Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Stop dragging my heart around

No one is dragging my heart around, don't worry! 

But I am rather dragging myself through this week, with a noticeable lack of oomph or energy.

I have observed over the years that I often hit a slump after having a full-on, busy period of time, even if I have enjoyed myself.

And I have long since realised that it is best for me to challenge my vaguely cyclothymic tendencies, and keep going through the murk.

I thought some splashes of orange and a short-ish dress might cheer me up today.

I've been up at school as usual.

I do all sorts of stuff, whatever the teachers ask me, but I always love to hear the kids read.

Some of them find it so easy and just fly, while others have to try really, really hard to get to grips with it. I find I am far more patient with other people's children than I am with my own - why is that?

I adore the embroidery on the back of this top, and it works well with the Asian-inspired print on the dress.

The heavy rainfall has battered the last few remaining blooms in the garden.

Poor things. But the raindrops look beautiful on the flowers and leaves and spiders' webs.

The water droplets look like diamante embellishments on 1970s greetings cards.

The cats and I took advantage of the rain slowing up to a drizzle, we all had a potter in the garden this afternoon.


1980-90s Max Mara jacket, dress, tights, belt, bangles and necklace - charity shopped
1960s brooch - from my friend's mum's collection
Top - street market
1950-60s tapestry bag - vintage shop
Boots - retail, old

And look what lovely Gisela sent me!

A pretty skirt, fishnets and a gorgeous necklace (scruffily displayed here, sorry...)

Kind friends do a great job of lifting one's spirits!

As does Stevie.


Vix said...

I'm surprised the kids could concentrate on reading with you distracting them with that fantastic printed mini skirt and those killer legs of yours.
There's definitely something in the air today, it's so damned grey and murky, we need a plan to stir us into action!
The garden is looking gorgeous and that bejewelled leaf is a work of art.
Yay for parcels, the postman's just been!!!
Love ya! xxxxxx

Sarah Jane said...

I love this song! I think this time of year is ripe for people feeling sluggish and grey. Although I love it I do find it a bit of an adjustment at first. A splash of colour in your outfit and in your lipstick can't hurt though. And don't you just love being able to war boots again?! It's great you volunteer at the school. I've often thought of doing something like that but I'm generally crap with kids. Your garden looks as lush as ever xxx

Anonymous said...

It always pays to dress up and put on some splashes of colour when one is feeling marking. The mini and top with the splashes of orange are lovely.

I think it's such a wonderful and lovely thing you're so involved with the school. I always wished my mum has been. Your kids will look back in the future and will be so thankful you were.

Unknown said...

That is a great outfit , really pretty . Your Pictures with the water drops are Amazing .

Peaches McGinty said...

swish Miss! love the outfit, particularly the colour splash and the gorgeous embroidery on the back, the boots are cool too on your great pins!
Grey days are a blinking pain, the grey stops my brain working I'm sure of it,
your garden if gorgeous, I love frost on the spider webs too x x

bashashhazbaz said...

wow! you look gorgeous!

Unknown said...

ahhh our dress! you wear it so well! x

Krista said...

You just cheered me up, that and the email from Vix :) I love other peoples kids!!!!! I'm convinced that for me it works better:) You looking beautiful in this very autumn inspired outfit and I think that butterfly on back on your shirt is sweet! ALways love your beautiful garden photos and Gisela hooked you up real good.
Lots of rainbowloveXXXOOOO

Melanie said...

Oh Curtise, the slump... Well, your idea of dressing to look fantastic is the best remedy. I love your splashes of orange and shortish dress. Your back view is awesome with that sneaky embroidery. And the raindrops are beautiful in the garden. Love your photo montages always. Hugs of energy flying your way...

Trees said...

What a fab autumnal outfit! Perhaps change of season blues? Your garden pics are so lovely!

Helga said...

Patience! It is a virtue I am not overly familiar with, but I know what you mean...I adore reading, and it makes me sad when others struggle, but I guess we all learn at our own pace, and some us have a better aptitude for it. I think the Harry Potter phenomenon helped raise literacy levels in kids, which is a good thing.Rap, oddly, helps to, as it's sort of poetry!
Seasonal change affects us all, especially knowing Winter is coming. It usually gets me down for a bit until I get used to the idea!
You look mega hot with those legs out! Love all the Asiany print and embroidery. Perfect for frolicking in leaves! Yay for unexpected gifts and a good rummage with pookies in the garden!

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Two thing struck a chord with me. I'm also in a post madness slump. Hence no posts! And I feel the same way about how I behave with other peoples kids and how I am with my own. What is that all about? Probably it's that I would get kicked out of school if I resorted to shouting and threatening the kids with zero computer time and no pudding. I think we are the same star sign so perhaps I'm on the same wavelength as you. Try to enjoy the quiet time and recharge those batteries. Your outfit is lovely. xxxx

Fran said...

My you have so many friends who leave you messages I feel lucky to be number 13. Okay that is sort of an oxymoron but anyway. I LOVE your garden.It is always so green with so many flowers. And I really love that outfit, especially with the jacket. You always look so spiffy.

Miss Magpie said...

We haven't had the rain yet, tomorrow apparently... my poor garden. I love your top and yay for reading I never understand and am rather disturbed by people who don't do it.

Diane said...

I love that song - one of my all time faves. I love this post too - faberooni outfit and a lovely look in your garden xxxxxx

freckleface said...

Alright sexy bum? Are you trying to fox me with big words? Think I need to do a bit of googling next up.

Oh, me too on the slump front. Well, blimey, we're only human aren't we?

Raindrops on spiders webs, lovely. Your red shiny hair, lovely. You in a short skirt, lovely!! xxxxx

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

You certainly brightened up my day in your fantastic outfit!!
I adore this Stevie Nicks song!

Fiona said...

Cyclowhat??? It's alright I looked it up, you know I'm as thick as two short planks. In fact reading was about all I WAS good at, at school. Still love it now and find it crazy that some people don't read books.
Lovely pressies from Gisela and what a magnificent snap of raindrops on cobweb. You've got that lovely lippy on again, thanks for

Unknown said...

The photo's of the rain droplets on your flowers (and cobwebs) is just magical. Beautiful! Sometimes all I need to pick me up is something lovely like that (and then sometimes all I need is a huge vodka!). Love the shorter skirt and great colours.XXX

Angels have Red Hair said...

Love this outfit and your fantastic nature shots

Camelia Crinoline said...

I like the short skirt. Saucy! The embroidery on the back of the skirt is a nice surprise. I hope you get over your slump quickly.

Unknown said...

Sorry Curtise but you did a great mistake: you should have been a photographer!!! I can't help but everytime I visit your blog I'm stunned by your amazing skills of portraing nature: the spider web, the rose and those flowers seem tridimensional and the colours are so beautiful!!! You have the same knack for combining clothes (and of course a lot of other talents too as writing and knowing the songs lyrics..etc.)I love the embroidered chinese jacket with your dress and your blog is always one of my favourites!
Love xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Love that outfit. You look lovely. I liked it even more when I saw the back of the top. You have such a knack for putting things together.
Hope you feel better very soon. xxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I don't know why it is, it just is. I'm talking about having no patience with our own kids. I used to hate hearing my daughter read. It took too long and it was extremely boring. There, I said it. Never mind. You look lovely in your frock, not at all slumpy. PS. I'm off to see Heaven 17 tonight! Remember them?? xx

mispapelicos said...

It is normal to feel down sometime, and you are doing just the right thing bloom into pretty floral, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Connie said...

Strop dragging my brain around. I can always count on you to set the musical score in my brain for the week! Autumn is really your season. Your hair is beautiful. Your outfit sublime. The rainy photos soooooo sweet. Hope you're feeling better.

thorne garnet said...

If I'm not mistaken, your outfit matches the stones you're standing on.

Unknown said...

I started to write last night, but was too tired to say how much I love every element of your outfit. The dress is amazing, you know from before ... but the black jacket, the semi-sheer tights, the boots ... everything... all so gorgeous. A whole lot of my favorite elements. Just the best. Can you tell I like it? Asian images!!!
Reading with kids is the best thing in the world. I just love it that I know you, Curtise.
I understand a little about your drained feelings. Probably not the same circumstance, but after I have a particularly good or satisfying day, I have a tendency to rate the next ordinary day as a bad one ... my own expectations, of course, high and low. But mostly, it sucks when you're sick no matter what actually happens, good or bad. So I hope you get better much sooner than later! Cyber hugs to you!

silvergirl said...

I adore that skirt and love it with the black top
ps...totally got that song stuck in my head just by reading the title of the post

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I am always more patient with the teenagers in my tutor groups than I am with my own but I suppose it is because we don't have to give out that energy 24/7.
I like the way the outfit comes together with the belt.
You have sensational legs.

CityScape Skybaby said...

Not just you Curtise, I've felt so sluggish this week, but agitated too, everyone I know seems to be feeling crap and blaming the gloomy weather. You're looking good anyway, I seem to remember seeing your dress before and being very taken with it, and I like boot weather too, though not the grey skies that go with it. That photo of a leaf with beads of water on it is intriguing, it doesn't look real. Lately I've not been feeling very patient with kids at all, mine or other peoples, so I really admire you for helping out at the school, I could imagine you being really encouraging to the kids who struggle a bit, I remember some teachers at school who really knew how to make learning fun, rather than just going through the motions, but I think that's quite a rare talent. Still remember Mr Woodhouse the english teacher and the gigantic crush I had on him, oh he was lovely. xx

Dawn Elliott said...

I think that you look gorgeous - everything works so well the black and orange, but without looking Halloweenish. Great dress- love the length with the booties...wonderful embroidered top, and the belt matches your hair! What better way to get out of a slump than to look GREAT and go do some volunteering!

Becky said...

I'm just exhausted lately-- I blame it on fall! I am so much more patient with other people's children, also. I wish I could trade for homework/study purposes only :)

Forest City Fashionista said...

I've been feeling rather slug-like but that is because I'm recovering from a cold, so I've been making an effort to wear outfits I especially like this week. I always like seeing you in a shorter skirt, and the embroidered shirt is a lovely layering piece.

You've really upped your photography skills since you got the new camera - the spider web and leaf with water drops photos are beautifully done!

Rachel said...

How did I miss this post? Damn blog reader. I was thinking you were quiet. I hope the flowery skirt, getting your legs out, and the healing properties of your garden made you feel better. Love the nature photos. When the seas are rough, mend your sails xxx

Vicky Hayes said...

Wish I could send energy and ooomph but sending hugs instead. Love the autumnal vibe to your outfit- perhaps it's the general feeling of seasonal decay that's getting to you?! Vicky x

bonsaimum said...

Love the outfit. I want those boots!! your garden looks amazing.

Unknown said...

Holy arsebiscuit, you are smokin' hot in that gorgeous outfit! Love these colours on you and the beautiful print is lovely.

The garden pics are amazing (and I am a bit obsessed with photographing raindrops on cobwebs, which sounds a lot more Sound of Music that it really is).

As always, your bangles are fantastic - and your garden is so lush and GREEN, I want to move in. That's ok, right? I'm coming over.


Sarah xxx