hard to find, even the retailers around my way think all we wear is black and blue tights!

Camelia Crinoline said...

The waistcoat looks sort of a blue grey to me, but I wouldn't call it navy. I love the skirt. Such pretty colours. To be honest, I don't really get the owl obsession. Also, I don't like cats. So many bloggers have/love them. You're welcome. I'm glad you like them.

Indigo Violet said...

Firstly, what kind of parallel universe do you live in that you find Poole for 1 pound and tights in charity shops?
Second, is there anything fellow bloggers adore which I just don't get? Coincidentally I've been thinking about a similar question - am I a walking cliché because I collect things which are now hip? For example, convex mirrors, fat lava pots, deer? Do I buy them because I love them or because they are fashionable? Still mulling that one over.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

In that second pic the waistcoat looks blue to me. I bought a pair of navy suede boots at an op shop, & the colour looks very similar to your vest. It comes across as grey, or a faded black, or navy in different lights. I love a bit of plaid, but I feel like a 30 something trying to be a school girl. As for things I don't get....my biggest would be animal print. I hate it, will never wear it. I know you & Vix can wear it well, but I'm just not a fan. And I am still unsure about beige. Other then that I seem to jump on the bandwagon with most bloggers! Tights in op shops are very rare here. The real shops don't even sell enough tights for my liking. Xx

Unknown said...

I love all your outfits, both the skirt and the dress are fabulous! I have to admit that I prefer flowers to tartan, but if I could have a skirt similar to one you are selling I would probabily wear it during winter in an old dirty grunge ensemble! Well I want to confess that I'm not into pottery, my house is already full and I avoid this kind of collection, I like it very much, but I don't have enough space and feelings for it yet.I adore the Babar book, I remember a very old tv show on him that I loved, but even if I search for it on youtube I can't find it!
Probabily I invented it!
Love xxxxxxx

Señora Allnut said...

as a tartan lover I would love to take care of that pretty maxi, but it's not my size!!, so sad!
And your maxis and waistcoats are covetable pieces, that blue-gray stormy cloud shade is pretty and love how you sport it with your usual sassiness!, and your jean jacket is a really useful piece, hurrah for that!
And I must to admit I'm not in love with deer, owls or pyrex, they don't make my heart beat faster actually!. Shame on me!

Melanie said...

I love tartan but my tartan skirts were always minis, I think I'd feel swamped in a maxi version.o me x
The Brodie gift was doing some sort of weird optical illusion for me when I scrolled down .. then back up .. then back down again! Such a lovely colour :)
Are there things other bloggers adore that I don't care for? Only Bettie Page fringes, other than that, live and let live x

Flora Cruft said...

What a load of lovely finds! As is that suede waistcoat, which is a brilliant transitional piece to 'autumn up' your maxis. Lovely layering going on Curtise! Take heart re: Debenhams. If not them, something else good will come along when the time is right.

Unknown said...

That plaid skirt is beautiful, and I'm only a late convert to plaid. I realized after seeing so much tartan on blogs lately that it's really just the red and black ones I don't like - reminds me of sleeping bags and Thermoses we had when I was a kid.

I do not like ballet flats. I wish I did, because there are a lot of cute fabrics and colors, but they're so uncomfortable and unflattering.

So there are a couple of things I just don't get. But I love your blue skirt and your very elegant scuffed black vest!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Ah, Babar - one of my childhood literary companions!!! I found the first two books in pristine hardcover editions at a thrift store in New York last year for $2 a piece and bought them for a friend's baby.

On my screen, the vest is bluish grey, but whatever, I like it very much. I have tried, but just cannot warm up to plaid, although I do have one sort of plaid winter coat that I like. I never find good tights at thrift stores here.

I'm glad we don't all like the same things or we'd all be fighting over them. I tend to like a number of the same things that a number of the bloggers I follow like (vintage, thrifting, films, good books, etc.), but I'm afraid I can't get into cooking and sewing and crafting. In theory, I love the idea of doing such things, but I have neither the time or the inclination!

I think you should call Debenhams and say that you've had another offer and would like to know if they want you or not. Fie on them to keep you waiting!

Miss Magpie said...

I do love a bit of tartan *sorry* your storm cloud grey waistcoat is fab.
Arse to Debenhams how rude to leave you hanging on.

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

love the retro floral skirt!

Unknown said...

I love your non navy suede jerkin (dusky ink perhaps) and your weekend sounded lovely. I never find tights at charity shops ( not ones in packets anyway, and I draw the line at wearing someone else's old tights) but I might have to start looking because I murder my tights. XXX

CityScape Skybaby said...

Your waistcoat looks a dark petrol blue to me Curtise, but I suppose it depends on the settings on the pc, they might alter the colours. I was going through the town centre today and liking all the red tartan tube skirts with black tights that were in the windows, but thinking I should probably leave them to my daughter and her friends, they're just too fashion-y for me, I do like them though. Maybe you could chop yours down to above the knee, I can imagine you looking great in a mini kilt, boots, your denim jacket and your mustard woolly hat, I don't think I've seen you in that hat yet this autumn, I hope it's okay because it's a very nice hat. It's crap about Debenhams if they don't get in touch, but they'll have missed out on a great employee so it's their loss, I imagine you being good for their shop because customers would come back again for your wit and warmth. xx

CityScape Skybaby said...

Oops, forgot about the blogger favourites that don't appeal to me. I guess I'm a bit sick of knick knacks, just because I have too many so I don't even want to like them anymore, and those little 70's coffee pot sets, they look lovely but I generally drink mugs of tea so they're wasted on me. The last caravan I stayed in had those tiny cups and they drove me crazy, it took about three of them to equal one mugful. xx

Rachel said...

Oh Barbar. I loved those cartoons. That waistcoat looks decidedly navy to me, and gorgeos too.

It may just be taking a while with Debenhams - I do quite a bit of recruitment and sometimes unexpected delays pop up - new positions get added, other other departments lose someone unexpectedly and want to take a candidate etc.

P.s It WAS warm, but it has gone chillychilly today (Thursday) in the SW.

P.p.s linked to you today, hope that was ok xxx

Veshoevius said...

Don't give up hope yet! (But I know that is easier said than done). You could always take the plunge and call them to follow up. Then at least it cuts the waiting.
I'm like you - more a floral mazi skirt girl than tartan skirt girl. Although I adored a mini skirt version of this kilt with pin skirt as a small girl, as an adult I can't get excited about tartan.
I don't get the super and extreme mixed up patterns and prints that really clash - usually done by big name bloggers with more money than sense - they usually are hailed as being cutting edge and I usually think they look like someone dragged them backwards through the costume department at the National Theatre.

bohemian vanity said...

You look fab in that gorgeous blue maxi dear Curtise!
Well i'm not sure if i love or hate tartan, i see many outfits with tartan skirts or dresses i really like but when i give it a try for me it sucks... But i'd love to see you in that! Guess it would look pretty cool!
A shame you didn't hear from Debenhams yet, maybe you can call them? Just to make sure there's hope or not.
Have a fab friday! xx Tani

Trees said...

I have to admit - tartan reminds me of the horrible ichy woolen skirt I had to wear for 4 years at high school. So I'm not the biggest fan :P As for other things that I don't really like that vintage lovers do...I have to admit that I know the 1950's thing is really "cool" but I really don't like the whole 1950's "style" I MUCH prefer the crazy colours and the styles of the 1960s/1970s. I even LOVE the 1980s....that is most likely a fashion blogger crime of some sort!

Unknown said...


I am not a plaid/tartan fan either. I have TRIED to like it. I don't mind a cute little punk tartan maxi/torn fishnets/chunky boots thing on the right person, but other than that, I just don't like it. But I do like deer and I can take or leave pyrex, so I'm a crapper blogger than you.

I've given up grammar, just so you know.

And fuck a fucking duck I fucking love that floral maxi skirt. Love love love love it - the colours, the pattern,it is just perfect on you and I would probably hit you over the head with a Babar book and steal it right from your body given half a chance.

See... I'm shit!


Sarah xxx

Unknown said...

Also, that rose pic is frickin fantastic.